Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – Promise


Eventually, I was able to take Klua-san back to the inn and have her stay in my room again. I went to sleep in the employee break room as before, and then woke her up in the morning.

「Klua-san, are you already awake?」

「Yes, I Am.」

Good, then. There don’t seem to be any problems today.

「Is it okay if I come in?」


With Klua-san’s permission, I opened the door. She had just finished tidying her hair, having tied it in a ponytail, and she was now sitting there touching it up.

「I’m sorry… I got drunk again yesterday.」

「We just went out for drinks, after all. So don’t worry about it.」

「Of course… thanks.」

Klua-san didn’t make the same serious apology as last time. I guess because we didn’t go there on business.

「Are you still working today?」


「Please do your best then.」


Klua-san looked me right in the eye.

…Wha-what is it?

「U-umm…… I hope you don’t mind it, but can I ask you to do something?」

「What do you need?」

「C-could you say take care and see you later?」[TL: Basically she asked Relius to say itterasshai.]

Her face turned red from this request.

Take care and see you later, huh? Does that phrase have any special meaning?

「I-it’s no good, is it? I-I’m sorry to bother you, I’ll just―」

「Please take care, I’ll see you later.」

Was that right?

The moment I said it, Klua-san’s eyes sparkled.

「I’m leaving!」[TL: Yup, she said ittekimasu.]

Klua-san ran out of the room cheerily.

What was that about?

After watching Klua-san leave the inn, I went into my room.

It was time to make a new weapon. My Blacksmith level was currently level 15. At that level, it had become easier to grant skills to my equipment. For example, it was now possible to give skills to equipment that’s already equipped. That meant I could switch skills around while I was fighting.

Not many skills were available yet, so I couldn’t really do much, but it wasn’t a bad ability. Touching the equipment seems necessary to do it, but I’m likely to only use it for my own equipment anyway, so that’s not a big deal.

In addition to that, it was now possible to make steel weapons. It must be a stronger material than iron because it showed up at a higher level than iron did. I consumed magic stones to produce a steel sword. For a while, I just repeatedly remade it until I could make the steel sword at S-rank.

All right, I’m done.

Steel Sword – S-rank [0/250]

That’s what I was working with. Even a steel sword’s limit was 250. That might be the limit of an ordinary sword. In terms of skills, I gave it the basic skills I had: Stamina Enhancement and Muscle Strength Enhancement. That would take up 100 out of 250. There were three slots left for S-rank skills, but…

This is exactly what I was afraid of! I’ve been trying to find new skills, but there’s just nothing available. Let’s just add S-rank Automatic Recovery for the time being.

With that, the sharpness wouldn’t be lost since the sword could repair itself. Of course, in my case, it’s not something I put so much importance on. I could just recreate it. Sure, the damage can be fixed over time, so it’s not a bad choice, either.

I also wanted to give it Automatic Return; D-rank would already be good enough for this one.

What about the Transparency S-rank? When attacking at close range, it would be difficult for the opponent to block my weapon if they couldn’t see it… Well, it would also be difficult for me to use it.

There were 80 points left. In this kind of situation… I definitely wanted an attack skill.

For now, I switched out all of my previously made equipment to steel. I spent the whole morning doing that. I got the sense I’d done enough for the day. After a light stretch, I ate lunch.

Shall I look around the store in the afternoon? But I haven’t been finding any equipment with good skills these days…

No, there have to be many weapons with skills that have been found so far. They just might not be around here.

After all, no one else could see what kind of skills something had. I’d been thinking about what to do in the afternoon, but should I just try out my new equipment? It certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to visit the E-rank labyrinth Mear-san and I cleared before.

If it’s just the low-class monsters there, I’ll be able to fight well on my own. I left my room, considering this idea, when I ran into Ristina-san.

Now that I mention it, it was our day off. Did she want to go on a date? She seemed to want to go out for something, and was dressed in fashionable clothes.

「Hmm? Oh, if it isn’t Relius-senpai? Did you have any plans for today?」

「I was just about to go hunting monsters. Don’t mind me―」

I raised one hand and tried to escape, but she grabbed my wrist.

「…What do you need, Ristina-san?」

「Well, it’s just… I have something to ask you.」

「Alright, what is it? Do you want me to buy you something?」

It would be fine as long as it wasn’t expensive. She then asked me a question with tears in her eyes.

「Can you… go on a date with me?」

「A-a date!?」

I reflexively raised my voice to her unexpected words. She had a big smile on her face.

「Yes. I thought I’d like to go somewhere with my senpai.」

「Ah… umm.」

S-she’s definitely teasing me!

I knew that, but I couldn’t think of a retort.

Damn… I’m so weak if this is enough to get me… guh.

「Senpai, do you not want to?」

「No, it’s fine… Actually… is there a reason?」

「Of course… I want to deepen my relationship with you, senpai.」

「That’s a lie, isn’t it…?」

「You didn’t believe it for a second, huh…」

「This is just your usual banter, isn’t it?」

「Yes, well. Senpai, have you ever been persistently approached by your customers?」

「No, I can’t say I have.」

It’s usually the female clerks getting approached, though. Klua-san complained a lot about the same thing.

「About that, I… recently I’ve been running into certain customers a lot more, even when I’m out walking alone.」

「Oh, so it’s like that?」

「I mean… I’m definitely a little worried. I feel like I’m being stalked…」

「I see. In other words, you want an escort?」

「Yes. But it would be boring for senpai, so wouldn’t it be nice if it was also a date?」

「It’s okay. It’s the role of senior to protect his junior. I’ll listen to your selfish request for today.」


Ristina-san looked at me in surprise, then quickly took a step away.

「Even if you use such kind words, I won’t let you do anything lewd, you know?」

「Of course not. Quit kidding around and let’s go.」


Ristina-san lined up next to me and began walking with a smile.

「Anyway, about that… thank you, Relius-senpai.」

「Yes, yes.」

I hadn’t thought of where to go, but I figured I might still be able to find some equipment with skills. I’d just have to adjust my schedule a little because of this. It’s not like I wanted her to thank me or anything.

Ristina-san’s smile was warm and bright.

「Let’s make this fun.」

Well… I guess I’m just glad to see her smiling.




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  1. Author’s spending too much time on empty harem-play and not exploring the details and capability of this world setting, society, and how useful his powers are. Super disappointing.

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    1. Got that right. Title should be changed to ‘Idiot, doormat, un-requited 1 sided harem relationship, Hero who is a cheat ability blacksmith’.

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