Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 16

ED: Onihikage


Chapter 16 – Merchant


The next day.

As I suspected, aside from things that are alive, it seems that nothing is completely impossible to create. So, yes, it was possible to produce food and clothing.

Where limitations are concerned, they’re based on 「levels」. However, most of my current restrictions only applied to creating equipment.

Who spread the word that a Blacksmith can only make weapons? Though it’s certainly to their advantage for everyone to think so. With this occupation, it would be easy to establish a completely self-sufficient lifestyle.

The only way to reach that point was to keep raising my level.

For a while, I checked over the inn’s furniture, repairing some that were damaged and removing blemishes. All beds and chairs repaired themselves automatically, thanks to the skill, but I hadn’t given that to the smaller furnishings.

I always want to provide the best room. That’s the feeling I had in mind while I worked.

…Actually, it’s also to gain experience. Specifically, the furniture that I’d put skills on was far superior to what you’d see in a luxury inn. Repairing those was much more worthwhile than anything else.

However, if I kept going with such enthusiasm, Oji-san would notice me and say “What are you doing on your day off?” So, when the furniture was repaired, I packed up and left the inn.

Now was the time to go monster hunting. Well, it was more like magic stone hunting. Because my equipment was so well set up, hunting had become no trouble at all. The excellent weapons made even fighting easy.

That said, it would be a good idea for me to acquire some fighting skills so I wouldn’t have to rely too much on my weapons.

While aware of these things, I went around defeating goblins. I rounded them up after defeating a fair number of them, and returned to the inn.

I got about thirty magic stones this time, and I can finally get my hands on a new rank of equipment.

When I arrived at the inn, Oba-san was at the reception desk and called out to me.

「Ah, Relius. Do you want to meet the customer that was looking for you now?」
「Customer…? Who?」

I had no idea who it was.

I’m staying at the back room on the second floor, so please come and meet me, is what the note says… I’m sure it’ll be a good opportunity, so go check it out, okay?」
「…Yeah yeah, I understand.」

What’s this about?

While taking note of Oba-san’s mischievous smile, I went up the stairs and knocked on the back room.

「Yes, who is it?」

It’s a woman’s voice… Really, who is she?

「I’m Relius.」
「Ah, is that Relius-san?! Let me get the door for you!」

Such a happy voice from this woman. She’s probably around the same age as me, maybe a little older.

When she opened the door, her clothes were so tight that every curve of her body was easily visible, and her ample chest must have been suffering.

Man, those are big. Oops, I accidentally looked right at them. Please forgive my rudeness.

I desperately tried to only stare at her face after that. She also looked at me and seemed a little nervous.

「Hello, nice to meet you! I’m Klua!」
「Klua-san, huh…? Umm, what do you need from me?」
「I… uh, I’m a merchant…」

She showed me her merchant’s license as proof.

Well, it’s not fake, and it’s not an item I can make yet, so I want to break it with my hammer if I can.

「Really, a Merchant, huh? I’ve heard it’s not easy to become one.」
「That’s right. You need to belong to the Merchant’s Guild, and then you have to go around with your master until they recognize your abilities.」
「So that’s how it’s done…」

I’m sure the Craftsman Guild does things in a similar way. If I’m recognized by the master, I’ll be able to make whatever I want.

「So, Klua-san. What do you want from me?」
「Oh, sorry. Well… I heard about the reputation of this inn… actually, I stayed here several times already.」
「Is that so? Thank you for your patronage.」
「No, you… Anyway, I thought the best thing about this inn was the furniture.」

Well, we’ve certainly got a good reputation, I’m glad to hear that. Is this why she came to see me?

Only Oji-san and Oba-san knew I was the one who made the furniture.

Then I remembered what Oba-san said earlier, about a good opportunity for me. Maybe this is what she was talking about.

Klua-san looked at me and lowered her head.

「Would you like to sign a contract with me?」
「Uh… you realize I’m not a furniture craftsman, right?」
「I know that. However, your parents told me the reason this inn’s furniture is so highly appreciated is because of your modifications. I thought Relius-san might have talent as a furniture maker!」

I see. Indeed, it’s not a bad turn of events, I’ve been giving this some thought as well, about making a living as a furniture craftsman by cooperating with a merchant. However, as I said a while ago, I’m not a member of the Craftsman Guild.

「I know you don’t belong to a Craftsman Guild, but I’ll do something about that.」
「You’ll ‘do something about that’? Is that something you can manage?」
「Yes. The Craftsman Guild and the Merchant Guild are close partners in a lot of ways. Since our businesses are so interconnected, there’s a possibility they can help with this.」

I have heard about this. The merchants are in a position to sell the items made by craftsmen. Merchants can also sell or give materials to craftsmen, and commission items from them for clients.

「I won’t interfere with what Relius-san makes, so… can you partner with me?」

A partner contract is a very important thing for a merchant. If she can’t sell what I make, her position as a merchant would be in jeopardy. It’s an important choice that could affect the rest of her life.

Obviously, the fact I can’t create something original is a catch she should be made aware of.

「As you’ve heard from my parents, I can only modify things that already exist.」
「…What does that mean?」

I took out my Divine Treasure, Creation Hammer, and destroyed the nearby chair. Klua-san’s eyes widened in shock. Before she could say anything, I used those materials to recreate the chair.

Her gaze immediately sharpened.

「My occupation is Blacksmith. This is the only way I can make things, using destroyed objects as material. For example, if you told me to make a plate from scratch, I couldn’t do it without destroying one first. So the partner contract is――」

I heard that all craftsmen could make things after their own designs. It’s fundamentally different from me, who can only create furniture that already existed.

The only things I can design from scratch are weapons, armor and accessories.

「A-amazing! It’s too amazing! Making it like that is completely abnormal!」

Klua-san’s reaction was something I didn’t expect at all.




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  1. The MC signs a contract with the very first big busted merchant that comes after him?
    The author won’t screw his MC over, but a real merchant from this world of divine
    benefits would only make advantageous contracts to take advantage of naive
    newbies. If the merchant had the contracts skill, she might even be able to enforce
    the contract upon the MC as if it were a magical coded geas.

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