I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 1 Chapter 5 Part 2

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Chapter 5 Part 2


“Okay, take a seat. We just finished homeroom some time ago, but I have one more message to add.”

One of the students asks at the words of the female teacher.

“Yes yes yes! What message is that?”

“I was just about to say it now.”

“Ah, you’re right. Please continue!”

“What a fast switchover.”

The class was wrapped in a gentle laugh hearing the teacher’s remark. And then, the teacher floated a meaningful smile.

“Listen well. Today, I’m in charge of someone who will try to get personal experience in this school, the person will be in this class.”

The moment the teacher said so, the class started to get buzzing.

As one would expect, transfer students and special admittance students are unusual in any school. Then, the student who asked a question before asks once again.

“Yes yes yes! Is it a man or a woman?!”

“It’s a man.”

The reaction was clearly divided hearing the teacher’s words just now. The boys look blatantly discouraged, the girls are the opposite, they look in high spirits, and the students start talking to each other about what kind of student is coming. However, since the boys weren’t that discouraged, they also started to get excited about the same topic as the girls.

“It’s good to get excited, but I don’t have much time. You’ll have a normal class after this. Well then, you can come in now.”

After saying that, the teacher looked at the students with a smile.

“Don’t be surprised, okay?”

The students were puzzled by the teacher’s words as if they had a question mark floating on their heads. Understanding the meaning of the teacher’s words, Yuuya finally came into the classroom while the students were tilting their heads.




I ─ Tenjou Yuuya, decided to enter the “Ousei Gakuen” for one day today after being recommended by the board chairman, and then I was taken by the teacher who would take care of me and went to the front of a classroom. By the way, I was walking with Kaori, but because her class is different, we parted on the way.

…I’m really nervous. However, thanks to that teacher, I was more relaxed than at the beginning. Anyway, because it’s a super-elite high school, I thought that the teacher was all strict, but that teacher is super relaxed.

The chairman said she was very good and trusted by her students. I don’t know if I can endure mentally if the teacher was too strict, though. Whatever the case, let’s think the teacher that’s in charge of me is a good person.

Aside from that, I need to do greeting from the time I entered the classroom, right? I was a part-timer worker, so there’s nothing that I can call a hobby… Huh? This is fatal to introduce oneself, isn’t it?

T-this is bad… What should I do…

I thought that I was starting to relax, but with this, I started to get nervous again.

“Hey, you can come in.”

The teacher called me to come in when I was desperately working my head to think about what I should do.

… Eeii, the future me… will do it somehow!

I didn’t understand what it meant to be someone else’s duty and ended up doing all the things myself, but I never went to the classroom for something like this.

Encouraging myself, I enter the classroom.


The first thing I felt when I entered was the students’ gaze. This is not particularly strange because I have to introduce myself as a trial student. However, I wasn’t sure what the big surprise that followed after. I stand in front of the blackboard, wondering why everyone in the class was dumbfounded with round eyes.

“Ok, then, lightly introduce yourself.”

“Y-yes. My name is Tenjou Yuuya. This time, I’ll participate in this class as a trial student. Nice to meet you.”

I said that and bowed my head, and the moment I raised my head, no reaction is returned with everyone still being dumbfounded. Eh, can I cry now? I was about to cry involuntarily, but the teacher who laughed strangely for some reason sent out a rescue boat.

“Kukuku… Hey, do you want to be like that forever? Tenjou is troubled. …Alright, Tenjou. You sit at the very back of that window.”


Under the teacher’s direction, I sat down at the designated seat and greeted the student next to me.

“Um… Nice to meet you.”

“Eh? Ah… yeah. …Nice to meet you too.”

The student next to my seat was a female student who somehow got a cool impression with a short-cut hairstyle. She had a choker around her neck, but… Isn’t this kind of accessory there prohibited?

Either way, it’s a scene that I can’t see in my school except for the delinquents. Accessories are forbidden, and of course, you can’t dye your hair either. However, a lot of students have dyed their hair in this class, and they also wear fashionable accessories.

When I was thinking about such a thing, the teacher clapped her hands.

“Hey, everyone, come back now. The class is about to start.”

She said so, but it was only a minute after, everyone started to move in earnest.




After that, I mixed with other students to experience the class. I thought that I wouldn’t able to follow the class speed, but it was nothing like that, the class speed was no different from my school.

