Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become the Strongest – Chapter 71

Chapter 71 – Promotional Test Part 8


I put back the skills I’d switched back on, just in case. For the record, I had given all of my equipment an agility enhancement, since I was going to run away if I didn’t make it through the attack earlier. I’m delighted that it was unfounded. But then again, Mithril.

Perhaps because of the mithril ore, I can now make a new sword, a mithril sword. However, because of the lack of levels yet, I can only make it if I use the Mithril. I can make equipment using mithril magic ore… for now, it should be the weapon, right? The armor is probably enough for later. I looked at the forest again while thinking about what I should make.

―I overdid it.

I ended up using thirty Weapon Break swords. Maybe the damage could have been a little less.

…But it’s also true that there wasn’t enough room to go easy on it.

I aimed to improve my attributes by adding a large number of skills to the equipment, but there was only a slight rise from the skill granted when it already more than 20, and it was not enough to gain an advantage in combat. In the first place, there was no explicit strengthening that would make your body lighter even before that, so it may not mean that you can be stronger with more than you thought.

Anyway, since I was able to defeat it, let’s just say it’s okay. For now, I need to meet up with Warrior-san and the others. However, I can’t see them in the scope of my visual enhancement. I wonder if they are still in the forest. Or did they have already evacuated?

…I wish they had evacuated.

As I left the forest, my doubts turned to certainty. Several footprints were there. Maybe it’s a human… eight footprints? There were other footprints besides those of Warrior-san and the others, but upon analysis, I knew they were Warrior-san and the other footprints, so I headed into town to follow them.




There was an uproar within the guild.

“A rabbit kangaroo that ate mithril…?”

The receptionist muttered so. Warrior and the others already arrived at the guild as they returned to the city with all their might. The receptionist who received their report, and the guild officials through the receptionist, had all heard about the situation.

“That can’t be. I’m sure they’re just saying that to make up for their unsuccessful request.”

The adventurer, who was making deliveries at a nearby reception, said so as if to making fun. Rashin and Warrior frowned, but the receptionist said to declare it clearly.

”…They have already hunted the required number of rabbit kangaroos. There’s no need to bother telling such a lie.”

The adventurer who returned so also make a wry face.

“…I’m sorry, but we can’t send adventurers right now!”

“No way! Our friend is still there! Maybe he’s yet to make a good escape―”

“…It’s impossible to get away from the leg power of a rabbit kangaroo in the worst case.”


“Please calm down, Warrior-san! …If the enemy is a Mithril Rabbit Kangaroo, you’ll need an A-ranked adventurer! This isn’t just a problem in this city!”

The receptionist shouted angrily, and everyone understood the gravity of the matter. If it was a low-grade magic ore, it wouldn’t be such a story. But it’s a different story when it comes to Mithril.

A monster with the power of Mithril would be extremely powerful. Some of them were so powerful that a small town would have been destroyed with it alone. That was why it was so hectic within the guild.

Some adventurers had already boarded their carriages to evacuate from the city. Over time, this information will flow throughout the city through the adventurers.

Warrior could only bite his lip at the receptionist’s voice.

“Shit…! I can’t even say a single thanks for helping me….!”


All four of them had dark expressions on their faces. There was no such thing as the joy of having achieved a promotion request in their minds. However, they were simply being confronted with the reality of the profession of being an adventurer.

The receptionist would have followed up with them like that under normal circumstances. But once the Mithril Rabbit Kangaroo was out, there was a mountain of work to do.

The four stood on the spot for a while. And then, there was a person who tapped them on the shoulder.

“Oh, I’m glad you’re safe.”

Relius was looking at them with a sigh of relief. Warrior’s eyes are wide open. He was still trembling with the fear of the Mithril Rabbit Kangaroo since all around him were people who didn’t know Relius in the first place.

“I’m glad to see that everyone is okay. I was worried.”

“Re-Re-Re-Re-Reliussss!? You’re alive!?”

“…Was it bad if I’m alive?”

“No, it’s―”


Blowing off Warrior who was about to say something, Chiyu hugged Relius. Relius’s eyes black and white because of the sudden sensation.

“I’m glad that you’re alive! Truly!”

Chiyu pushes down Relius as she burst into tears.

“If only Relius-san hadn’t helped me! I’ll be dead! Thank you s-so much! Really!”

“Oh… That. I’m sorry to hug you at that time. Um… Well, I have no other intention, okay?”

“I don’t care about that!”

“I-is that so… That’s good, then.”

As the relieved Relius exhaled, the returning receptionist opened her eyes.

“R-Relius-san! W-why are you here!”

“…No, well, that.”

“You were fighting a Mithril Rabbit kangaroo, weren’t you? Y-you’re safe!”

“Well, you know.”

”So what happened with the Mithril Rabbit Kangaroo! Is it still in the forest?”

“I took it down, just in case.”

“Haaaahh!? A-are you sure!?”

“Yes. This is the material.”

Handing Mithril to the receptionist, she looked at it for a moment, then spoke up.

“I-it really looks like mithril…”

When the receptionist said that, everyone looked at Relius all at once and raised their voices.




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    1. It could be that they can eat refined metals and turn them into ore, in which case, some nouveau riche’s son could’ve died in the forest despite wearing some mithril armor or a mithril sword or something, and that got eaten… maybe?

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  1. I had lost track of this story for a while and came back to find about 20 unread chapters! Thanks for keeping at it!
    Hopefully people can start treating him with more respect from now on!

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