Garbage Brave – Vol 1 Chapter 7 Part 3

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Chapter 7 Part 3


“Master Sumeragi!”

“You don’t have to shout so loudly, Sidele, I can hear you just fine.”

“Oh, right. Sorry about that.”

When I came to Sidele’s General Store first thing the next morning, he immediately approached me as if he was waiting for my arrival.

“Canaan is beautiful today as well.”

“Thank you very much.”

Sidele spoke to Canaan in good spirits. Something really good must have happened. Sidele took me to some kind of reception room and sat down on the sofa.

I was served a reddish-brown drink that resembled tea; when I brought it close to my mouth, it smelled lovely. I enjoyed the scent for a little while before I finally took a sip, and the flavor was just as pleasant.

“We’ll begin selling those rice balls tomorrow, so please, have them ready as soon as possible!”

“You seem quite excited. Looks like you made a good deal.”

“Yes, I decided to sell those rice balls to the adventurer’s guild. What’s more, I’ll be selling them for 20,000 Gold apiece!”

“Oh ho, you sold it at a very high price.”

“Even if it only lasts two hours, it’s food that can improve your attributes just by eating it! Even that kind of a price is still considered cheap!”

If he can sell them for 20,000 Gold each, my 50% cut would be 10,000 Gold.

Since I can make a hundred per day, that turned out to be big money. I could get a million in only one day, and 30 million in a month. That was a lot!

“Will you be selling all of it to the adventurer’s guild?”

“Yes, it’s an exclusive wholesale contract to the adventurer’s guild for 100 pieces a day for 30 days.”

“Would the adventurers actually be consuming 100 of them every day?”

“Even they can do that much, and besides, they can keep any excess since they have a large capacity item box.”

“I see, they don’t have to worry about the food spoiling even if they can’t sell all hundred pieces every day.”

“That’s right.”

“Will there be any problems with the mercenary guild if we only sell it to the adventurer’s guild?”

“Merchants like me have a stronger connection to the mercenary guild than the adventurer’s guild, so I already visited them, but the mercenary guild wouldn’t accept my best offer, so that’s why I went to the adventurer’s guild instead.”

“I see, you already behaved properly by offering it to them first, but they didn’t accept it.”

“Yes. It’s important to choose quickly when it comes to something like this.”

The mercenary guild unexpectedly rejected the opportunity to gain monopoly purchasing rights for the rice balls, so the adventurer’s guild was able to take advantage of it instead. If that rice ball’s effects ended up creating a gap in performance between the adventurers and mercenaries, they’d regret it.

I agreed to the production of 100 pieces per day starting tomorrow, and was about to leave the store, when Canaan spoke up. “Master, weren’t you going to tell uncle Sidele about that thing that happened?”

“Oops, yeah I was.”

“What’s she talking about? What happened?”

“Uh, Canaan and I were invited to stay at the Count’s mansion yesterday.”

Sidele opened his mouth absentmindedly for a moment. “Are you serious?”

I nodded to confirm it.

“But, what about…” He looked at Canaan.

“I’ll be fine. I have master with me now.”

Canaan, who supposedly killed the son of Count Abbas, had become my slave, and since I needed to investigate things there, I also took her to stay with me at the Abbas mansion. There was the possibility that hatred for Canaan would boil over, and someone who didn’t know the real circumstances would attack her.

I thought that would be the worst of it, but I decided to stay at the Abbas mansion because it would be a convenient place to investigate the true culprits. Of course, it’s also because Count Abbas himself had strongly requested we stay at the mansion in the first place, and asked us to conduct an investigation


We were walking through the corridors at the count’s mansion when a familiar face walked toward us from up ahead.

“Why are you here!?”

I just stared at him quietly.

“This isn’t the place for a lowly person like you!”

“So, an annoying guy like you gets even ruder in a place like this.”


Dokum’s face turned bright red right before my eyes. The maid who was guiding Canaan and me was panicking, no doubt trying to quickly think of what to do, but at a time like that, I didn’t think there was anything a maid could do to suppress Dokum. Well, she’s a young woman, so she probably can’t do anything against him at all.

“You bastard!”

Dokum raised his fist and swung it toward me.


I accepted Dokum’s fist with my face. It would have been easy to avoid, but such a weak fist wasn’t worth avoiding anyway.


I’m over level 300, and with [STR (S)], Dokum is a complete small-fry compared to me. Needless to say, he was the one in pain, despite being the attacker.


