I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 2 Epilogue Part 2

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Editor: ultrabrandon12

T/n: I’m sorry, I’ve mistaken it, so changed Miwa’s name to Miu now.

Epilogue Part 2


“Okay, we’ve arrived now, but…”

I walked around the area outside of the forest, but I couldn’t see any appearances of Lexia and the others.

“Hmm… Night, did we come a little too early?”


“Hmm? Night?”

I called out to Night, but for some reason, Night just gave a small nod with a murderous sign. Could it be that he’s wary because I’m not paying attention? I have to be more careful.

Just as I decided to do so, I saw something approaching from far away from the forest.

“Hmm? That is…”

If I look closely, I see a gorgeous carriage surrounded by many soldiers.

“Ooh, I’ve never seen a carriage before! But there’s no proper path around here, is it okay?”

I’ve heard that you can ride in a carriage in some places on Earth, but at least I’ve never ridden in one or seen one, so I’m genuinely surprised to see a carriage. However, there is a lot of grass around here, not asphalt, cobblestone, or even gravel roads like on Earth, or anything that is suitable for carriage wheels.

It would normally break down if the carriage drove up here, right?

As I was worried about that, the carriage stopped when it got some distance away, and someone got down from inside and then approached us, followed by the soldiers.

When I got to a position where I could properly see their faces, I realized that the soldiers were Lexia-san’s guards I had met before, and when I looked more closely, I could see Owen-san and Lexia-san as well.

And when they were about to reach me, I noticed something.

…Huh? I was standing here waiting… but shouldn’t I be the one to head towards them? Ugh, I did something terrible…

I can’t help but hold my head up, but Lexia-san and the others are already right in front of me.

…I guess this is what they call being inconsiderate. And the other party is royalty; it’s not going to be disrespectful or anything… right?

As I waited, freaked out and scared, Owen-san noticed me and raised his hand, and then stiffened when he realized something. Hmm? What’s going on?

As I was wondering, Owen-san spoke up while twitching his cheeks.

“A-are you… Yu-Yuuya-dono…?”

“Eh? Oh, I’m sorry! That’s right; it’s me!”

When Owen-san heard my voice, he showed a sigh of relief, and Lexia-san, who was behind him, for some reason had a twinkle in her eyes.

“Yuuya-sama, your helmet is fantastic! It looks great on you!”

“R-really? Thank you very much.”


NyX Translation


“Aah… right. So, Yuuya-dono. What’s that helmet? I don’t think you were wearing it when we met before…”

“This one? On the way here, I ran into a monster called bloody ogre lord, and I got it when I defeated it. It’s the same design as my armor, so I thought it would be just right.”

As I said that, the soldiers who were listening to our conversation began to buzz.

“O-oy, bloody ogre lord, he said…?”

“I think that was the name of the monster that destroyed a small country a long time ago…”

“If it shows up, isn’t that something the country needs to defeat with all of its resources?”

“Yeah, but didn’t he just say he had defeated it as if he’d gone for a walk?”

“he’s in a different dimension…”


Did I say something strange…? Ah, maybe what they are talking about is that this mask actually does suit me? Then I wish you’d say it clearly…

“Hmm! Ah… Yuuya-dono. In any case, we’re going to the royal castle now… is that all right?”

“Oh, yes. It’s fine.”

“I see… Then, once again.”

When Owen-san said that, the soldiers, along with Owen-san himself, took the form of a salute in unison. As I was overwhelmed by the scene, Lexia-san, who was in the center, bowed in a ladylike manner.

“Thank you for accepting our invitation. We will now escort Yuuya-sama to the royal castle.”


Um… I suddenly felt uneasy, but what should I do? Despite my nervousness, Owen-san and Lexia-san try to lead me to the carriage parked nearby.

“Then, over here.”

“Yes… ah, I’m sorry! Please wait a minute!”


I was so swallowed up in the atmosphere of Lexia-san and the others that I forgot to tell them about Night!

“Um, actually, there’s another child I’d like to take with me──.”

“Grrrrrr… awooo!”




Just as I was about to introduce Night, Night, who had been out of sight until now, jumped on Lexia! As I rushed over to Lexia-san, I saw something pass by the place where Lexia-san had been standing a moment ago.

When I turned my gaze to the end of that passing thing, I saw the tree behind where Lexia-san had been standing a moment ago was cut down. If Night hadn’t pushed Lexia-san down, she would be cut down like a tree in front of me right now.

“W-what’s with this dog?”

“Lexia-sama, are you okay?”

