Garbage Brave – Vol 1 Chapter 7 Part 2

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Chapter 7 Part 2


Since I finally managed to make miso, I used it in some grilled rice balls.

“It’s delicious.”

“Really? I made plenty of them, so eat as much as you want.”


Canaan stuffed the grilled miso rice balls into her mouth with both hands. Isn’t it still hot?

I felt like basking in my return to human society, while enjoying such a relaxing time… and then I heard a knock at the door. I told Canaan to stay back and opened it. There was a familiar man wearing familiar armor, and another man I’d never seen before.

“I’m Rotten, the retainer of Count Abbas. I’m sorry, but could you come with us?”

The familiar man was named Rotten, one of the guards who was escorting the carriage I helped the other day.

“Have you not mistaken me for someone?”

“There’s no doubt, it was you.”

“I’d also like to bring my slave with me, is that alright?”

“I don’t mind, but… I don’t really recommend it.”

Rotten’s expression had clearly changed. He seems to know about Canaan.

“Let’s go, Canaan.”


The situation won’t change, even if I insist that they’ve mistaken me for someone. There was a lot to think about, besides ― Canaan had a gloomy expression on her face. We went down and got into the carriage Rotten had prepared.

After riding through the town for a while, we arrived at a large, beautiful mansion, where Count Abbas lived. The carriage stopped in front of the entrance, to let us out.

“Welcome to the Abbas mansion.”

An old gentleman with the appearance of a butler bowed gracefully to welcome us. He led the way, followed by me and Canaan, then Rotten, and two others behind him. I don’t know why, but it seems like whenever someone sees me for the first time, they look surprised. Is there something clearly different about me?

As was the case with the landlady and employees at the inn, pretty much any time I went somewhere brand new, people seemed surprised to see me. It’s still a mystery.

Canaan and I were taken to the ridiculously luxurious reception room. I sat down on the sofa while Canaan stood behind it.

“Why don’t you sit down too?”

“Be-because I’m a slave…”

“I don’t care about that, so please sit down.”

“No sir, even if you don’t care, other people will.”

“…If you always worry over such small things, you’ll go bald, you know?” [TLN: It seems the Author likes his bald jokes.]

“I-I won’t go bald!”

In the midst of my joking with Canaan, Rotten and another man in armor came in from the door.

“I apologize, but I’ll need you to hand over the sword on your waist, temporarily.”

“This sword?”

I flicked Black Mist’s handle while saying that.

(Stop flicking me! That hurts, you know?)

(No way!)

“That’s right.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not going to let anyone touch this.”

“You! Know your place!?”

The man in armor put his hand on his sword.

“Stop it!”

“B-but sir―!”

“I’m sorry. We just want you to know that we can’t let you meet our lord while carrying a sword with you.”

Rotten calmed down and stopped his colleague or subordinate from doing anything, but what he says is clearly only from their point of view.

“Black Mist is like a part of my body. I’d rather leave than hand it over to someone else.”


Rotten was much better than the other guy, but the other guy had quite a lot of hatred toward me. No, wait, it’s actually toward Canaan. That’s pretty much the reason that guy turned on his killing intent, and I understood the situation, so I had originally decided to ignore it, but if they insisted that I hand over Black Mist to them, there was no longer a need for words.

(Didn’t you just said something nice? Part of your body… Hehehe.)

Black Mist was chuckling to herself for some reason, but I ignored it.

“What did you say, you lowly commoner!”

The armor man pulled out his sword and pointed the tip at me.

“You fool! Stop it!”

“But captain Rotten!”


It was simply self-defense, after he drew his sword against me. He pointed a blade at me. He let out his hostility. Both the knight that pulled out his sword and Rotten were suffering on one knee under the pressure of my killing intent.

This wasn’t from a skill. Ever since I practiced my swordsmanship, I also became able to control my killing intent. Even a Hell Bear or Musk Leopard which exceeded level 200 would be unable to move if they received my full killing intent.

Of course, I didn’t let out that degree of killing intent in a place like this. If I did that, people at a distance who weren’t related to this matter would die, too.

“You pulled out your sword. That’s fine, I’ll be your opponent, so come at me.”

“No, he didn’t mean it like that, this is…”

“As I said, Rotten, I won’t forgive an enemy. He can’t expect to live after pointing his sword at me, so give it up. You can’t stop me, anyway.”

