Garbage Brave – Vol 2 Chapter 3 Part 4

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Chapter 3 Part 4


The next morning, the battle against the hordes of monsters continued. Tens of dozens of monsters above level 200 appeared, such as hell bears and musk leopards. They were probably the main force.

When the hell bear advanced to the front, causing the earth to shake, Canaan’s widespread destruction magic burst out. The smell of burnt fur and flesh covered the surrounding area, denoting the start of the battle. Hannah and Sanya came to the front.


Without missing the chance, Hannah beat the hell bear to death. It was already on the verge of dying from Canaan’s magic, anyway. She then kicked the musk leopard and blew its head off.


At the same time, Sanya’s Emperor Dragon Fang Tomahawk also knocked off the hell bear’s head.

“I won’t lose either!”

Canaan gathered her magical power and released Gatling Fire. Her un-casting magic also followed the board. The Gatling Fire was sometimes avoided by fast-moving monsters such as the musk leopards, but even so, about twenty of them suffered significant damage.

“Alright, I’m going to go wild, too. Canaan, ask Hannah and Sanya for your protection.”


I hadn’t done anything until then because level 100 small fries contribute an insignificant amount to leveling up, but I could tell there was something really strong behind the main force.

“Hannah, Sanya, I’ll leave the small-fry to you!”

“Y-yes! Leave it to me!”

“See you, Master!”

I jumped over the monster those two were fighting with and decided to meet the guy who is approaching from behind.

(Tsukuru, a formidable enemy lies ahead. Stay on your guard!)

(Yeah, I’ve had goosebumps for some time. I’m sure there’s an absolute monster near.)

Suddenly I stopped short in shock, as if I had bumped into a wall.


A shiver ran down my spine.

“My my, I never thought someone would come, are you a human?”


NyX Translation


The figure of a woman floated down through the air right in front of me.

“Could it be a human…”

She looked human herself, and quite lovely at that. Her long, straight, silver hair swayed beautifully around her. She was like an angel. Moreover, her eyes were different colors, one gold and one silver. When she stared at me, there was a pure calmness to her expression that seemed to draw me in.

“Are you the one who ruined this forest?”

Ruined this forest… you said?

“You’ve been doing whatever you wanted in this forest, haven’t you? The forest I rule.”

I was at a loss for words. If I relaxed my posture for an instant, I would immediately be under pressure.

“What is your intention in driving the monsters out of this forest?”

Wasn’t she the one who set those monsters loose like this?

“…Who are you?”

“I should be the one asking that.”

(She’s an elf.)

(Elf? Now that you mention it, her ears are long and sharp.)

(I’m afraid that she’s likely an ancient elf.)

(Ancient? You mean… an elf from ancient times?)

(A pure-blooded elf and the founder of the elves. Even ordinary elves are rare, so an ancient elf is even rarer! What luck!)

Black Mist was laughing loudly. She seemed so happy. Hey, just because you’re happy doesn’t mean I am.

Suddenly ―

If I hadn’t taken out Black Mist and defended, my body would have split in two. The ancient elf in front of me threw a wind-blade toward me. I instinctively blocked it, but even so, my left arm was severely injured, nearly severed.

“Attacking out of the blue? So discussion is futile, huh?”

Ho, you could prevent that? Interesting. Are you really a human?”

“Ignoring what I’ve already told you, huh!?”

“Noisy. Very well, let me inform you: This forest is the sanctuary of the one who is now before you. You, who entered it without permission, are guilty, without question!”

Ah, she’s the type who can understand words but doesn’t want to communicate.

“Put up a sign, then, but even if you did, that doesn’t mean I consider it your land!”

She chuckled. “You sure have a big mouth, don’t you!”

At that moment, she launched another invisible wind-blade.

In the time it took us to speak, the wound on my left hand completely healed thanks to [Super Regeneration], but I still shouldn’t let it be cut again.


I brandished Black Mist and chopped through the wind-blade.

“Foolish human. You could have just died without suffering.”

“Shut up! I’ve come close to death plenty of times, I’m not going down that easily!”

(From the right!)

I clicked my tongue and evaded it.



