Garbage Brave – Vol 1 Chapter 7 Part 1

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ED: Onihikage

Chapter 7 – Request
Part 1


Canaan was worried about dirt on her body and wanted to wipe her body with water. Now that I thought about it, I remembered taking a bath two days prior. I barely bathed at all in the Great Borf Forest, but since this was a human society, I had to be careful about my appearance.

However, there was no bath in the inn, and there was no public bathhouse either. Because there was no other way, I decided to create a skill with [Equivalent Exchange]. If the cost of the skill that I wanted to create was high, it would be a big deal. I needed to be careful, since attempting to create a high-cost skill almost killed me once.

Actually, is it possible to use other skills for it, since it’s called [Equivalent Exchange]?

That would help me quite a bit because I could turn unnecessary skills into useful ones. The skill I wanted to create this time was [Clean] for removing dirt from one’s body and other things. It’s a common skill in light novels.

It would be a good idea to use [Intuition] for the exchange. That skill was an inferior version of [Wild Intuition], so it was useless for me since I already had [Wild Intuition].


You have learned the [Clean] skill by consuming the [Intuition] skill.


Oh, it seems to have worked. I’ll use [Clean] on Canaan right away.

“Huh? What did…? Master…?”

“I used magic to clean the dirt off of your body and clothes. That should be enough.”

“T-thank you very much!”

Canaan hugged me. Ooh, surprisingly… she’s really soft… hehehe. Actually, I realized she wasn’t even wearing underwear under those clothes. I appreciated how nice it felt, but I decided to make her some underwear.

“Ah, my apologies!”

“No, that was actually pretty nice.”

“It was?”

“No no, nevermind that.”

But she actually has a great body. So she’s the type that looks slender when wearing clothes, I see. I don’t even know what I was thinking about a moment ago, but I activated [Equivalent Exchange] again to make a bikini bra and panties with the Sleeping Sheep’s wool.

As soon as I gave it to her, she immediately wanted to try it on. Don’t take off your clothes when I’m still here! I mean, I was actually pleased to see that, but… let’s turn around. It’s a matter of self-control anyway.

“How is it, Master?”

When I turned around, there was Canaan in her underwear. The stunned nosebleed was instantaneous…

“Are you all right, Master?”

“Ah, it’s very stimulating for me, so please put your clothes on.”


Black Mist chuckled.

(As I expected, you’re also weak against hot naked girls.)

(S-shut up!)

More laughter.

(Don’t be shy, don’t be shy! Why don’t you try to rub her chest, she wouldn’t mind, you know~)

(Shut up, you peeping tom!)

That’s too bad, Canaan. I regret it. However, I almost collapsed from blood loss, so I have to make you put on your clothes with tears of regret. But that fantastic ass I saw when you went to take off your dress was like a shot through the heart, and seeing a beautiful and shy-looking girl in her underwear is dangerous in a different sense!

“But this underwear you call a bra is wonderful. With this, my breasts will keep their shape, and it’s easy to move around!”

“That’s good. Please tell me if you have any problems or pain after wearing it for a long time. I’ll improve it.”

“I will, thank you so much!”

Canaan looks happy. Since she’s a human, she doesn’t have a tail, but if she did, it would be swaying right and left now.

I went to Sidele’s shop as planned. No one else showed up to donate to me like last night, but there were still people following me around since morning. I don’t feel any hostility, but it’s not a pleasant thing, either. I hope they’ll leave me alone by tomorrow.

I entered Sidele’s General Store. Because it’s such a big store, it would have a large variety of items, so today, I’m prepared to browse the whole store. I have to consult with Sidele about business, too.

As expected, I’ve spent too much already… well, half of it was due to buying Canaan. That little bastard Sidele still took the money even though he practically forced Canaan on me. You can’t be negligent when dealing with creatures like Merchants.

I looked around when I entered the store. I didn’t see Sidele around, but I could sense his presence in the building, so I knew he was here somewhere. Well, Sidele seemed interested in me, so if he found out I was walking around in his store, he’d show up immediately.

“Canaan, are you familiar with this store?”

“Yes, I’ve been here many times, so I’m familiar with it.”

“I’ll be needing your guidance, then.”


The first floor to search was of course, uh, the first floor. It had grains, vegetables, meat, etc., all lined up in the aisles. I found the soybeans I wanted on this floor as well.

