Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – Useless Archer


The Elf girl’s party member had gone up the stairs so it seemed they were left already.
I feel angry after seeing what the party did to the elf girl.

「Thank you for your help. My name is Lusha Plum. I’m an Archer, for now」
「For now? I’m Hiroki, an evasion Healer」

We introduce ourselves to each other, and tilt our heads to each other as well.
I wonder if she is really an Archer because she always carries that big luggage with her. However, since she have a bow, it seems true that she is an Archer.

「I’m Freutz. I’m like these kids guardian.」
「My name is Tina! Please drink this water first and calm down」
「Dia, a vanguard, Knights. Even so, it looks like your party member is the worst」

One by one they introduced themselves, and Dia looked up the stairs.

「Uhm, I don’t think I’d be able to leave the party. they always said I’m useless, but …」
「Useless….Why is that?」
「…… I’m an Archer, but I only have status values in the attack stat.」

Since Archer is the rear guard, it’s a firepower job, it’s good to have high attack power — I thought so, but what’s wrong with that?

– Oh, that’s right.

「You can’t hit your opponent…」

When I guessing it, Lusha nodded.
In the case of a party, there are vanguards and rearguards. Although the job is different, the fundamental part is not much different. If it was a game, probably won’t be a problem.

But this is the real world.
If Archer’s accuracy is low, the shoot was deviated and hit a vanguard instead, that’s what it’s all about.

「There were quite strong monsters around my village. The meat is delicious. We went after it, but when I attacked it, I could only makes a small scratch, it makes me angry … so.」

That’s why she increased the attack power, and tried to defeat it with single blow.

「I always keep shooting the arrow until it hits」
「I see…」

It’s a method that could’ve been uses because she only fight the monster with herself. Until now, there was no problem, but she started to join the party and it didn’t work anymore.
According to Lusha, she had been carrying the baggage since she shoot an arrow to the vanguard.

It’s not good.

「Yosh, let’s try it with me」

I can avoid your attacks, so no need to hesitate. Freutz said “I see!” while nodded, But Lusha is confused because she doesn’t understand the meaning.

「Wait a minute」

I tell Lusha, Freutz and the others who are sitting on the stairs to wait, and I go out to the floor where the monster exists. I wanted to bring some Killer Mole.

After walking for a few minutes, there is one of them.


Walking further, there is two and three.

Miss miss !!

「…… N, I wonder if this is enough」

I walked a little inside the dungeon and noticed that five Killer Moles were attacking me. It trying hard to beat me, but unfortunately, the attack were never hit me.

The evasion Healer is the best.

When I rushed back to the stairs, everyone was surprised to see me.

「H-Hi-Hiroki-san!? W-wait, I’m gonna take it down now――」
「Wait, Tina. It’s okay, so stay calm」
「Ah! yes, I’m sorry」

Tina turned blue and tries to cast her skills when she saw me surrounded by the Killer Moles. I brought this to show Lusha what kind of that evasion Healer was.
Nonetheless, Tina and Dia still don’t know about the evasion Healer, so can just show it to them as well.

「Lusha-san, please attack them with your bow and arrow」
「Eh, but…..Hiroki-san would get hit too」
「It’s okay. I’m a Healer afterall, I can Heal myself if you hit me」

Nonetheless, I know she doesn’t intend to hit me.
Even if she hits me, it won’t be a problem, I can heal myself. so I asked her to attack.


Lucia is slowly going down from the stairs and walk to the dungeon floor. Attached the arrow to the bow and draw the string ready to shoot. The reason why her expression is uneasy is probably because of her lack of accuracy.

「It’s okay! Don’t panic」
「U-un! 」

Lusha shoots the arrow with my voice as a signal.


「Look, you didn’t hit me, did you?」

Lusha’s arrow pierced the ground without hitting me. Of course, it doesn’t hit the monsters either.
From now on, I told her to keep shooting.


*Pashun !!*

「! I did it, knock it down! with one blow!」

On the fifth shot, an arrow struck at the Killer Mole. Not only that, the arrow that penetrated the first one also hit the second Killer Mole that was behind it.
It’s a piercing shot.

「Amazing …!」
「Yeah, I’m so glad」
「There are still three more, Lusha-san!」

After that, she was able to shoot several shots and kill the monsters safely.
It’s a sense of accomplishment.

「Indeed, it’s accuracy is somewhat lacking, but the power is amazing」
「It’s completely different from my magic…..」

Freutz and Tina are impressed with Lusha. Dia seemed excited about the power as well, his eyes are shone brightly.

「Jo-chan seems to be very suitable with Hiroki. So how about you leave that party and join with us instead」
「Eh? Are you sure? It’s true that, it seems like if there is Hiroki-san I can defeat any monster !!」

Inspired by Freutz’s words, Lusha jumps up and rejoices. Tina and Dia seemed also agree to invite Lusha into the party, and it has turned to bright and welcoming mood, reversing from the miserable atmosphere before.
Lusha seemed happy and looked at me with a promising eyes.

Ah … but, it hard to say.

I was thinking of going to the Demon Continent to get the apricot grass. Of course, I can’t involve Freutz and the others into my personal problem.
The monster seems to be strong in there, and it will probably be tough for Tina and Dia ….

But, I have no choice but to tell them.

「Uhm…if It’s about the party–」

When I speak out, they all looked at me at once. Lusha looked anxious, maybe they were worried that I was against Lusha joining the party.

「No, I’m just thinking of going on a journey. That’s why. I’m sorry I just got you into the party …」
「Going on a journey? Then, doesn’t that mean it’s better to go together? because we’re a party.」

Tina immediately said to go together, I looked towards Freutz because he was their guardian, I could also tell that he is a good guardian for them.

「Where are you planned to go Hiroki? Tina is still weak, so we can’t just move like that.」
「Actually, I wanted to go to the Demon Continent to collect the apricot grass」
「Y-you, the Demon Continent….Moreover….There are many strong monsters and that’s a dangerous place」
「Ah, I know, I had guessed that already」

I explained to them that my friend was cursed, and I wanted to go to find a material that could remove the curse. Indeed, he flustered and i told him that it’s okay if I go alone.

Well, this is as expected.

「I can’t involve Tina and Dia into my personal problems. I’m sorry, because this would be a dangerous journey」
「Hiroki-san …」

In response to my words, tears flowed from Tina’s eyes.
I patted Tina’s head and apologized again. Immediately she shake her head and rub her eyes.

「All right Hiroki-san. I’ll wait and become stronger」
「Tina ……」

With enthusiasm, Tina clenched her fist.
I have a great desire to follow her, but i don’t want to be a nuisance. Freutz and Dia are relieved by Tina’s decision.

「So, it might be our last party hunt, right?」
「…..It seems so」
「Then we have to do the best. Freutz-san, Dia, let’s go! Stand up! We’ll be back hunting !!」

Dia is frightened for a moment by Tina who seems to be a Demon-like. However, he nodded and raised his sword.
With Lusha, we hunt with the remaining five people.




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