I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 2 Chapter 2 Part 2

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Part 2


──Magic is the embodiment of the imagination.


I took the book that sage-san had left behind and quickly went through the pages of magic theory, and the first thing it said was that. The embodiment of the imagination… the words are quite tricky, I wonder if it’ll be alright?


However, the embodiment of imagination… even if you use magic, you can’t use it without the underlying [Magic Power].


I’m sure it is. Otherwise, the magic on the stats would really be meaningless.


You have to start by feeling the magic to begin with, or you won’t be able to use magic.


──That means, I’ve got to learn how to control magic before I can use it. As I read through the book, it was mentioned that in order to deal with magic, one must first feel one’s own magic, and meditation was mentioned as a way to do so. I don’t understand what meditation is, but should I just sit with my eyes closed for now?

I set the book down in front of me, closed my eyes, and sat down. Then I felt a presence next to me, so I opened my eyes a little, and Night, imitating me, closed his eyes, and sat down quietly. It’s cute.

After sitting side by side for a while, I felt that the heart part of my body was strangely hot.

“…Hmm? What is this? This is…”

The moment I felt the heat, it ran through my entire body, giving me the illusion that I was somehow experiencing blood flow.

”Wait…what is this feeling…!”

I was perplexed by a situation I had never experienced before. Still, I didn’t see any abnormality, such as pain in my body or something negligent. Then, a semi-transparent message appeared in front of me.


You have acquired [Magic Control] skill.


“Huh… the source of this heat was magic?”

I soon found out from the sage’s book that apparently magic is something similar to blood flow and is always running through the body. Usually, I don’t feel anything unless I’m aware of it, so I guess it’s only this time.

”This is… the magic circuit I inherited from sage-san…”

As I murmured that to myself, Night, who had been meditating next to me, barked as if to tell me something.

“…Woof! Woof, woof!”

“Hmm? Perhaps you could feel it too, Night?”


“Ooh! You did it!”

That means that Night was able to learn the [Magic Control] skill just like me. Even though it’s called control, I could just feel my magic. In addition to the fact that I’m not from this world, even if I have magic in my status, I couldn’t use magic because I didn’t have the circuit. Since Night is originally from this world, I’m sure he has the magic circuit.

By the way, since I was able to sense my own magic, I could adjust the speed of the magic running through my body. I was able to move it as I wanted, such as staying in one place, so it may be that other people will be able to control it as soon as they can sense it.

“Now that I can feel the magic, and I’m able to control it, what’s the next step?”


Once you can handle the magic, the rest is easy. For example, if you want the flame to come out of your palm, you can imagine gathering magic in your palm so that it will come out. There is also such a thing as long spell chanting, but this is not necessary as it only serves as an aid to solidify the image. However, if you come up with your own name for the magic, it will be easier when you activate it. It’s also a matter of preference since it’s the same to utter that magic name and chant it in your mind. However, in actual battle, it is recommended that you chant it in your mind in order to prevent your opponent from predicting magic.


“He~h… magic doesn’t require chanting, huh? Besides, chanting magic names in my mind would be more useful in battle…”

It’s useless on Earth, though. I can’t imagine a situation where I would have to use magic.

As I turned the page, I found the rest of the story written.


If you’re going to use it for the first time, it’s best to imagine water-based magic. Flames and the like can cause disaster in some places, but with water, the damage is relatively small. Consider it.


“That was dangerous! I was ready to let out a full flame…”

If I hadn’t read ahead of time, I might have let the flames appear. I have to read it to the end properly before I can put it into practice. I told Night to do the same, and I quickly thrust out my palm. I envision a basketball-sized water ball floating on my palm.

…I read that I should think of a magic name, so I guess [Water Ball] will do. It’s a cheesy name, but thanks to it, the image and the skill’s name have come together. As soon as I solidified the image, I quickly activated the magic.

“It’s fine, right…? [Water Ball]!”

Then, water appeared in my palm, undulating out of the empty space. Before long, a mass of water the size of my imagination was formed.

“Uoooohh! I did it. I did it!”

“Woof! Woof!”


When I was impressed by the water ball in my palm, I saw Night barking next to me, and there was a water ball of the same size as mine hovering over his head.

“Whoa! You did it too, Night!”


With an empty hand, I stroked Night with all my might.

“Alright, alright! Now we’re magicians, too!”


I want to use some other magic right now, but I need to do something about the water ball that I spawned. I imagined in my mind that I would shoot a water ball at high speed at the tree outside my yard.

In that moment──



The water ball snapped a few trees outside. It’s more powerful than I ever imagined; it makes me twitch my cheek.

…It really works as intended.

Also, I’ve figured it out through the use of magic, but I definitely feel like I’m losing a little bit of magic from my body. But if I believe in the feeling of losing magic this time, it would be possible to create a large number of water balls with this outrageous power.

Earlier, I imagined the [Water Ball] just to make it appear, but now that I’ve seen the scene, the image of the [Water Ball] has been overwritten by the image of when I shoot it out. I could just make a water ball appear, though.

“…Alright, let’s keep going and use more and more magic!”


I said that to Night, and we continue to use magic as long as our time allowed us to.




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18 thoughts on “I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 2 Chapter 2 Part 2

    1. When Adele (Mile) had just left home and was on her way to the noble academy she decided that her first attempt at magic would be a quick shower at one of the coach’s overnight stops

      Of course since her abilities are “average” (on a scale of least magical bug to strongest ancient dragon) she, uhm, ‘slightly’ misjudged the water flow

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  1. Really do feel like the sage is living inside the page or something before he’s fully passed away. Unless he could see the future and know the personality of somebody who’s he never met, this feels pretty convenient.


  2. It’s useless on Earth, though. I can’t imagine a situation where I would have to use magic.

    Huh? Can’t imagine a situation to use magic on earth? There’s plenty… use faint or paralysis or sleep on thieves without anyone knowing it’s you doing it so you don’t draw attention to yourself like you have been doing when saving others. Use shapeshifting to hide who you are when you want to go out and about without a crowd following you (especially useful since he’s bound to become very famous at the rate he’s going). Use rain in places with droughts. Use healing when someone you care about is bleeding or badly injured and won’t be able to make it to the hospital on time. Use castration on all rapists, pedos, and human traffickers. Use ‘forget’ to make people forget something they saw that you don’t want them to know about. Use plant magic to make the world’s greatest garden. And so much more…


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