Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 3

ED: Onihikage


Chapter 3 – Awakening


“So, the Hero all the adventurers are talking about is actually Lynn?”

Lynn, was taking a rest in her room, not feeling well after today’s events. I was in my room with her dad.

“No way… I never thought this would happen. I was sure Relius was the one who would become either an adventurer or a Knight…”

“Umm, by the way, I got… Blacksmith.”

To tell the truth, I was pretty depressed. Since every human being had the ideal Divine Treasure given to them by God, there was no need for a Blacksmith to make weapons. Therefore, it’s an infamous dead-end occupation, which God hasn’t given out for decades.

Technically, that part of the situation is the same as with Lynn’s occupation, but on the opposite end of the value spectrum.

“I see… well, as your foster parent, I feel a little relieved.”

“You do?”

“You were always trying to be an adventurer because you didn’t want to bother us, right?”

“Uh, y-yeah but…”

This household is barely making ends meet. That’s why I didn’t want to bother them, and helped them out in the inn on a daily basis. Even so, they made me take one day off a week, though I didn’t think I needed it.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt. You’re the son of my good friend, and I already think of you as my own family, after all.”

Lynn’s Father opened up to me. Don’t say something so embarrassing…

“Therefore, I’m a little relieved to know that your occupation is not a battle-oriented one. Even if you lack strength, there will always be people around willing to help you.”

He might actually be thinking about my parents, too. They were adventurers with strong Divine Treasures and occupations. I wanted to be like them. Their strong treasures were the reason they were forced to take on a high-difficulty quest, in which they lost their lives.

“And now Lynn’s the one in that position… it’s hard to accept, isn’t it?”

“Don’t go thinking like that, Relius.” He looked at Lynn’s room. “I’m her father, so of course I’m absolutely worried for her safety, but if she wants to do it, what am I supposed to do?”

It’s a good question. As he said, I think it’s okay if the person in question is willing to do it. In fact, I would have jumped at the opportunity myself if I got Lynn’s Divine Treasure and occupation. I wouldn’t have worried over it at all.

“Right now, let’s just let her rest for today. We’ll talk about it again later.”

“Yeah, that seems best.”

“Of course. You can take it easy today as well, okay?” With that, Lynn’s dad left the room.

Stupid Divine Treasure and occupation. It would have been nice if I got something good! This wasn’t exactly something people would be happy about. I was so envious of Lynn, but I couldn’t tell Lynn that.

I should try my best not to hurt her feelings over this.

There was a knock at my door. A simple knock.

“Is that you Lynn?”

After a pause, she said, “Y-yeah…” and opened the door slowly. There stood a rather unwell-looking Lynn.

“I’m sorry if I’m interrupting anything, but I wanted to talk to you for a bit.”

I knew Lynn would want to talk about her occupation. “It’s okay, I don’t mind.”

She sat next to me on the bed and took a deep breath.

“I… honestly, I don’t like being a Hero.”

I thought about that. I used to walk around with my parents while they hunted monsters, and even got me in on the action. I always thought fighting monsters was a natural thing, and expected it to be my future job.

But Lynn grew up in this town as the only daughter of innkeepers. When my parents started taking me hunting with them, she was starting to help run this inn. She was probably even making plans to take over the inn from her parents someday. So from Lynn’s point of view, she couldn’t imagine killing monsters; it’s frightening to stand against such creatures and battle them head-on.

“I thought it was too scary to fight monsters, impossible for me. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get used to it. But… Do I really have to be a Knight or adventurer?”

“Well, maybe… I mean, I’m sure the country wants you to be a knight, but being an adventurer that can radically reduce the number of monsters should also be fine.”

Lynn paused for a moment. “I thought so. A Hero has to be a great person, doesn’t she?”

“The previous Hero seems to have taken the initiative to destroy labyrinths. By doing so, they were able to prevent monsters from springing up all over the place… they probably saved many villages and towns.”

“I see. I wonder if I have to do that, too?”

“Well, probably, I guess. The Hero supposedly did that all the time until their power diminished.”

