Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 15

ED: Onihikage

TLN: Changed a little in the previous chapter, 500 gold ⇒ 500 Gorudo, it’s written in Katakana, so I assume it’s the name of this world’s currency.
Will change it back later if necessary once the Author explains more about the currency.


Chapter 15 – Attack Skill


I immediately headed to the usual hunting grounds.

The only monster I planned to kill was goblins, I didn’t want to go after something strong. Goblins were also good opponents because I could obtain better Blacksmithing materials compared to the other weak monsters.

The goblins are moving in groups today.

It was unusual for them to act individually like they were before. This time, I found three of them together.

…I still don’t know the effect of Bone Shot, so it’s dangerous to try it right away. First, let’s reduce the number of enemies. Time to check the performance of that S-Rank Poison Attack I put on my throwing knives earlier.

I lurked behind a nearby rock and threw two knives, each at a separate goblin.

I think my throwing has improved a lot lately.

As soon as the knives pierced their targets, I activated Automatic Return and the blades immediately returned to their original location.

The goblins weren’t able to find me. In moments, those two fell over, done in by the poison from the knives.

…This Poison Attack is pretty useful. It’s very compatible with my current skills.

In that case, it seemed better to train archery skills next.

Should I make a bow for the next time? No, I still don’t think it’ll be that easy to use.

Instead, I could hope to find a long-ranged weapon that was easier to use than a bow.

Finally, I came out of my hiding spot.

The goblin noticed and glared at me, irritated. I threw the knife again and it immediately pierced the goblin, make its face even uglier as it wailed in pain.

Now I can try the Bone Shot as much as I want.

The goblin lunged at me, but I immediately activated the skill.

「Bone Shot.」

Muttering that, a bone shot out of my sword, launching the goblin backwards upon impact.

…Its power is much higher than I imagined.

The goblin tried to stand up, wobbly-legged, then vomited foam and collapsed. It seems to have died from the poison.

Turns out Bone Shot is an easy skill to use, but I think it’s better to shoot from a medium range, so it’s best to throw a poisoned knife first.

I wanted to try something else, so I went to find more monsters, and encountered another group of three goblins.

This time I wanted to try long-distance activation. I threw the knife to an appropriate spot first, right at the goblin’s feet.

The goblins noticed the sound, and as they looked around for the source, I stared at the knife and tried to activate Bone Shot.

The bones appeared and smashed into the goblin’s body.

Wow… this skill can be activated even from a distance.

The goblin staggered up and made an ugly face like the one earlier.

…It seems that Bone Shot had Poison Attack added onto it. I’m guessing I’ll be able to enjoy finding more skill combinations from now on.

I could defeat goblins with that combo alone.

I put away the knife and carefully looked around while waiting for the goblin to die from the poison. Once it died, I took its materials with Creation Hammer.

For the time being, I replaced all my equipment with goblin iron swords, and gave them the Poison Attack and Bone Shot skills.

This will make goblin hunting much easier. However, my reflexes will grow dull if I keep fighting from a distance. Sometimes I’ll be forced to fight up close.

I’m somehow reading the goblin’s movements. Is it because I’ve leveled up? Either way, I have to stay alert. In a fight against monsters, being careless will only get you killed.

I paid attention to each goblin’s movements, and attacked them with poison. The goblin moves quickly to attack when they notice you, but then the poison will spread faster. It didn’t take long for them to foam at the mouth and fall over.

…This poison is too powerful, I have to be careful not to hurt myself carelessly.

It’ll be necessary to get an item that can handle this kind of poison. For the time being, I’ll buy a detoxification potion at the drugstore on the way back.

After deciding on that, I continued killing goblins for a while, and returned to the city after collecting about 50 magic stones.


◆ ◆ ◆


Once back in town, I checked the drugstore for detoxification potions and recovery potions.

I can tell the potions have ranks, but… the prices are all the same. Maybe whoever’s making them can’t tell the difference?

I bought some of the best quality available and left the store.

…Come to think of it, anything that can be destroyed with my hammer can be created and used as materials, but what about potions? I’d be pretty happy if I could also make those with magic alone.

After I returned to my room, I looked over the potions.

Everything is a challenge after all. If it doesn’t work, one potion will be wasted, but that’s just a cheap expense. I won’t know if I don’t try it.

When I swung my hammer at the potion, the bottle’s contents were absorbed… as medicinal herbs. The bottle itself was absorbed as the material you’d expect.

By combining these, it seems possible to recreate the potion.

To think that this ability can even make potions…

Moreover, it seems possible to make the potion with only magic.

This is a really self-sufficient ability.

There seems to be no doubt that anything that can be destroyed by this hammer can be made again.

…So what about food? Clothes?

I saw a world of possibilities that I hadn’t noticed before.

If it’s like that, I should be trying to break anything and everything.




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      1. And it won’t be just any ordinary Gundam because it will have the most comfortable pilot’s seat out of all of them and come with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen inside because by then, he will have mastered the ability to recreate items that are bigger on the inside than how they look on the outside.

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  1. Another question for him to test is what level of processing does he need to be create a material? Can he transmute wheat into bread? How about other organic matter? Can he just use the same atoms? What about using the same sub atomic particles? I suppose that might be what’s he’s doing when he makes things out of magic.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. > 500 gold ⇒ 500 Gorudo, it’s written in Katakana, so I assume it’s the name of this world’s currency.
    Difficult question 🙂 If you want to write “gold” in kana it will became ゴルド. So Gorudo is supposed to mean gold in contrast to 金.

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  3. There’s only one thing in the world that the MC cannot fix.
    That’s the brakes on wagons and carriages.
    Brakes are always meant to be broken….
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  4. This is bugging me, is he get a sword skill and knife throwing skill or not? If not, then how he can do good kinfe throwing accuracy and good sword skill?


    1. from what we have seen there are no skills on people just on their weapons like a bone shot, posion , etc. so for a weapon you need to acutally have to pratice using them. also, most people if they got an occupation, because not everyone does, but everyone get a treasure weapon/item they stuck job lvl wise although a few do have lvl up version like the MC


  5. Ok I’m just wondering if you use the hammer on money doesn’t that mean you could get a ton of money without working I know its illegal in this world but in their world is it?

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    1. he thought about it but decided not to try it because scared if he was found out. I would t least try a copper coin as a test just so I know.


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