Rotten and the knight, unable to stand up, turned blue after I said that. I’m not serious at all, but I admire them for not fainting after receiving my killing intent. Still, I’ll be killing this knight.

The door slammed open, and a big gorilla-faced man in armor jumped into the room.


His face had a big scar on it, and scrunched up from the effort of resisting my killing intent. Though it was clearly still affecting him, he was still able to move, and get between me and Rotten and the other knight.

“I’m Goliath, I’m in charge of the knights of Count Abbas! I apologize, but could you please suppress your killing intent!?”

I took a moment to mull it over before deciding to listen to Goliath’s request and stop releasing my killing intent. In actual fact, I’m not even revealing one percent of it, but I appreciated his ability to still move in spite of its pressure.

“T-thank you.”

When Goliath bowed to me, Rotten immediately stood up and bowed his head as well. The guy in armor that directed his sword at me had fainted, almost at the same time Goliath came in. What a sloppy guy. Goliath and Rotten didn’t know my true strength, but they seem to realize they can’t win even if they all attack me at once.

“All of the current responsibilities are mine, and the blame will lie with me.”

“You weren’t here. The responsibility lies with that person sleeping there, you don’t have to take the blame.”

“I will give him a severe punishment! Therefore, please, if you can!”

(Hahaha, what a passionate man. So, what will you do?)

(It’s fine already, this gentleman’s determination seems real.)

(Is it really? Why don’t you take one of the injured man’s arms as his resolution?)

(That would be troublesome. Moreover, I was distracted by this gentleman’s professionalism.)

(Hehehe, it’s supposed to be troublesome enough.)

Black Mist is definitely enjoying this situation. What a troublesome personality.

“That’s enough.”

“Eh? Enough?”

“Yeah, I said that’s enough. So, can I leave now?”

“Ah no, please wait!”

“What now? That’s enough, right?”

“You have to meet the lord…”

“I already said I won’t let anyone touch Black Mist, right?”

“No problem!”

There’s a dandy gentleman and a young girl with a lovely face about fifteen years old coming in from the broken door.

“Your excellency!?” The other guys all called out at once.

This dandy gentleman seems to be the lord of this mansion.

“I apologize for my retainer’s impoliteness. I’m Dengaro Abbas, and this is my daughter.”

“My name is Alterias.”

The girl bowed her head.


Canaan muttering the girl’s name. They seem to know each other.

“It’s been a long time, Canaan. I’m glad you look healthy.”

The young girl smiled sweetly at Canaan. When I looked at Canaan, I saw she didn’t return the smile, or say anything back.

“There may be a lot of circumstances I don’t know about, but let’s hear why you called me.”

“Hey, you… We can’t let you speak to Count Abbas that way.”

“I don’t care.”

Goliath reprimanded me for the way I talked to the Count, but since the Count said he didn’t care, it was fine. Well, if they forced me to talk politely, I’d just go home. The Count and Alterias sat on the sofa, so I also took a seat again. At the same time, Rotten dragged the fainted knight out of the room, but came back immediately.

“So, what do you want from me?”

“I called you here because I wanted to thank you for saving Alterias. I also have certain obligations, so it would be helpful if you could understand.”


NyX Translation


It seems likely that the guy who’s been following me since yesterday was the Count’s subordinate, assigned to investigate me. Is that an appropriate thing to do instead of examining me properly?

“I just happened to be passing by, so there’s no need to thank me.”

“I can’t do that. Like I said, someone in my position has obligations to uphold. I can’t appear ungrateful to the benefactor who saved my daughter.”

The Count laughed, making his dog ears twitch, but the ears looked slightly different from normal dog ears. When I could see his tail, it was fluffy and thick, so I felt he was probably a fox beastman. His daughter, Alterias, has a similar-shaped tail and ears, and her tail was swaying gently.

“…Is that how it is? Well, I don’t really understand it.”

“Such is the nature of creatures of nobility, you know.”

“Hmm. So, what is this thank you meant to be?”

The Count clapped his hands twice, and a butler appeared from the broken doorway along with two maids. The maid put a leather bag and a dagger on a gorgeous table that matched the sofa, and stepped back.

They must have received considerable training, since there was almost no sound when they did their work. Internally, I commented that it was really different from maids saying “Master” in a cafe somewhere while drawing a heart on an omelette.

Still, I want to experience that kind of situation at least once, if possible.


