Garbage Brave – Vol 1 Chapter 6 Part 2

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Chapter 6 Part 2


Hahaha, I didn’t actually buy the slave as a favor, I just caught up in the moment. Thanks to that, I’m broke now, and since she’s a criminal slave, I can’t free her without some kind of special permission, and I’ll also have to revise my plans for the future.

Right now I need to make some more money, but what happened to this girl to make her eyes look dead…

I heard some of the story from Sidele about how Canaan fell into slavery. I didn’t think she did it either, but she had already been found guilty, so it’s kind of a pitiful story. Or maybe she did kill that noble’s child… if that were the case, what would I do?

(What are you going to do with her?)

(Yeah, what do you think I should do?)

(Well first of all, you won’t be able to talk to her if you don’t restore her sanity.)

(I don’t know how to do that, though?)

(She has been mentally weakened and secluded herself inside her own mind, isn’t that kind of like having a status debuff?)

(In other words, I can cure her with [Recovery Meal], huh?)

(Maybe, but if that doesn’t work, you should just try something else.)

(You’re right, let’s at least try it.)

I took out a reasonably-sized lump of meat from [Material Storage] and cooked it with [Ultimate Cooking]. Lately, when I use that skill, if I’m thinking a lot about something, related effects will also become stronger, so I tried to carefully think about an effect for recovering from mental damage. As I said before, [Ultimate Cooking] allows me to set the strength of the effect, but now it’s possible to control the effect itself to some extent, just by thinking about it.

Therefore, if I got something that can raise, say, my [STR] attribute, I can decide whether the effect will increase the rank temporarily or permanently. For some reason, I didn’t realize I could do this until I was already over level 300.

Until that point, the effects that appeared from [Ultimate Cooking] had been random, such as learning skills and permanently ranking up attributes, but now I could set the effect consciously. I still have no idea how that’s actually possible or how it works, and I’m not going to bother trying to find out; it’s already convenient enough for my needs.

“Hey, eat this.”

I put the grilled meat on a plate, and a knife and fork on the desk. Now that I’m in my room at the inn room, there’s a small desk and chair, and Canaan was sitting on the floor, rather than the chair. I told her to relax after entering the room, but since she was a slave, she sat on the floor with uncertainty in her eyes.

Right now she’s so dirty that it’s hard to tell, but there’s probably a beautiful girl underneath all that grime, so I’d like to clean her up. I’m just concerned about whether it’s okay for me to wipe down a girl’s body like that.

Canaan then tried to sit on the floor with the plate and eat with her hands.

“Hey, eat your food at the desk.”

“Slave… eat… floor…”

As is often the case in light novels and stuff, slaves are supposed to eat on the floor. That might only be for criminal slaves, though, rather than general slaves.

“I don’t know anything about that. Sit in the chair and eat on the desk. You can use a knife and fork, right? There’s no need to eat with your hands.”

Because it was an order, Canaan sat on the chair and started eating the meat with a knife and fork. She was familiar with handling cutlery, and ate the meat almost silently. Compared to me, she ate very elegantly. There was no change in her mood after she finished, but… for now, I decided to let her get some rest and see how it went.

I left the inn late in the evening. Canaan had been sleeping soundly since her meal, so I left her in my room.

(Three in front, two behind.)

(Oh, I didn’t expect him to attack me immediately after I bought Canaan.)

(Hehehe, I think it’s because they have so much power and connections.)

This is definitely arranged by that Dokum guy from the Sidele’s General Store basement. The quality of stealth is obviously lower than the presence that had followed me since morning. Perhaps they’re better at ruffian matters than stealth.

But it’s not a good idea to get attacked here and cause a fuss. I don’t have any connections in this town, so if I make a big deal of this, I’m more likely to be overwhelmed by Dokum’s power and connections. In that case, I guess it’s okay to wipe out Dokum and his connections all at once.

I slipped into a side street like a back alley and took off my bear coat, replacing it with the hermit’s coat. My current level is over 300, so no one would recognize me while I had that on. If anyone capable of that was around, he’d be conquering the world by now.

The three people that were previously in front, chased me into the back alley, but since I wasn’t there, they looked around for me. I’m actually right in front of them, but they don’t recognize me, so while they went back and forth in the alley, two more people joined them to look for me.

They might be just underlings, but because I’m their target, it’s perfectly acceptable to deal with them accordingly. A dry snapping sound echoed through the alley five consecutive times. The pursuers’ forehead were left swollen and blue ― the sound was, after all, from a simple flick on the forehead.

The attack knocked them out instantly, and when I looked through their pockets, I found pouches with silver or copper coins, which I took for myself.

(You totally look like a thief.)

(Don’t say it like that, you can’t live in a society without having your priorities in order.)

(I know. There’s nothing wrong with them getting hurt like that, anyway.)

(Yes, of course, I’m teaching these guys how harsh this world really is.)

I carefully checked them over for anything else, but there was nothing on them other than their dull weapons. I took everything.

After that, I returned to the inn. Canaan was sleeping quietly, and it didn’t seem like she was anywhere close to waking up. She must have been quite exhausted.