“That’s a livestock feed called soybeans.”

What? Soybeans is food for livestock? Guess even the animals are eating good food, huh?

“How much is it?”

“I don’t know exactly, but I think it’s about 500 Gold per bag. It’s cheap because it’s only for livestock.”

It really is cheap. I didn’t think such a large bag that seemed to be 20 or 30 kilograms would only go for 500 Gold. I bought two bags of it, and when I looked further I found some corn.

“This one is called corn.”

It’s completely the same, huh! I thought the name would be screwed up based on how things have gone so far, but it’s also called corn, just like in my world. I wanted some, but I didn’t have much money, so I’d just come by later when I had more money to spend. I got what I wanted, so I went around the store with Canaan’s guidance. While I was still looking around, I noticed Sidele approaching us.

“Ah, Master Sumeragi”

“Ah, you’re here, eh?”

“Yes. …Canaan! H-have you come back to your senses?”

Sidele was surprised to see Canaan standing by my side. Well, that was only natural. When I took her the other day, her eyes were glazed over, and you couldn’t even talk to her. Sidele was overjoyed, shedding tears and sniffling loudly.

“I can’t thank you enough, Master Sumeragi.”

“I don’t need your thanks, but I’ve come here with a little request.”

“A request? If there’s anything I can do, I’ll do it!”

Since I bought Canaan, I told him I needed to make more money. So I consulted with him about the viability of cooking and selling food to do it.

“You want to sell food, huh… What kind of food?”

Sidele’s face become firm when he heard that it was food. As I heard from Canaan in advance, selling food would require inspections and documentation from government officials and reports to the merchant guild.

The merchant guild wasn’t a problem since Sidele played the role of this town’s merchant guild, but he said that the government office might not give permission because of Canaan. It depends on how the officials view me for purchasing Canaan who killed a noble’s child.

“I-I didn’t kill him!”

“I know, I understand that, but the official who gives permission would probably prefer to please the noble, am I wrong, Master Sumeragi?”

“Certainly, for the officials, they wouldn’t likely do anything to offend the nobility…”

“I apologize… You just bought someone like me…”

Canaan was plainly depressed. If she hadn’t killed the child, she wouldn’t have fallen into slavery, that was just how people saw it. However, there was nothing that could be done about it now, and the officials also wouldn’t want to get into any trouble.

Nevertheless, I definitely can’t sell food in this town… so the only way to make money really was to register at the adventurer’s guild or mercenary guild and kill monsters, huh?

I don’t want to register at the adventurer’s guild or the mercenary guild since Canaan said there was a troublesome system like emergency requests. If possible, I just want to make a living by selling food in this human society.

And so, I came up with an idea.

“Hey, Sidele.”

“What is it?”

“Does this store have a license to sell food?”

“Yes, we can handle everything, and we have all the necessary permissions to do so. Ugh, good grief! That’s what you want, huh!?

“Eh? What’s the matter, uncle?”

As expected from Sidele. Being a merchant, he quickly recognized what I was thinking. On the other hand, Canaan, who didn’t, practically had question marks attached to her head.

“But is that alright, Master Sumeragi? It won’t be as profitable for you, right?”

“I’d rather entrust you with it, since I don’t know the ins and outs of running a business…”

“If that’s the case, I’ll accept, but what kind of food did you want to sell?”

I was confident that he’d hear me out ― it’s a rice ball! I put six kinds of rice balls on the plate in front of Sidele.

He was surprised to see that, and asked me nervously, “This… is?”

“This is portable food, made from rice.”

“Portable food, you say…”

“What’s wrong?”

Sidele showing a disappointed expression.

“I was kind of expecting something more amazing, after you talked about it so confidently… I was a little nervous.”

“Don’t say that, they may not look like much, but they’ve got it where it counts. If you’re a merchant, you must have an [Appraisal], right? Take a look with that.”

“Yes, I have [Appraisal], but… in this case…!”

He was rather surprised. Of course I didn’t make normal rice balls, they’re special, so pay attention to them!

“Th-th-th-these are―!?”


HP Rice Ball ⇒ If you eat it, your HP will increase for two hours.

MP Rice Ball ⇒ If you eat it, your MP will increase for two hours.

STR Rice Ball ⇒ If you eat it, your STR will increase for two hours.

INT Rice Ball ⇒ If you eat it, your INT will increase for two hours.