Name : Dokum
Job : Magician, Level 30

Skills : [Wind Magic] [Mana Control] [Mana Boost] [Mana Perception]

Attributes : HP [G] | MP [D] | STR [F] | INT [E] | AGI [F] | DEX [E] | LUK [G]


Since beastmen are said to be weak in magic, anyone with the [Magician] job is valuable in this country where there are so many beastmen. Dokum is actually of the human race, but he seems to have grown arrogant due to being a [Magician], so paired with his natural personality, he couldn’t maintain his composure.

Dokum’s face scrunched up from the pain of punching a solid object. His hand was already starting to turn red and purple, and cold sweat beaded up on his forehead. No matter how you look at it, he doesn’t even have the raw strength to inflict physical damage on me. Several soldiers who heard the commotion appeared around us.

“C-catch this guy!”

When Dokum gave the order, the soldiers pulled out their swords and turned them towards me. Canaan tried to move out in front of me to protect me, but I instead pushed her aside because she’d just be in the way.

“Tell me, what’s your reason for trying to catch me?”

“Don’t screw with me! You hurt me, isn’t it obvious!?”

“So, what exactly did I do to you?”

“Look at my hand! The bone is broken!”

“Listen to what I’m saying, what did I do to you? I’m asking you a question!”

“Hey, hurry up, and catch this guy!”

He must be ashamed to say he broke his fist from punching me.

“What are you doing?”

Rotten just showed up.

“Do you think you can freely point your swords at the Lord’s guest without any punishment?”

“Rotten! He smashed my fist, lock him up!”

Rotten asked me to explain with a troubled expression. Naturally, I said that Dokum’s the one who attacked me, and I didn’t do anything. Well, it’s true that usually the victim is the one who gets injured, rather than the attacker, but the current situation is quite troublesome because Dokum was the one who got injured.

Well, Dokum is Dokum after all, he claimed to Rotten that he was the actual victim. The reason Rotten didn’t ask the maid or Canaan is because Canaan is my slave, so she’s excluded, and the maid might earn Dokum’s grudge if she told the truth.

“I understand your side of the story. Then I’ll ask you, Dokum.”

“What do you want!?”

“Is it true that Master Sumeragi there swung his fist at you, and you stopped it with your fist?”

“That’s right!”

What a dumb lie. I hope I could make up something better if I was in his shoes.

“Well then, please show me your hand.” Dokum reluctantly showed his hand to Rotten. When Rotten saw it, he smiled knowingly.

“Dokum, I don’t think your fist really received Master Sumeragi’s attack.”


“Master Sumeragi is much stronger than me in the first place. If he hit you, your arm would have been blown away.”

“There’s no way that could be true!”

“You just didn’t know, Dokum. If you continue to think you can treat Master Sumeragi like you do anyone else, your injuries won’t be limited to just that. Apologize and leave him alone.”

Dokum continued protesting with a dissatisfied expression. Rotten tried to calm Dokum down somehow, hoping to somehow end this without a fuss, and appealed to me with his eyes to let him handle the matter. It was kind of annoying, but it seemed potentially more interesting, so I decided to leave Dokum to him.

Dokum was probably also the guy who sent those thugs after me, so I had to make him receive an appropriate punishment for that.

(Why don’t you just truncate him here?)

(I think it’s better for this kind of guy to die miserably rather than being cut down just like that, don’t you think so?)

(What’s that, it’s boring, hmph.)

I’d prepare a more interesting end for him than to be cut down and thrown away in a place like this.

Rotten, who managed to send away the sullen Dokum, expressed his apologies to me with a tired expression.

“I’m sorry. I promise to take measures to prevent this from happening in the future.”

“I’ll let it go this time, thanks to you.”

I was lying, of course. Inwardly, I was thinking about how I’d get back at Dokum for that!

“Oh, I know. I apologize.”

He’s a serious guy. He’d get mad if he knew what I was really thinking, not that I’m going to tell him.




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  1. just feed him delay food poison and remember to cast camouflage on the food… so that it seem as it normal food! did you know it horrible to get food poison… stuff coming out both direction…!!!

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  2. I mean he acts like such an obvious douche, how does no one already suspect him for the murder? He’s by far the most suspicious of all the people that frequent the mansion

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      1. They probably know because they said that they dont have evidence so they must at least suspect him


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