I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 2 Chapter 1 Part 3

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Chapter 1 Part 3


“I’m home.”


When I got home, Night jumped to my chest as if to say, “I’ve been waiting”. I caught him in a hurry and patted his head.

“I’m sorry to have you stay at home, okay? It’s going to be like this from now on, but…”


As I said that apologetically, Night was gently rubbing his cheek on my chest. So cute.

“…Ah, yeah! Night, I bought a collar and other things for you earlier!”


The pet shop that Ryo and the others taught me at school was a very nice place, so I was able to get a collar, a leash, and other things I needed there. (T/N: What’s wrong with Kaede, Author-san yo? You just skipped her, lol. I’m sorry to everyone who was waiting for it :P)

“You don’t have to do it in the house, but you have to wear this collar when I take you outside. Okay?”



Night replied pleasantly and offered his own head. I know it’s kinda late, but Night is really smart. You’re smarter than me, aren’t you?

Anyway, I bought a white collar for Night, hoping that it would stand out against his black fur. I’m relieved that it looks good on him when I actually put it on.

“That’s good… How’s it? Does it hurt?”

“Woof… woof!”

Night moved around a bit with the collar on to make sure, then finally nodded and barked.

“Alright! So… what do you think? Do you want to go outside?”

“Woof? Woof!”

Now that I’ve bought a collar and leash, I want to take Night for a walk with me. I thought so and asked him out, and he replied cheerfully. I naturally smile when I hear that reply.

“All right then, I’ll get ready, so wait for me.”


I get ready to go for a walk while putting the things I bought in the refrigerator. Since it’s Night we’re talking about, I don’t think he will defecate carelessly outside, but still, it’s the etiquette or manners… So, I headed for the front door with a shovel, work gloves, and a plastic bag.

“Now that we’re ready, let’s go!”


And so we went out.




“Woof! Woof!”

“Hey, Night. Don’t get too carried away, it’s dangerous!”

Since it was the first time he’s outside the home in the Earth, I thought that Night would be intimidated by cars and such, but it’s just my needless anxiety. Night’s curiosity was piqued as he gazed at the various things that existed on Earth. But he’s smart, so he doesn’t rush in and check-in my direction correctly. He’s cute. I’m only saying he’s cute, but he’s really cute.

Nevertheless… I thought it would be less crowded due to the time, but a lot of people were jogging and walking with their dogs just like me. Well, up until now, I just went straight home and didn’t come out if there wasn’t anything important, so I didn’t know much about what was going on outside.

As I thought, my Night is very cute, and all the people who pass by are staring at us. He’s cute, isn’t he? I think so too. Up until now, I’ve only been looked by them with disdain… it’s great progress.

As we continue our walk in peace, people passing by greeted us.

“Good evening.”

“Eh? Ah, g-good evening!”

I was surprised because no one had ever greeted me when I walked by before. I can’t believe I get a greeting just for walking around… well, Night is cute, so it can’t be helped.

After enjoying our walk, we went home. When we get home, I say something that occurred to me to Night.

“Ah, right. After dinner, why don’t we take a walk in a different world to get some exercise?”


From Night’s perspective, this Earth is a different world, but let’s put it aside. Anyway, Owen-san and the others had visited the forest before, and I thought I’d reduce the number of monsters to the forest entrance even a little to make it easier for them to come next. I don’t think the number will diminish so easily, even if we killed the monsters. Well, it’s too dangerous to call it a walk, though.

However, if I keep doing it steadily, something may change, so I will continue to do it every day from now on. I’m sure my physical strength would increase like an idiot. On top of all, I think it’s great that I can gain more combat experience.

I don’t know how dangerous this place is in this world, but it shouldn’t hurt to keep your strength up. That’s all it takes to stay safe in this world, after all. After deciding on my future policy, I finished my dinner, just as I had declared, and went for a walk in the forest with Night for some combat training.




──The day Yuuya went for his first walk with Night, people who saw him took pictures and videos of him and posted them on SNS, where rumors began to spread.

“Who is this guy?

“Oh, I know this place!”

“He’s so handsome… I mean, isn’t the dog super-cute, too?”

“What’s the breed of this dog? I’m not sure at all…”

As rumors of Yuuya spreading, Yuuya, who doesn’t even have a cell phone, let alone social media, found out about it… but it was still a long way off.




The last few days have been really fulfilling. I enjoyed casual conversations with Ryo and the others at school, and when I return home, my family, Night, is waiting for me. Until now, I had no place in either school or home… now I have a place in both.

“…Thank you.”


I said that while picking Night up and stroking him, and he tilted his head curiously. Cute.

I put on the leash to Night to go out for the walk, which I make a habit of doing, and we start walking our usual walk. We walked from the riverbank to the park near my house, and we ended up playing in the park, which has become a fun place for Night and me.

At first, the curious Night had been full of vigor with this and that, but now he was quietly enjoying his leisurely walk with me. And even though it’s not quite there yet, some people have come to remember my face as I walk around and greet them, and more and more people are greeting me oppositely.

…But I don’t think there were so many people before, but recently people have been… especially, I think that the number of women has increased on our walking course. Is it just my imagination?

“Huh? Yuuya-san?”

“Hmm? Ah, Kaori!”

As we continued our leisurely walk, we ran into Kaori by chance. Kaori is carrying a shopping bag of some kind, so she must be on her way home from shopping.

“Hello. Uhm… Who’s this child?”

“Oh, I’ll introduce you. This is Night. He’s my new family.”


When I introduced Kaori to Night, he barked cheerfully with his chest out. I’m sure he’s trying to look cool, but when the little Night does it, he’s just plain cute.

“He’s so cute! I-is it okay if I touch him?”

“Night, is that okay?”


As Night approached Kaori on his own, Kaori slowly began to stroke him.

