Garbage Brave Isekai – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Deathmatch


It turns out the Great Borf Forest is massive. It was nine days ago that I’d been dumped there, and I was about to welcome the morning of the tenth. I was able to strengthen myself by learning skills and improving my ability with [Cooking].

The monsters I encountered the most were the Hyena Wolf, Boagnon, Dark Bat and Venom Whisperer. Especially the Hyena Wolf and Boagnon ― I encountered them every single day, so I’ve been able to learn all of their skills.

I also met a Hell Bear last night. Along with the warning alarm from [Wild Intuition] that I had just recently learned, I felt an enormous bloodthirst with [Presence Detection]. I ran away in a hurry, but it caught up to me easily.

I thought I could lose it with my [Acceleration] skill, but the Hell Bear just charged straight at me, knocking down the trees in its way without slowing down at all. It was like the trees weren’t even there. As it caught up to me, I steeled my nerves to confront the beast.

The Hell Bear was definitely a muscle-brain, based not only on its appearance, but its ability and skills. I made a preemptive attack, dropping a large amount of water with [Spring Water], but it didn’t even flinch.

The monster came rushing at me with its [Charge] skill at a tremendous speed, so I tried tangling up its legs with common reeds from [Plant Magic], but it started tearing through those as well. As it came closer, I also activated [Shadow Sewing] and was finally able to stop it with that combination of restraints.

After that, I started throwing rocks at the Hell Bear with my [Throwing] skill. The rocks were from my [Material Storage], they were from back when I picked up a bunch of them from the riverbank. To be clear, [Throwing] wasn’t very effective; it only pissed it off even more.

The angry Hell Bear finally tore through the restraints from both [Plant Magic] and [Shadow Sewing] with its muscle-brained determination and went after me with [Charge].

I reacted a little too slowly, so I was blown away by the impact; the moment the bear passed me felt like being hit by a dump truck. Apparently, that was just from the wind pressure generated by its [Charge].

Wind pressure it may have been, but the damage on my body was real and substantial. I was still able to stand with some effort, but I was shaking.

As the Hell Bear approached me slowly while gushing out its nassal breath, with eyes that saw me as prey, each crashing step filled me with indescribable terror. However, with my weakened state, it apparently had let its guard down. Thanks to it stepping so slowly towards me, and seeing me as already beaten, I was able to use [Ignition] once it was within range.

The Hell Bear’s face was engulfed in flames, and it writhed in pain, crashing through the surrounding big trees and jumping up and down with incredible power, to the extent that it was leaving craters in the ground. I know for a fact that once the fire is set, it won’t go out unless I order it to, or the target dies.

The Hell Bear, in such a burning predicament, looked at me with hatred. Its next action was to activate its [Roar] skill, sending a guttural blast directly at me. I was just about to run, but because of the [Roar], I couldn’t even stand anymore; all of my limbs were quivering. This was apparently a side effect caused by [Roar] ― I couldn’t move, my body was stiff, and I fell over onto the ground. It was like being temporarily paralyzed, but this ‘temporary’ felt like it was about to be an eternity.

The Hell Bear now approached me at high speed, still enraged and with its face wrapped in flames, and sent me flying with a single strike from one of its massive front paws. Now, I had already leveled up quite a bit, and my [HP] attribute had risen to [C], but I felt like every bone in my body had shattered.

I hit the ground so hard I bounced several times, compounding the damage across my entire body. My field of view was distorted by blood and narrowed from swelling. I want to praise myself for being able to stay conscious and alive in such a miserable state.

It was as if my whole body had just run out of pain. Despite the situation, for some reason I just felt cold. The signals from my brain were all out of whack, and I couldn’t even move a finger.

Ahh, I realized. I’m going to die here.

My short life flashed before my eyes like a slide reel. Damn, I wanted to get revenge. I wanted those bastards to taste the same pain I’ve experienced.

Lying on my stomach, what little I could see of my surroundings shook. Even in the state I was in, I could tell the Hell Bear’s face was right behind me. In the corner of my vision, it was baring its fangs, and almost looked like it was laughing at me. So annoying.

It seemed enthusiastic to eat me, licking my face to get a taste of my blood. I couldn’t even speak anymore, I was trying to say the words to use… [Dismantling].

There was a loud splatter, and the thud of something hitting the ground.

…Huh? I was still able to use [Dismantling]? Hahahahaha, and here I was thinking I couldn’t activate my skills without saying them. Silly me… but thanks to this, I was able to avoid death once again.

