Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 73

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Chapter 73


I was in my room, stroking Val’s body as I created the mithril sword. Now that I have the materials, I can use mithril to create weapons, but――

This didn’t quite work out the way I wanted. It seems that it’s difficult to create a mithril sword at my current level. It’s not that it can’t be done, but it’s just that it’s become a rank D to E mithril sword.

My current level is 20.

It may be unavoidable because I haven’t been able to even make equipment with platinum magic ore yet. However, although it was a low probability, there were times when I saw a rank-B mithril sword. I mean, it’s not like I can’t do it at all.

Every day before I go to bed, I consume all my magic and create it. The highest rank today was a C-rank.

…I should have quit when it was a B-rank.




Those days lasted for about a week. My level has risen to level 22 now. Could it be because of the difficulty of creating a mithril sword? I felt like it was growing fast.

However, I don’t feel like an S-rank mithril sword will be completed at all. I had no idea that it would be so hard to create. Maybe it’s because I’ve raised my level, but I’m seeing B-ranks here and there.

However, I haven’t even had an A-rank yet. I wonder if there is a limit to rank by level? Shall I settle with a B-rank for now? I can also rebuild it later, after all. However, there’s a part of me that feels like I’ve come this far.

Two more days passed, and then it was time to repeat. I stopped my hand when I was about to use my hammer to turn it back into the material, as it had become a streamlined process.

“S Rank!”

After the A-rank was done, it came out suddenly, and I unintentionally raised my voice. Val, who was gently wagging his tail in my lap, suddenly swung his tail in surprise. He slapped my cheek.

…Reflecting on the fact that I had suddenly raised my voice, I held the S-rank mithril sword in my hands. It’s a single-edged sword with a blue blade. I pull it out of its sheath and check it a few times. There are 300 skill grant points left. And after granting the enhancement type skill, I tried to shake the sword several times.

It’s so light. Is it really possible to slay the enemy with this? The sword is so light that such anxiety comes to mind. I want to try it.

With that thought in my mind, I quickly ran out of the room. Originally, today was my day off. Val also followed me in a huff.




I came to the guild and started looking for a request while holding Val.

”Oh, Relius. Don’t you work at the inn today?”

It was Warrior-san who came to greet me. He came with other adventurers. It’s a party that he says he’s working with. There were four of them, with Warrior-san and another one being ranked E. The other two are ranked D.

When I come to the guild, I sometimes meet the people I had fought with before, just like now.

With a light greeting, his companions made their way to the bulletin board. Only Warrior-san remained before me.

“Yes, I just came. Did Warrior-san also come to take a request? Or, did you want to go to the labyrinth?”

“Yeah, we’re supposed to go to the labyrinth. Well, it’s a different story if there are any tasty requests.”

Depending on the circumstances of the day, it’s either a request or a labyrinth.

”But the fact that it’s not the first thing in the morning means that it’s already almost confirmed that you will go to the labyrinth, isn’t it?”

“I guess.”

Requests are basically posted the first thing in the morning. Good requests―those that pay well, or have good clients (cute or cool)―are usually taken right away. That’s why many of the remaining requests are the ones that people don’t want to accept. There were many such things as that as far as I could see.

“Is Relius still acting alone as usual?”


”Hahaha, my bad, my bad. You were with Val, huh?”

Val, who was in my arms, raised his voice. Val had come to the guild with me a few times, and he already acquainted with the four people I’d teamed up with before.

They also knew he was a dragon, which was rare in this city, but still not so crazy as a pet. I was a lucky man in that I was able to find a dragon’s egg, and it had become a small topic of conversation within the guild.

“But I mean, even if you go with Val… You’re still a party of one person, right?”

”Basically, yes. In my case, there’s a part of me that still wants to work at the inn.”

”Ah, that’s right. Couldn’t you aim higher if you only work as an adventurer?”

“I don’t know. But I’m hoping to take it slow at my current pace.”

It’s not that there’s a need to be so urgent. The only thing that bothered me a little bit was that I would like to fight against a different kind of monster.

My adventurer life didn’t change much because I became an E-rank adventurer. However, as it is now, I can’t get any new monster materials, because the city is peaceful these days. Well, that’s a good thing, actually, but I can’t get new materials because no monsters are moving in and out.

There would also be a combination of monster materials that would enhance the weapon I made. There is a possibility that, depending on the combination, I can make something stronger than the current one. However, there is only an E-rank labyrinth that I challenged with Mear-san in this area. And it also needs to travel out for a few days.

Warrior-san’s companions came with the request form. He then excused himself while laughing and joined his party.

A party, huh? I’m with Val, but it’s not that I don’t long to be with more people like them. I confirmed my request, checked only what I could easily accomplish outside, and then headed out of the city.

After walking for a while, I spotted a group of goblins. The number is six. It’s a little tough, isn’t it?

The skills granted to my current equipment were solidified with those that strengthened physical abilities, rather than things like wrapped with a poisonous attack. This is what I used to use when I teamed up with Warrior-san and the others.

Let’s keep switching skills for safety first. I’m sure I’ll be okay with that. Besides. I also had a desire to test the power of the mithril sword by taking on this number.




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