Garbage Brave – Vol 1 Chapter 6 Part 3

New chapter today.

ED: Onihikage


Chapter 6 Part 3


Canaan POV

How did this happen to me? I tried so hard to fulfill my duties, and I pledged allegiance to the lord… but now I’ve been imprisoned for the murder of the lord’s son, Master Dolce.

That day, it’s true that I was near Master Dolce’s body. But I heard Master Dolce being attacked by someone, so it was a terrible accusation to say I was the one who killed him. In the end, I was found guilty in court.

Why? Even though I haven’t done anything! It’s all because of that man who called me there and came out with false evidence. I heard his voice, so I headed to where Master Dolce’s incident occurred, only to find his corpse. The one who showed up at the scene right after me was Master Dokum.

Master Dokum has a renowned position as chief magician in the house of Count Abbas, but I didn’t like him very much because I never heard any good rumors about him. Master Dokum is the reason I was arrested and thrown in prison, and the reason I’m here now.

For some reason, I was convicted of killing Master Dolce, the son and heir of the Count family, but I became a criminal slave. I know that if someone killed a commoner, they would fall into slavery, but it’s strange that even though I was convicted of killing the heir to the Count’s family, my penalty was slavery instead of death.

I spent a few days in prison. The meals were rarely given, and what was given tasted horrible. Even our water was dirty.

Why did this happen…

What did I do to them…


Before I knew it, I was being moved somewhere by carriage.


When I came to my senses again, a young man with black hair and eyes offered me food. So he’s the master who bought me… What will happen to me now?

Criminal slaves have no rights. They’re not even treated as human beings, like general slaves. They’re like livestock, or worse.

The master ordered me to eat at the desk. It’s so delicious… is it delicious because I’m so hungry, or is it that it’s something I’ve never eaten before?

I lost consciousness again, after filling up my stomach for the first time in a long time.

I’m… on the bed? I… as a criminal slave… there’s no way I can sleep on a bed. It must be a dream… Then I saw a young man with black hair eating in front of me in this dark room. Ah, our eyes met.

“…You want some?”

It smelled so good I unconsciously nodded. When I sat in the chair, the young man gave me something white. Was this rice? I ate it several times at banquets by Count Abbas, but it wasn’t that good.

I brought it to my mouth with a fork. Hm! Oh, it’s delicious! The difference between this rice and the Count’s rice was like heaven and earth. It had a faintly sweet fragrance reflected in the flavor, along with umami that spread through your mouth as you chewed. The stir-fried meat and vegetables went very well with it.

I ate it innocently. I felt like it was the first time in my life I’d eaten such delicious food. My stomach was full, so once again I fell prey to fatigue…

The morning sun wrapped me gently, and I felt that I had a very pleasant morning for the first time in a while. …Ah, I’m a slave now… I’m on the bed… but on the bed next to me… it’s like there’s someone there…

When I looked closely, the black-haired young man was sleeping.

This young man is the master who bought me… but it’s kind of hard to recognize him. Is he activating any skills?

Anyway, that black hair was beautiful. It was the first time I’d seen such beautiful black hair. If I touch it, I’ll be scolded, won’t I? But somehow my hand appeared naturally on the hair that seemed comfortable to touch.

It’s so soft. Such smooth and silky hair… it’s enviable. My hair is not so pleasant because it’s curly and stiff and wavy. I noticed my master turn around a while after I touched his beautiful black hair.

What kind of punishment was waiting for me if he saw such a scene? For that reason, I suppressed my desire to touch it more and just watched the master’s sleeping face. That’s…? Come to think of it… When was the last time I could think so clearly?

And then, Master woke up.

“Good morning, Master.”

The way he looked at me, still half asleep, with the morning sun peeking through the window behind him, was dazzling.

“Good morning. How do you feel?”

“Right, I feel good. It’s like everything I went through before was just a lie.”

For some reason, it naturally makes him smile. I’m just a slave, but…

“Really? Well, I’m glad to hear it.”

After Master got out of bed and stretched, we went to the well behind the inn and washed our faces. I realized then, I guess I look pretty bad, don’t I?

I couldn’t remember how long it had been since the last time I washed my body. I smell, don’t I…? Eh, Master must be thinking I smell!?

When I returned to the room, Master had prepared a meal. Eh? Where is it all coming from? Does he have an item box?

The meal he prepared was delicious, and I ate too much of it. Come to think of it, I also ate something delicious last night but… I can’t remember it at all, my memory is so vague.

“Now that I think about it, I haven’t told you my name yet. I’m Tsukuru Sumeragi. I bought you yesterday.”

“Ah, yes. My name is Canaan. Thank you very much. Master!”

“To tell you the truth, I’m completely out of money right now!”


“That’s why we need to go out and make some money.”

I couldn’t help pausing for a second before saying, “Yes…”

“Fortunately, I’m a [Chef], so I think I can make some money by selling food. I want you to help me out with that.”

Seriously! Did he buy a slave when he didn’t have any money!? That’s dangerous, this master is crazy! And so, since Master is a [Chef], that’s why we’ll be selling food? Well, if we can sell it that easily, we won’t have any trouble!

“For now, I’m going to go to Sidele place and consult him about this.”

“Eh? Sidele? That’s…”

“Sidele of Sidele’s General Store. It’s a big store, you’ve heard of it, right?”

I have! Is Master acquainted with uncle Sidele? He was a friend of my father, who passed away two years ago, and I remember playing well with him since I was a child. He was very nice to me at my father’s funeral, he’s a kind old man who cared about me after I became so lonely.

“Yes, I know about it!”




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19 thoughts on “Garbage Brave – Vol 1 Chapter 6 Part 3

  1. The story become more like slice of life to me, he doesn’t plan anything, not pursuing strength, not gathering info about his classmate or enemy, its like all those tragedy all lies and he is just traveling finding delicious ingredients to cook

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Honestly, I don’t mind the way it is right now! I’m just hoping it keeps getting translated, I find it quite enjoyable to read. But yea, would love some actual plot! Though I’m assuming that would be at least in volume 2 or 3.


  2. Thanks for the chapter. I didn’t expect much from this novel after reading the first couple of chapters of the manga because of how generic it looked. But I’m really liking how it’s developing so far. Definitely becoming one of the novels I’m really looking forward to read.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I know its. a translation of something already written, but the economics bug me.
    The heros’ prices were way too low.
    Tsuka had no bids at 10,000, but was given 1,100,000 in coins before being tossed into the forest.- and was told the amount of money should last a household about 6 months. half of it only lasted 3 days.l
    Canaan, a cheaper criminal slave, sold for 500,000- campare that to the heros’ who were sold for only 5 million
    Tsuku should still have at least 200,000 gold, considering he only bought 100,000 worth of food, and paid an unknown price for pots and pans.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, he was indeed cheap.
      But, if you think normal chef have the same ability with Tsukuru, that was wrong.
      Normal chef was only for cook, there’s no side effect from the meal they made.
      And, I don’t know about why they gave quite a lot of money even though they had abandoned him.
      I haven’t read until that yet 😀
      And about Canaan’s price, it’s probably because Magician is rare in this Algria town or even in the Templeton Kingdom since this is a country where human and beastman coexist.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. The money he got was probably by someone who was trying to help him! Is what I can think, or it could be left as a plot hole…


    3. Thank you for pointing out the multiple money value anomalies. I was just going along with the flow of the story and forgot that the author seems to consider money to be a temporary but necessary nuisance. I bet later on, the author will simply ignore numbers totally and go to the model where the MC basically has infinite money, so the numbers never matter anymore unless it is to set an impression with the people around the MC.


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