Eh, why is Canaan reacting? She’s a little frightening, isn’t she?

“It’s nothing… Anyway, what’s this?”

I forcibly changed the topic and look at the object in front of me.

“A small price to pay for my daughter’s life. 10 million Gold, and a dagger with the Abbas house crest.”

Ten million Gold… Since Canaan’s price was 500,000 Gold, it’s worth twenty Canaans?

I don’t know why, but the amount is too much.

“Thank you for the money, but what does the dagger mean?”

“If you have that dagger, you won’t be given any trouble in this town. If you find yourself in other towns within this country, you will be treated as a relative of mine.”

That’s a huge deal, you know! Seriously, I’ll be treated as your relative!?

“I’ve registered the dagger with your name. It’s already engraved on it, so you don’t need to return it.”

“Is-is that so…”

The Count, as I mentioned before, has a dandy appearance, so his smile is somewhat destructive. If I was a woman, I might have fallen in love with him.

“And then, I have a request for you.”

What now, was there a string attached!?

“And what might that be?”

“It’s about Canaan there.”

“…What’s the matter with Canaan?”

“Canaan killed my son, Dolce!”

Canaan looks puzzled with a blue face. Was the noble child that Canaan killed the Count’s child? That’s why the officials in this town wouldn’t look highly on me after I bought her. Nobody wants to make an enemy of the most powerful person in town.

The Count continued, “Well, that’s how the story goes, but I don’t believe it.”


Canaan murmured. The degree of her confusion is increasing.

“Then why did you enslave her?”

“I couldn’t prove her innocence. She would have originally received a death sentence, but I made her a criminal slave instead and entrusted her to Sidele, her guardian.”

“Is it okay to say that?”

“Everyone here is of the same mind as me.”

In other words, Goliath, Rotten, and the Count’s daughter Alterias, all believe Canaan is innocent.

“So, what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to find the real culprit of my little brother’s death!”

Alterias spoke up instead of the Count. Then she stood and bowed deeply to me.

(Oh, this is an unexpected development. Now, what kind of decision will milord make?)

Shut up!

But really, it’s a troublesome situation. I’m neither a policeman nor a detective, you know. Shouldn’t the Count’s subordinates be the ones looking for the culprit? But if they can’t do that… it seems like they’re hiding something. It’s likely, at least, but what could it be, exactly?

“Of course, we will prepare a reward. I will pay 5 million Gold in advance, and 10 million Gold when you find the real culprit!”

I haven’t even received it yet, but I’m sure I won’t have to worry about money for a long time since there’s already 10 million Gold right in front of me. If I accept this request and find the real culprit, I’ll get another 15 million Gold more, but what can I even do? I don’t know the first thing about investigating crimes.


Canaan looked at me with misty eyes. In front of me, the fox-eared girl also looked at me with anticipation.

“Very well, I’ll accept the request. But I’m an amateur, you know?”

“I’m the one who asked you! And I believe you will surely accomplish it!”

How can he trust me so much when he just met me for the first time today? Upon receiving the request, I heard a brief summary of the incident from Goliath and Rotten. I don’t know if they’ll remember it, but I’ll also ask Canaan-related parties about the incident.

Sigh, it’s so troublesome. I’m just a fool who can’t refuse when two beautiful girls look at me like that!

(What’s that? You’re going to stick your nose into trouble anyway, huh?)

(Shut up. I don’t like this either, you know.)




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  1. Lol! MC Being like a housewife in another world! LOL

    Reference-[“It’s delicious.”

    “Really? I made plenty of them, so eat as much as you want.”


    Canaan stuffed the grilled miso rice balls into her mouth with both hands.]

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  2. Our MC has no tact!
    Reference-[Ten million Gold… Since Canaan’s price was 500,000 Gold, it’s worth twenty Canaans?]

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    1. “There’s a dandy gentleman and a young girl with a lovely face about fifteen years old coming in from the broken door.”

      This came after Goliath burst into the room by slamming the door open, so we can thus infer that when he did so, he didn’t do so with minimal strength, but slammed the door completely off its hinges and destroyed part of the frame at the same time.


    1. ye the tend to do that, i read one manga where the first 4 chapters (short btw) of the manga covered (skipped over) the first 60 chapters of the 200 ish chapter book, so mc didnt go through growth and instead legit just got power ;-;


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