Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 74

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Chapter 74


Fighting the six goblins was a test for me. I was able to move only that much in the fight with the rabbit kangaroo before. Now, I’m sure I can reach a higher level. With that thought, I clench my sword.

“Val, you’ll have to wait and see. I want to fight on my own.”


Val looked at me as if he also wanted to fight. However, I guess he understood my feelings, so he waited at a little distance.

“Next, we’ll fight together if we find another enemy.”


Val nodded vigorously at me. I took one look at Val, then returned my gaze to the goblins… and moved closer.

The goblins seem to have noticed my appearance as well. They’re staring at me. It appears that none of them are attacking with magic or from long range. All of them are rushing towards me.

As soon as I get to the front of them, the goblins that had been frozen in place have separated. Each of them is moving to surround me. When I took one look at them, two of the goblins rushed in. I guess the plan is to use these two as decoys to attack my blind spots and places that are difficult for me to respond to.

I swung my mithril sword at the goblins in front of me. The goblins had a club with them―wait, I feel I just cut it so easily. The sword pierced the goblin’s body as if it had no resistance.

It took a moment for the goblin to look surprised. The mithril sword cuts off the goblin’s arm without any resistance. I am surprised that it was that easy.

…It’s a mischievously powerful sword. If I make a slight mistake in handling it, it’s almost likely to cause damage to me as well.

I quickly put the sword back and swung it further once more. I raised the sword diagonally and slashed across the goblin’s neck. As I kept my distance from the goblin that spurted out blood and fell, the goblins surrounding me rushed in in a panic.

…So slow. I was able to keep up with the rabbit kangaroo’s movements, and now that I possessed a large number of skills, I had no problem fighting it.

I dodged all of the goblin’s attacks and swung my sword down one after another from the goblins that showed an opening.

…It’s so light and sharp that I’ve become absorbed in it.

Once I got used to this, the difference in performance was so great that the swords I had made so far were just like a toy. So this is the power of the mithril. I’ve heard that mithril is said to increase the power of skills and is often processed as an accessory.

If so, how about the power of the Bone Shot?

I pointed my sword at the escaping goblin and fired the Bone Shot. In an instant, a bone made from the magic power that was released spun like a boomerang and caught the goblin’s back.

…The effect of mithril makes it feel a bit more powerful than before. However, I think the impact is not that big, so it’s not that wonderful. For an effect of this degree, it would be no different with or without it.

The remaining goblins fell on their butt and looked at me. Yep, it’s difficult for me to do it if they’re frightened like that, but―they’re monsters. In the end, I finished them and dismantled them all.


Val, who had been watching in the distance, jumped towards me. I caught him and patted his head.

“Thanks, Val. Because of you watching over me, I can move freely.”


“I know. Next time we’ll fight together.”

For now, I was able to confirm the performance of the mithril sword. Definitely, it’s different from my previous weapons. Of course, it’s a very powerful weapon, but I’ll have to get stronger myself to master it.

From the next battle, I’ll try to use equipment without skills. The reason for this is because I wanted to confirm my current raw power. Also, I’ll be checking the details, such as the state where I only have one skill.

For now, I found out that I can fight against goblins without any problems, even without any skills. It’s incredible how well I was able to stand up against even a group of opponents. And that the performance of the body-strengthening skills would decrease as the number of skills increased. Well, I knew this. With only one on and the second one on, it doesn’t change that much.

By the time I finished defeating the goblins and reviewing my skills while checking the changes in my body, it was already evening. I headed to the guild to sell the monster materials I had defeated.

When I arrived at the guild, there was some noise. It was that a request had just been posted on the bulletin board. It was unusual at this time. I went to look at it, it was an urgent request.

“…A horned dragon and a bunch of monsters appeared?”

“Wow, really? So they’re dealing with a whole slew of attacks and need some extra adventurers to help out, huh?”

The content was like that. Currently, it seems that many monsters have appeared a few days east of here, and the neighboring villages and towns are being affected. However, considering the scale of the damage, perhaps the knights are also dispatched. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the adventurers will have to deal with it alone.

If I look at it closely, there were requests other than fighting monsters. It’s to support the evacuees. Currently, there is no place to receive the refugees, and they are trying to deal with them by setting up tents outside the town. Mainly, it’s responsible for watching over them at night. Anyway, it seems that they are in need of help.

Then, a nearby adventurer loosened his mouth.

“The rewards are pretty good. I’ll take it.”

“…Well, it’s not so easy, you know? I’ve done something like this once, but the locals are quite difficult, so I got tangled up with them pretty badly.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. Food is also limited. So when they saw us eating, they complained.”

“I see…”

Food, huh? They probably don’t even have enough food to receive the refugees. That’s why they wanted to use the adventurers to hunt the monsters in the labyrinth and secure food and other things.

It was while I was listening to the adventurers around me, someone tapped my shoulder.

“Ah, as I thought, it was Relius.”

I turned around and saw Thief-san. Next to him is Warrior-san.

“Ah, you guys, what’s up?”

“No, it was kinda noisy when I came to the guild. I met Warrior at the entrance just now.”

“Oh, I’m just here to settle the earnings for today. Well, that’s a tough thing to do when you’re in a low position.”

I guess there’s some sort of role at the party.

“It seems there’s a pretty daunting request.”

I took a glance at the request form. Warrior-san and Thief-san also looked at it. Then I briefly explained the details of the request to them, but they shook their heads.

“I’m sure this is a tough request. I think I’ll pass.”

“Me too, I guess. If someone’s in trouble, I want to help, but it’s not so easy. What about you, Relius?”

“I’m also not sure if I’m going to do it. Many things must be prepared, right?”

We moved away from the bulletin board. It was no use looking at it forever. And that was when we left the guild. Thief-san clapped his hand.

“Ah, yes. Relius, I have a little favor to ask you… can you hear it?”

“What is it?”

“You see. Is it possible for you to make me some throwing knives? Of course, I will pay you, but…”

“…Eh? A weapon?”

I asked him in return, and he nodded.

“I thought I could use them from the middle distance. When I saw Relius fighting, I thought it would be useful.”

“…I see. That’s fine. How many would you like me to prepare for you?”

“Really? Alright, for now, can you just prepare me five of them?”

“Sure. Leave it to me.”

Thief-san smiled happily. I didn’t expect to receive an order for a weapon. Of course, I was hoping for this to happen.

“Ah, Relius! Can you make me one, too? Other than an ax, I also wanted a weapon that could be used for maneuvering!”

“Really? Okay, then. Do you need a sword or something?”

“Oh! If you could, please!”

Warrior-san also put his hands together and bowed to me. Of course, I’m going to make them since I was asked to do so.

…Weapons for two people, huh? I’ll have to do my best to make them.




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