Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 77

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Chapter 77


It was the day of our departure to the city of Lukkos. I was carrying the luggage into Klua-san’s carriage. The actual plan was to use the carriage to carry food and other items, and also to prepare the food here before serving it. But, of course, we needed to carry a certain amount of cargo in the carriage for the part of showing it to those around us.

I’ll be helping Klua-san with that task as I head out in her carriage. Right now, the other merchants here are also carrying their goods into the carriage, perhaps to head to Lukkos, too.

I don’t know any of them, but everyone will now be working for the city of Lukkos. Thinking about that, I could sense a strange sense of unity.

And it was at that time.

“Enough…! And don’t get in!”

A harsh voice resounded. The voice caused everyone to look at it at once. There were two women over there. One was someone I had never seen before, but I knew the other one.

It was Ristina-san.

Ristina-san seemed to have been slapped on the cheek by another woman, and she was holding her cheek. The woman glared at Ristina-san, breathing heavily, and got into the carriage alone.

“P-please wait a minute, Kurutta-san!”

“I’m sorry, but there’s not a seat for you. Well, I’ll take your place.”

After smiling softly, the woman left with the carriage.

Ristina-san’s expression, who was left behind, turned grim. Her fists were shaking and glaring in that direction. I didn’t see the whole situation clearly. The people who had been paying attention to Ristina-san also went back to their own work.

“Excuse me, Klua-san. Can I leave you for a moment?”

“Yes. We’ve finished loading, so it’s okay if you can come back before we leave.”

“I understand.”

With Klua-san’s permission, I headed towards Ristina-san.

Ristina-san’s lips were pursed tightly, but when she noticed me, she looked at me, surprised.


“Eh? Ah, isn’t that Relius-senpai?”

She looked up, and there were tears in the corners of her eyes. When she noticed me, she rubbed her eyes.

“W-what’s wrong?”

“That should be my line… What happened? That woman who was just here, she was so menacing.”

“…Ah, um. That person is my senior.”

“…Senior from the theater?”

“Yes. She was always the one who usually played the main role… since I became the main role this time. Her attitude suddenly changed…”

“So you’re saying that she didn’t even give you a ride in the carriage?”

“…Yes. We have a lot of luggage in the carriage we’re using for the theater group, and the members of the theater group will be riding in the merchant’s carriage… but, it seems like that person had arranged it with the merchant.”

“What about the other carriages?”

“Um, I think they’ve already left.”

“…I see. Then would you like to go with our carriage?”

“Eh? …Come to think of it, Relius-senpai said he was heading there too, right? I-is it okay?”

“The owner is very kind, and I’m sure she’ll be fine if I talk to her about it.”

“T-then, please!”

“Yes. Can you follow me?”

Ristina-san exhaled in relief and walked next to me. Then when I returned to Klua-san, she glanced at me.

“…You are the lady from before. Relius-san, did you know each other?”

“Yes. Because of that circumstance, I heard that she couldn’t ride in that carriage anymore, so can you let her ride with us?”

“So that’s it. I guess it’s okay.”

The moment Ristina-san heard those words, her eyes lit up.


“Y-yes… by the way… what is your relationship with Relius-san?”

Klua-san glances at Ristina-san. Relationship between Ristina-san and me? It would be nothing more than a mere co-worker. But Ristina’s eyes narrowed in amusement. Then she hugged my arm.

“We’re boyfriend and girlfriend!”

“Eh? Really?”

Klua-san’s eyes widened in surprise. What on earth is this girl talking about! I shook off Ristina-san’s arm and smacked her once on the head. Of course, it was adjusted.

As I did so, Ristina-san’s expression also softened a bit.

…Well, she’s more suitable for this expression.

“Klua-san, Ristina-san is my junior at the inn. Her personality is that of a person whose purpose in life is to tease people.”

“What a terrible introduction. The only person I would ever tease is only Relius-senpai.”

That’s why it was even worse. As I sighed in amazement, Klua-san looked at us intently.

“I’m Klua. I have a contract with Relius-san as a merchant and craftsman. Nice to meet you.”

“…Merchant, contract. You mean business partners?”

I gave the nod to Ristina-san, who looked at me.

“Something like that.”

Ristina-san nodded in understanding. Then she exhaled lightly and laughed.

“I thought Relius-senpai had a girlfriend. I thought she was ahead of me.”

“…Ahead? Huh, didn’t you say you had a boyfriend before?”

“Ahh… no, well, that’s… anyway, Relius-senpai doesn’t have a girlfriend, too, right?”

“Well, yeah.”

After Ristina-san said that, she looked at Klua-san.

“Once again it’s nice to meet you, Klua-san. My name is Ristina; I’ve been taking care of my senior, Relius-senpai at the inn.”

Who’s being taken care of…

“…Yes. A junior co-worker, right?”

“Well, that’s it, for now.”

Ristina-san nodded, and Klua-san smiled at her too.

“I understand. So, you want this lady to ride in our carriage, right?” Klua-san asked me.

“…Yeah, well. If that’s possible.”

I know I’m being unreasonable with Klua-san, too.

“Yes, it’s fine. It was originally just for putting our luggage on it so that it might be a little uncomfortable, but…”

“I’m fine! Thanks for your help!”

“Yes, you’re welcome.”

The two of them smile at each other. For now, they’re going to get along just fine.




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      1. He’s more dense than the usual dense protagonists. He can’t even see the sparks of hellfire-lightning shattering reality behind them, like the usual dense protagonists (who still have no idea what’s going on or if something is wrong0.

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  1. Morgan Freedman and Samuel Jackson are fight over the narrator roll….

    MF: But unbeknownst to Relius, everything between the girls was very far from “Fine”.
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    1. Strange undead sheep thing I must tip my hat to you for this. and now I can only imagine other novels and the like with famous narrators.

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    1. well it certainly makes sense for the church to send people and if there is better hunting grounds nearby I could easily see mear being there. not to mention we’ll get to see benny join the harem too since she’s gonna go there.


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