Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 4 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Let’s get through the dungeon first.


An arrow goes flying with great force and luckily hits a monster. It was Lusha who fired the arrow, and as soon as Ren saw it, he swung his sword at the rest of the monsters, and Ruri used her magic to finish it.

Hmm, I don’t have a chance at all.

The place we’re in now is the “Undersea Dungeon” that connects the apricot and loquat continents. Previously, we were unable to capture this dungeon due to our lack of strength, so we tried going through it this time when we were on our way back home, but… but this time our firepower is stronger than it should’ve been. It was too overwhelming.

And that’s because this time we had two more extraordinary party members. As I think about it, my gaze unconsciously turns to the three people in front of me.

The first to strike a blow is the archer Lusha Plum, who is also my partner. She has long elven ears peeking out of her pinkish honey-coloured hair. Her crisp, pearl pink eyes are girl-ish and cute, but she’s actually quite a tomboyish one.

She is equipped in a yellow-green colour with a pink ribbon. At her waist, she wears a loop of material that creates arrows, and she carries a large bow. Since her entire status is assigned to her attack value, her blows are powerful.

The wizard, Ruri Takanashi, uses high-powered magic mercilessly. She is a third-year high school girl who, the same as me, was summoned and came from Japan. She has long, glossy black hair and strong-willed black eyes. She pretends to be ladylike, but her guts are quite firm.

She is dressed in a purple-based dress robe and carries a short staff. In addition to attack magic, she has detection skills such as [Search], which is reassuring.

Directly dealing with the monsters is Ren Watanabe, a hero and vanguard. Similarly to Ruri and me, he is one of the summoned individuals. Among us, Ren has gained the status of a hero, and because of his gentle nature, he is often standing in a difficult position.

He has lightly pigmented, brown hair and a well-defined face. He seems to be well-liked in this other world and is loved by knights and popular with women.

All three of them have been faithful companions to me. And Lusha is my partner who has been travelling with me.

This time, there were two major outcomes from going to the demon continent. First is, I was able to break Ren’s curse. And the second is, when I met the demon king that we were ordered to defeat, I was able to get along with her as a pacifist gamer.

However, the only regrettable thing is that I didn’t get as much information about the magic circle to return to Japan as I thought I would. The demons are said to have an abundance of magic power, so they don’t need to use a magic circle. Nowadays, it seems to be a forgotten ancient magic…

For starters, the next step is to gather information in the tangerine kingdom. But first, there’s one thing I need to do. That is to destroy the contract bracelet on Ren’s arm.

In order to save me from being thrown into jail alone, Ren has made a contract with Joseph Piznutt, the king of the country who summoned us. The content of the contract is simple: you can’t go out of the country without the king’s permission. It might not be that bad, but it’s hard to have restrictions on your actions in this other world. Because even if something happens, only Ren can’t escape from the country.

By the way, there are three continents in this world—the apricot continent, where the demons live. The tangerine continent is inhabited by beastmen, and the loquat continent, where humans live.

In apricot and tangerine, the demon king and the beast king reign supreme, respectively. But only in loquat, there are several more countries within it, each with its own king. One of them is the piznutt kingdom who has summoned us.

…Lusha recently told me about this.

“Hiroki, I’ve seen the boss’ room~.”

“Eh, it’s early…”

“We have Ren and Ruri, after all, And I am also getting stronger now!”

Lusha calls out to me happily, and I’m a little surprised to see that we’ve already arrived at the boss room. There is a boss at the end of the dungeon, and beyond that is a treasure chest and a teleport device that will take you back to the entrance of the dungeon.

“When I came here before, the boss here was… um, something like Poseidon.”

“It looked like a rugged old man.”

As Ren tells us as he remembers, Ruri nods in agreement.

I laughed thinking about it, as expected of an undersea dungeon boss. The opponent’s attribute is water, so the advantageous attribute against it is wind attribute… Nevertheless, with Lusha and Ruri here, I think we can beat any attribute without difficulty.

“Hiroki, do you have a plan?”

“No, Ren and Ruri had beaten it before, right? So what did you do then?”

I asked Ren, thinking that he must have beaten it without any particular struggle.

“We’ ve been struggling quite a bit because of its human-like appearance. You see, most monsters are more like animals, right?”

“Yeah, certainly.”

According to Ren, it’s a monster with the most human-like appearance he’s ever seen. It must have been tough for a Japanese who had been a college student in peace until he was summoned.

“You managed to defeat it, right?”

“Yeah. Or rather, Ruri’s magic makes it easier.”

“I thought you were struggling.”

“I am.”

Apparently, the ladies at our party are more relentless. No, I knew it thinly, but… I thought that there was no need to be particularly vigilant, but then Lusha raised her hand.

“Yes, Lusha?”

“Maybe it’s selfish, but…”


“Why don’t Hiroki and I give it a try with just the two of us? We couldn’t conquer this dungeon the last time we came here, so…”

With her long ears twitching, Lusha looks at Ren and Ruri. Since we’re a party of four, she’s probably feeling bad about asking them to let us beat it with just the two of us. I don’t mind too much, but as I thought that, sure enough, Ruri replied, “I don’t mind it.”

“I don’t mind, either. We’ve fought it once, and I don’t think there’s anything for Lusha to feel sorry for.”

“Yes. I think it’s good to have the experience.”

“Thanks, you guys.”

We got permission, and Lusha’s face lit up with enthusiasm.

