Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 3 Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – Departure for the temple of a job change?


After purchasing food and other supplies, it was time for our departure. At the gate of the demon king’s castle, the demon king, the shop fairy, and Cruz-san came to see us off.

“As a parting gift, I will give you a potion I made. It’s very effective, so you should use it when you’re seriously injured.”

“The great alchemist’s potion, huh! Thank you.”

Cruz-san gave me and Lusha three potions each. Judging from what he said about using them for serious injuries, this would be an advanced potion. I’m very grateful for this since we never know what we’ll find in the dungeon.

“Come to think of it, which route will you take to get to tangerine? Is it the sea route?”

“No, we’re going to go by land through the dungeon.”

I shake my head in response to the shop fairy’s question and tell her the itinerary. The route that Lusha and I plan to take is a dungeon that we gave up on because of the difficulty when we came to this apricot continent.

I decided after talking with Lusha that we could capture it now since our levels have risen.

“Ooh, you’re going through that dungeon, huh? I’m sure you two can handle it, but still, be careful.”

“I’ve learned some new skills, so we’ll try to conquer it! Thank you.”

I can feel the enthusiasm from Lusha to definitely proceed.

And finally, the demon king stood in front of us. The traces of the shabby face she had when we first met were nowhere to be found. She is a respectable demon king now.

“The next time we meet, Lusha will be a hunter already, and I’m sure Hiroki will be more polished in his evasion… I’m going to improve my magic skills too, so then let’s go to the dungeon together again.”

“Yeah, right. With the two of you, there doesn’t seem to be a monster that can’t be defeated.”

“Yup, yup, I’ll be a hunter, and I’ll come back to visit.”

“Well then, see you later. Thank you for everything!”

I thanked the three of them for seeing us off, and we left the demon king’s castle.

Now we are going to the hunter’s temple. We’re going to tangerine by land, so it’s a long way to cross the apricot continent again.

“This time, it would be nice to try the pacaloo instead of riding in a horse-drawn carriage.”

“I’m fine with that, but are you okay, Hiroki? It didn’t go well with Tito-sama’s pacaloo and…”

Lusha said that she’s kind of concerned, and I replied about my concern too.

“I thought I wasn’t the type of person to be hated by animals like that… and I think it would be handy if I could ride it, so I will do my best to take it little by little.”

“I suppose. Maybe there’s a pacaloo who’s attracted to Hiroki.”

While talking about that, we came to the dungeon to get out of town. Pino and the others said it’s a hassle, but it’s definitely a hassle to have to go through the dungeon every time we go in and out.

But well, if we think of it as a way to level up, it’s not that bad.


“Hmm? Eh, Ren, Ruri!”

When I was suddenly called out, I noticed Ren and Ruri were standing there. While wondering why they were here, I headed toward them to talk to them.

“Long time no see, Ruri!”

“I’m glad that Lusha is looking well too.”

The two girls are happy to see each other again, so I ask Ren what’s going on. He must have known we were going to the demon king’s castle, so there’s a high possibility that something happened and they were chasing after us.

Ren explained the situation while distorting his expression as if he was troubled.

“Actually… the king of piznutt kingdom said to me, [So you still can’t defeat the demon king!]

“Ah, he finally lost his temper…”

I gasped and muttered, and Ren nodded.

“So, we were forced to go back to piznutt once. I don’t know why, but I guess it was just to hear his complaints?” said Ren.

“It’s troublesome. I wish we could ignore it, but I guess we can’t.” said Ruri with a frustrated look.

“Yeah. I don’t mind helping out, and it’s a country that has clues about our return, but maybe it’s easier than staying here without being able to defeat the demon king.”

“You’re right.”

Ren has been held by the king of piznutt… the name was, uhm, Joseph? He can’t escape from that country because of the contract bracelet. I need to get rid of it since that’s the only way I can repay Ren for getting me out of prison. I’ll have to get to know people who are familiar with such magic tools and find a way to disarm it as well…

As I was thinking about it, Lusha, who also heard from Ruri, slammed the desk.

“Hiroki, let’s go to piznutt! I know we’re just on our way to tangerine, but there’s no way I can leave them alone!”

“Are you sure? It’s going to slow down your job change, but…”

“Not at all! My friends are more important!”

Although she can be a hunter, it seems that Lusha has decided to help Ren and Ruri now. I wanted to do the same, so I’m very grateful to her for that.

“Well then, let’s go together and find a way to break Ren’s contract bracelet.”

“Yup, that would be great!”

Ren and Ruri blink their eyes when they see Lusha, who is full of enthusiasm.

“Lusha, you’re so dependable.”

“Thank you. It’s because I’ve been blessed with good friends, too.”

For now, we’ve decided to travel together, and I tell them that I’ve got a few clues to the magic circle. I still don’t know where to use it, but it’s a key that seems to have some connection to what Cruz-san told me about people who use magic circles.

“That’s great, Hiroki. We don’t have any kind of information regarding this.”

“No, I’m just lucky, that’s all. But it’s going to be hard to gather information, so I guess it’s a long process. I guess I need to go to different places and talk to various people.”

It would be nice if we are fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of someone who has the information, but I don’t know if it will work out that way. Finding a way to get information about the magic circle and return to Japan is going to be a lot more difficult than I thought.




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    1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

      I wanted to know if there exists a class higher than Priest.

      On an unrelated note, I fantasized about being a character in this story and increasing my Evasion and Speed stats—also doting on the cute Tito for a bit.

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  1. Cheers for the chapter, and all your hard work!

    One wonders why they dont just return the demon capital and ask there… I mean if there would ever be curse breakers or master toolsmiths, you would think the continent with the highest magic quality would have a few…


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