Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Disturbing Rumors

「Mou, Freutz-san! Have you already drunk?」
「Isn’t it okay? today is a good day!」

I take a seat with Tina who is amazed.
Freuz who had started drinking has a red face, and Dia seemed to be depressed somewhere. When Tina tilted her head to see what was happening, Dia opened his mouth.

「Tina, Hiroki! Sorry for what happened before
「It’s okay, Dia. I’m still not very useful too, because I’m still weak
「Maa, we’ll just need to use it as our afterthought for the next time

Telling Dia and Tina not to worry too much, but I too thought that I would have been a small-fry Healer if I wasn’t summoned. This resilience and evasions are from summon benefits.
Well, i someone who believes that, you have to do something about yourself before you talk about people. After all, today I could not get any medicinal herbs. If i do nothing about it sometime tomorrow, i’ll becoming no money.

As I thought about what to do, the drunken Freutz moved towards me.
He grabbed my shoulder and said, 「Why don’t you drink it!」 I think I’m weak to alcohol, that’s why I only drink tea.

「You’re drinking too much Freutz … didn’t you have a hangover yesterday.
That’s why I only meet Tina and Dia in the meadow yesterday.
「Maa maa, it’s no problem」
「Aren’t you a guardian? You must maintain your dignity as a guardian, instead Dia and Tina are more dignified than you

Contrary to Freuz, who is clinging to me while drinking, Tina and Dia talked about what happened this afternoon, means that these two people are better than their guardian?
When Freutz thinks that, he will do well for the next time, he begins to speak happily, saying
「That’s right.」

「By the way, there is seems a Hero in this country
「The job Hero is really exist」

Freutz said he wanted to meet once, and drink ale together, but i dont know. I didn’t expect that Ren was already known in this city.
It’s been only a few days since I was summoned here.

「Why Hiroki? are you also interested in Hero?
「That is…..Well」
「Because that’s a job for children to admire」

No way, I’m coming with the Hero though, and looking for a different route to find a way to go back to our world.

「Anyway, Even he is a Hero, the level is not so high. So, somehow he is leveling in the dungeon.
「Raising the level…

However, I will be left behind by those two.
I just reached level 2.

「But Hiroki」
「Looks like he is in a pretty dangerous dungeon

The dungeon that i went to before is in a relatively safe category.
Dangerous dungeons seem to have many traps, state-of-the-art attacks, multiple strong monsters and deep. It may be good if you become familiar with this world, but such a dungeon like that would be tight for people who just came here in just a few days.

… I hope they’re safe.

Why you make such a face Hiroki. We won’t go to that dangerous dungeon for the time being. Nevertheless, such a dungeon will have people guarding at the entrance, so you will not enter it accidentally.
「Is that so..」

In order to prevent people from entering without knowing that it is a dangerous dungeon, it is said that it is a dungeon of a certain size and guard are stationed at the entrance in relatively close places from the city.

「But i want to be stronger」
「What is that? Inspired by the Hero?」
「It’s not like that…」

However, I just don’t want to be left by those two people.

「Oh yeah. There are monsters who cast strong curses in the dungeon that the Hero visited.

What is that danger word.

I don’t know the details, the monsters that using curse are always bothersome and strong. Once, someone tried to use potions that sold in the tool shop … but couldn’t, the curse was too strong. I don’t think it’s enough to break the curse.
「Surely, that’s strange」
「Well, you won’t encounter it that much. Even me, i’ve never been to the dungeon with such scary monsters.

Freutz laughed with Wahahaha.

Our level when summoned from Japan, is all 1.
That King would make it as easy as ordering to go to a dangerous dungeon to force up the level. But, the honor student type like Ren is not a man who takes the lead to a dangerous place, because Ruri is with him.

In other words, if anything, it is the King’s fault.
It would be better if I moves as soon as possible without taking it easy.
If i don’t get strong quickly, i won’t be able to follow them when something happens.

And there – I started to hear snoring from Freutz.

「Oi, get drunk so early….

I just ate half of the food.
But, wouldn’t it be better to carry him to the room instead of sleeping here? When I look at Tina and Dia while worried, I get a reply

「He’s always like this」.
「Geez, I would never want to be like him. I’m sorry, Hiroki. Freutz always like drinks sake despite being weak with it…」

That would be useless.

「When he’s not drunk, you can count on him… but we can’t leave him just like this. It’s okay to let him sleep for a while.
「Yes, I’m sorry, even though it is a welcome party for Hiroki.
「Dia, it’s okay. Let’s just eat and have fun.

As expected, it’s hard to believe that there is someone is drunk with pleasure like Freutz and goes straight into the dream world.

「That’s right, let’s eat Freutz’s share too

Tina told me, so we just enjoyed it.


◆ ◆ ◆


After the welcome party, late at night.
Changing into my equipment, i went to the dungeon alone while hitting by the chilly wind.
I came to collect herbs for money!

I couldn’t get anything in the slime cave, so I couldn’t just stay at the inn.
It’s a place where I’ve come when at my first day as an adventurer, so i’m sure i can collect the herbs and go home safely. Fortunately, I already made the map back then, so the shortest distance was known.

So I went to the 10th floor of the dungeon and picked medicinal herbs and went to the adventurer’s guild.
By the way, I did it all the night, and it’s morning already.
With the sound of “Karan” from the Bell, I pass through the door of the adventurer’s guild. Go straight to Harla-san’s receptionist counter.

「Oh, Hiroki-san!」
「Good morning, Harla-san」
「Good morning. Well, I have a message for you」
「Yes, it’s said from Ruri-san, do you know her?」

I immediately ask the name that Harla-san told me. I thought we would get in touch with each other when the situation already calm, but I didn’t expect to get in touch so quickly.
I wonder what happened.

「What is the message …」
「Two days later, at the 『Plum』Tavern. Is what she said」

I didn’t know where it was so I asked Harla-san to tell me.
It seems to be cheap and delicious and has a good reputation and is always crowded. Located in the opposite direction of the city, close to the city entrance.

「I understand. Thank you very much」
「No worries, it’s part of my work.」

Harla-san said if i have any questions, please just ask her.
It is convenient for the Adventurer’s Guild to accept messages. If there is something, I will also use this to contact Ren and Ruri.

「Your equipment has been completely renewed it seems. I am looking forward to Hiroki’s success. Did you have any consultation today?」
「Oh, yes, please buy this.」

Take out the herbs from my bag and ask Harla-san to buy them. This allowed me to secure a few days of accommodation.
However, it is still not enough because i want to add effects to my equipment.

「Today’s medicinal herbs are all in good condition too … This is very helpful, but aren’t you overexerting yourself?」
「Well, can’t be helped. I need a lot of money. I want to buy daily-life items」
「Oh, that’s right, you just came out of the countryside right?」
「Yes. Well then, I’ll do my best.」
「Yes then, be careful. See you later!」

Today i’ll going to the dungeon with Tina and others. I didn’t sleep all night, but, if I hold for only one day, there is no problem.
If there’s anything to worry about, it would be Freutz who have a hangover yesterday.

After leaving the guild, I rushed to the inn.




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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
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