I was now one step closer to my revenge.

[ Level Up ]

A long list of notifications appeared, filling up my entire field of view, just like when I killed the cat monster.

And now that wall of text is over with. I took a piece of meat out of [Material Storage] directly into my mouth. I didn’t even have the strength to chew anymore, so this would take a while. Still, I did recover a little control over my body when I managed to swallow it. After I swallowed the second, third, and fourth pieces, my control was back to normal, and my injuries had fully recovered.

I picked up the Hell Bear materials that had fallen in the surrounding area with [Material Storage] and sat on the ground looking at the traces of the fierce battle. The trees had been knocked down and many craters had formed. It had the appearance of being ground zero for a meteor shower. I was deeply impressed that I’d been able to kill such a monster.

It was only after a while that I realized my surroundings were in complete darkness. I can see well even in the dark thanks to the [Night Vision] skill, but because it would have been troublesome to look for the location of today’s camping spot, I climbed a large tree a short distance from the battlefield and secured myself up in a tree with the reed plants from [Plant Magic].

Then I took out the Hell Bear’s meat and used [Ultimate Cooking]. This [Ultimate Cooking] was a new skill that I obtained from my previous level up; it was a combination skill merged from [Cooking] and [Recovery Meal].


Grilled shoulder meat of the deceased bear ⇒ Skill [Monstrous Strength] can be learned, and sickness, injury, and abnormal conditions will be cured!

Grilled breast meat of the deceased bear ⇒ Skill [Strong Body] can be learned, and sickness, injury, and abnormal conditions will be cured!

Grilled rump meat of the deceased bear ⇒ Skill [Strong Arm] can be learned, and sickness, injury, and abnormal conditions will be cured!

Grilled hand meat of the deceased bear ⇒ It can slightly increase your [STR] rank, and sickness, injury, and abnormal conditions will be cured!


[Ultimate Cooking] is awesome!

I ate the meat immediately. There was other meat which hadn’t been baked yet, but the effects I wanted were obtained, from each of the four respective meats. Suddenly I had a new notification: ( Make a Guts Pose! )

I checked my status triumphantly.


Name : Tsukuru Sumeragi
Job : Chef, Level 195

Skill I :  [Ultimate Cooking]  [Ignition] [Dismantling]  [Detailed Appraisal] [Material Storage]  [Spring Water] [Tool Maintenance] [Ingredient Detection]

Skill II :  [Night Vision]  [Acceleration] [Throwing]  [Presence Detection] [Sense of Smell Enhancement]  [Wild Intuition] [Cooperation] [Mass Mobilization]  [Whispering] [Monstrous Strength] [Strong Body] [Strong Arm]

Skill III :  [Plant Magic]  [Wind Magic] [Shadow Sewing]

Attributes : HP [B] | MP [B] | STR [A] | INT [A] | AGI [A] | DEX [EX] | LUK [EX]


Ultimate Cooking ⇒ You can learn skills or increasing your ability and recover from illness, injury, and abnormal condition, but if you eat too much you will become fat, you know ♪

Sense of Smell Enhancement ⇒ Enhancing your sense of smell, but it’s forbidden to sniff the smell of girls ♡

Wild Intuition ⇒ Eh? Wild, you say? Have you stopped being a human? Trust your intuition!

Cooperation ⇒ Smooths your cooperation with companions….. but it does nothing for a loner, you know ♪

Mass Mobilization ⇒ When you work with a large group of people, your abilities will improve. But for a Loner…..

Whispering ⇒ If you whisper close to someone’s ears, it’s just like you think… Don’t say anything inappropriate!

Monstrous Strength ⇒ Always Increase [STR] by one rank (hidden). I want you to lift me too ♡

Strong Body ⇒ Always Increase [HP] by one rank (hidden). A wide chest is fan・tas・tic ♡

Strong Arm ⇒ You can temporarily raise『STR』by one rank. A man with thick arms is fan・tas・tic ♡


The thing I’m happiest about is [Strong Body]. While my attributes have also been raised from leveling up, having this skill has boosted my chances of surviving even more.

I went down to the river in a good mood. I saw my appearance in the water’s reflection, and… the clothes I was wearing had become rags no longer fit to even be called clothes, but my important parts were somehow still covered.

I completely look like a primitive person now. I bathed several times but there are limits to how hygienic one can really be without soap. My hair was messy, and I didn’t like it anymore. Seeing myself like this is depressing… what happened to that great mood I was in before?




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