Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 2 Chapter 20

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ED: Onihikage


Chapter 20 – New Skill And Endless Stairs


“Well then, this is the treasure chest, huh?”

“Even though we won so easily, it’s still a high-difficulty dungeon. I’m sure it has something awesome!”

Lusha and I arrived at the treasure chest first, with Ren and Ruri walking slowly behind us. These two had cleared more dungeons than us, so it’s probably not that rare of a sight for them. I wanted to open as many as I could, like they had. I opened the treasure chest.

“Oh, a skill book… and money? It’s Rico since we’re in the Apricot continent, huh?”

It’s certainly convenient that the dungeon rewards money for the continent where the dungeon is located. I picked up the skill book. The cover was blue, so that meant it was somewhat rare. According to the guild, skill book colors were, in order of increasing rarity, light brown, light green, blue, red, and gold.

“It’s a blue skill book, so it seems pretty good.”

“Did you ever use one of these, Ruri?”

“Most of the skill books I used were light green, only one was blue. It’s likely impossible to learn superior skills without a rare skill book to some extent, or so I’ve read.”

“I guess so…”

Conversely, if you don’t memorize a lot of skills, you can still learn something from low-rarity skill books. As you acquire more skills and reach the top of your game, brown or light green skill books will no longer give you anything.

I wished there were four books here, so that everyone could use one.

“What should we do with this one, then…”

“Why don’t you use it, Hiroki?”


If we want to strengthen our offensive power, it’s better to let Lusha or Ruri use it, but Ren told me to use it without hesitating. “Yeah, I think it would be best if you used it. Even if it’s a support skill, having one more will strengthen the whole team…”

Lusha agreed, “Yeah, I think so too! Besides, since I used one before, you said you’d take the next one, right?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that…”

The conversation had progressed to the point everyone else agreed that I would be the one to use it. Sure, I currently only have three skills that I can use: Heal, Regeneration, and Shield. However, Heal and Shield are so versatile, there’s not necessarily a rush to get more.

…No, wait, I wanted a skill to cleanse debuffs, didn’t I?

I’m troubled by the current situation. I don’t think there are any problems on Ren’s side of things since he already has a lot of passive skills and also an aggro skill. Ruri has a lot of magic skills, and her current firepower is sufficient. Lusha has high attack power, but it takes time to defeat the monsters since she doesn’t have the accuracy to hit reliably.

If anyone’s going to use it, it’ll be either me or Lusha… and Lusha used the last one we got. I can see in her eyes how much she wants me to use this one. With Ren and Ruri also telling me to use it, well, I can’t refuse all of them.

“Alright then, I’ll do it. [Heal].”

The way to use skill acquisition books is to use a skill while touching it. By doing so, the magic within the book will read your mana and grant you a new skill. Soon after, a voice resounded in my head.


《 You have acquired the skill [Silence*]. 》


…What’s that supposed to be? First of all, it doesn’t sound like a skill specific to healers. When I reacted with confusion, the three of them asked what skill I learned.

“Um, it’s called Silence. With a name like that… I wonder if it’s like… you can’t speak or something?”

“Silence…? Maybe it has something to do with preventing skill usage?”

“Oh, yeah. That does seem likely.”

Ruri pretty much guessed the effect based on the name alone. Sealing-type skills are often a thing in RPGs, and this one is probably only available for rare classes, but it’s a shame I can’t experiment with it right now.

“If you look at your status, you should be able to confirm the skill’s effect.”

“Huh? Seriously? [Status Open].”


Name: Hiroki Sakurai
Level: 27
Occupation: Priest

Attack: 1
Magic Power: 1
Recovery: 100
Defense: 1
Accuracy: 1
Evasion: 110

Skills: [Language acquisition] [Heal] [Regeneration] [Shield] [Silence]

Silence: Temporarily disable the target’s skills.


“Oh, you were right. It’s definitely easier to understand if you can see the skill description.”

“Right? We weren’t as knowledgeable about our situation as you, so this feature helped us a lot.”

“So that’s it.”

Until now, I was familiar with all of the skills I’d acquired so I’d never thought of such a thing. The status screen is more convenient than I thought. But with this, I won’t have any problems with new skills, even if I don’t know their effects right off hand. That’s one concern I won’t have to deal with from now on.

“Well, it’s not a skill I’ll be needing anytime soon, so I guess I’ll just put it on hold. There’s no point using it against weaker monsters, and I can’t try it against humans, so…”

“That’s right. For now, let’s keep moving through this dungeon and find the alchemist… huh?”


Ruri was looking wide-eyed at the path leading behind the transfer device. I followed her gaze and soon had the same reaction. No… no, no, no, come on, who would have expected this? Ren was the same as us; only Lusha didn’t seem bothered at all.

Yes, what lay before us was a long, long staircase that seemed to lead up and out to the exit. Oh yeah, that’s right. We were supposed to go to the mountainside, so I had expected the dungeon path to go up as well, but it had actually gone down.

So in the end, we really will have to climb up, huh…


◆ ◆ ◆


“Ah, I’m so tired. Nothing is more painful than just seeing more stairs…”


Ruri and I begrudgingly climbed the seemingly infinite staircase. Lusha and Ren seemed fine, and I envied them. Right now, Ruri and I were climbing in front due to having relatively little physical strength, and Lusha and Ren kept behind us.

“Why did it have to be like this? It just reminds me of Yakushima’s Trolley Road…”

“Come to think of it, you have to keep walking on the tracks there too, right?”

“Have you ever been there, Ruri? Sometimes the minecart was running, so it was kind of fun.”

I remembered Yakushima from when I was in high school. It was a pleasant memory of getting up at four in the morning to climb the mountain almost six hours each way, just to see the cedar trees. Here the stairs are always the same, and the pain is overwhelming because you can’t distract yourself with the magnificent natural scenery of Yakushima.

I stopped moving my feet and looked back at Ren. “Lusha aside, why are you still healthy? Oh wait, is it because of your stats?”

“I think so. Ever since I came here, I’ve felt physically stronger and don’t tire as easily.”

“That’s good, huh…”

Ren was a little proud as he told me that, so I had no choice but to envy him. My own physical strength hasn’t been enhanced at all, because I only increased my recovery and evasion stats. And I might continue that trend.

“But if I wasn’t a hero, I’d be in the same boat as you two. I worked part-time in a cafe almost every day, so I didn’t exercise much.”

“Was it a stylish cafe? That’d really suit you…”

That kind of life didn’t have much to do with me. If I hadn’t been summoned to another world, I might not have gotten involved with anyone like Ren for the rest of my life.

“Are you both alright…?” asked Lusha with concern.

I shook my head to reassure her. “I’m fine… I can keep going.”

Ruri was apologetic. “I’m sorry, I’m slowing you all down…”

“That’s not true,” Lusha replied. “You were a really big help on the way here! I can handle these stairs with my own strength, so if there’s something I can do for you now, you should tell me.”

“If you say so, then. I’ll keep my chin up,” Ruri told Lusha with a smile. She’d try not to feel sorry for herself. Then she continued up the stairs again, saying, “Let’s go.”

It took us two days to finally reach the exit…



* ED: Original name was Skill Rest in katakana, but that’s super lame. Some western RPGs call it Silence, so I’m going with that. You’re welcome.


* Yakushima Trolley Road.



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