Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 2 Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 – Reunion


「Hmm, I wonder if this is the right way…?」

We managed to get out of the cave, and Lusha was looking for the way back. She’s an elf, and she’s more used to forests than I am, so she’s observing the weather and plants to determine our route.

Times like this remind me that she really is an elf.

「It would be faster if we could find any of our marks.」

「Yeah. Maybe we should walk a little in this direction― Hiroki!」

「Demon orc, huh? It’s all yours, Lusha!」

「Leave it to me!」

We’d only just left the cave, and already we were dealing with a demon orc. We’re used to demon orcs, though, since we’ve killed quite a few of them already. Lusha drew her bow quickly, and fired around 6 arrows to kill this one.

I marveled again at how convenient this magic bag really is while picking up the demon orc’s materials. Also, my level has gone up.


Name: Hiroki Sakurai
Level: 19
Occupation: Priest

Attack: 1
Magic power: 1
Recovery: 100
Defense: 1
Accuracy: 1
Evasion: 86

Skills: [Language Acquisition] [Heal] [Regeneration] [Shield]


Did I already catch up with Ren and Ruri? I’m not really sure, but their levels should definitely be higher.

I don’t want to lose.


「Oh, nothing, sorry.」

Lusha was looking at me carefully. Maybe she could tell I was thinking about something heavy.

「You sure? Don’t let your guard down until we leave the forest. I don’t even want to think about meeting those hordes again…」

She visibly shuddered and rubbed her shoulders, no doubt remembering the hordes of demon goblins. I feel the same way; I don’t want to run into them again and have to jump into the river to escape. However, for cases like that, having firepower over a wide area is necessary. If Lusha could learn a skill like that, we might have more options next time than just running.

We took a rest in a good spot before continuing through the forest, eventually finding one of our marks and getting back to the edge of the forest in good time. It was evening, but we got out right when the carriage showed up. By which I mean we barely made it in time.


◆ ◆ ◆


We stayed overnight in a nearby village before coming back to the city. At this time, I wanted to get information about an alchemist, but there were a lot of human soldiers around for some reason.

It’s a bit of a restless atmosphere, but I thought I saw Ren and Ruri just now, I know they were also coming to the demon continent…

「Hiroki, what’s wrong? You’re looking around restlessly…」

「No, I think those were human soldiers.」

「Huh? Oh, you’re right.」

Lusha agreed once she noticed where the soldiers were, and watched them go around talking to people on street corners.

「It’s kind of disgusting to see them here. Let’s get to the Adventurer’s Guild quickly and ask if they have an alchemist.」

「Yeah. We can’t get the potion made without an alchemist, after all.」

When we went to the Adventurer’s Guild, we were able to get the same receptionist as last time. She greeted us with a warm smile and a cheerful, “Welcome back!” After selling off the monster loot, I asked if any alchemists had applied for our request.

「Unfortunately, no alchemists applied. However, I have compiled some information for you about a great alchemist!」

「Really!? That’s really helpful!」

「Yes, you can ask this person to make you a curse-cleansing potion.」

With the receptionist compiling that information for us, we had nothing to lose by trying it. The only question was how quickly we’d be able to meet them.

I hope they’re in the Apricot continent as well.

「So where can we find them?」

「Uhm, I’ll point it out on the map.」

Saying that, the receptionist unrolled the map on the counter, and pointed at a mountain near the center of the Apricot continent.

…Wait, a mountain?

「It seems they’ve already retired and now live on the side of this mountain.」

「On the side of a mountain…」

Climbing a mountain is a dangerous thing. High altitudes have lower temperatures, and most dangerous mountains are often covered with snow. That was dangerous even on earth, so I thought it would be an even more disastrous environment in a different world.

I asked timidly what kind of mountain it was.

「That mountain is where you have to go through the『Demon’s Sacred Mountain Dungeon』. The level of monsters is strong, and they appear in large numbers. To be honest, it would be difficult for anything but a top-class adventurer party.」

「High difficulty dungeon, you say…」

「It would be tough at our level.」

Shit, I was finally able to get a clue for an alchemist, but…

Lusha looked at me worriedly when I clenched my fist.

「Let’s just go now, Hiroki. It’s too late to worry about it.」

「…Yeah, you’re right. To think my resolution was almost shaken before I even went there, I’m ashamed of myself.」

I stood up with a bitter smile, and proceeded to tell the receptionist our future plans.

「Thank you for the information. For now, I think we’ll try to go to that dungeon. I don’t know if we can reach that skillful alchemist, though. May I ask you to continue trying to recruit an alchemist for us?」

「Okay. I’ll let you know if I have any information.」

「Please do. Thank you very much.」

Lusha and I left the adventurer’s guild, relieved that the receptionist would continue to help us out. We went back to the inn for the day to rest. Lusha didn’t say anything, but we’d been sleeping outdoors for days on end, so she has to be fatigued to some extent.

Personally, I’ve never been so tired. I was just a university student and a gamer, so this was a pretty aggressive schedule for me. After being summoned, I’ve been getting a sense that my physical strength has improved.

Lusha’s ears twitched as she walked next to me. She must have been waiting for me to calm down before asking about my condition.

「Hiroki, you’re pretty tired, aren’t you? Let’s rest up for a while.」

「Ah, yeah…」

I can’t believe a girl is worrying about me! It was a bit of a shock, but it was true that I’d accumulated a great deal of fatigue, so I nodded affirmatively.

「Well then, how about we just go to the inn we stayed at last time?」

「Great idea!」

I raised my hand in favor of the suggestion as soon as she made it.

「But let’s get something to eat first ― huh?」


Eating somewhere sounded like a great idea, but just when I thought about it, I recognized two people that passed us on the street. I started running in pursuit of them without even thinking.

Beautiful black hair and reddish-brown hair.

I could see that their equipment was first-class for adventurers. Their faces were obscured by hoods, but there’s no way I’d mistake these two for anyone else.

「Ren, Ruri!」

「― Hiroki!!」

「I can’t believe I’m going to see you in a place like this.」

When I called to them, they turned around in surprise. Even I never thought we’d meet in a place like this. Lusha, who was chasing after me, picked up on the situation and was quite surprised herself.

However, before she could raise her voice, Ruri raised her index finger to Lusha’s mouth, signaling her to remain silent.

「This isn’t a good place to talk right now. Could you follow us to our inn?」

「Okay, sure.」

At Ruri’s words, Ren looked around restlessly. Apparently, they didn’t want to be noticed by the soldiers in the city. I agreed, and the four of us headed to the inn they were staying at.



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