“Y-yes. I’m fine, but…”

Despite the stunned Lexia-san and the others, I raised my alertness at once and looked around with Night.

“Night… was it because you were noticing this that you were erasing your presence?”


“I’ve got a lot of questions, but right now we’re going to have to do something about it. In the meantime, let’s take care of the guy who attacked…!”


The moment I said that, I noticed the invisible something that attacked Lexia-san earlier, and I immediately took out the [Omni-Sword] and cut it off. Then, I feel a touch that seems to cut off something. This feeling is…a “Thread”?

Luna’s face passes through my mind, but I quickly shake my head to erase that thought. No… that can’t be her…

“Yuuya-dono! What’s going on here?”

“I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems that someone is after Lexia-san! And the one who pushed down Lexia-san just now is the little guy I wanted to introduce to you; his name is Night..!”

“What? So the dog’s on our side then?”

“Yeah! I’ll explain the details later, so for now; please protect Lexia-san!”

“…I understand!”

For starters, this would reduce my need to devote a little bit of my attention to Lexia-san.

And then…

“…Night. Do you have any idea where the person making this attack is?”


Night replied shortly and ran towards the entrance of the forest. I quickly followed him, and at the same time, I activated the skill [Assimilation], although I was not sure if it would work. And right after we entered the entrance of the Great Devil’s Nest, that person was there.

“Wha….where did they disappear…?”

A figure in a dark green robe looks around busily, apparently having lost sight of us. He has a mask on his face as well, so we can’t see his expression.


“Wha-? Gaaah!”

As I approached the figure from behind, I saved my strength to some extent and blew the figure wide open. The black-masked figure was blown away and hit a tree, knocking him unconscious.

When I approached the person timidly, the mask on his face had fallen to the ground. And then──.

“…Why is Luna…”

The one who was fainting there silently was Luna, who had trained in this Great Devil’s Nest with me. As I looked at Luna, who was fainting in front of me in a daze, I felt the presence of a person approaching from outside the Great Devil’s Nest.



When I turned my gaze towards the presence, Lexia-san ran up towards us. Behind her, I could see Owen-san and the others hurriedly chasing after her, so she must have come here on her own.

When Lexia-san came to us, she turned her attention to Luna, who was unconscious in front of her, and her eyes widened.

“Eh? She’s…”

“…She’s the one who targeted Lexia-san.”

I wondered what I should do, but I still decided to be honest with her. I realized that lying here and defending Luna wouldn’t help. However, Lexia-san, who noticed that I was acting strangely, looks at me with concern.

“Yuuya-sama? Could it be that… this girl is an acquaintance of Yuuya-sama?”


How could Luna… even if I thought about this or that, I wouldn’t get an answer from a fainting Luna. However, if I think about it calmly, there were many things that were strange.

The fact that a normal-looking girl who didn’t have a single weapon and was dressed normally was alone in the Great Devil’s Nest where even Owen-san, the country’s knight and soldier, was in danger, and above all, it’s about Night’s actions before finding Luna.

Probably because Night subconsciously sensed something about Luna, so when he found Luna, he didn’t try to move willingly. When I realized this, I looked at Night and saw that he had an apologetic look on his face. Perhaps he thinks he should have kept me harder when I tried to help Luna. Because then I wouldn’t have to meet Luna and I wouldn’t have to feel like this.

I made a wry smile at Night for caring for me so much and stroked him gently. And then I approached Luna and picked her up as it was.

“…Lexia-san, I’m sorry. Can you wait for a moment?”


“I just want to take care of this girl at my house.”


“Will you allow me to have one last conversation with her? I just can’t see this girl as a bad person by any means…”

I know it’s a ridiculous request that wouldn’t normally be granted. I’m asking her to leave the person who tried to kill her, even if only for a short while. Moreover, Lexia-san is royalty.

Even if I said I wanted Luna, who attacked Lexia-san like that, not only to talk to her but also to treat her, it would normally be──.

“It’s fine.”

“Are you sure?”

I was very surprised to hear her say that so quickly. Are you really sure to decide so easily? In spite of my confusion, Lexia-san laughed like a naughty child and shouted to Owen-san, who was following her from behind.

“Owen! I’m going to Yuuya-sama’s house again for a little while!”


“Huh… Huuuhhhh?”

“Lexia-sama, what are you doing?”

The soldiers were shouting in astonishment just like me. And Owen-san’s face had turned pale. I was also stunned, Lexia-san patted me on the shoulder and said:

“Come on, let’s go quickly! Otherwise, Owen will catch us.”