This ancient elf unleashed a continuous barrage of lethal magic without casting. However, my title of Sword Saint wasn’t just for show!

“Even if her stats are superior, Black Mist and I are the strongest combination.”

(Well said! That’s my partner!) Black Mist praised me happily.


I jumped up while dodging countless wind-blades, and approached the ancient elf in the sky.


Suddenly I was knocked to the ground by a tornado that appeared in front of me. It left countless small cuts on me from little blades of wind, and blood streamed from my whole body.

(It’s because you approached her carelessly. Pay closer attention to your opponent.)

(I am paying attention, you don’t have to tell me that!)

“You’re someone that can manipulate wind. I’m good with a sword, and I’m proud of my Sword Saint title, too!”

I threw some grilled meat into my mouth from [Material Storage] and swallowed it without chewing before gathering some strength into my foot to leap off the ground.

“Still you approach, huh? Useless resistance.”

I approached the composed-looking ancient elf at high speed. Just as expected, she generated a wind vortex.

“Eat this! Triple fillet!”

My triple fillet technique punched through the swirling wind and negated the attack. This technique was created by wanting to come up with a sword technique unique to my Chef job; it’s a sword technique that generates a few sharp slashes. By the way, it’s not a skill.

“Oraa! Skinning!”

This was also an original sword technique. I got the hint for it when I was processing fish to be cooked. Hit for hit, it’s not as powerful as triple fillet, but it sends out more attacks. The ancient elf was pushed back, but she endured the hits.

“…I never imagined you could hit me.”

Her clothes were tattered and falling apart, but even without a scrap of clothing on her, she still maintained her composure. She has the beautiful body you’d expect of an elf. Her chest was, well, there was a little bulge there, but her skin was a clean and fascinating snow-white shade.

Moreover, the carpet matches the drapes!

“Don’t expect everything to go the way you want it!”

She chuckled again. “Interesting. Since when can anyone make me serious?”

(Elves are a long-lived race. Since she’s an ancient elf, it’s safe to assume she doesn’t age. She’s an BBA!)

(Where did you hear that term?)

She just chuckled to herself. Laughing it off, huh?!

“It’s time to start. Shall I hear your name before that? I’m a kind person, so I’ll carve it on your grave.”

“Huh? When you ask someone’s name, give your own name first! That’s just common manners, BBA-san yo.”

“BBA? I’m not sure what that is, but I’m not someone who bothers with impudent talk. Very well, as a tribute to someone who is about to die, I’ll give you my name. I’m Antia. Ancient elf Antia.”

“My name is Tsukuru. This is my partner, Black Mist! Remember those names when you die.”

Antia was listening to me with a fearless smile. If she’s someone with a short temper, she’ll easily be provoked.


Name: Antia
Race: Ancient Elf, Level 415

Skills: [Crisis Detection (2)] [Magic Detection (2)] [Windstorm Magic (3)]

Unique Skill: [The One Who Controls The Wind]

Ancient Skill: [Second Life]

Attributes: HP [S] | MP [EX] | [STR [C] | INT [B] | AGI [A] | DEX [C] | LUK [D]

Title: Elf Founder, The One Who Imposes Trials


Hm? A race? This ancient elf named Antia has the same stats transcription as a monster, huh? Moreover, she’s level 415, she’s got 100 levels on me! It’s my loss, I thought I was strong, but I never expected her to be above me. Besides, not only does she have a unique skill, she has that ancient skill [Second Life], and then there’s that title. The One Who Imposes Trials? What is that? I don’t know what any of these things mean!

“Did you do something? Hmm, an appraisal skill, huh?”

Antia didn’t have an appraisal skill, so she couldn’t see my status, but I’m sure she could understand the strength of her opponent by intuition alone. It seems she could even tell I used an appraisal skill.

“Geez, ignoring my question, huh? Enough, then ― please die!”

No sooner did Antia move than countless tornadoes appeared all around me and closed in.

“I’m not so sweet as to just shut up and let you hit me!”

I managed to win with a 200-level difference when I was first thrown out here. A mere 100 level difference is no big deal!

I plunged into the tornado that was closing in from the front!

“Fine then, scale removal!”

