Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 3 Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Let’s Find Out About The Books


First of all, we decided to look for an inn to make our base. The closer to the demon king’s castle, the more expensive the inns were, but the security of the city was unlikely to be poor. The Adventurer’s Guild seemed to be in the middle of the city, so I was thinking of finding an inn close to the guild.

While we were walking around, Lusha suddenly pointed like a tourist and called out, “Look, look! Hiroki, isn’t that the Adventurer’s Guild?”

“Oh, I think you’re right.”

We ended up finding the Adventurer’s Guild before we found an inn. There was a sign on the building with a sword and shield, and adventurers were coming in and out. We also wanted to gather information, so when we got inside, we felt a different atmosphere than usual.

The adventurers here looked very strong. People glanced at me, but no one involved themselves with us. It was like an endgame town. Ah, of course it’s because the demon king’s castle is here. Obviously the quality of the local adventurers will be the best in a place like this.

“The Adventurer’s Guilds are all similar. Let’s look at the bulletin board requests until the receptionist counter is empty.”


There were requests on the bulletin board, but… not very many. Since a dungeon connected this town to the outside world, there were no mountains or forests around, and there were almost no subjugation requests related to monsters. Some of them were collecting herbs, collecting items, and collecting materials from monsters.

When I listened to what Lusha read, I realized there weren’t all that many things we could do.

“Hmm, this looks pretty difficult: A request for a dragon’s tears. This other one is an escort to the Beastman country, and overall, there are too many high-difficulty requests!”

“As expected from a city where the demon king’s castle is located. For now, it might be better to find out more about this book to see if we can read it, and level up in the dungeon.”

“Yeah, I think so, too.”

The line to the receptionist cleared out while we were talking. As Lusha and I approached the counter, the receptionist greeted us with a smile.

“Hello. Is this your first time in this Adventurer’s Guild?”

“We just arrived in this city today.”

“Oh, you did? Welcome to the city of the demon king.”

I nodded, and first took out the book we got from the treasure chest. It’s a book we got from the treasure chest of the dungeon on the way to this city. We couldn’t read it, so for now, we were looking for someone who could.

“What’s this…?”

“Actually, we can’t read the characters, so I thought maybe a demon could read it. I’m a human, and my partner is an elf, after all.”

“Ah, is that so? In that case, please let me see it.”

Nodding, the receptionist looked over the book’s contents, and soon furrowed her brow. It seemed that she couldn’t read it either. There was an alphabet used specifically by demons, and I thought it was that, but I was wrong.

“I apologize, I couldn’t read it. As a matter of fact, there is a magic library next to the demon king’s castle, so it might be a good idea to check with them.”

“A library, huh? I understand, I’ll check there later.”

Well yeah, the receptionist couldn’t read the book either, so she was looking a little dejected. I nodded and gave her a smile. Since we’d still be staying in this city, I decided I’d take the time to check it out later.

The next thing I wanted to ask about was the demon king.

“For the whole time I’ve been in this country, I haven’t heard much about the demon king… What kind of person is he?”

“The demon king, huh? Well, umm, I’ve never seen him even once, so even the residents here don’t know much about him either. I think only a few people have seen him.”

As I’d already heard, he never showed up in public. Wouldn’t it only be a dream for me to ask for an audience with the demon king?

As far as I could imagine, based on the receptionist’s circumstances, there was so much faith in the demon king… I couldn’t feel that. I decided to ask about the demon king a little more objectively.

“I’ve heard that the human country summoned heroes, but what about the demons? To be honest, I don’t think it’s good to be at war.”

For the time being, let’s just let it casually slip that I, as a human, didn’t want to fight against the demon king, unlike the human king.

“Ah, that’s right. But I don’t think we’re preparing for battle or anything like that. The demon king of this generation doesn’t like fighting very much… or at least that’s what they all say about him.”

“So yeah, I feel like that issue is just shouting from the human side…”

“It really is.”

In short, only the humans were in the wrong. I wanted to sigh out loud, but I held back. I think it was good to hear that the demon king wasn’t a warlike person.

“The demon king seems like a nice person.”

“That’s right.”

Lusha secretly whispered to me, “I wish we could meet him,” with a smile. I nodded, but I was thinking that would be the biggest challenge. Only Pino’s master was likely to become an intermediary for us, but even that expectation seemed somehow underwhelming… didn’t it?

For now, I heard what I needed to hear, so Lusha and I decided to go to the magic library. As I heard from the receptionist, there was a magic library near the demon king’s castle.

We soon arrived, and noticed a distinct lack of windows there. I wonder if that’s needed to protect the books from sunlight? On its thick gray walls, two knights stood in front of the majestic gate to receive visitors.

“It’s a pretty strict place.”

“There seem to be a lot of valuable books inside.”

“It seems to be much more compared to a human library…”

Demons would have more information about valuable things such as magical plants or magic itself. Even apricot grass wouldn’t have been discovered without a book written by demons.

There were a few people standing in front of the gate, so Lusha and I got in line. We saw from the person in front of us that they’d be checking our ID cards. If there were a lot of valuable books in the place, they naturally couldn’t let a suspicious person in.

…Hmm? ID card?

“I wonder if I had that…?”

“Eh? If you’ve registered with the Adventurer’s Guild, you should have it.”

“Oh! That one!!”

I was nervous about presenting ID until Lusha reminded me I had one. I got this ID when I registered with the Adventurer’s Guild, but I didn’t remember ever using it.

“…Huh? Wasn’t the ID card necessary to go in and out of each country?”

I felt like I’d gotten an explanation like that before.

Lusha chuckled and said, “It’s a little different.”

“You only need that when you enter the human continent. You don’t need it in any other country. Since the borders are also wide, they can’t cover everything. Even if there is, it’s probably only at the entrance of a city.”

“I see…”

I’d probably forgotten about it.

Our reception went over without any problems, and Lusha and I were able to enter the library. The walls of the library were about 10 meters long, and one side of it was filled with books; I could only describe it as spectacular. Among them, some books were chained and not easily read.

It was a space with a calm atmosphere where many people chose to read books. There was a counter in the center, along with a librarian.

They dressed in a white robe-like uniform, and the logo mark of a book is drawn on the back in a simple manner. There didn’t seem to be any race restrictions, and there were beastmen and others that seemed to be working here, too.

“Oh, there are terms and conditions.”

Lusha looked at the rules on the wall just around the entrance and told me what she could tell.

“There are four kinds of books here: regular books, magic books, first-class books, and special books. Regular books are available for rent. The chained ones are magic books ― those can’t be borrowed, but you can read one if you request it.”

“He~ey, I’m kinda curious about that.”

I’m sure some valuable information is written in those.

“How about the first-class and special books?”

“It looks like you need special permission… maybe. I don’t think a mere adventurer could see it.”

“Ah, it’s like that, huh.”

It might be that it requires someone with noble status, an achievement, or a letter of recommendation from a high-class person or noble themselves, or something like that. The two of us sighed and decided to look into language-related subjects first. Surely this was a topic that could be found in regular books.




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