“Whoa! Night-san’s fur is very fluffy and smooth!”


Night was pleased with Kaori’s reaction and leaned into her.

“This child is adorable, isn’t he? What is his type?”

“Huh? Um…well…I-I don’t know. He’s just a child I picked up!”

“Is that so? But from the state of this child, he seems glad that Yuuya-san picked him up.”


Night barked once as if to affirm Kaori’s words. Uh… I’m glad you feel that way… But that was a close one. If you asked me what breed of dog Night was, I wouldn’t have an answer… Black Fenrir? It’s a different world race that I’m not sure about…

“Night-san is very clever, isn’t he? It’s as if he knows what I’m saying…”


I’m not sure how it actually is, but Night is pretty smart. This child is capable.

While Kaori was playing with Night for a while, I noticed that people around us were looking at us.

“What, that’s…!”

“A good-looking man and a cute doggie are precious enough…”

“There you go, a set with a dog and a beautiful girl! The dazzling light will crush your eyes!”

“Uhm…Kaori, we’re getting a lot of attention somehow, so why don’t we move around a bit?”

“Huh? Ah, you’re right.”

Just as I was about to move from the spot, someone called out to me again.



Surprised, I turned to the voice, and there she was, eyes wide open and frozen… the popular model Miwa-san.

“Mi-Miwa-san!? Why are you here?”

“Uhm…I actually live in this neighborhood, and I usually go for a walk at this time…”

“Yuuya-san, the one over there…”

Kaori’s voice reminded me that they were meeting for the first time, and I quickly introduced Miwa-san to her.

“Uhm, this is Miwa-san, she’s the model I took a photoshoot together in the shopping mall before. Miwa-san, this is my friend, Kaori, and my family, Night.”

“N-nice to know you…”


While Kaori greeted her with a strangely tense state, Night barked so friendly as usual.

“Kaori-san and Night-kun…? I’m Miwa, a model.”


NyX Translation


Miwa-san expressing an adult-like smile, and the people who had been watching us until now began to murmur even more.

“H-hey… Another beautiful woman has joined that handsome man and beautiful woman…!?”

“Isn’t that girl the model, Miwa?”

“Eh? No way? Are you serious?”

Apparently, with Miwa-san’s arrival, the people who had noticed Miwa-san began to gather. And Miwa-san seemed to notice it too; she just smiled bitterly.

“Ahahaha… It seems like we stand out a little too much… Does Yuuya-san plan on walking around here in the future?”

“Eh? Ah, yes. That’s what I’m going to do.”

I will try to find other routes, but for a while, I will enjoy walking near this riverbank. Then, Miwa-san smiled softly at my words.

“I thought it would be nice to see you again during the previous shoots, but… I’m happy to see it happen sooner than I thought. Besides, if you’re going to walk around here, maybe we’ll see each other again like this.”

“Ah… You’re right.”

“Fufu, it will be more fun to go for a walk again. Well… It’s time for me to go. There are also more people here. Both Kaori-san and Night-kun, too, see you later…”

“Oh, yes!”


Miwa-san said that and walked away. As we were seeing her off, Kaori asked with a subtle expression on her face.

“Um… Yuuya-san.”


“Yuuya-san… Uhm…… Are you going out with Miwa-san…?”

“Eh? No, no, no, we’re not! Like I said before, Miwa-san and I just happened to be together in the photoshoot, and I do not match for Miwa-san in the first place.”

“It can’t be…”


“Oh! N-no, it’s nothing…”

I’m not sure, but if Kaori says so, it’s probably nothing. It was when we tried to move while tiling my head at Kaori’s reaction.

“T-thief, a thief!!”


I heard what sounded like a scream, and as I glanced in the direction of the voice, I saw an older woman fall to the ground, desperately reaching for her hand. At the end of her hand, a man in a black jersey was running away at a tremendous rate.

“A-a thief… what should we do!?”

While the suddenness of the situation flustered Kaori, I quickly gave instructions to Night.

“Night! Go after that man!”


With one bark, Night rushed from the spot at an alarming speed.


Kaori was surprised at his speed, but I rushed up to the old lady with the surprised Kaori.

“Are you all right?”

“Y-yes. I’m fine… but my bag…”

I told the old lady who floated a sad look on her face in the gentlest voice as possible.

“It’s okay. Oba-san’s bag must be… oh, look!”


As I pointed, the thief was being dragged along by Night.

“H-help me! What’s up with this dog?”


To the Night who slowly dragged the man who was twice as big as himself, Kaori and the old lady looked at the scene in disbelief.

“Kaori, can you call the police?”

“Oh… Y-yes!”

It was when Kaori took out her smartphone from her bag and went to call the police. The moment Night released the restraints and completed his mission by bringing the thief to me, the man stood up with enthusiasm and lunged at me.

“You… don’t fuck with me!”



Moreover, the man has a knife and tries to stab me with it. But in the other world, where I’ve dealt with attacks of outrageous speed, I’m not impatient, grab the wrist of the man’s knife-wielding hand, twist it straight outward, and the man drops the knife with a pain.

“I-i-it’s hurt!”


Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I swatted the man’s legs away and immediately restrained him in place, pinning his hands behind his back where he had fallen.




I was surprised by the sudden rise in cheers and looked around, but before I knew it, people were clapping at me. As I was puzzled by the surroundings, Kaori comes running up to me hurriedly.

“Yuuya-san, are you all right?”

“Eh? Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Thank goodness… I was worried, so please don’t be too reckless!”


Surely my actions are dangerous from other people’s perspectives…

While apologizing to Kaori, I complimented Night on catching the thief and returned the bag properly to the old lady. Afterward, Kaori handed over the thief to a police officer who had come due to Kaori’s report, and Night was thanked by not only the old lady but also by the police.




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