Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 68

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Chapter 68 – Promotional Test Part 5


This time, the number of rabbit kangaroos scheduled to be subjugated was around three to five. Since it’s not known how many rabbit kangaroos are in the forest, those were the numbers we decided on. The reason we went with that range is that rabbit kangaroos only live in groups of up to five, according to the information we had at this point.

First, we had to find the rabbit kangaroos in the forest. That was the first test for E-rank adventurers. It would also be difficult to find them with my Visual Enhancement since it was blocked by the trees.

Of course, there were still gaps between the trees that I could see through, but so far I hadn’t found any. The only other way to find the monster now was to follow a trail of their footprints.

“But what kind of footprints does the rabbit kangaroo have?”

“It might be like this.”

I gave a piece of paper to Warrior-san. Linear-san’s drawing wasn’t at all artistic except for the footprints. Everyone looks at the paper I gave to Warrior-san.

“You investigated it properly? That’s great!”

“Well, I’ve never seen them, to be honest. Didn’t anyone else investigate it?”

Everyone looked at each other and shook their heads. Warrior-san smiled while crossing his arms.

“But a senior adventurer told me: Adventurers are basically haphazard! Don’t be a weak person who checks beforehand!”

…Weak person? As I pointed at myself sadly, Thief-san glanced at Warrior-san.

“In other words, Warrior wants to say that Relius is a weak person?” Thief-san joked. Rashin-san rode it even further. “Wow, Warrior, you’re the worst.” Warrior-san was surprised and shook his head in a panic.

“Tha-that’s not what I meant!”

After enjoying Warrior-san’s frantic denials, I decided to share the information I had collected. The others weren’t looking at the information because they were confident.

…I’m honestly envious of their level of confidence. I certainly don’t have that. [ED: If he only had a single shred of self-awareness, he’d be quite confident…]

“Rabbit kangaroos seem to favor foot techniques as it’s their strong point, so be careful of that when you fight them.”

“Foot techniques, huh…? That seems a little difficult.”

Warrior-san murmured. Thief-san tilted his head.

“I wonder if it’s a quick monster.”

“It looks that way. They apparently run away when they’re about to lose, so we have to defeat them too quickly for them to escape. I hear that some teams missed them and failed to fulfill the request.”

Linear-san was saying it jokingly, but I’m sorry, it’s not a laughing matter for me now. Rashin-san also imagined the situation.

“That really would be the worst-case scenario. Chiyu, make sure to use your skills to stop them from getting away, alright?”

“I-I-I know!”

Rashin-san laughed at Chiyu-san who seemed troubled. Well, she must’ve said that because she trusts her.

“Thief-san is here as well. I think we can follow them a little bit.”

“Yup. Well, it’s best for Warrior to kill them with a single blow so they can’t escape, right?”

“Yeah! Leave it to me!” said Warrior-san while patting his chest.

Was our information sharing always like this? Oh, I forgot one thing.

“If there’s a rabbit kangaroo with a demon ore on its body, let’s run.”

“Huh? What on earth is that?”

“A rabbit kangaroo that’s eaten demon ore seems to be as strong as another monster, depending on what kind of demon ore it was.”

“…H~uh, does that happen often?”

“One that’s done that will look different in the first place, so it won’t be a problem as long as you take care of the different one first.”

“I see. Got it.”

That said, Linear-san said it would be unlikely.

As we walked through the forest, we finally found unfamiliar footprints.

“These are rabbit kangaroo footprints, aren’t they?”

“Probably, yeah.”

“That means they’re somewhere around here, right? Okay, let’s be careful!”

Everyone nodded to Warrior-san’s words. I also used Visual Enhancement, and kept an eye on the surroundings. Rabbit Kangaroo footprints were spotted repeatedly, and more frequently the further we went.

We kept following the trail until we found a group of four rabbit kangaroos and stopped. Their head-to-body ratio was big, and they seemed to be as big as us. The legs were thick enough to be seen from a distance. However, they rarely used their front paws, as those were quite atrophied by comparison. Linear-san was right, we have to be careful of their foot techniques.

“What would you like to do, Warrior-san?”

“First, let’s get within range of Chiyu’s skills. After that, I’ll dive right in!”

That was just a basic combat strategy, but Warrior-san actually had the right idea.

“So we’re also going to go in when we see an opening, right?”

Thief-san and Rashin-san prepared their own weapons. There shouldn’t be any problems.

“I’ll watch the situation and provide support and warning of the surroundings.”

“I-I-I’ll cover you with my skills…!”

We each decided on our own movements and waited for Chiyu-san to be ready. When she released her skill, which flew in as a preemptive strike, we moved in. In addition to her skill, I also threw two knives at a different monster. The rabbit kangaroos that were attacked also screamed as they realized they were under attack.

Warrior-san swung his axe before the rabbit kangaroos could move, but they still avoided it. As expected, they’re fast.

It’s easy to deduce the rabbit kangaroo’s leg power is extraordinary just by looking at their thick, tight legs. However, Warrior-san’s attack was only a diversion.

The rabbit kangaroos that dodged Warrior-san’s swing were approached by Thief-san from behind, where they were full of openings, and he swung his dagger. The rabbit kangaroos eyed their assailants, but Rashin-san also came in and swung her spear at them.

There were four enemies. I also went forward to attract one of them and slashed my sword at its feet without resistance. This blow was to keep it from running away. It didn’t die from that, but blood poured from its wounded legs.

I tried to put my power into hurting its feet, but it didn’t seem to work, it still stood firmly. So I stabbed my sword into its chest and killed it. Immediately, I turned and went to support Warrior-san who was being toyed with by their powerful legs.

“Warrior-san, I’m coming in. Please attack when you get a chance.”


I would be a distraction in order to maximize Warrior-san’s effectiveness. I wielded a small sword and drew the attention of the rabbit kangaroos, which looked at me as I intended.

My attack was only meant to scare them off, but it seemed they went on alert from my shoddy attack. I’ll be a decoy to the end. Then I retreated, and the rabbit kangaroos chased me. Then, Warrior-san plunged in from the side, bringing down his axe with a roar. The rabbit kangaroo saw it too late, and in the next moment became his victim.

This gave us an overwhelming advantage. The overwhelmed rabbit kangaroos turned around to escape. However, Thief-san and Rashin-san must’ve been aiming at their feet. Their movements were lousy, and those two weapons caught them before they could run. When we joined in, they fell in no time. They’re screaming? The rabbit kangaroos screamed loudly, but it was nothing more than agonized death wails.




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