So, it’s a pairing match between Lusha and me in the boss room.

“Well then, let’s go. [Shield], [Regeneration].”

I put my support skills back on everyone, and then it’s time to go. I opened the door decorated with shells and coral, and standing in the center is the boss of this room―Poseidon.

Just like Ren and Ruri said, it is indeed a monster with an appearance similar to a human, an old man. If anything, it might be closer to a half-fishman. It has a large spear in its hand and has a fin.

“For now, I’ll take a look at the situation, so Lusha, please wait until I give you the signal.”


As I stepped in front of Poseidon, it swung its large spear at me.


But, well, it’s not going to hit me. This is because I’m an evasion healer. My exact occupation is priest, but I’ve heard there are no humans who have this job, so I’ll pretend to be a lower-tier job, a healer.

It’s an ideal type that not only provides recovery and support but can also make use of its evasion status to become a vanguard.

“This rugged old man seems to have a high attack power, but it’s not that quick, so avoiding it is a piece of cake.”

If the enemies were more than one or specialized in speed, it would be dangerous―but if the monster is alone, I wouldn’t be so far behind.

“Lusha, it looks like it’s safe for you to attack it.”

“Understood! [Create Arrow]!”

Lusha used her skills to create an arrow, and then she turned on her bow and shot it―but unfortunately, it didn’t hit the Poseidon. Why, you ask? It’s because Lusha’s status value is extremely swinging for the attack, and her accuracy status value is 1. But because of that, the power of her blow is immense.

As I was cheering for Lusha, Poseidon attacked me swinging its spear.


Well, of course, it doesn’t hit. Then Lusha fires five arrows at us in one go. As an evasion healer, Lusha’s arrows can’t hit me, so I only look at the Poseidon. This time, one arrow hits.

“I hit it!”


It hit the Poseidon’s shoulder and made its body wobble. The arrow went through, so it must have done quite a bit of damage. But in the next moment, the jewel on the spear carried by the Poseidon glowed.


And then, a ray of light hit my arm. If I couldn’t avoid it, does that mean it was a powerful skill attack…? But it doesn’t hurt in particular. And then I thought, my arm just seems to be numb.

…I don’t see any particular inconvenience in avoiding it or using my skills. It seems it was just a mere paralysis attack, so I decided not to worry about it. If this happened to a normal vanguard, they would have been fully beaten up by the spear as it was, but not to me.


As I easily avoided the follow-up spear, Lusha’s voice reached my ears from behind.

[Wind Arrow]!!”

It’s a wind-clad, attribute attack. Moreover, this attack skill has good merit for Lusha, who has low accuracy. It’s a good thing that it’s clad in the wind, so the area around the arrow is also included in the attack range.

The arrow missed and slipped past Poseidon’s side, but the wind it was clothed in slashed its body as if it were carving it. Then, with breathless speed, the next arrow flew in and stabbed into Poseidon―knocking it down.

Seeing the giant body fall, I stretched out to see that it was an easy win.

“Yay! Hiroki, we beat it!”


Lusha comes over to me happily and looks at the Poseidon that we defeated. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the magic stone, but we were able to get the spear. For now, we have no use for it, so I’m going to put it away in my magic bag.

“You defeated it so easily.”

“As expected, Lusha’s bow is powerful.”

Ren laughed, saying it was as expected, and Ruri also praised Lusha. Even Lusha and I defeated it easily, so if the four of us had fought, I’m sure it would have been an instant kill. Hey. It’s so easy to think that we can defeat any monster.

―More importantly.

“Let’s open the treasure chest.”


Speaking of defeating the boss, it’s treasure chest time. We proceeded to the next room and came to the treasure chest placed in the center. When we opened it, we found the skill acquisition book, magic stones and money. The lack of rare items is disappointing, but it’s not something that can be obtained so easily…

Ruri, who was looking at the items that came out, picked up the skill acquisition book and handed it to me.

“Why don’t you use it, Hiroki?”

“Eh, me? As expected, there’s only one book, and it’s not easy to―.”

“Agreed! I think Hiroki should use it!”

“I think that’s fine too. Hiroki is in a support role, so isn’t it a good idea for him to learn the skills?”

I tried to ask them to think about it properly and make a decision, but they all agreed that I should be the one to use it. I’m grateful for that, but I’m kind of sorry. Just as I thought that, Ruri said we could get it again. Well, I guess that’s true, too.

“Then, I’ll accept it gratefully. [Heal].”

The skill acquisition book can be activated by using a skill. As a result, only one new skill can be acquired.


You have acquired the skill [Cure].


Whoa! I believe this is an excellent skill to get.

Speaking of Cure, it’s a good skill to recover an abnormal condition. As a support role, being able to learn this skill is a pretty massive advantage. Lusha looked at me excitedly, probably noticing that I looked happy.

“What skill did you learn?”

“It’s [Cure].”

“That’s an abnormality recovery skill! It’s hard to drink potions in combat, so I think it’s great that you have learned the skill!”

I nodded as Lusha shook both my hands happily. If it’s a game, I can easily use the recovery potion with a click, but in the real world, I cannot relax about using it. That’s because the enemies are right in front of you and they’re going to attack you. In that respect, it’s easy to use skills because they’re readily available.

“I do hope that I can enrich my support skills even more. [Cure].”

When I tried it out, the paralyzing abnormality I had just suffered from Poseidon was cured.




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