However, the content was quite amazing. I was supposed to be taking classes with the same content that I learned in my school, but the clarity is different. I thought it would be boring, but I enjoyed it normally. They devised various ideas for teaching such as using manga and games as figures of speech.

And what I felt after taking the class was the sense of distance between the teacher and the students. The sense of distance is exquisite at this school. Even though they were on good terms, they had a clear line drawn between the teacher and the student, and I was surprised by them who could do it well.

After such a morning lesson, I am now in the middle of my lunch break.

“Oh, Hyoudou-san. Thank you for the textbook.”

“…Hmm, don’t worry about it.”

Even though I was going to take classes, I had no textbooks, and the cool impression girl ─ Yukine Hyoudou-san who’s sitting next to me helped me by showing her textbook.

Hyoudou-san has a short-cut hairstyle with a light blue mesh which was given a cool impression on her, and her long eyes always look half-open and sleepy. She wore her school uniform fashionably just like a casual fashion combined with a choker, she looks like a member of a musical band somehow.

At first glance, Hyoudou-san has a difficult atmosphere to talk to, but she was very kind when I tried to talk with courage. When I thanked Hyoudou-san, the other students called out to me.

“Hey hey, there’s something I want to ask!”

“Which high school did you attend?”

“Are you learning something?”

“Ah, what about club activities?”

“Hey, hey! Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Could it be that you’re an entertainer?”

“Ah, eh, um…”

The question from pure curiosity was something I had never experienced before, and I was at a loss of how to respond.

… After all, transfer students and special admittance students are the subjects of concern. Though I’m actually a trial student. I don’t detest it, but I was confused because I didn’t know what to do, and then a boy student calmed everyone up.

“Hey, hey, you’re troubling Tenjou, you know? It’s still lunchtime, so let’s calm down for now, okay?”

The boy student was a handsome man with a rather short dyed brown hair and a friendly smile. He’s much more handsome than my little brother or the male model who came in at the photoshoot the other day.

Although he had his hair dyed, I didn’t get the impression that he’s a delinquent, and on the contrary, I got the impression that he was a refreshing sportsman.

As he spoke up, everyone who asked me a question apologized.

“Ah, I’m sorry!”

“I didn’t intent to do bad things.”

“I’ll ask about you again after school!”

“Ah, yes.”

Everyone apologized and each of them started to move for lunch. Looking at them, the boy student called me.

“I’m sorry. They’re just interested in you, including me.”

“Eh? Ah, yes. Thank you! Uh…”

“I’m Ryo Igarashi. Ryo is fine. Is it okay if I call you Yuuya, too? Best regards.”

The boy student ─ Ryo said so with a refreshing smile. Whoa… his smile is dazzling. I was squinted my eyes unintentionally, Ryo tilted his head curiously.

“Hmm. What’s wrong?”

“No… It’s just dazzling…”

“Eh? What’s that, saying something strange.”

Ryo smiled even more dazzlingly. Yep, my eyes are going to collapse.

“Ah, yeah. You don’t know where’s the cafeteria of this school is, do you? Want to go with me?”

“Oh, is that okay?”

“Yeah, you’re not going to say no, are you? Let’s go then!”

What’s with this ikemen. I feel like I’m about to fall in love, but I can’t fall in love with a guy.

“I’ll take your word then.”

“Yes, can I call another friend?”

“It’s okay.”

I answered so and Ryo called his friend.

“I-I’m Shingo Kurata. N-nice to meet you, Yu-Yuuya-kun.”

It was a boy student who wore glasses and looked timid somehow. …Yep, I feel a sense of intimacy with him. However, it’s kind of an interesting combination… I thought that Ryo’s friend would be a sportsman, but Shingo-kun has an indoor impression. I had such a question, but the mystery was solved immediately.

“Hey, Shingo! Did you see “Super Heavy Machinery God Robo” yesterday?”

“I-I saw it.”

“Is that so!? It was the hottest thing right now! Hey, let me know if there are any other interesting anime or tokusatsu!”

“Y-yes. Of course…!”

Apparently, Ryo had been taught the recommended anime from Shingo-kun. I mean… He’s an ikemen and a person who has a fondness of sub-culture… Geez. But I think it’s good.

When I was looking away, Ryo spoke to me.

“Oh, do you watch anime Yuuya? I started watching it recently, but it’s really interesting!”

…Ryo is a good boy. I was able to realize it in this short time.




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