Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 70

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Chapter 70 – Promotional Test Part 7


While carrying Warrior, Thief and the others were running away. Along the way, they were attacked by monsters, but Rashin, who had already made a full recovery, succeeded in repelling the wolves and goblins.

…In the first place, the monsters were not so eager to set on Rashin and others.

This was because all the monsters in the forest were on the move, fleeing from the rabbit kangaroo. The monsters are taking evacuation on that scale. Rashin and the others were frowning at the situation.

“…What kind of monster is that actually?”

“…Yes, truly.”

“…I-I wonder if Relius-san is alright?”

“It-it’s alright… Probably, he’s the strongest among us, after all.”

Everyone’s expressions darkened at Rashin’s lack of clarity. Even though he’s the strongest, he’s still a rank-F adventurer. Rashin and Warrior were taken down in a single blow, so they can’t seem to expect something at all.

Still, they had no choice but to run away. In the previous battle, the difference in power was tasted to the point of detestable. Even if they did go back, there was nothing they could do but interrupt Relius. They couldn’t say anything about it because they knew this, they just had to worry about it.

It was in the midst of all this.


It was Warrior who raised his voice as he groaned. Thief reacts to that voice. Warrior’s eyes slowly opened. A potion also forced into Warrior. The potions that Relius gave them were all S-ranked potions. They hadn’t originally intended to use it, but Relius had given it to them because he didn’t want them to die.

As Warrior regains full consciousness, he glances around.

“W-what was going on?”

“…You were attacked by a rabbit kangaroo and were unconscious.”

“Rabbit Kangaroo… Ah, that’s right! What was that insanely powerful rabbit kangaroo? Or rather, that, what about Relius?”

Warrior frowned and looked at his surroundings. Everyone kept their mouths shut, and soon he understood.

“No way… Is he fighting alone!?”

“…Yeah. He had no choice but to do that.”

Thief said regretfully. Warrior clenches his fist once and then loosened it.

“Hurry up and go back to the guild… No, at any rate, any adventurers or knights, or excellent people will do. And then tell them about what’s going on and ask for help! It’s pathetic, but we have no choice but to do that!”

Warrior spoke up, and everyone nodded. They soon left the forest, where they found the four adventurers. Warrior and the others immediately ran towards them with sparkling eyes.

The four adventurers’ expressions were slightly alarmed by the dreadful expressions that approached them.

“Please! Please help us for a little bit!”

Warrior shouts and bows his head. The adventurers tilted their heads, wondering what the heck they were talking about.

“What’s the matter with you?”

“Inside, our friends are being attacked by a rabbit kangaroo! He stayed there alone to let us escape!”

“Rabbit Kangaroo? Are you taking a lot of trouble for that small-fry monster? Oh, does that mean you guys are F-ranked adventurers?”

The adventurers loosened their mouths with a grin. Looking at them, Rashin puffed up her cheeks.

“It was a rabbit kangaroo who ate magic ore. We could have knocked it down if it was just an ordinary rabbit kangaroo.”

“…Ma-magic ore?”

At that moment, the color of their eyes changed. Their carelessness disappeared from their expressions, and they grabbed Warrior by the shoulders.

“What kind of magic ore was it? The ore they eat turns them into a different demon-like monster! Do you know what that was!”

“I-I don’t know…!”

“I think it’s mithril.”

Thief said as he mumbled. At those words, the adventurers’ faces turned bright blue.

“A-are you serious?”

“…I don’t know for sure either, but I’ve only seen mithril magic ore once. It left a strong impression on me at the time, and I felt something similar when I saw the rabbit kangaroo magic ore.”

Thief said, and the adventurers shook their heads.

“Muh, there’s no way! If it were mithril’s magic ore, as the kid says! The difficulty of subjugation may be in the B-rank level!”

The fellow adventurers nodded and raised their voices.

“That’s right. That’s what we used to hear about! Even if a monster who ate silver magic ore had a C-rank! If you’re unlucky, it might be an A-class!”

“P-please! My friend is fighting alone! Please help him!”

Warrior tries to grab onto the adventurer, but the adventurer strikes him hard on the head.

“Do you know that? He might have been dead for a long time! There’s no way an F-ranked adventurer could last even a second!

“Yes, that’s right! We’re D-ranked adventurers, but I could say that we might be wiped out in an instant!”

It was the next moment that the adventurer shouted miserably. A blast echoed through the forest. They also shut their mouths at once and glanced in that direction.

“What the hell was that sound? Don’t tell me it’s the rabbit kangaroo blow!”

“N-no way! I mean, we’re going to get killed if we don’t get out soon, too! You guys better get the hell out of here, too!”

The adventurers started to run away. Warrior and the others were just tied their mouths tightly.

“…Warrior. We have to quickly back to the guild! …Even if Relius can run away, it doesn’t mean he can get out of the forest! At that time, if there is support from the guild―!”

“Y-yes, that’s right! Let’s go, you guys!”

Warrior shoved his sad face in and raised her voice. Then they’re started running all at once.




I sat up and approached the fallen rabbit kangaroo. And then dismantle its body. Not only did I get the material, but I also got the mithril at the same time.

“I did it!”

This will make a new weapon. I couldn’t stop getting excited when I thought about it.




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  1. I can already see what’s coming….
    -the guild/town is in turmoil
    -subjugation notice is being formed
    -either the subjugation team is heading out or just getting ready…
    -our mc came…
    -get really famous or misunderstand that the rabbit was weak and ridiculed them especially the kids, thinking that they’re lying…

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