When I used the sword technique scale removal, I also activated [Iron Wall] to nullify the damage, but still, the Death Bear’s Coat I was wearing had become tattered.

I really liked that coat, so it was a bit of a shock. I poured that feeling into Black Mist and used scale removal again, and the tornadoes were suppressed one after the other.

“Come. Hmm? Where did he go!?”

Antia had been glaring at me a little while ago, but suddenly she looked around in bewilderment. What’s up with her?

Oh yeah, that title, Weird Person… the one I hate the most.

When I forcibly broke through the tornado, it seems she couldn’t see me because my gold ring and death bear’s coat were damaged and could no longer display their effects. My existence suddenly became like a stone on the roadside, so she couldn’t tell where I was.

Should I be happy about this? I’m conflicted. However, this is my chance! I don’t want to choke now!

I entered the darkness and moved behind Antia, then pierced Black Mist right through her heart.



Even if her level is higher, she’s not a threat if she can’t detect my presence. Lately, I’ve been defeating my enemies with overwhelming power, but I’m not foolish enough to think things will always go my way.

I pulled out Black Mist and took my distance. I could have pursued her, but my [Wild Intuition] skill told me that was a bad idea.

Blood spilled from Antia’s chest and mouth, but her presence wasn’t at all diminished.

“It’s like I’m losing, huh?”

Even with that, she didn’t die? I see, is that skill at work here?

“Was it because of [Second Life] that you didn’t die?”

“…I never thought I’d lose against someone other than the ancient breed. That’s right, I’m still alive because of [Second Life]. But if I sustain another fatal wound right now, I’ll die.”

“Is it okay to tell me that? I was the one who tried to kill you, you know? But then, if you hadn’t attacked me first, I wouldn’t have done anything.”

Antia closed her eyes and opened her mouth. First letting out a low chuckle, then laughter.

Did she lose her mind?

“I sure caught a tiger by the tail, didn’t I? I give up. I surrender to you, Tsukuru.”

She’s giving up? That was fast…

I’ve seen and heard in Algria that there are humans, beastmen, and other races such as elves and dwarves in this world, but I never expected anything like an ancient elf.

[Second Life] was it? It seems to give perpetual youth and longevity. How does it feel to live forever? I would like to exempt myself from that. Eternal life isn’t fun, is it? I’m sure I’d get bored eventually. Life is fun because it’s limited, so you can live with your utmost effort, live with all your might. Like I am right now.

“So, what will you do?”

“Hmm? I’ve given myself up to you, Tsukuru. In other words, I am completely at your mercy. Do you intend to have your way with me?”

Have my way with you, seriously? What kind of person do you think I am?



*ED: BBA is a slang/shorthand for 婆あ / babaa / old hag / granny.




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    1. Can’t be called a Loli with the tall figure we saw in the art (who ever heard of a short elf outside of the North Pole?), but certainly it was implied for her to be somewhat… poorly endowed.

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      1. Actually, tall elves are the unnatural ones, with elves traditionally, for centuries, instead being seen as shorter than humans, though taller than pixies, brownies, goblins, and other types of fae. Tall Elves basically came about thanks to Tolkien.


  1. “Boomer” kinda falls flat. “Baba” or “Old hag” seems more appropriate since MC’s Japanese, and the connotations associated with “boomer” don’t really apply to an Ancient Elf (coddled children of the so-called “Greatest Generation” brought up during a period of prosperity left to indulge their pet causes in the 60’s and 70’s before abandoning them for materialism in the 80’s and 90’s and becoming the old farts hated by the kids just like they hated their own parents and grandparents). Not to mention that I don’t think the Japanese have the equivalent of a “boomer” since they were on the losing side of the thing what spawned “boomers” in the first place and a less-indulgent postwar society full of dirty-hippies-turned-yuppie-scum-turned-boomers.

    In either case, it’s an insult that goes over Elf-baba’s head, so I guess there’s that.

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  2. The fact he used dismatling techniques to beat her… LOL!
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    Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. Ugh. This virgin authors.
    Why waste annentire chapter in a fight? Since the moment she was a woman we all knew he was going to win, and he was not going to kill her… It could predictable and cliche even if it tried to.


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