Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 1 Chapter 26

ED: Onihikage


Chapter 26 – Preparation For Departure


Going back through the boss room to the next room, we found a treasure chest, as expected. I put my hand on it, my chest swelling with anticipation.

「I hope there’s something good in it.」
「This is my first time seeing a dungeon’s treasure chest.」

Lusha was staring at the treasure chest with excitement on her face.

Well, it’s her first time, of course. In that case, I hope it’s a great treasure that suits this level of tension. I opened it with that in mind, and the contents were far more luxurious than the last treasure chest.


Both of us voiced our admiration upon seeing what was inside.

First of all, money. There were a lot of sparkling coins, and when I counted it up, there was a total of 500,000 Lotto. With this much, travel expenses to the Demon Continent might not be a problem at all.

Next came the magic stones, two large ones. I decided Lusha and I would split them between us.

Finally, a “Skill Acquisition Book”. The one I got before was light brown, but this time it’s light green, so it should be of slightly better quality and have more advanced skills than the previous one.

Suddenly, I realized Lusha never used skills at all. No, she used her arrow-making skill a lot, but that’s not the same.

「Hey, Lusha. What skills do you have?」
「Uh, mm, only that arrow-making skill…」
「Ah… I see.」
「Aw, don’t make fun of me! It can’t be helped, I couldn’t get any more from dungeons with my current ability.」

I nodded at Lusha’s explanation. Certainly, I could see that diving into a dungeon and getting a skill acquisition book was not an easy thing, especially given her current ability and her old party’s behavior.

Therefore, I handed the skill acquisition book to Lusha.

「Maybe you can learn a strong attack skill with it, right?」

When I said that with a smile, Lusha just puffed out her cheeks.

「No! I won’t! Hiroki is a vanguard, so it’s better for you to gain skills first or I won’t be able to stay calm!」

I know she’s worried about me, but I’m a Healer. It seems likely that I’d learn a recovery skill again if I used that book.

The skill that I want is an evasion enhancement skill or an aggro management skill.

…for the time being, it’s best to increase Lusha’s power.

I was told monsters would be even stronger in the Demon Continent.

「Anyway, it’s better for Lusha’s needs to come first. If we get another skill acquisition book later, it’ll be my turn to use it. For now, let’s improve your power and prepare ourselves to beat monsters on the Demon Continent.」

Lusha nodded obediently after listening to what I had to say. She must have been thinking herself that she wanted to increase her attack power if we’re both going to the Demon Continent.

Lusha used her skill while holding her hand on the skill acquisition book.

So, what kind of skill did she get?

「Umm, it looks like I can now use the wind attribute skill called Wind Arrow!」
「Congratulations, you did it!」
「Thank you.」

Let’s have her show it off on the next hunt. Right now, we’re both completely exhausted.

「Alright, time to go back.」
「Oh yeah, is it okay if we have a blacksmith upgrade my equipment before we set out on our journey?」
「Of course. I’d like to have some maintenance done on my bow, as well.」
「It’s important to take care of your weapons, after all.」

With the loot from the treasure chest, and the materials obtained by defeating Cerberus, we got on the transfer device and went back to the surface.


◆ ◆ ◆


「Hello ~!」
「Oh, you’re the strange Healer from the other day. How did it go?」
「Well, I almost got beaten by the slimes, but things went well after that and I was able to earn a lot of money.」

When I went to the Dwarf workshop from before, he welcomed me as if we were well acquainted.

「And this jou-chan….?」
「I’m Lusha. I’m pairing up with Hiroki.」
「I see, that’s good that’s good. An Archer and evasion Healer surely makes for a good pair.」

Oh! The Dwarf Oji-san might have understood the greatness of the evasion Healer!

While thinking those pleasant thoughts, I put the materials we obtained in the dungeon on the desk.

After discussing it with Lusha, we decided to use those materials to strengthen our equipment. My equipment doesn’t have any special effects at all, but because adding effects is so expensive, I thought… well, that it wouldn’t be fair to her if I spent so much to do that. She got a little angry and insisted she didn’t mind because we’re partners.

「You’ve brought some great materials. There’s even a magic stone, isn’t there? And this is… no, don’t tell me, Cerberus? Gosh!」

The Dwarf Oji-san had started checking over the materials, and praised them for their good condition and high quality.

「Okay, just leave your equipment here while I work on it. Jou-chan can use this spare bow while I take care of the maintenance on hers.」

Ah, so that was it.

I needed to take off my equipment to have it maintained, but without it I wouldn’t have any clothes. That was why people were advised to have spare clothes and a cloak when they travel.

So I had to change clothes, but fortunately the shop had a cloak for sale. I bought it on the spot, borrowing a fitting room to change in.

「Alright then, please grant my equipment the evasion special effect.」
「Don’t you also need the recovery effect?」
「Nope, I don’t need it at all.」
「Really? This is the first time I’ve had a Healer say he doesn’t need recovery effect equipment.」

The Dwarf Oji-san consented neatly, in spite of his amazement.

I was very much looking forward to their completion, because he said he’d do his absolute best with the materials we brought. I also told him to do something to increase Lusha’s attack power while he performed maintenance on her bow.

Yep, after all, I’d love to see Lusha become even stronger.

「Is there anything else?」
「For now, especially… Uhh.」
「Well, we’re going on a journey to the Demon Continent, so is there is something we particularly need…?」
「Are you saying you want to go to such a place!?」

He couldn’t hide his shock from what I told him.

「Something you’d need, then… hmm. Actually, where do you specifically want to go in the Demon Continent?」
「I don’t know the destination yet, but there’s an herb I need to collect.」
「If it’s for gathering… then you’ll need sturdy boots. I’ll also prepare a special resistant cloak for both of you.」
「That’ll be a big help!」

Talking about this with the Dwarf Oji-san was a good decision!

He also taught me what was needed for the journey, such as a sturdy bag or processed magic stone to purify water. If he hadn’t been here, I would have left with sloppy preparations.

Seeing the relief on my face, he laughed vigorously.

「Come again in three days, your equipment will be ready then.」

The dedicated equipment I’d wanted for so long would be completed in three days.

With that in mind, we walked out of the store and headed to the adventurer’s guild. This time we were going to sell the materials that weren’t needed by the Dwarf Oji-san.

The guild was quite busy when we arrived. I wanted to sell the materials immediately, but it seemed we had to wait our turn.

There was nothing to do in the meantime, so I looked around the place. There were a lot of papers on the wall, but unfortunately I couldn’t read them. Well, they were probably job requests.

「Were you looking for something?」

She thought I was looking for a job request. Lusha tilted her head next to me and said, “But this is the message board.”

「Actually, I can’t read the letters…」
「Ah, so that’s it. I can read it, so I can tell you if you’re curious.」
「Really? You’re a lifesaver!」

I thought she might make fun of me, but it seems I had nothing to worry about.

「This is a message board, but there’s nothing addressed to Hiroki. Umm, there are messages for five people: Wilhooch, Dreg, Cal, Ben, and Sakurai.」

「Fuuehh, there’s certainly nothing for me――」

Hey, wait a second…

That Sakurai, that one’s for me, isn’t it?




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  1. Oh no. It’s probably from the King if it’s addressed to his surname~ Surely bad news.

    Also he should have accepted the skill book! What if he learns poison heal or dispel curse through a book? Right now he can only heal injuries, isn’t it? Or maybe Author-sama had other plans…

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  2. “I also told him to do something to increase Lusha’s attack power while he performed maintenance on her bow.”

    Yes because having it raise accuracy instead would make no sense at all… WTF is wrong with this hack’s head?


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