Garbage Brave Isekai – Chapter 7

New chapter today.

ED: Onihikage


Chapter 7 – Understanding


After winning the fierce battle with the monkeys (Boagnon), I followed the Ellyn River downstream. As you’d expect, walking and battling all night long ate away at me both physically and mentally, but I had to endure it, because if I stuck around, I could very well have gotten attacked by monkeys again.

When the sun was finally visible above the trees, I found a hollow in the trunk of a large tree that could be used as a shelter. It was just big enough for me to fit inside, but apparently it already had an occupant.


Race : Dark Bat, Level 160
Skills : [Ultrasonic]  [Wind Magic] [Silent Flight]
Attributes : HP [C] | MP [B] | STR [C] | INT [B] | AGI [A] | DEX [B] | LUK [F]


It was a monster hanging upside down from the ceiling. Because it was around noon, the bat monster was sleeping and hadn’t reacted to me. This was my chance, right? I still had to raise my level more greedily than anyone else, so I decided to fight the dark bat.

[Spring Water].”

A large amount of water gushed out of the hole and smacked into the dark bat.

I couldn’t just burn the very shelter I took so long to find, so I didn’t start off with Ignition.

Before the dark bat could react to the Spring Water, I restrained it with [Plant Magic] and got up close for a finishing blow with [Ignition]. It was a triple combo of [Spring Water], [Plant Magic], and [Ignition].

[ Level Up ]

The notification appeared. My level is now 141.

The inside of the hole was damp, but I grabbed some stone from the riverbed, laid lots of branch onto that, and lit a fire with [Ignition]. I pictured the fire as being weaker than a bonfire, so it didn’t burn very intensely. With that, the inside of the hole would soon be all dried out.

While the fire was going, I dismantled the dark bat and baked its meat with [Cooking].


Grilled dark bat breast meat ⇒ Do you want to learn [Wind Magic]?



I couldn’t help cheering. It’s been cut into bite-sized pieces as usual, so it’s easy to eat. It tastes a little better than the monkey meat, but that’s still not saying much. I can tell the taste is different depending on what part of the monster the meat came from. Well, that’s natural, isn’t it? If everything was equally delicious, the concept of ‘rare first-class meat’ wouldn’t exist.

The hollow was dry, so I put out the fire and waited for the stones to cool down before taking them out. Then I poured a bit of water around the outside of the tree with [Spring Water].

I was starting to stink, so I washed myself off so monsters wouldn’t sniff me out. I finished off by “closing” the entrance of the hollow with [Plant Magic]. I say “closing” because I really just covered it up with many layers of common reed plant. This would allow me to block line of sight from the outside while still being able to breathe.

“Suddenly I feel so tired… have I depleted my magic or something?”

I was hit with a kind of fatigue that I’d never experienced from just using [Ignition] and [Spring Water].



◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆



I could hear birds chirping. It’s already morning, huh…

Apparently I fell asleep. I must have slept through the night because there was no way the sun would rise in the evening. It had to be morning.

“I know I was tired, but I really slept a lot, huh?”

I think closing up the hole with a plant fence was the right decision. Still inside the hole, I took out the monkey meat from [Material Storage] and baked it with [Cooking]. It wasn’t great, but it was still much better than nothing.


You have learned the [Throwing] skill.



That message appeared immediately after I quickly swallowed the slice of meat to avoid the taste. I checked the grilled meat still in my hand with [Detailed Appraisal].


Grilled shoulder meat of forest monkey ⇒ Do you want to learn [Throwing] skill?


Hold up… does this mean the effect of the monster meat is different depending on what part of the body it came from?

I knew that I was somehow getting the skills that the monsters had, just from my prior experiences, but I thought I could only learn one kind of skill per monster. This new revelation meant it was possible to learn different skills for each body part and from each individual, didn’t it?

If so… I could get the [Silent Flight] from the dark bat meat, right? I’d have been happy with just [Flight], but [Silent Flight] sounded even cooler.

I thought things over. Power was needed to get through this Great Borf Forest to the land where humans lived. Power means levels and skills. I could gain skills by [Cooking] monster meat. In other words, there was no reason not to do this, because it meant I could level up and gain more skills.

So, what skills do I need to hunt for now? I primarily want skills that improve my ability to survive. I don’t know if they exist, but I want to get some kind of sensing skill. Until then, I can’t only make use of my ears and eyes, but all six senses in order to survive!

