Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – I Want To Move Forward But I Got Stopped

「Iyaaa, It’s really nice to have a Healer in the party」
「Yes, I’m glad Hiroki-san joined with us.」

I joined Tina’s party and we decided to hunt a little at the first floor of the slime cave.
A new equipment was added to my arm. It is an item called “Party Bracelet”, It’s allows non-combat members also be able to gain experience when defeating monsters.
Simply put, the battle experience is distributed to all party members at an average value.

《Piron ♪ Level up!》

「Ah, my level is up」
「Oh, you did it. Congratulations, is this because we beat those slime? Hiroki, what is your level now?
「Now, I’m level 2
「Huh !? Level 2 !? No, no, no, no way! Isn’t it a misunderstanding right!?
「Oh, ah, yeah, it might’ve been a misunderstanding …

Seeing Freutz who was surprised as if his eyeball would pop out, I laughed at it and decided it was a misunderstanding.
As a person summoned from a different world, the initial status of me, Ren, and Ruri is very high. Compared to ordinary adventurers, it will be quite high.
However, in my case, it’s recovery and evasion, so it’s harder to be known than someone who specializes in attack and defense.

The party style is Dia who acts as a vanguard moving forward, and the rearguard Tina attacks the monsters from behind. Behind them, I’m with Freutz the guardian. Because i’m a Healer, Dia instructed me to be one step below the rearguard.

But I wasn’t looking for a party like this.
I sighed gently in my heart.
Patience, be patience.

I give [Shield] skills on the two, and if someone gets hurt, I’ll be in charge of healing with [Heal]. Yeah, it’s reasonable as a Healer. But I can avoid the enemy attacks too.
Honestly, I wanted to just walk forward and continue, rather than proceeding carefully.

「Dia, are you tired? I’ll walk in front.
「It’s okay, leave it to me. Healer should just be behind
「No, but, i can avoids slime attacks…
「It was because you’re alone at that time. Isn’t it good because you’re with me now?
I told Dia that I too could be in the vanguard position, but he refused stubbornly. Tina also said that it is better to hand it over to Dia because it’s dangerous.
「For Hiroki’s level, slime might not be enough
「Ahaha …

When I laughed at Freutz’s words, I heard a cute sound from behind. Apparently, there is a slime who tried to touch me, I could only smile lightly seeing it.
There is no problem with my evasion, so let’s attack this after defeating the slime that Dia is fighting. Though I was thinking like that-Dia, who saw the slime that stuck to me, rushed here.


Raised his sword and cut into the slime that tried to hit me!

「Hiroki, go down!
「Ah, okay…」

I said, it’s okay to leave it to me. This slime can’t hit me at all.
Dia who saw me avoiding the slime attack in the meadow should also be aware … When fighting, enemy will target the Healers! so he thought this was dangerous and had to be resolved first !!

To put it well, is it that dangerous?
Freutz, who is watching over there, laughed and said, 「Dia, you need to be more calm.」


Dia attacks and defeats the slime. But soon, we heard Tina screaming. Because Dia left the front line, a new slime came out and attacked Tina in a straight line.

「Oh no!! Tina !!

Even though the party’s balance is good, the cooperation is terrible. It can be convinced that Freutz tried to get them accustomed to it, and fighting with multiple slime.


I put [Shield] on Tina to prevent the slime attacks.
Felt relieved Tina and Dia stopped the attack, so I rushed and screamed.

「Hey, the slime hasn’t defeated yet!!
「…Fire !!

Tina responded quickly to my words.
Immediately she released her magic to the slime in front of them. It was possible to defeat it with a single skill, probably because the level was raised. I was relieved and tried to move forward, but Dia was shocked and depressed.

「I’m sorry, I let my guard down…
「It’s okay, thanks to Hiroki-san’s [Shield], I’m not injured. We just need to get stronger, We have only started after all!
「Ah, un! I’ll do my best from now!
Dia shouted enthusiastically and moved forward.
「W-wait, Dia !!
「It’s okay, this time I won’t make a mistake !!
「Isn’t he a muscle brain !?

We rushed and chased after Dia.


◆ ◆ ◆


「Uwaah, I’m so tired …

Returning from the slime cave, I immediately sank into the bed. But, wait, it seems that my welcome party will be held in the dining room, so I have to go back to the dining room on the first floor.
Feel slightly heavy … I can’t say to the person who put me in the party, but … I feel so heavy.

「But, it’s not possible to defeat it and my level doesn’t go up if I’m solo

For the time being, i changed my equipment to plain shirts and pants. As expected, even after going back to the inn, I can’t settle down with the equipment.
I changed my clothes and tried to lie down on the bed again-Suddenly there was a knocking sound on the door.

「Hiroki-san, let’s go to the dining room!」

It was Tina’s voice
I get up quickly and go out of the room.

「Ah, did you change your clothes?
「Oh, yeah, because I’m sweating …

Tina is surprised to see my clothes. Since she is still in her equipment, she may not have the habit of changing clothes here. The equipment looks like plain clothes though.
When we went to the dining room, Freutz was already drunk. Unintentionally me and Tina laughed seeing him.




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  1. I swear if he doesn’t put something into his attack stat so he’ll be able to kill at least slimes I’ll drop this.

    Not that the actual story or translation is bad. Both are fairly good. I just don’t want to read a story about a guy who’s weaker than a child and refuses to make himself stronger.

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    1. I know right? He has completely zero tension regarding gambling his life away and focusing on a specialized heal/support role… it’s like it hasn’t sunk in that he can die at any moment, one AOE attack and he’s toast.

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      1. Yeah, it’s common for gamers to put vitality/defense because evasion is usually ignored by magic attacks. Even if he only puts in 10-20 attack he could go solo


  2. Thanks for the chapter, I did make a evasion healer in one of games I played but it still can beat something alone if it’s necessary and don’t gamble with evasion and accuracy. This novel is good but the or author need to make something more palpable because ok you are transported from otherworld and have better status but when the story goes your evasion will be easily passed when the moment arrive what mc will do?


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