“I see…”

Lin suddenly exhaled nervously. I gently grabbed her trembling hand. She looked at my hand once and then I held hers more tightly.

“Do I have to live like that, too?”

It was my turn to pause. “Maybe.”

“I thought I just wanted to live as an innkeeper’s daughter.”

“Mhm, I know you did.”

“Yeah, succeeding this inn was all I ever wanted. I’d just live my life, joking with the customers and listening to adventurers and merchants. I was looking forward to a normal life like that…”

All I could do was stare at Lynn, touching her cheek. She closed her eyes for a while, but eventually managed to smile a little.

“Relius. I, the Hero, will try my best.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“When I think about the possibility that someone somewhere might still be in danger from monster attacks… If I have the power to help them, then that’s what I have to do.”

Lynn really was kind at heart, so of course she’d think of it that way.

“Do your best.”

“Mhm, I will!”

Lynn eventually left the room with a smile, and I sat there thinking. Blacksmith, huh? If I had something like a fighting occupation and Divine Treasure, I could have chosen the same path as Lynn.

God isn’t fair.

Still. When Lynn asks me to help her someday, I’ll definitely help her. I don’t know what a Blacksmith is capable of, but I’ll do my best. There has to be a reason I got this occupation and treasure!

With that determination in my heart, I closed my eyes.


< As the owner grows, the Blacksmith’s abilities will improve. With these abilities, it is possible to gain experience and level up. >

< As the owner grows, the Divine Treasure Creation Hammer will improve. Anything broken down by the hammer can be recreated. >




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24 thoughts on “Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 3

  1. I’m just trying to work out how they get cooking & eating utensils, as well as horseshoes, nails for building things, and any number of other items primarily made of metal.

    I mean, if everybody considers blacksmithing to be useless, then I doubt anybody would do it even though it is (apparently, according to the blurb on Novel Updates) possible to do tasks that aren’t associated with your given Occupation or Divine Tool.

    Either it will be expanded upon, explained and/or excused later in the story… or it’ll be left as a rather early plothole that the entire premise of the story hinges on.

    I guess, I need to read more to find out.

    Thanks for the chapters.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MC pretty much forced her to accept the Hero Job… He could just tell her to at least try to be a normal girl even if she has to be on bad terms with the church… I don’t like the MC… forcing a civilian to accept killing monster and the like on the spot… Maybe she has to even kill people that don’t want the Hero… at that time I wanna see what he’s going to say to her…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess you could look at it like if you had been given, accidentally or intentionally, the Super Soldier Serem. Sure you could choose not to fight or use it’s the power given to you, but you would constantly be hounded by people wanting your power and accused by people that if only you had used your power so and so wouldn’t have happened or so and so wouldn’t have died. That is the nature of humans to blame others (as a whole not necessarily individuals) when grieving or faced with things beyond their control.

      I don’t see it as him forcing her to be a Hero, just pointing out that a normal life would be impossible and being realistic about the situation. I mean she wanted a normal life, but he wanted to be a knight or adventureer so I wouldn’t doubt it if he had given some thought on what would happen depending on what gift/occupation he was given.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Imagine giving ‘Super Soldier Serum’ to an elfin ballerina girl who hates violence and you’re gonna have a very traumatized Hero who will probably get themselves and others killed quickly or end up with PTSD.
        Heck, factory workers in China making iPhones are killing themselves because it’s such soul destroying slave labour, so I don’t think this kind of “God blessing” system could ever work?
        This God sounds like Loki the Trickster God to me…LOL


    2. That’s a very good point! And considering Relius’ own parents were killed in action then I think he should be MORE aware of the huge risks to his non battle maniac normal type girl friend?
      Instead he’s too busy hiding the fact he’s jealous of her…


  3. This sounds like Communism actually? Imagine this with a strong Russian accent:
    Lynn you will be Tractor Driver for life.
    Relius you will be Toilet Cleaner for life.
    Save your hopes and dreams for when you are asleep and work hard to make country equally miserable for every worker. LOL


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