So, I decided to cook the rice I bought today. I say that, but I don’t exactly have a stove lying around, so I’d be heating it with [Ultimate Cooking] instead. Since the rice grains weren’t polished yet, I performed that step with [Ultimate Cooking] first.

It was transformed into beautiful white grains of rice and persimmons, which I took out of the bag and threw into [Material Storage]. I added water to a pot with [Spring Water], poured in the rice, and washed it about three times, throwing away the water. I added the delicious water full of nutrients from Ellyn River at the end and boiled it with [Ultimate Cooking]. Ellyn River water tastes even better than the water from [Spring Water], so if I cooked the rice with that, it would definitely be even more delicious.

The rice in the pot cooked in the blink of an eye, hot steam rising from it. The sweet and delicious smell tickled my nose, and I placed the cooked rice into a deep plate similar to a rice bowl. Then I made a stir-fry with wild boar monster meat and some vegetables, placing it on the desk as a side dish.

“Let’s dig in.”

I scooped up the rice with chopsticks. I happened to see them in Sidele’s General Store, so of course I bought them. When I brought the rice into my mouth ― oh! It was delicious! Since it’s from a different world, I didn’t expect it to taste the same, but it’s still delicious. It’s good rice, with moderate stickiness and sweetness, and a slight amount of bitterness. You can take that to mean it’s comparable to the best rice in the world.

I never thought I’d be able to eat rice like this here. I’m probably shedding a few tears.

While I was impressed by the delicious rice and stir-fried meat and vegetables, I noticed Canaan in the corner of my eye, who was supposed to be lying on the bed asleep.

“…You want some?”

She nodded. I served her the rice on a flat plate. I handed over a fork and a knife assuming she wouldn’t know how to use chopsticks, and she skillfully scooped up the rice on the fork and carried it to her mouth.

“Is it tasty?”

She nodded again. Since I cooked about six liters of rice, there was plenty to go around, even two people wouldn’t be able to eat it all.

I smacked my lips, preparing to savor this meal after going such a long time without rice, and Canaan was totally absorbed in shoving more and more rice into her mouth. After a while, all six liters of cooked rice had vanished, devoured by the two of us. Even the large portion of stir-fried meat and vegetables had been consumed.


NyX Translation


Surprisingly, most of the food ended up in Canaan’s belly, as she inhaled more than five liters of rice and most of the stir-fried meat and vegetables all on her own. I never thought we’d go through it all so quickly.

Honestly, I didn’t think it would vanish that quickly. I was surprised at Canaan’s appetite, and even offered her my share. Before I was summoned to this world, I once watched a televised eating contest, but… I’m sorry, compared to Canaan, those contestants were mere average gluttons.

She started to doze off again after she finished eating, so I ordered her to sleep in the bed. As far as I could tell, the effect of [Recovery Meal] was probably working ― a glimmer of light was showing in her eyes. I believed she would improve even more if I waited a little longer.

(She sure ate a lot, is Canaan really a human?)

(…I’m pretty sure she is. In my world, there were people who would eat massive amounts of food like Canaan just did.)

(I’m surprised to hear that. Your world was a terrifying place too, huh?)

(Not really. If you really look around, even this world must have a number of people with unique talents.)

When I woke up the next morning, Canaan was already awake.

“Good morning, Master.” [TLN: Goshujinsama]

She actually talked to me. Moreover, her eyes looked confident.

“Good morning. How do you feel?”

“Right, I feel good. It’s like everything I went through before was just a lie.”

Canaan’s smile dazzled me.

“Really? Well, I’m glad to hear it.”

Apparently, [Recovery Meal] did a really good job. I got out of bed and stretched, then the two of us went to wash our faces in the well behind the inn. Canaan looked particularly dirty, so I told her to wash properly. I wanted to take a bath somewhere.

We went back to the room to have breakfast. I could eat my own food now, so I just paid for my room without a meal. I thought about making breakfast rice, but I didn’t have miso soup, so I just made bread. Miso can be made from wheat, but I like soy miso better, so I held out for that.

If I find soybeans, I can make it myself, so let’s ask Sidele later. That said, if I don’t make any money today, I can’t say anything about the soybeans. I got a little money from the guys who attacked me, but it wasn’t a whole lot, so I should prioritize making money for a while. Indeed, I’ll have to persistently find a way to make money from now on.

(Hey, do you have any good ideas for making money?)

(Shouldn’t you be able to just sell monster materials? Anything from the Great Borf Forest should go for a high price.)

(Somehow I’d already figured that. Guess I was right, huh?)

(Of course. Who would enter a forest where monsters over level 100 monsters are roaming around? It’s a dangerous area that no one can enter unless you’re a hero or someone who already did a limit break.)

(For now, I would like to make selling Great Borf Forest materials a last resort. Any other ideas?)

(Why don’t you register with the Adventurer’s Guild or Mercenary Guild and hunt down surrounding monsters?)

What should I do? Do I really have to follow the standard light novel tropes with some Adventurer’s Guild or Mercenary Guild?

(Anything else? That seems like a lot of trouble.)

If I register in some cliché guild, I feel like I’ll just have the same cliché problems.

(Fine, if you’re gonna be like that! How about you make full use of your occupation and sell food!)

(That’s the one, let’s do that!)




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