AGI Rice Ball ⇒ If you eat it, your AGI will increase for two hours.

DEX Rice Ball ⇒ If you eat it, your DEX will increase for two hours.


“This kind of food… No, but this… Ha, Hahaha!”

Did Sidele go insane?


“Master Sumeragi! How much of this can you make in one day!? And how long can they be stored?”

He tore his gaze from the rice balls and looked at me. I could see dollar signs in his eyes, it was the first time I’d seen that!

“If I have the ingredients, I can make hundreds a day, and if you wrap them in leaves, they’ll keep for about 2 days.”

“I see, I see! And then, for the revenue share…” He muttered the last part quietly.

“Well then, how about I get half the sale price of this rice ball, but you sell me rice and salt at a low price?”

“Are you really okay with only getting half? Even if you wanted 70%, I’d accept it, you know?”

“I don’t mind, so instead of that, just let me sell it all every day.”

“I understand! So, I’d like to bring in a business negotiation right away, so could you prepare another set of them, if you like?”

“As you wish then, is this what you need?”

I presented another six rice balls to Sidele. He took them with him, and the detailed written conditions were stuffed into the bunch. He called out to one of the clerks, and disappeared into the back.

What a restless guy.

“Now, let’s go back to you showing me around the store.”

“Oh, yes!”

I asked Canaan to keep showing me around the store. Like I was expecting from this place, it’s just like a department store, there’s a tremendous variety in the products being sold. That afternoon, we left Sidele’s General Store and headed back to the inn. There was still a guy following me around, but I ignored him and went back to the inn.

As soon as we arrived at the inn, I took the soybeans out. Now I could make miso and soy sauce!

I put the soybeans in a pot, drew the water with [Spring Water], and washed them clean. Well, I didn’t actually have to wash them, but I felt like it. Then I took out another pot and left it empty. I took out some salt as well ― originally it was necessary to use koji to ferment it, but I didn’t have koji. [TLN: a mold local to Japan, a key ingredient in making sake, miso, etc.]

Perhaps… no, I’m sure [Ultimate Cooking] can make miso and soy sauce, even without koji! I activated [Ultimate Cooking]!

Just like that, there was a brown paste in one of the pots, and black liquid in the other. First of all, I tasted the paste… This is miso! Alright, I can make miso soup with this… Ah, I forgot!? I need dried sardines and kombu to make the soup… I haven’t seen that at Sidele’s store, either. I wonder if I could go to the river and take some fish and dry it. Sigh… I didn’t think I’d have such a hard time making miso soup.

I took my mind off of that and tasted the black liquid… Okay! It’s soy sauce! It tastes just like regular soy sauce, but if I can do this, I’ll be able to improve it as much as I want later!

Since I have soy sauce now, I want to eat sashimi… but there’s no ocean here, huh?

“Canaan, is there a sea nearby?”

“There’s a port town called Port that’s about one day’s travel by horse-drawn carriage.”

Oh, it’s closer than I thought. Let’s go as soon as possible! Also, what a simple name for a town.




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  1. Welcome to: typical Japanese author in love with Japanese food so they write fanfiction personas into their own story to gush about Japanese food to their audience.

    Having said that I don’t hate this story, but it sure does become tiresome when 90% of Jap authors greatest dream activity when in an alternate world, is to make Japanese food in that world.

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      1. I always see these types of comments whenever a novel drops this troupe. To an extent I can agree it’s gotten stale but I’m also reminded of a point brought up about it: Rice, Soy Sauce and Miso are staple comfort foods for these characters, put yourself in their shoes for a moment you suddenly get yoinked to some random ass world where the food is vastly removed from what you like or grew up eating, How long before you’re trying to recreate coffee, a Burger or hell bacon if American, or any other comfort food from where you’re from? Don’t bash on a troupe like this just because it’s a troupe, especially if you would likely do the same thing in a characters position.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! I like the fact that Sumeragi isn’t going whole OP adventurer business conqueror on us. He is ridiculously OP, but he understands that he has to work within certain constraints…

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    1. Yea. It would get troublesome when people start asking him how he could gain such & such from the forest (where lv 100-300 monsters reside) while being a lv20 chef, etc. and then we would have to read a few chapters on that…


  3. Well making some usual food that you usually get to eat is nice, helps keep your mood up, especially in a fantasy world! I can expect some fishing soon right?!

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