Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Experiment For The New Skill

Using [Heal] in the “Skill Acquisition Book” will heat your body. I was surprised that this kind of power was sleeping on me, but I couldn’t stop exciting.

《Skill [Shield] acquired》


I heard a sense of voice flowing in my brain and it told me what skills that i have acquired.


As the word suggests, it is a support skill for the defense system. It will create a barrier to the target and protect it from enemy attacks. …… Honestly, I can’t say that it is very compatible with me who specializes in evasion.

But it’s a pretty good skill for companions.

…… There are no companion.

「Did you get a new skill?

「Oh, yes.


「Ah, thank you

I was thinking about my skills, so I completely forgot that Harla-san was there. She congratulated me with pleasure.

「Some people can’t get the skills and feel depressed …. It’s pretty hard to get.

「Oh, that’s troublesome

There are cases where you can’t get the skills, even to the point where you rampage like a child. Especially because you are an adventurer who lives in combat.

「It looks like Hiroki-san is going to be a great adventurer…


「I mean, I don’t know what your level is, but when you came to the guild yesterday, you probaly didn’t know the dungeon location or the shape of the medicinal plant, right?…..

This is amazing! Said Harla-san.

She felt that my level was quite high, but unfortunately my level is still 1. I didn’t really tell her about it.

Level 1 will make me difficult to enter the party.

「And also the mysterious sweet called chocolate, is very delicious, actually where are you come from?」

-I was summoned from another world.

No, not that.

「I’m just from a countryside.

Japan is my countryside.

I answered with a bitter smile and told her that i was about to go. I need to find an inn and buy commodities.

I would also like to try the [Shield] skill effect too. How much damage can i prevent, and can i use it to other people too? If it’s only for myself, it’s useless then.

「Alright, if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

「Yes, thank you

After i thanked her, i leave the adventurer’s guild immediately.

Because it faces the main street, it is lively when you go outside. Even though it is still early in the morning, many shops are open and there are many people shopping. There seemed to be a market somewhere ahead, and there is a breakfast stall.


「First of all, I need to eat

I remember being in the dungeon all night.

I don’t eat anything and don’t drink water. As soon as I realized that, my body began to seek nutrition. The tension was strange in the dungeon. I didn’t think it at all …

When I went to the market, there were various shops.

The street is just around the corner from the main street and you can’t see the end of the shop. I am surprised at the scale that is over 1 kilometer in length, and step in.

Groceries, side dishes, miscellaneous goods, etc. They don’t have weapons or other equipment, but they sell rough clothes that people usually use for everyday wear.

Among them, one goes to a stand near the market entrance. Although it is a simple one made of wood, it smells of fragrant meat because it is grilled with charcoal fire.

「Welcome, want to try the skewers? Because it uses fresh meat that has just been hunted, it tastes good. The price is 300 Lotto.

「Ah, yeah, i take it」

Responding immediately to the shopkeeper who has called out to me, I buy 3 skewers.

「Uh, wow, it’s delicious」

The seasoning was only a simple salt, but it is delicious because it brings out the original taste of the meat. I buy a drink at a nearby stall and take a break.

Most of them were humans when i looked at the people going back and forth. Few people have animal ears like Harla-san.

…… I don’t know they have interaction with other countries.

and i don’t know too if it’s good or bad.

「I don’t see any other fantasy races like Elf here

As far as I can see, no one has a long ear.

It would be nice to live in the back of the forest, but if there were no elves, that was a bit …

「Time to move」

I got up and decided to look at the market a little.

Of course, shopping is the purpose.

「First of all, clothes and bag …

Japanese clothes and backpack is too stand out.

After walking for a while, there is a shop handling daily necessities. Let me see the item and check the price. Clothes are roughly 700-2,000 Lotto, and for normal bag is around 1,000 Lotto.

「You are wearing unusual clothes …

「Oh, it’s my hometown clothes

The shopkeeper’s Oba-san talked to me but laughed vaguely.

I have to buy new clothes and change my appearance quickly.

It will be a mess if people know my identity and report it to the King.

「Uh, for the time being, can I see the bag. and that clothes, and also that one.」

「If that’s the case, here. this is cheap」

「Fumu fumu」

Shopkeeper Oba-san shown me the bag and clothes, the price is certainly cheap.

When I pick up the shirt, the cloth is very thin. Compared to the one made in Japan, this is clothes that you can’t think that you wear it to going into a dungeon. Even if i avoid all the attack.

I want to buy rough clothes for sleeping, and it is reasonable to buy something to wear in the daytime or in a more decent place.

The one to wear for sleep is the cheapest.

「I want to buy, this shirts and this trousers

「Is this all? for the shirt are 700 Lotto, trouser are 800 Lotto and the backpack is 1,300 Lotto.

I paid the fee and my money is reduced to 21,300 Lotto. [TLN: it seems he didn’t pay for the drink xD]

Even it reduced a little, i become a little worried. Well, I need clothes for equipment, but it will be mentally painful to think for an inn expense. Because it’s cost quite alot.

「… Okay, let’s get out of here to avoid unnecessary purchases.

I left the market and went straight to the city gate. You can get out of here anytime, and if you take a step, it’s not strange to see a monster.

The reason I left without going to the inn was to test my new skill.

However, it is quite far to go to the dungeon, so I looked for monsters nearby. Harla-san told me from the road near the gate there is a meadow with a nice view, and if i walk a little, there are weak monsters.

When I walked on the grassland for about five minutes, a slime appeared in front of me.

「Oh nice, it’s a small-fry !!

It looks cute and lovable if you make it into a pet.

But, no one in the city bring a slime, so there is probably no idea to make a slime become a pet in this world.

A slime comes trying to hit me, but of course it’s a miss.

I use skill while avoiding the attacks brilliantly.




As a result to use [Shield] on myself, a thin like film wrapped me.

Feels good.

It is wonderful to be able to see that defensive magic is properly applied.

Slime seems to be addicted to my experiment, and never rests.

This is also wonderful.

Miss! Miss!

「… I don’t know if [Shield] is effective if the attacks never hit me!!

My sorrowful cry echoed in the meadow.





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