My next step was clear. I took a chunk of that cat monster’s meat out of [Material Storage]. There were four pieces, none of them cooked yet. Let’s use [Cooking] on the first one.


Grilled shoulder meat of large civet cat ⇒ Do you want to learn [Shadow Sewing] skill?


It turns out that even from a single individual, I can learn different skills depending on which body part the meat came from! I was overjoyed to realize this. I tried [Cooking] the rest of the meat.


Grilled inside round* of large civet cat ⇒ Do you want to learn the [Acceleration] skill?

Grilled rump of large civet cat ⇒ Do you want to learn [Presence Detection] skill?

Grilled marbled thigh** of large civet cat ⇒ Do you want to raise [AGI] a little?


Hmm? Marbled thigh meat can raise my [AGI]? I never thought I’d be able to increase my stats. My dreams are expanding with this! Moreover, there was the sensing skill I wanted, [Presence Detection]!

Let’s eat all the meat.


You have learned the [Shadow Sewing] skill.

You have learned the [Acceleration] skill.

You have learned the [Presence Detection] skill.

The rank of attribute [AGI] has increased.

The rank of attribute [AGI] has increased.


Hmm? Did I just get two increases in [AGI]? What? No way…


Name : Tsukuru Sumeragi
Job : Chef, Level 141

Skills I :  [Cooking] [Ignition]  [Dismantling] [Detailed Appraisal]  [Material Storage] [Spring Water] [Recovery Meal]  [Tool Maintenance] [Ingredient Detection]

Skills II :  [Night Vision]  [Throwing] [Acceleration]  [Presence Detection]

Skills III :  [Plant Magic] [Wind Magic]  [Shadow Sewing] 

Attributes : HP [D] | MP [D] | STR [D] | INT [B] | AGI [B] | DEX [EX] | LUK [EX]


Night Vision ⇒ You can see well even in the dark, but peeking is not good ♡

Acceleration ⇒ You can temporarily raise the rank of [AGI] ♡

Throwing ⇒ You can throw anything that can be thrown. Throwing kisses is also OK!

Presence Detection ⇒ You can feel the sense of the surroundings ♡

Plant Magic ⇒ You can use magic to manipulate plants. ♪ The perfect hobby for a 30 year old virgin ♪

Wind Magic ⇒ You can use magic to manipulate wind. It’s bad to use it for lifting women’s skirts, though ♪

Shadow Sewing ⇒ ♪ Tie it up with the shadows ♪


Just ignore the explanation, ignore it! Seriously, [AGI] went up twice. What’s this supposed to mean? The explanation says it’s just a little, right? I’m happy with this miscalculation, but isn’t it more like to be no more than halfhearted explanation?

Nevertheless, what’s with the teasing tone of these explanations? I feel like the [Shadow Sewing] explanation is something completely different. No, I know it’s technically correct, but… Really, if I had another status plate in my hand, I’d throw it again, and again.

I can kind of understand the explanation for now, so it doesn’t seem like something to worry about. But why is there yet another skill slot in my status?

What I can guess is that [Skill I] is for skills derived from my job, [Skill II] is for skills I’ve acquired that don’t consume [MP], and [Skill III] is for skills that consume [MP].

I was using [Night Vision] almost all night at the patience contest with the Hyena Wolves back then, but I never got fatigued from it, so that’s why I assumed [Skill II] is for skills that don’t consume [MP].

However, when I used [Plant Magic] from the [Skill III] section to cover up this hole with common reed plants, I practically shut down, so I’m guessing that was [MP] depletion. At the moment, this is only my best guess, but I get the feeling it’s close to the truth.

Alright, that’s enough thinking for now. It’s time to take action ― I should move on while the day is still bright.

I ripped up the common reeds. It’s possible to make it strong and brittle through willpower. Magic skills aren’t limited to the battlefield, but can also be used for things like this. So convenient.

My skills have improved, and I know what to do from now on. I will definitely survive!



* The core part of thigh meat (“Shin” in Japanese) has fine and soft texture and rich flavor. I’m calling it the inside round for now, and hoping the character won’t just start referring to every single Japanese cut of meat.

** Ichibo is a rare cut of meat, also called Ranichi. It’s the marbled meat of the thigh, named after the bone shaped like an H (“Eichi” in Japanese) to which it is attached.




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  1. Thanks for the chapter, His job is really misleading, maybe its a twist, his job actually Deadly Sin Gluttony, and God just hide it and show it as chef

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