I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 2 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Chapter 1 Part 2


Back in my home in the different world, I looked at Night.

“Now that we’re going to living together… for the time being, I want Night to stay in this house.”


Why? Night tilts his head as if to say that.

“Hmm… as much as I’d like to take good care of you, that would require a stroll or something… so to sum it up, I’m not quite ready to live with Night in a home on Earth!”


When I say that, Night become downhearted. Damn, he’s so cute!

“I’m really sorry, okay? I’ll prepare as soon as possible so that you can live at my house on Earth.”

Currently, without a collar or leash, it’s still unsettling to take him to Earth.


NyX Translation


Since we can communicate like this, I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal, but still, it’s better to be cautious. After all, Night is a creature from another world.

“But when it comes to preparing it, it will inevitably be going to the pet shop…”

There seems to be a very convenient thing called net shopping in that world, but in my house where I lived in poverty for a long time, there is not even a smartphone, let alone a PC, and I don’t have an internet connection as well. And I don’t know where the pet shops are in the vicinity of my home in the Earth.

As I said, I don’t have the internet, so I can’t look it up easily… so I guess I’ll just have to ask my friends. Maybe Ryo and the others know about it. Well, as far as getting ready for Night is the priority, I’d like to get some other books and stuff to practice the guitar I got from the devil bear.

...Since I’m going to buy it, and since I have the money now, why don’t I just buy a new book? Yup, I think that might be a good idea. I haven’t bought a new book since I had a textbook prepared. I don’t usually buy anything but textbooks…

“…Huh? Tears…”


Night put his hand on my knee and licked me gently. Apparently, he’s comforting me. Night’s healing effect is tremendous.

“Night… thank you. Yep! Now that I’ve decided what I’m going to do let’s check out the results of today’s battle!”


I hadn’t checked the drop item and just throw them in the item box after defeating the orc king, so I decided to check it now.

The first thing I took out was some delicious looking meat.


[Pig King’s Meat] :: Orc King’s meat. It’s a super high-quality foodstuff that continues to attract many royalty and aristocrats. However, since the Orc King itself is a disaster-class existence and rare even to appear, its meat is said to be a mirage. If you eat it, you will get peerless energy.


“Hey, wait a minute.”

I’ve only seen a few disturbing words written in it. First of all, it seems that this meat is an extremely rare foodstuff. In addition to the fact that I’ve able to kill it with a single blow of the [Absolute Spear], the other world’s perception about the orc king is that it’s a disaster. I’ve done it. Also, why do you get peerless energy if you eat the meat? Doesn’t that build stamina or something? …No, wait, energy and stamina are the same.

“Well, whatever. As long as it tastes good, anything is good. And the rest…”

The next thing I took out was the armor and sword that the orc king wore.


[The Pig King’s Sword] :: The Orc King’s Great Sword. It’s a super-heavy sword, and cannot even be lifted by an ordinary strength. It’s not sharp, but instead, it crushes the target with its overwhelming weight and sturdiness.

[The Pig King’s Armor] :: Armor worn by the Orc King. It’s a super-heavy armor, and cannot even be lifted by an ordinary strength. It’s made to be worn by the orc king, so humans cannot wear it. It’s pretty sturdy and impossible even to get a scratch from an ordinary weapon. It’s recommended to melt it down and make it into a new weapon.


“…I don’t know; it’s kind of hard to use…”

As someone who uses such an extraordinary weapon like [Absolute Spear], I have such an impression. Or rather, it’s more like…


I easily lifted the greatsword and armor, each using one hand.


Since when did I have a monster-like strength? It is said it’s impossible even to lift it with ordinary strength, right? Is it a lie?

…No, maybe this is the norm in this other world.

Anyway, the original owner of the [Absolute Spear], wise man-san, is recognized as a supernatural being in my mind. Maybe it’s not a mistake. Let me think so.

After convincing myself to do so, I turned my attention back to the remaining drop items.


[Magic Stone: Rank S] :: A special ore that can be obtained from magical beasts.

[Brush of The Pig King’s Hair] :: Rare drop item obtained from the Orc King. It’s gentle to any hair, nourishes it and makes it shiny. It can also be used on the heads of people who have thinning or balding hair to revive dead hair roots and grow the hair. Due to its effects, it’s traded at an extremely high price among aristocrats who suffer from hair problems, but it rarely comes out, and it is even said that it’s only once every few thousand years that a new one is obtained.


“I don’t know what to say anymore!”

First of all, the magic stone, I finally got the S-rank. In other words, the orc king is an S-class monster.

However, the concept of the different world level is very troublesome, for example, if the level of another A-class monster is higher than the level of the S-class monster such as orc king, then the A-class monster may be stronger.

It’s not a bad thing, however, to have encountered an S-class monster once. I’m not sure what to do with this magic stone, so I’ll just sell it as it is, but I wonder how much the S-ranked one will cost?

For the time being, putting aside the magic stone, the problem is the brush.

What’s this brush?

Even if you’re not an aristocrat of the different world, if there’s a person who’s normally suffering from hair loss, it’s something you’d want so badly that you’d want it out of your throat. In fact, it seems to be traded for a huge amount of money…

What can I say? I’ve suddenly got something that looks like a daily necessity. The effect is crazy, though.


