Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Side Story 2

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Side Story 2 – The Heroes


The flash that Lynn swung at tore through the werewolf’s body. The werewolf that existed within the labyrinth stopped its life activities with that blow, and its body disappeared like a mist. All that was left was a single magic stone and material.

“Lynn, if you’re done with that one, help me with this one too!”

“Okay, I’m coming!”

Lynn ran to Benny, who was also partying with her. Next to Benny, there was a girl who looked like she was about to die.

“I can’t do it anymore… I feel like I’m going to throw up…”

Her name is Nina. The girl, who has one eye hidden by her bangs, had a face that looked like she was about to cry. Nina also had a hero occupation, but she was much more vulnerable than Lynn and Benny.

The werewolf was closing in on Nina, but Lynn tore into its body.

“Are you alright, Nina!”

“T-thank you very much…”

Nina sighed in relief and pointed her divine treasure, the Fire Manipulation Staff, at the werewolf.

“Awawawawa!” Nina was in a panic and was unable to successfully activate the skill. But then, Lynn pushed on her shoulder.

“Calm down. Do it slowly but surely.”


Nina was finally ready for her skills as Lynn calmed her down. After a few moments of skill casting time, fire flooded out of Nina’s staff. The hellfire engulfed the werewolf.

Lynn and Benny rushed through the fire that Nina had created. Nina’s fire only burns what she designates. The combination of Nina’s hero power and the power of her staff could be said to be a special move in a group battle.

There were four werewolves that Benny was dealing with, but they were burned down at once by Nina’s fire. When the werewolves were wiped out, Benny huffily loosened her mouth and carried her ax.

The divine treasure Benny held was a giant ax. Benny’s body was so small that it looked like she was going to be crushed by it, but Benny was able to lift it lightly with her hero’s strength. Then, she put the divine treasure inside her body.

“Geez. I never thought that werewolves would appear here.”

“That’s true. That’s what they say about the floor around here being strong, right?”

“U-ugh… I’m going to die. I don’t like it. Please let me go back to my parents’ house…”

Nina utters those words as she cries. However, ignoring Nina’s whining, Benny and Lynn continue to talk. Nina rather quickly utters the words “Impossible” and “I want to go home”. Therefore, the two of them were also completely used to dealing with Nina.

“Are we on the thirty-second floor now?”

While saying that, Lynn was stroking the magic stone in the necklace hanging from her neck. Ever since Relius gave it to her, Lynn began to stroke the necklace every time she had time to spare.

“Yeah, you’re right. Well, I can still proceed somehow.”

“Eeh, Benny, I thought you didn’t want to help me.”

“It’s because I have some free time.”

Lynn smiled and hugged Benny from behind, and she poked her on the cheek. Benny’s cheeks puffed out sullenly at being treated like a child.

Nina glanced at Benny and reached out with her index finger to poke her on the cheek. She poked it once. Benny glares at her. Nina quickly breaks away from her gaze, and when Benny’s gaze is off, she pokes her cheek again.

“Don’t treat people like children!”

Unable to bear it anymore, Benny raised her hands on the spot. She took out her ax, which she had once put away, and swung it around menacingly. Benny’s arm swings around like a spoiled child. Nina and Lynn saw that and were slightly soothed again.

“Geez. The two of you should be a little more serious. We shouldn’t lose to the other heroes!”

“Eeh, but that’s just Benny’s own scuffle. Isn’t that right? Nina?”

“…T-that’s right. They give me sweets sometimes.”

“What’s wrong with you! That’s bullshit! They made a fool of me!”

Benny gets angry suddenly, shakes her fist in the air and declares, “Come on, let’s go!”.

Benny walks off, pointing her finger towards the labyrinth. Lynn and Nina let out a small breath and followed her.




There are three labyrinths in the Knight Training Academy. They are all artificially created labyrinths. In the innermost part of the general labyrinth, there is a crystal.

By capturing the lowest floor and removing the crystal from its base, you can capture the labyrinth completely, and the labyrinth will disappear 30 days after the crystal is removed. Therefore, when conducting a complete capture, the guild will take the initiative in making plans.

The crystal contains an enormous amount of energy. In the past, when wars were waged, many weapons were created using these crystals. However, there is only one way to use the crystals today, and that is to create a labyrinth.

The research was done to see if it was possible to create an artificial labyrinth by using the crystal, and now it is possible to create an artificial labyrinth. However, the probability of success was extremely low; there were only three artificial labyrinths in the Knight Training Academy, while the number of crystals collected so far exceeded double digits.

The crystals had a large amount of information about the labyrinth engraved on them. Although not all of it had been analyzed yet, there was information on the structure of the labyrinth, information about monsters, and materials. In other words, the crystals contained numerous detailed information about the labyrinth.

Whenever possible, the researchers translated the information into modern language and inscribed it on the crystal. Only about ten of the crystals were able to maintain their integrity as the script changed. After that, there were three that functioned properly as labyrinths. Those were the three labyrinths that were currently in the Knight Training Academy.

These were separated by difficulty levels. Firstly, the labyrinths that were equivalent of F to D ranks were for basic training. Then there were the C and B rank labyrinths with a slightly increased level of difficulty. Then there were the A and S rank labyrinths for top-tier cultivation.

All the labyrinths were up to fifty floors, and the greater the number, the higher the difficulty. The labyrinth that Benny and the others were currently challenging was a C and B rank labyrinth. And the reason they were challenging it was simple――

“The werewolf we defeated was stronger! We have defeated a unique monster!”

“Huh? You were the one who said it was a quantity match!”

Benny shouted out, there are two beautiful girls in front of her. One was a woman with blonde hair in a drill style―Ruby. She’s also a hero. Ruby and Benny stared at each other.

Watching them with a wry smile was Lynn and a hero who worked with Ruby―Tilfa. She has boyish hair that cut around her shoulders. She is a hero who has attracted a lot of support from the women in the school.

“I’m sorry about Benny. She didn’t mean to look for a fight.”

“No, no, no. I’m sorry, too, because Ruby is the one who started the fight.”

Benny and Ruby have a terrible relationship.




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  1. It’s getting more and more suspicious 😕😏 After hearing Bishop’s story of Blacksmith killing 5 heroes! And now that more than one(5 heroes) are there at a single time and a blacksmith at that too! I think that MC prefer 5 heroes( supposedly all girls){At least 3 are confirmed} in his harem that a disaster as killed all 5 heroes or something similar like that!😏😏😏😏

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      1. Considering the many illustrations, and the cover, where Lynn is with our MC and his harem, laughing happily, it’s unlikely, but not impossible…

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