Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Treasure Chest & Quest Reward

I arrived at the back room without getting hit by the Orc boss. Is it okay for me to easily get here?

Usually it’s hard to break through the boss room without defeating the boss.

「Well, it can’t be helped. Let’s just proceed」

There is a small room with a treasure chest in the center and a magic circle with a faint light behind it.

Surely it will be a teleporter device to the surface, I will go to the treasure chest first.

Speaking of a treasure chest, it’s made of wood, so it’s doesn’t look luxurious. The luxurious treasure chest may not appear unless it is a dungeon with stronger bosses …

Ma, it is still a treasure chest.

「Let’s open it.


I open the treasure chest and look inside.

There is a book inside.

「Hmm…Is it a magic book?

Is it a tool?

or an item?

Or is it really just a book?

I took the book and looked at it. The throbbing and pleasant feeling makes my heart beat naturally. This is the first item that I got myself.

Expectations swells – but soon the feeling is disappears.

「It is only blank papers?」

No, no, no. No wayyyy

Even if I flip inside it, no picture, no text is written anywhere. Whether such a stupid thing exists, unpleasant sweat goes down the back.

「Please return my expectations!

I turned over from the first page, but it was blank until the last page.

「Do not kidding me, at least give me some trace.

Cursed it, I tried to throw away the book.

「Wait. Perhaps it may be a pattern that requires a special way to read.

This is a different world.

Even in a game, it needed items to read a book. Perhaps. Okay, let’s bring this book and hope for it once more.

With books and medicinal herbs, I go to the magic circle.

The magic circle is written directly on the floor and shines in a pale warm color. I am a little worried about whether I can get on. There is no convenient explanation about how to use the magic circle.

…… Well, even if it have, i might not be able to read it.

「In other words, whether to use it or turn back.

I decided to go up to the magic circle, but laughed at it. isn’t this an extreme experience, if I’m thrown into a monster’s nest, I just need to avoid it and run away.

When I reached the magic circle, light and heat blew from below. When I accidentally closed my eyes, the next moment, I was standing at the entrance of the dungeon.

「Haha, that’s amazing…

It was already dawn and the sun was rising.

I know it’s still early in the morning, but there are a number of adventurers trying to get inside the dungeon.


There are many people who seem to be stronger than i expected.

Because i think that i was able to avoid all the attacks from the monster in this dungeon and I don’t think it is so difficult. Because I’m still level 1.

There are also large parties that carry large luggage. In contrast, there are lightly dressed parties. The level of hunting is decided in advance.

There is a slime on the first floor and that brutal looking bear on the last floor.

I thought that this dungeon only been used by beginners.

I started walking towards the city, contrary to the adventurers who entering the dungeon.

◆ ◆ ◆

「Oh! Hiroki-san !!

When I entered the adventurer guild, Harla-san, who was at the reception counter, called me. She might be worried when I saw her relieved expression.

Immediately, I went to the Harra-san counter, she laughed and said 「Thank goodness.」

「Welcome back」

「Yes, I’m back…」

「I was worried because you told me to go to the dungeon alone. If you looked safe as it is, you didn’t go to the dungeon, right?

「Iyaa, umm…」

「Oh, did you find a party to enter?

She know Healer can’t do anything by herself. but Harla-san was very surprised when i taken out the herbs of from my bag and placed it on the desk.

「No way, this much !? And this is a light orange herb! It’s a pretty valuable thing that only grows in the 10th floor of the dungeon…

After Harla-san told me that, she said 「I’m sorry,」and began to assess the medicinal herbs I had picked.

「The condition is good. Usually, adventurers often fight in the dungeon and the herb got stepped by monsters. But Hiroki-san’s herbs are all in good condition. Did you find a strong party?

「Eh. No, I’m alone


When I told her that I was truly alone, Harla-san tilted her head, as if to say “what are you talking about?” I pretended not to notice his cute face.

「Like i said before, i raised my evasion right? so i avoided all monster attacks.

「………… I see.

She said that with an expression that was completely unknown.

…… Well, is that okay?

「For the time being, please settle the quest.」

「Yes. I’m sorry. umuu it is 1,000 Lotto for a bundle of light orange herbs so it will be 20,000 Lotto because there are 20 bundles. 500 Lotto for a bundle light green herbs and it become 5,000 Lotto for 10 bundles that you bring. The total is 25,000 Lotto.

「Ah yes, thank you!

I did it!!!! 

Money, Banzai!! Now I can go shopping, i don’t need to sell the thing that Ren and Ruri left to me, i will try not to sell it as much as possible.

My heart is boiled that finally to be able to get money by myself.

For the time being, i want food and go to sleep.

I thanked Harla-san and tried to leave the guild-Oh yeah, i forgot about the book. I take out the book and show it to Harla-san.


「This is in the treasure chest of the dungeon, but nothing is written in it. Maybe this is an item?

I turn the blank page while saying that.

However, there is no response from Harla-san. Maybe she doesn’t know because it’s a garbage-like item.

Yeah, I thought it might be garbage …

But it was immediately.

「Hiroki-san! It’s a book of skill acquisition !!


When I heard Harla-san’s words, I opened my eyes wide.

「You can get skill from it? But it has only blank sheet …

「Well, there are ways to use it. The skill acquisition book shows the rarity by the color of the cover.

「Fumu Fumu

The skill book I got is a light brown cover. The paper quality is not so good and it seems to be broken.

As expected, Harla-san told me that this spellbook is the least valuable.

「But i think, you can still get 50,000 Lotto if you sell it


「Yes, I’m serious」

If you are an adventurer, you can get it yourself and use it yourself, but nobles and common people who really want skills will definitely buy it. Therefore, it seems that there is almost no price fluctuation due to demand.

「So, what will you do?」

「Of course, i’ll use it!」

It’s ridiculous to sell it.

If i need money, i can just take the herbal quests. it’s much more attractive to get new skills.

「Alright, i’ll tell you how to use it. Try using your skills in the skill acquisition book. Then it will absorb Hiroki-san’s mana and give you new skills.

「I see」

「But it seems can fail sometimes …


「Yes. I don’t hear it very much, but I’ve heard that people with lots of skills can fail.

Does it mean that there are no more skills to acquire?

Certainly, it would be meaningless to use a skill acquisition book. But I only have two skills, [Heal] and [Regeneration].

Does it will be recovery skill too? because my occupation is Priest.

「I’ll try it for now」


First open the spellbook and hold your hand over a blank page.

And ――――



TL Note: 

Okay, because it’s already passed the manga,

starting from the next chapter, I will release it periodically.

maybe 2-3 chapters per week or maybe more xD.

depends on my schedule actually.

I hope you can enjoy it.

thank you.





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