As my face twitched looking at the brush, Night tilted his head as if to say, “What happened?”, and rubbing my leg. So cute.

“…No, it’s nothing… Ah, right! Night, come here.”


A thought occurred to me, and I put Night on my lap.

And then──


I brushed Night with the [Brush of The Pig King’s Hair].

Can it use to Night’s fur? But, the [Brush of The Pig King’s Hair] exerted its effect, his fur has become lustrous and beautiful, and they have changed to an enchanting texture that makes you unintentionally want to touch them for a long time. Simply put, it’s a seductive collaboration of the smoothly and fluffiness. I don’t know what I’m talking about.

“Does it feel good?”


In the state as if completely weakened, Night replied pleasantly.

Good, good. I appreciate the guitar and the necklace, but it’s nice to be able to get something that works like this. I mean, what’s the deal with this situation where it’s a rare drop item, and I’m just getting it normally? Is rarity just a lie? Well, from my point of view, it’s okay because I’m getting nothing but benefits.

With that in mind, I decided to take a look at my status for one last check. I didn’t get any messages or anything in particular after defeating the orc king, but I think it’s normal for my level to rise. After all, it’s a superior opponent.

With that thought in mind, I checked the status…

“Huh… Despite that, my level didn’t go up…?”

As there was no message, my level hadn’t gone up.

“It’s strange… I thought I’d beaten a superior opponent…”

Well, if there is a concept of experience value, and the level is rising because of that, what is the experience value in that battle? I’m not sure. Because I just threw the spear. Still, I’m sure I’ve defeated the bloody ogre and the hell slime in the same way…

No, but… Sure, when it comes to the bloody ogre or the hell slime, I have no fighting experience at all. Then I’ve come to a state where I was just regularly slashing a monster such as a goblin general now, but just throwing a spear doesn’t get any experience at all?

“…I can’t help thinking about it. I’ll figure out how the mechanism to level up. I mean, even if I didn’t level up this time, I just have to work hard to level up from now on.”


At my words, Night also raised his voice in response.




In the morning, after preparing breakfast and lunch for Night, I go to school. Usually, when I called out, “I’m off” no one replied…

“Well, I’m off then.”


….And now I have Night. Smiling at Night’s reply, I left the house.

When I arrive at the school safely, Ryo and the others call out to me.

“Oh, Yuuya, good morning!”

“G-good morning.”

“Morning~! Yuuya-kun!”

“Yeah, good morning, everyone.”

After the greeting, I sat on my seat and started chatting lightly until the homeroom started. During that time, I remembered about Night’s collar and decided to ask Ryo and the others about it.

“Hey, is there a pet shop around here?”

“Pet shop?”

“Yeah. I’ve been getting a dog since yesterday….”

“Oh, you’re keeping a dog!? What kind of dog is he!? Show me the picture!?”

“C-calm down…!”

Kaede was into it more than I expected; she was leaning closer to me. Perhaps because of that, the distance between her face and mine became closer all at once, and I was so embarrassed that I looked away involuntarily.

“Um….Kaede… you’re so close, however…”

“Huh? Ah! I-I’m sorry!”

Kaede also noticed her posture, and her face was a little red, though she hurriedly distanced herself. Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one who was embarrassed.

“Hmm! Continuing the conversation earlier… but unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures. I don’t have a smartphone.”

“…I’m surprised there are people who don’t have a smartphone nowadays…”

”Y-yeah…isn’t it inconvenient?”

Ryo and Shingo-kun looked at me in surprise. It’s true. There are very few people who don’t have a cell phone nowadays… I have more money now, and I can buy… no, should I make my debut with a cell phone now?

I don’t keep in touch with many people, so there’s not much advantage to having a cell phone, but if I think about taking Night photo… wait? Isn’t it better with a camera?

While I was thinking about it alone, Ryo and the others told me about the pet shop.

“Talking about the pet shop around here… it’s probably the one in the shopping district near the school.”

“Oh, there! Surely you’d feel reassuring there. It looks like they’re doing it as an animal hospital as well, so it’s a good idea to go there just in case something happens!

“He~e, there’s such a place, huh…?”

I’m having trouble deciding whether I can take Night, who is a resident of a different world, to a hospital in this world… But if there’s such a place, it would be better to know when something happens… But again, there’s [Complete Recovery Grass] at the wise man-san house anyway. The different world is amazing, after all.

“I wish I could have gone with you to that shopping district, but… sorry, I can’t help today.”

“I-I also have some things to do today…”

“I see… Well then, it can’t be helped.”

“Uhm… I can go with you, you know?


“I don’t have any club activities today… if you’re fine with it, I can go with you. How about it, Yuuya-kun?”

I nodded meekly in response to Kaede’s words.

“Can you please, then?”

“Y-yeah! It’s okay! …Hmm? Isn’t this supposed to be a date…!? Yay!


“No, it’s nothing!”

I didn’t particularly care because Kaede said so in a hurried manner. For the time being, I’m going to be heading to the pet shop and the animal hospital after school, with Kaede leading the way.




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