Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 30

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Author Note:
I’ve been reading all of the comments. I would like to explain the setting through the text as much as possible. If something is still difficult to understand, I will clear it up with a preface.


Chapter 30 – Encounter


That afternoon, I headed to the city to strengthen my equipment. Right now, acquiring skills was essential for me to quickly become stronger.

While there was a numerical limit to the skills that could be assigned to equipment, I could still attach at least four S-rank skills to my recently created weapons. There was no need to shy away from taking advantage of this. A single attack skill, such as Bone Shot, was sufficient on its own, leaving plenty of slots for other skills.

These were my thoughts as I entered the plaza.

The Fountain Square was a peaceful part of the plaza surrounded by fountains. It was a popular dating spot, and many would go there to propose to their partners. Couples who tied the knot in front of a fountain would live happily together to the end of their days, or so all the rumors went.

Looking at it now, though… one wouldn’t find any trace of such a mystical atmosphere.

「Welcome! We sell mangoes, and mangoes only! Always fresh and delicious!」

「We have many accessories here for you today! Oh, that couple there! Why don’t you have a look?」

There were merchants everywhere, making sales pitches and hawking their wares. I was usually healed by the sound of the fountains, but if I tried to listen for them now, I wouldn’t be able to hear them over the merchants.

Some of the merchants were women, but not many. Were there really so few traveling female merchants?

While I wondered about that, I looked for equipment with any skills. There really were a lot of accessories on sale, but I hadn’t found any with skills yet. It must have been luck that I found some so easily before.

After quite some time looking, I eventually found a store with a jackpot — a sword, possibly ornamental. Its beautiful blade caught my eye.

「Ohh! Welcome, brother! How about you have a look at these accessories?」

The merchant started trying to direct me to the accessories, but I was only there for the sword.

Sword of Transparency            [C-rank]

  • Visual Enhancement    [S-rank]
  • Transparency                [S-rank]


I could understand what “visual enhancement” probably meant. It might be useful for detecting monsters, for example. However, I was particularly curious about the S-rank Transparency.

If I had that… would I be able to look into the woman’s bath? I kept looking at the accessories while that question floated around in the back of my mind. If I suddenly told the merchant I wanted that sword, he might try to take advantage of me. None of his accessories had any skills on them.

「Is that sword for sale?」

「If it’s here, I’m selling it. So how do you like it? It’s a good sword, isn’t it? How does 5,000 Gorudo sound?」

No way, that would be far too expensive. I may be able to afford it, but only an idiot would actually pay that much.

「There’s no way I would pay that much just for an ornamental sword. Haven’t you sold any like this before?」

「No, no, the others were quite popular, you know? The other customers have simply overlooked this one until now.」

「Oh really, now?」

This merchant seemed determined to sell it for that price by any means.

「I was looking for an ornamental weapon, but if your price is that high, I’ll find one somewhere else instead.」

「Ah, please wait, sir customer! Did you want to buy any of these accessories instead?」

「Well… which ones did you have in mind?」

I didn’t need any accessories, of course. After haggling with the merchant for a while, I managed to get him to sell the sword and a few accessories for 3500 Gorudo.

I was thinking I didn’t need any accessories, but one of them was a ring, which I hadn’t made before. A ring had the advantage that it wouldn’t stand out much no matter when I wore it.

In that case, if I put rings on all my fingers, I can benefit from even more skills… wait, that would be really flashy, wouldn’t it? I’ll have to hide my hands with gloves or something.

Another way to get more benefit from the skills would be to wear multiple layers of thin clothes. Gloves and other extra pieces would be included in that list. I looked around the city for a while longer, considering my options.

Hmm, in spite of how many items are here… I still haven’t seen any new skills.

I did find a handful of accessories with skills, but they only had Muscle Strength Enhancement, which I already possessed.

Just when I was thinking about going home…


I heard a familiar voice, so I looked back — and what did I see but Klua-san, wearing a maid outfit. It surely wasn’t my fault my cheeks turned a little red looking at her.

Her abundant breasts were well-emphasized, and she stood out from the other merchants to invite excitement.

I wasn’t the only one being taken by her appearance. Customers were practically flocking to her, and she invited many men into the shop with a smile. I was heading closer as well, and that was when our eyes met.


「Hi, Hello.」

When I greeted Klua-san with a slight bow, her face turned completely red.

「Why are you here!?」

「Well, I’m an adventurer, so I was looking around for anything valuable to buy.」

The sword I’d just bought was secretly stored when nobody was looking, destroyed with my hammer and turned into materials. It was also possible to make a new one, so I planned to do that eventually.

I didn’t know the performance yet, but it looked stronger than the goblin and red wolf equipment. The blade itself had an appearance resembling glass, but other than that, it was a normal double-edged sword.

「I-I see… b-but you don’t need to stare that much, it’s embarrassing, you know?」

「That outfit looks good on you, you don’t have to be so shy.」

「It-it’s not like that… U-umm, th-thank you.」

Klua-san bowed her head bashfully. The surrounding customers were looking at us with jealousy in their eyes.

Even if Klua-san and I actually got along well, I was only going to trouble the shop she was helping if I stuck around.

「Well then, see you later.」


I didn’t beat around the bush and excused myself.

I should go home early and try out the skills that I got today.

I didn’t often run, but this time I went home as fast as my legs could carry me. When I arrived in my room, I took out the equipment I had given the Transparency S-rank skill. Now, let’s try this out.

Still trying to calm my beating heart, I activated Transparency.




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    1. Sorry to burst your bubble but her bewbs are not big. Look up illusttations, she’s the one with the poney tail. Her breasts are only big in comparison to the rest of the cast, who have AA+ cup breasts at best.


  1. From what I could tell, you could translate the sword’s name as “Sword of Transparency.”

    The first character is can mean transparent, the second character can mean inscription or “artisan’s signature” and of course the possessive particle and then “sword” or “blade”

    That said, I’m not really experienced in translation myself, so I would suggest taking it with a grain of salt big enough to ruin your blood pressure.

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  2. [but one of them was a ring, which I hadn’t made before. A ring had the advantage that it wouldn’t stand out much no matter when I wore it.]

    and you can wear 21 (technically)

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  3. “Podría mirar en el baño de mujeres” La frase más humana y realista que eh leído desde que empecé a leer esta historia XDXD


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