I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 1 Chapter 1 Part 4

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Chapter 1 Part 4


After having lunch and cleaning up the house, I went to the other side of that mysterious door again, and outside of the room to look over the garden once more.

“It’s so big… I still can’t believe all of this is mine now.”

No, not only is the garden and the house unbelievable, but also that this is a different world in the first place. It’s quite mysterious. However, when I examined the door with the [Appraisal] skill, apparently even God doesn’t know where it came from. I mean, wouldn’t this imply the existence of God?! God was here!

I looked around, and suddenly had a terrible chill. My body froze up instantly, with a suffocating feeling, my breathing came in stops and starts. Sweat beaded up all over my body, and I was confused for a moment as to why this suddenly happened before frantically looking around.

At the entrance, which was the boundary between the outside of the fence and the garden, I saw the culprit of the chill assaulting me. A creature with the overwhelming aura of a warrior stood there staring at me. Its body was massive, in excess of two meters in height, and its skin was dark red, as if smeared with blood. Its bulging biceps were as thick as my fat torso, and its face resembled an oni, a fictional existence, with the two splendid and sharp fangs growing from its lower jaw.

In the face of that beast’s imposing glare, what little part of my rational mind was left tried to activate [Appraisal].


[Bloody Ogre]

Level: 300

Magic: 100
Attack: 5000
Defense: 5000
Agility: 1000
Intelligence: 500
Luck: 100


I don’t get it. What the hell are these ridiculous stats? All of mine are at 1. In the first place, isn’t it weird to pit a level 1 like me against a level 300!?

My heart sank further looking at its name. Bloody Ogre… it reminded me of Araki, my bully; he belonged to a group with a similar name, [Red Ogre]. My confusion only deepened as I read the details of its stats ── and then the monster roared.

I fell on my butt and almost wet myself, but my last shred of pride wouldn’t allow that. However, with my terrified self still sitting on the ground and unable to move, the Bloody Ogre rushed toward me. I was certain that I was about to die. However…

The ogre grunted as it stopped short, as if blocked by an invisible wall. It couldn’t enter the yard.


I see… no one but me can enter this property! That’s when I remembered it, but that still didn’t mean I could do anything about the situation. In fact, the ogre was still banging his fist against an invisible wall at a frightening speed, in an effort to enter the yard. Its thunderous roar echoed through the surroundings.

Just like I couldn’t do anything against it, the ogre also couldn’t do anything to this house, and continued to uselessly attack it. Somehow, it didn’t seem like there would be a problem if I just ignored it. In that way, the moment I relaxed a little, the Bloody Ogre also stopped attacking and reached for a nearby tree. After easily uprooting it, the monster threw it towards the house.

I screamed in fear, in spite of myself. Even if living creatures can’t enter, does that apply to other things!? I was absolutely terrified by the Bloody Ogre’s assault, but the defensive performance of this house exceeded my expectations, and even the tree it threw bounced off.

It really can’t do anything against this house.

Both direct and indirect attacks are blocked. At any rate, I came to understand that the Bloody Ogre was no threat while I was here, but it still didn’t give up and resumed its attacks. Even if I know it can’t get to me, this wasn’t very good for my mental health.

Is there anything I can do…

Suddenly a thought occurred to me. “Can my attacks from inside leave the property?”

Right, all external attacks seem to be prevented, but what happens if something attacks from the inside out? To solve that question, I took out the [Absolute Spear] from [Item Box].

The reason I took out [Absolute Spear] instead of [Formless Bow] was actually kind of shameful: I couldn’t draw the [Formless Bow] with my current physical strength. In spite of that, I was somehow still able to learn [Archery].

On the other hand, the [Absolute Spear] was heavy, and it seemed impossible for me to throw it at the Bloody Ogre, but this spear could set its target, and the target was set, even if it only left my hand by a few millimeters, it would surely fly into that target, and return to my hand automatically.

I had confirmed that much when I played around with all the other weapons, and tried [Absolute Spear] right after swinging [Omni-Sword]. In that case…

“Should I throw it?”

As a kind of experiment, I decided to throw the spear at the ogre, which continued thrashing around in front of me. Normally, throwing this deadly weapon at a creature was something I would never do, but the fear of that monster overrode my usual sensibilities.


My decision made, I held the spear firmly. [Absolute Spear] was a weapon specifically designed to pierce the enemy, without any gorgeous decorations. However, it was very easy to use, and even if a super beginner like me held it, it was a good fit. It was still heavy, though, and I managed to throw it while staggering.

The Bloody Ogre seemed to go on alert, possibly due to sensing the intimidating air released from [Absolute Spear]. Even though I threw it with all my might, it was too heavy to go more than a few centimeters, a lousy throw. The monster understood what was happening instantly and put up its guard.

However, as if to say that my power wasn’t needed at all, the spear still reached the Bloody Ogre in another instant, and pierced through its entire body without slowing down. Groaning its last breath, the Bloody Ogre fell down with a big hole in its chest, eyes still wide open, as if unable to comprehend what just happened.

“I… I did it…”

Honestly, saying that now might raise another flag, but there was no need to worry. The Bloody Ogre’s body dissolved into particles of light, and disappeared on the spot. My legs turned to jelly, and I found myself sitting on the ground again.

For some reason, I haltingly started laughing. The feeling of being alive and the realization that I had killed a living being were mixing together, and all I could do was smile.

However, even though I killed something, I wasn’t as shocked as I expected to be. It was probably fortunate that I didn’t feel it. I was stunned in place for a while, but I eventually noticed that a bunch of items had fallen on the ground where the Bloody Ogre died.

I wanted to move to look at it, but my legs still had no strength in them. It was pathetic. I felt like if I were to move right now, my hips would come loose, and my knees would just buckle under me.

That was when a message suddenly appeared in front of me.


Level Up



I was dumbfounded once again.




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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I found the story on the web novel version, but that one haven’t been updated lately and may have been dropped.

    Thanks for keeping at it!

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  2. Oh..did this have accelerated growth..i didn’t see it..well that’s great tho..its gonna be fun ahead.. I’m looking forward for more

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  3. Hahahaha 😂 I’m literally tearing up “that feeling of being alive” when literally no one can enter the premises of your house what a fa…. And geh


    1. moevora, it was all there in the weapon descriptions. He just needs to set a target for the spear or bow and it will hit the target as long as he even throws the spear one centimeter or shoots an arrow clumsily. In this case, he was barely able to throw the spear, but once it left his hand, it accelerated and OHKO the high level monster. His gear is just too good (above divine quality). His bow never misses and is said to be able to shoot thru the earth to hit its target as it uses formless arrows. So, the major thing to see now is what is the max distance of his bow. Formless arrows implies they can go as far as he can see.

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  4. With such cheat items from the start, isn’t his future expected to be as boring as a game played on a god mode?


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