Garbage Brave – Vol 2 Chapter 2 Part 3

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Chapter 2 Part 3


By the count’s request, I took Canaan to the training grounds. Hannah and Sanya were at an inn affiliated with Sidele. The sisters had been separated for a very long time, so Canaan and I would just be a hindrance to their reunion.

But I want to see Ayumi, too…

“Master, why do you look so sad…”

Whoops. Seems I’ve made Canaan worry.

“I’m fine. Thanks.”

When I gently patted her head, Canaan’s eyes narrowed. Even she had felt the sadness of losing her parents, so I had to be more reliable.

Many knights were active in this circular training ground that was roughly 150 meters in diameter. Looking over the lively place, Goliath was doing a mock battle against three of his subordinates. I decided to watch him train for a while.

Goliath’s weapon was a huge sword. In the mansion, he used a normal sword, but this big sword was probably his main weapon. It was a double-edged sword about 150 centimeters long, 40 centimeters wide at its widest, and a thickness of about 5 centimeters. [ED: wtf just use a hammer at that point]

Goliath himself is a gorilla-beastman about two meters tall, with so much physical power that he can handle that big sword with just one hand. He must resemble a muscular gorilla himself, or else he wouldn’t handle such an overbuilt weapon so easily.


Name: Goliath Ixal

Job: Strong-Arm Swordsman, Level 52

Skills: [Two-handed Swordsmanship] [Strong Arm] [Destruction] [Body Strengthening (2)]

Attributes: HP [D] | MP [F] | STR [C] | INT [F] | AGI [E] | DEX [E] LUK [E]


His status showed he was as much a muscle brain as you’d guess from his appearance. This “Strong-Arm Swordsman” job had a power-oriented composition, with [Two-handed Swordsmanship], [Strong Arm], [Destruction], and [Body Strengthening (2)]… It’s really a perfectly suited job for Goliath.

Since [Body Strengthening (2)] is a passive skill that’s always active, he really might be able to handle that big sword as lightly as a normal one. When it came to the subordinates that were acting as his opponents, one of them took the hits with his entire body, making use of his large build, while the other two were blown away by the flat of his huge sword.

He blew right through all three of them at once, and they were barely able to stand back up, using their swords like canes to support themselves. Their feet were trembling like a newborn foal; even three people at once couldn’t compete with him at all.

He breathed out, gave instructions to his subordinates, and walked calmly towards me. His big body had a certain presence to it.

“Yo, that was rather exciting.”

“Young people these days are disappointing.”

There don’t seem to be any knights among his subordinates who can fight Goliath properly. There had been Rotten until now, so he didn’t feel troubled to search for a sparring partner.

However, even though Rotten wasn’t involved in Dolce’s assassination, he quit the knighthood and stayed home with his wife, because she was one of the main culprits. The fact that Rotten had settled down like that and wasn’t accused of the crime that involved his wife as the main culprit, was likely because they recognized his loyalty.

I’m sorry about the sad atmosphere, but I didn’t come to the training ground to talk about Rotten.

“I came here to see those chosen for my training.”

“Yeah, I know. Can you listen to my one request before that?”

“Just say it.”

“I’d like to have a bout with you.”

“…With me?”

“That’s right!”

He’s a lively and hot-blooded guy. But I don’t hate that kind of person.

(Isn’t that interesting, Tsukuru? You should try it!)

(What’s that, Black Mist? You want to fight Goliath?)

(It doesn’t mean anything for me to fight him. Fighting Goliath is so you can learn to lead a lower companion.”

(Me, lead?)

(Aren’t you going to train ten people? That means you will have ten disciples… Master Tsukuru.) [T/N: Master here = Shishou.]

(Master, you say… that sounds pretty good…)

“I don’t mind, but I don’t know if you’ll get hurt. I’m not very good at going easy on people.”

Since going easy on someone depends on skills.

“I swear on my pride as a warrior, I won’t object to the results when it’s over.”

Goliath knows I have strength, but he doesn’t know the scale of it. That’s why he wants to check it for himself. I guess he really is a battle maniac. If I don’t demonstrate my strength to his subordinates, they may not accept my training. We faced each other in the center of the training ground. The knights moved to the outer circumference to observe us.

“You can start whenever you want.”

I pulled out Black Mist and held her in my right hand.


Goliath also held his huge sword with both hands and locked his eyes onto mine. His stinging bloodthirst stimulated my senses. That alone could tell me he was serious.

(Anyone who can’t control their bloodthirst is just a half-assed man, after all.)

(How many people in this world have enough expertise for you to acknowledge them, Black Mist?)

(When it comes to the knight commander of a count’s household, you should definitely be at a higher level.)

She says such unreasonable things. However, she was rather joyful when speaking of my first 1v1 battle in a long time.

