Garbage Brave – Vol 2 Chapter 4 Part 3

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Part 3


After defeating Catoblepas, we decided to explore this world for a bit and decided to travel with a deadline of one month. On such a journey, I discovered a strange monster that I had never seen before. A reddish-brown mass, like the ground in this wasteland, floated in the air, emitting a pale light and moving slowly.


Race: Earth Elemental, Level 330

Skills: [Earth Magic (3)] [Self Destruction (3)] [Earth Attribute Absorption (3)] [Wind Attribute Resistance (3)] [Fire Attribute Resistance (3)] [Magic Detection (3)]

Attributes: HP [B] | MP [S] | STR [C] | INT [C] AGI [A] DEX [C] LUK [F]


Looking at its status, I wonder if it is some kind of magical creature born from the earth’s energy.

“Earth Elemental? I’ve never seen a monster like that before.”

There was a monster that Antia didn’t even know about, since it was a different world.

“Canaan, that thing can absorb earth attributes. Do you want to try?”

“Yes-nanodesu! I will beat it up!”

That monster’s level is 330, so it’s a good opponent for Canaan in terms of level. How will Canaan fight against an opponent who seems to be more resistant to magic? Canaan has also gotten stronger in the fights so far, so I’m looking forward to it.

I watched Canaan’s fight with great anticipation, but it was a battle of patience, with each side shooting magic at the other. The magic exchange was like boxers stopping in their tracks and punching each other. This one is interesting to watch, but its just like a muscle brain battle.

”Hah, hah… Master, I did it!”

“Y-yeah… Good job…”

The tattered Canaan reported to me with a feeling of satisfaction.


For the moment, I have enjoyed it, so I patted Canaan’s head to reward her.

“Beeze, is there a soul in that one?”

“…No, I don’t see a soul at all.”

As I thought, that thing is a soulless inanimate object.

Since then, we’ve traveled through this world, and there were Wind Elemental when we moved from the wasteland to a grassland, Fire Elemental in the volcanic zone, and Water Elemental at the water’s edge.

Each elemenals has different levels, even if they have the same race name, so it’s essential to use [Detailed Appraisal] to get information in advance. There didn’t seem to be any humans in this world, and although we occasionally saw the demon race, which managed to escape from the town, we never saw any locals.

“Now, a month has passed since we started to explore this world. As originally planned, we’ll be going home now, okay?”

“Master, I have a request!”

“Say it, Canaan.”

”Let me eat the [God’s Supper]!”

Hmm, this is not because she’s the gluttonous Canaan, is it?

“I would like to use my magic to cross the world. For a mage, [Space-Time Magic] is one of the ultimate magic. I would like to use that [Space-Time Magic] and analyze it myself. Please!”

So, it’s a magician trait, huh.

“I don’t mind, but after five minutes, you’ll lose one of your senses.”

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

“Good luck, Canaan-san!” said the sisters.


The reaction seems to be different between the animal-eared sisters and the Beeze and Antia pair. That said, it’s not that the Beeze and Antia pair finds Canaan’s challenge unpleasant; it’s just that the response is basically thin. As far as I am concerned about Antia, she’s pretty sharp against the same ancient breed.

Canaan received the [God’s Supper] with a trembling hand. Perhaps because she was nervous, she looked at the [God’s Supper], which, like the emperor dragon’s meat, was cooked in a roast beef style. The first time, it was in the middle of the battle with Crafton, so it was just grilled meat, but this time, I cooked it properly.

”The food is glowing…”

“It’s beautiful.”

Just as the animal-eared sisters said, the roast beef style [God’s Supper] is glowing and appealing.

“Then, I’ll eat it …hamu… ueeee, it’s bad…”

The last time I had it, it wasn’t good either. I thought it tasted terrible back then because I was in a hurry, but this time is the same. So if that’s the case, then the [God’s Supper], as the name suggests, is a dish for the gods, so maybe it’s not for our taste.

Canaan glowed. She must have gained [Space-Time Magic] and activated it. Her magic power swelled up, and a magic circle emerged at her feet, and that magic circle formed several layers.

”It’s a warm and beautiful magic circle, it’s like being embodied by Canaan’s personality herself.”

“Yes, it’s an artistic magic circle. Canaan is a magic prodigy. She is worthy of the name [Mage Queen].”

It’s unusual for Antia to compliment a person. That’s how beautiful the magic circle that Canaan spun was.

I hugged Hannah, Sanya, and Antia and stood beside Canaan.



Is it wrong if I hug them? This magic circle isn’t that big, you know. The magic circle enveloped us, and our vision became whited out.




In a large empty room with white walls and floors, an old man was standing there. At first glance, the old man looks like a good-natured old man, but it’s impossible to read his expression due to his bowed face. If it were Tsukuru or another person, they might think that this would be the room of a god. However, after a while, the old man dropped to one knee on the floor, and the atmosphere in the room changed and became tense.

“Temas, has the hero awakened?”

There is only one old man in this room. So, is the old man talking to himself? The voice came out of nowhere. It was as if he was really in God’s space.

“My apologies. No heroes have yet awakened.”

Temas seemed to be an old man, but the strain in his voice showed that the owner of the unseen voice was a superior being to Temas.

The heroes were the classmates summoned along with Tsukuru. Perhaps because the heroes came across time and space, even if they were initially heroes, their levels didn’t develop as it was, even after they reached a peak at level 100.

Temas and the others call it awakening. Unlike Tsukuru, who broke through the limit by slaughtering an enemy with an overwhelming level difference, they don’t know how they can break through the limit, or the conditions under which they can do so.

Temas and the owner of the mysterious voice seem to want the heroes to awaken. It’s still unknown why they want to awaken the hero, but it will be a dream for anyone to make them a force to be reckoned with.

“Are the heroes this time also a failure? Well, whatever, summon the next hero.”

It was somewhat anticlimactic, as he was expecting to be scolded, but it was also scary.

“Ha, as you will.”

Temas lowered his head enough to touch the floor and waited for the unseen owner of the voice to walk away. How could he know that he walked away when he couldn’t see the voice’s owner? It’s easy to do. The sharpness, weight, and temperature of the air change, so it is easy to identify.

“I must gather up those useless heroes. If I make those people the next pillar of heroic summoning, I will be able to summon the heroes immediately.”

The old man stood up. His face was the priest who had abandoned Tsukuru to the Great Borf Forest.

Summoning heroes requires a huge amount of magic power. Gathering magicians of this world would require a thousand or so, but a hundred heroes would be enough. If that was the life of a hundred heroes, it was possible to calculate that the quality of the next heroes to be summoned would also improve.




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  1. Thanks again. Another suggestion, for this chapter: change Element to Elemental. Most fantasy works use “element” to describe the abstract concept of earth or fire or whatever. An “elemental” is a being or spirit that embodies a particular element.

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  2. So they don’t know about the limit break conditions. And they are planning to sacrifice the heroes the got for a new batch. Yeah, Tsukuru needs to go Kratos on their gods’ ass.
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    1. No wonder Amaterasu is pissed at those idiot otherworld gods, they’re even stupider than aqua. At least that goddess of stupidity gives people options.

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  3. So the incompetent god that summoned Tsukuru’s group is planning to recycle heroes to steal more humans from another world? I can’t decide which useless god I hate more now. So far it’s tied with this unnamed idiot god, rodcorte, and vysis.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter.. as always with good translation from you… So they want to summon again? Aight Tsukuru, it’s time for you to save your lover.. smash them


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  6. Hmm! I guess that ‘that mysterious voice’ temas heard was good of humans! Purely guess !

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