Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 78

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Chapter – 78


The merchants’ carriage departed for the city of Lukkos. Surrounding that carriage, the escort carriages also departed. The people riding in the carriage outside are the adventurers who received the request.

I was going to ride on that side too, but Klua-san gave me a ride… Because the adventurers’ carriage is packed with people, it is said to be quite uncomfortable.

I didn’t want to go out of my way to ride in such a place either. And when I talked to Klua-san about it, she readily agreed.

Klua-san and I were sitting on the coachman seat. She held the reins of the horse, and the carriage proceeded.

So far, we hadn’t been attacked by any monsters, but we should not let our guard down.

“Klua-san, have you already decided what you’re going to do after we get there?”

“I will first make the delivery of food to the city.”

“You need to use my ability to haul more stuff out, right?”

“Yes. Sorry, please.”

“Yes, I know. And then what do you plan to do after that?”

“I think I may try to get involved in some volunteer work, but, well, I’m considering other options if I don’t have to.”

“Is there another way?”

“Yes. Repeated deliveries.”

Then maybe I can help her with that one. The emergency request issued to the adventurers does not state in detail that we have to do anything. It is a requirement that we enter the city of Lukkos with the other adventurers and conduct support activities there.

Then it wouldn’t be wrong to help the merchants. And while we were sitting on the coachman seat, Ristina-san peeked out of the curtain.

“What’s wrong, do you need something?”

“I’m just wondering about the situation outside.”

“We haven’t seen any changes yet. I’m sure it will be a peaceful journey for a while.”

“Really, I’m glad to hear that.”

Ristina-san smiled. Speaking of which, what is she going to do with that senior theater group member?

“Ristina-san, you’re going to meet up with the theatre group after you get to the city of Lukkos, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Is that annoying senior who pestered you okay with it?”

“I’ll figure it out. All I have to do is show them what I’m capable of.”

She clenches her fists tightly and laughs. She seems to be getting all better. I’m sure she’ll be fine now.

“If there’s anything you need, you can talk to me about it.”

“Eh, can I ask you anything?”

“…Well please not anything. It would be too much trouble.”

“Eh, senpai, that’s terrible!”

Ristina-san loosened her mouth. Klua-san, who had been listening to our conversation, glanced at us.

“The two of you are quite close, aren’t you?”

“That’s right, isn’t that right, senpai?”

How are we so close?

“Don’t be ridiculous, Klua-san.”

“What do you mean by ridiculous? Oh, could it be, Relius-senpai, are you embarrassed?”

Ristina-san loosens her mouth with a smirk… Geez.

Our carriage is advancing towards Lukkos. The arrival was scheduled for the day after tomorrow. How far will it progress by the end of today? Thinking about that, I was chatting with the two of them.




At the first night of the journey, Relius and the other carriages had stopped along the way to make their campsites. Here and there, people were chatting and laughing around fires. Everyone was relatively calm, as there were few monsters in this area. Among them were Ristina and Klua. However, there was no Relius here.

Relius, who had been on a request as an adventurer, was now on guard at night, so it was just Ristina and Klua alone. They finished the stew that Relius had made for dinner. There were some small conversations, but they were only friends through Relius, and there were no in-depth conversations.

“Let’s go to sleep for today, shall we? We’ve got an early start tomorrow.”

“Yes. Oh, thank you for lending me your sleeping bag!”

“That’s okay; I had an extra one.”

Originally, she had only prepared it for two, but Relius had made it for her before he joined with the adventurers. Ristina is going to prepare that sleeping bag. Klua looked around for a while. She looked at Ristina close and then at a distance.

She put a hand to her chin as she thought about it, then laid the sleeping bag down next to Ristina. They quickly lay down and closed their eyes.

“…Um, can I have a minute?”

At that time. It was Ristina who cut it off first. Klua opens her eyes and looks at Ristina. Ristina also looked at Klua.

“What is it?”

“Well I’ve always wondered about it, Klua-san, what do you think about Relius-senpai?”

“…Eh? U-uhm.”

Klua’s expression changed blatantly when Ristina asked her a question. Ristina looks at her and smiles at that.

“After all, you feel like you’re conscious of him as a man to some extent, right?”

“…Uhm, well, yes. It’s not that I can’t leave it alone, but… some things are missing.”

“Oh, you might know for sure. But there are times when you can depend on him.”

“Yes. …Are you aware of this, Ristina-san?”

“Well, in a way, I guess. But it’s just that I enjoy being with him.”

Ristina blurted out. Klua let out a small breath.

“…I see. But you’re conscious of it, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, well, maybe a little.”

Ristina chuckles and Klua purses her lips into a tight knot.

“Ristina-san, it’s great that you can be so honest with yourself.”

“It’s not that simple, really.”

Ristina said, then loosened her mouth.

“Right. Thank you for giving me a ride in your carriage!”


Then they closed their eyes.


NyX Translation


Left to Right : Klua, Phila, Relius, Lynn, Mear




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16 thoughts on “Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 78

  1. The yellow haired girl was Phila? Although it makes complete sense, I totally forgot about her. Whenever I saw the novel cover either at the novelupdate or on the very top of this website, I actually tried to guess who they are and now that there is actual picture with which is who, I got most of them correct! The black haired girl with the scrolls I guessed was the merchant and that was correct; the red hair girl in a tavern girl waitress was obviously the childhood friend hero(-ine); the dog-eared girl was obviously the adventurer kohai (though I am surprise she was much taller the novel cover suggested she was, she was in the far background to be fair so it’s hard to judge the height) while I always had trouble identifying who the last one is. I had guess it was actually Ristina to be honest cause she was the only other person who had I guess could become a potential love interest as well aside from maybe the nun? (though the nun didn’t really show any signs yet of becoming a love interest, there are sign of friendship and maybe then it could further develop in love interest). Like I said earlier, I completely forgot about Phila because she was mentioned so long ago that when I saw the name, I was wondering for a good few seconds who was that while looking at the picture until it all suddenly click to me that it was that long ago mentioned noble girl who had sleeping problems because of a cursed item or something and made a promise to talk with mc or something like that a really long time ago near the start of this novel and was never mentioned again till now. Lmao.

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  2. Well, that conversation was utterly pointless. And what part of Ristina is honest? I’ve questioned your intelligence a few times already Klua but now I’m really worried. Being an annoying tease isn’t honest it’s a sad attempt at masking her insecurities which will ultimately come back to bite her cause he will never take her seriously thanks to her bullshit routine. She would have to spell it out to the letter for him and we all know she doesn’t have the stomach for it.


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