Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 2 Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Arrived at Apricot


「Whoa, thank you! It seems like a very rare handkerchief! I’ll never give it back even if you ask me, you know?」

「That’s fine, please enchant our bags properly.」

With that, I quickly handed over mine and Lusha’s bags.

「That’s such a rare handkerchief, so for two bags… that worked out great, didn’t it?」

「Oh man… you’re, you’re crazy, aren’t you? Well, it’s fine! It’s a special deal, just this once!」

「Thank you.」

The fairy shopkeeper accepted my request on the spot, even though I wasn’t expecting it to work. Now Lusha and I would be able to go dungeon delving or stay in the forest for much longer periods of time. Lusha hadn’t thought her bag would also get enchanted, so she was quite surprised.

「Is it okay to do mine too!? Thank you, Fairy-san!」

「This is the only time I’ll do it, you know? Jeez, think of it as a favor!」

The fairy shopkeeper was angry, and took our bags with puffed-out cheeks, before preparing a sheet and turning the bags over. She totally just dumped out the contents instead of removing them piece by piece…

「Wait, don’t be so rough…」

「Hang on, don’t worry about it.」

She was humming to herself, saying, “It doesn’t have much stuff in it.”

What’s in them is none of your business!

「Then, first of all, for that guy…」

「Ah, I’m Hiroki.」

「Hiroki, huh? And the girl’s Lusha? Well then, first of all, for Hiroki, 【Grant Space Expansion】!」


The shopkeeper fairy’s skill seems to have expanded my bag. Frankly, I’m amazed such a useful skill exists. I really want it, but I doubt it’s something a Priest can learn.

「Check it out, try to put stuff in it~」


As prompted by the shopkeeper fairy, I started picking up our stuff and putting it in the bag. Each item got sucked in, and I put them in faster and faster.

Wow, this is amazing!

「What kind of Occupation does a shopkeeper fairy have? That’s such a useful skill, isn’t it? Furthermore—」

「Noooot good! No good! It’s a secret! Why do I have to tell you anything about me? I only just met you!」

「Well, you have a point, but…」

I had no idea if I’d be able to meet her in the future, so I really wanted to ask now… but she refused to let down her guard. I gave up and laughed, and said, “Maybe next time, then.”

The shopkeeper fairy enchanted Lusha’s bag as well, so just like that, we acquired two magic bags without incident.

I’ll have to give Ruri my thanks when I meet her again. In order to do that, we have to get through the Sea of Trees faster and reach Apricot.

「Well then, I think I’ll get moving too.」

「Are you a traveling salesman?」

「Of course I am. See you next time!」

Just when we were about to set out, the shopkeeper fairy started to pack up for moving as well. It didn’t seem to be a store with a fixed location, so our meeting that day must have been pure luck.

As long as I’m with Lusha, we might see each other again.

「Thank you, Shopkeeper Fairy-san! See you later.」


Lusha waved her hand widely and we parted ways.



◆ ◆ ◆



We continued through the Sea of Trees while checking the map, and after a few days of camping, we reached the continent of Apricot. After exiting the Sea of Trees, we found ourselves overlooking a beautiful meadow. Large mountains were visible in the distance, topped by thin white clouds.

「Whoa, the weather in the Sea of Trees was lousy, so feeling the warm sun for the first time in a while is so nice!」

「It sure is. Right now, I’d like to take a break and gather information.」

「Certainly! I can see a city right over there, so let’s go.」

Lusha seemed to be in high spirits, she started walking while pulling me along by the hand. 

There’s still a possibility of monsters coming out, so I’d rather you didn’t walk ahead of me.

That said, there was no sign of monsters in any direction, and the visibility was quite good, so any monsters that would live out there must have been exterminated by someone else.

After a few hours of walking, we arrived at the very first city in Apricot.

「Oh, it’s more normal than I thought.」

「What were you expecting?」

「Well… I mean, there was talk of a demon king.」

The city was set up the same way as cities in the human country. If there was any difference at all, it was merely that they used more magic tools here. Just as you’d expect from the continent where demons live.

Then we looked at the people who were out and about. They looked just like humans, and didn’t bear any sort of horned or monstrous appearance. On the contrary, they were enjoying themselves just standing around talking and laughing.

「It’s really not that different from a human country.」

「Yeah. Even the language is the same, so we shouldn’t have any problems, right?」

「Seems that way…」

It certainly gives off a peaceful atmosphere. I got to thinking, wasn’t it unnecessary to bother defeating the demon king? Certainly, I hadn’t ever met the guy, so I couldn’t know for sure, but the chance I’d get along better with him than the human king wasn’t zero.

「For now, let’s find an inn.」


Our current priority was to rest our tired bodies from our journey through the Sea of Trees. Lusha and I decided to take up lodging at the Weathercock Inn — but we ran into a problem.

「Ah, you only have Lotto? We use Rico here.」

「Oh, the currency is different?」

「That’s right. The fastest way to exchange it is at the Adventurer’s Guild.」

When I tried to pay at the inn, I was told that I couldn’t pay with Lotto, the currency used in the Loquat continent where we were summoned. Here in Apricot, the demon continent, they used Rico instead.

Well, if it’s a different country, they’ll have a different currency, that just makes sense.

I sighed at the fact I didn’t even think about that. We could exchange for Rico at the Adventurer’s Guild, so it was fine, right?



◆ ◆ ◆



The Adventurer’s Guild we went to was nearly identical to the one at Piznutt Kingdom. However, the inside was much more spacious and there were a lot of people inside. Turns out, the adventurers here were very active, so there had to be someone there who knew about the apricot grass.

Lusha and I went to the counter and asked for information about currency exchange and apricot grass.

「Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild!」

「Hello. I want to exchange some Lotto for Rico. Also, we’re looking for something called apricot grass, is there anything you can tell us about that?」

I took out 50,000 Lotto to exchange to Rico. We’d use that money as our working funds for the time being.

「We just got our equipment set up, so we don’t have much money. But we need to find apricot grass first then get fulfill some requests and level up.」

「That’s right. We have to focus on the most important thing first.」


Our priority is apricot grass, so everything else is an afterthought. This matter is directly connected to Ren’s life, so I want to take care of it even if it’s a reckless pace.

「For 50,000 Lotto, at 0.8 Rico per Lotto, that will exchange for 40,000 Rico. Is that acceptable?」

「Oh man, is Lotto less valuable than Rico?」

We’re taking a huge loss here. When I furrowed my brow in frustration, the guild receptionist smiled bitterly. We couldn’t just go without, so I had no choice but to make the exchange. However, if we worked here for a while and came back, we’d be rich before we knew it.

「As for the apricot grass, unfortunately, we don’t handle it. What will you use it for?」

「Umm, I want to make a curse-cleansing potion. If you don’t handle it, can you tell me where it can be found so I can pick it myself?」

「Is that so? However, you can’t make a curse-cleansing potion with apricot grass unless you’re a first-class alchemist.」

I simply thought it would be nice to know where the apricot grass was located. Needless to say, I kept my reasons to myself, though I also kept the receptionist’s words in mind.




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