“Eh, yeah!”

I still can’t understand the situation, leaving me confused, Lexia-san is going deeper and deeper into the Great Devil’s Nest. Seeing that, I realized that she was seriously following me home, so I hurriedly chased after Lexia-san.

Then Lexia-san says to me as I chase after her.

“I’m also curious about what kind of relationship Yuuya-sama and that girl have, so… if I don’t know why, it’s okay if I just go with you, right? And I am also wondering why that girl attacked me, too!”

“A-are you sure? It’s just my subjective opinion that this girl isn’t a bad person, but…”

Yes, in my subjective opinion, I just couldn’t see Luna as a bad person. If she was really a bad person, it could be that Night would have defeated her without question, but…

“I don’t care if it’s subjective or not. I’ll listen to you because I want to hear what you have to say! Just let’s get away from Owen for now!”

Owen-san is approaching from behind us at an incredible speed, with Lexia-san running very happily as she says that.

“Lexia-sama! Wait… are you really going to go? Explain! Please explain it to meeeeee!”

As I heard Owen-san’s voice shouting behind me, I did a dogeza to him in my mind. I’m really sorry. But there are some circumstances over here too…!

I frantically apologized in my mind and grabbed Lexia-san’s hand.

“Eh? Yuuya-sama?”

“We’ re in a hurry, so I’ll use my magic.”


I immediately activated my teleport magic and went straight back home with Lexia-san, Luna, and Night.




“This is… teleport magic!?”

When I returned home with magic, Lexia-san, who hadn’t been able to comprehend the situation at first, rolled her eyes in surprise. While looking at Lexia-san at the side, I move to put Luna to bed in the house in this other world.

And when I put Luna safely to bed, Lexia-san came over.

“…Yuuya-sama. Can you explain it to me?”


NyX Translation


“….Yes. This girl… Luna is a girl I met by chance when I was living my life as usual in this Great Devil’s Nest.”

“By chance?”

“…No, considering what happened this time, maybe it wasn’t a coincidence. Anyway, the fact is, I saved her from being attacked by a group of goblin elites at the entrance of the Great Devil’s Nest. And then we started practicing together for a while.”

At first, I thought she was a mysterious girl, but considering the circumstances, I guess she knew that Lexia-san was coming to this place today, and she was coming to the Great Devil’s Nest as a prelude to aiming for that.

I then told Lexia-san about the training I’ve spent with Luna up until today, and properly explained my relationship with her. And then…

“It’s not fair… it’s not fair!”


“Because she was with Yuuya-sama the whole time when she was training, right? I wish I could be with you, too!”


I don’t know how to respond to this unexpected reaction. However, despite my confusion, Lexia-san suddenly asks me with a serious expression.

”So, what are you going to do with this girl, Yuuya-sama?”

“As I explained to you before we came here, I’m going to treat her, and when she wakes up, I’m going to ask her about this case.”

“But you were supposed to come to the royal castle today, right?”

“That’s… I’m sorry. But I’ll make sure to send Lexia-san to Owen-san properly.”

I had made a promise to Lexia-san, but now I couldn’t leave Luna sleeping in front of me. Did I disappoint her? As I was thinking about this, Lexia-san stood up vigorously.

“I’ve decided! I’ll be here to nurse her too!”


For a moment, I didn’t understand what was being said, and when I raised a dumb voice, Lexia-san said with a glint in her eye.

“If Yuuya-sama doesn’t come to the royal castle in order to take care of this girl, then it’s okay for me to stay here, right?”

“But isn’t Lexia-san a princess…!?”

“All the more so, don’t you think? I can’t just leave the assassin who targeted that princess without being so easily placed under surveillance. So, I’ll take care of her as well as keep an eye on her!”

I can only be stunned by Lexia-san’s declaration.

“This is a bit like we are living together, isn’t it?”

And Lexia-san gave a final, teasing smile.




At the time when Yuuya was involved in a strange incident involving Luna in the other world, there was also talk of Yuuya in the entertainment industry on Earth.

“Hmm… he started keeping a black dog, huh…”

The female director of the agency to which Miu belonged muttered as she sat quietly in her chair.

“…Well, this is becoming more and more of a hot topic. According to Miu, it is an adorable puppy… and either way, there’s still a gap between his appearance. We can target a wide fan base.”

The director’s eyes sharpened, like a predator that had found its prey.

“I won’t let you get away, you know? Yuuya Tenjou…”

──Thus, on Earth as well, Yuuya is unknowingly caught up in a troublesome situation without realizing it.




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