We glared for about 10 seconds, and then Goliath started to move. A strong sword in a straight line. He must have used a certain amount of power to instantly close the distance with his large body. If it’s just a mere general soldier, this may be too much, but in front of me, it’s meaningless. The Emperor Dragon’s power was incomprehensible, and there were many occasions when I thought I would die. Comparing Goliath’s power and bloodthirst with the Emperor Dragon’s is like comparing a gentle breeze with a hurricane.

The big sword swung down from above, with all his force and weight behind it, right at the left side of my body, but it ultimately sank into the ground.

“Pretty good.”

“I’m not done!”

He pulled out the large sword with all his might, swinging it overhead and up to the side, so I quickly fell back to avoid it again. It probably hadn’t even been two seconds. Goliath and I faced each other again.

“Do you plan to avoid all my attacks with that same look on your face?”

(There’s still a long way to go, but that was a good step.)

(Bloodthirst will tell you his movements, so you could avoid him even if you closed your eyes.)

“Erase your bloodthirst. That’ll make you even better.”

“Erase… my bloodthirst…”

In some cases, Bloodthirst can telegraph your next move to your opponent. Therefore, erasing one’s bloodthirst makes it more difficult for the opponent to perceive your attacks. There are some advanced techniques to put feints into your bloodthirst, but you can’t train in those without first completely controlling your bloodthirst.

“Whether it’s a person or a monster, the superior ones are sensitive to bloodthirst. If you want to be stronger, control your bloodthirst.”

“I see, I’ll do just that.”

He then closed his eyes, still in the middle of the battle against me. Even though it’s training, I’m right in front of you, you know… I moved forward and swung my fist toward Goliath’s face. He grunted from the impact and flew back, rolling across the ground.

“Are you stupid? If you close your eyes in front of me, you know what’ll happen.”

The knights were saying I was horrible, but if it was a serious battle, Goliath would already be dead. He got up, nose dripping with blood, and aimed his sword at me again.

“Don’t let yourself get distracted by thinking it’s only training. Think of yourself as always being on the battlefield!”


After that, I beat Goliath on the spot.

(Goliath is really solid. Fighting him is worth it!)

Black Mist said something, but I ignored her, because I was the only one who actually hit him. He regained consciousness in a few minutes after six knights carried him to the bench.

“I fully realized my weakness now, thanks to Sumeragi-dono.”

He thanked me for beating him up, is this guy an M!?

“That last one was pretty good, you know.”


I nodded as I sat on the bench next to Goliath sleeping and stared at the knights who had returned to training. He kept his eyes closed, but he made a smile in his mouth as if he knew I was nodding.

“So, is there a list of those who will train under me?”

I didn’t want to see this gorilla-faced dude get all shy, so I forced myself to change the subject.


He took a paper from inside his armor. The paper had been in the breast pocket of this sweaty gorilla-faced dude all this time… Do I really have to touch it? I opened it, trying not to think about where it had just been. The list included the names, jobs, and levels of about thirty people. Some of them were not only knights but also magicians.

“Can you call these people over?”

“The knights can be here quickly, but the magicians will take a little longer since they’re at a different training ground.”

“That doesn’t matter. Call them all here.”




Ten trainees were selected from about thirty candidates.

[Spear Fighter] Bulga was a dog-beastman. [Great Shield Knight] Edel was a bear-beastman. [Bow Fighter] Schwarz was a cat-beastman. [Stealth Dagger] Falken was a monkey-beastman. [Healer] Akramakan was a human. [Magic Guider] Jamaran was a fox-beastman. [Dancer] Flynn, was a flower fairy. [Spiritualist] Oburi was an elf.

Only eight selected people, huh? Apparently, the other two were Goliath and Rotten. Goliath aside, when I asked him if Rotten was a good choice, he said, “Lord Abbas has accepted him.”

Mr. Gorilla was apparently a pretty serious guy, and the count was open-minded. But… They’re all men, and there are no flowers among them… No wait, there is a flower fairy, but he’s also a man.

(I wanted an oasis for my heart.)

(Don’t you have Canaan? And now Hannah and Sanya as well. They’re your harem.)

(What are you talking about? Canaan and Hannah are slaves, I’m not the kind of devil who’d lay his hand on them! And Sanya isn’t even my slave in the first place.)

(You know that Hannah’s wishes, as a criminal slave, are irrelevant, and even if Canaan is a general slave, it’s fine if she approves. As for Sanya, I think she’s fond of you, so it should be possible for the three of you to do that.)

(Don’t be stupid, I’m not depraved enough to put my hands on slaves.)

(Is that so? I don’t care either way. Hahaha!)

I looked at Canaan and saw her sweetly smiling at me. It was a rejuvenating sight.



T/N: I’m sorry if there are any errors with the trainees’ names and jobs, the kanji really racked my brain -_-



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