Kanzen Kaihi Healer no Kiseki – Vol 4 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Meeting with noble


“I really wish we could get a carriage for us, but do you think we should search for one now?”

That’s what Ruri said as we walked out of the tavern and looked at the people coming and going. She hasn’t told us about who she was going to meet, but perhaps it was far from here? As I was thinking about that, Lusha replied in a bright voice.

“We’re not even noblemen, we can’t get a carriage in the city! So I think it will be fine on foot.”

“Is that so? If Lusha says so, then let’s keep going.”

Seeing that I nodded in agreement with Lusha’s opinion, Ruri then started walking. It’s now past six in the evening. The streets are filled with people coming and going after work, and happy laughter can be heard coming from the bars.

I follow Ruri as she walks in front of me, trying not to get lost in the crowds.

“Is the place far from here?”

“I think if we just walked slowly, it would be about 30 minutes. Is that okay?”

“Of course. I could have walked more.”

As Lusha walked alongside Ruri, the two of them started talking about the place we’re about to go. Come to think of it; it’s rare to find someone Ruri is acquainted with. I wonder what kind of person it would be. I thought that in my mind.

She may be planning something, so it’s probably someone from the higher-ups in the country… If that’s the case, it could be someone she met outside the royal castle, or… a noble’s daughter or something?

Ruri said that she was gathering information, and it seems that she attended the tea party of a noble’s daughter or something like that.

…But if she’s an adventurer, she must be quite experienced. Otherwise, it should be not easy to even get close to the king. But that being said, it would be difficult for a young lady to get information about the king. So it would have to be someone whose father has a status and is easy to ask for information.


“…Buh? Hmm? Lusha?”

As I was walking while thinking, I suddenly bumped into something. But then, it was Lusha’s back that suddenly stopped. What in the world was going on? While thinking that, I looked out of Lusha’s gaze and saw a luxurious carriage parked there.

“Who is that…?”

“I’m not sure, but I think it might be Ruri’s acquaintance.”

Sneaking an earful to Lusha, she apparently doesn’t know what’s going on. However, since Ruri sighed heavily, I can predict that they must not be a very good person to deal with.

As I watched, the carriage door opened―and a man came down from inside.

“If it isn’t Miss Takanashi! How nice to see you in a place like this; it seems like the goddess of fate is guiding us.”

“…No, it’s just a coincidence.”

I couldn’t help but open my mouth to the man who made a fresh and outrageous pick-up line. I definitely can’t say such a thing.

But Ruri’s attitude is so blatant…

“There’s no need to be so shy. Ah yes, how about having dinner with me now? I’ll escort you to a good restaurant.”

“It’s fine, I have already eaten. I believe Ishmer-sama is busy, isn’t he?”

“How sweet of you to care about me. Thank you, Miss Takanashi―Hmm, who’re these two?”

The man who was making the invitation, which could be called one-sided, seems to have noticed Lusha and me behind him. Since the other party is obviously a nobleman, it would surely be better to greet him myself. Taking a step forward, I make a smile and lightly bow to him for the moment.

“It’s nice to meet you; I’m Sakurai, an adventurer.”

“My name is Lusha Plum.”

Since he called Ruri by her surname, I called myself Sakurai instead of Hiroki. Then the man looked at me as if he were making a decision.

“Hmm…? I am Ishmer Cracked. I will soon be Miss Takanashi’s fiancée.”


I was surprised by the words that came out of Ishmer’s mouth, the man who greeted us, and I couldn’t help but yell out. I’ve never heard of Ruri getting engaged at all. That was also the case with her good friend Lusha, who was looking at Ruri with wide-open eyes.

“No way, that’s a lie, isn’t it…! You are getting engaged? You’re younger than me, and you’re so much more advanced than me…?”

Is that what you are concerned about, Lusha-san?

Ruri’s calmness may indeed be somewhat more mature than Lusha’s, who is fighting with monsters and seeking strength. I was almost laughing. But apparently, that was Ishmer’s one-sided idea.

“I believe I have refused Ishmer-sama’s marriage proposal…”

“Why? There is no one more worthy of you than me. Or is this man…? Or, no, wait, no way, is the prince making a move on you? Even though he has Lucia!!”

“No, no, no, no, I’m not her boyfriend or anything!”

When Ishmer told me with a terrific expression, I couldn’t help but shake my head and deny it. I mean, I’ve never had a girlfriend before! And yet, engagement and all, the nobles of another world are amazing…

“Muh, is that so…?”

“He’s an adventurer, and we’ve gone to dungeons together before. And this Lusha is Sakurai’s partner.”

“What, you two are partners? Oh, I see. I’m sorry I was so quick to judge you.”


When it became clear that I wasn’t Ruri’s lover, Ishmer looked at me with a smile. This nobleman is definitely so easy…

“We were going to go to Lucia-sama’s place now. It’s late at night, so I figured we’d make an appointment for tomorrow or later if it’s too late…”

“What, you were going to meet Lucia? Of course, I’ll welcome you.”

Apparently, the one we were heading to meet was a girl named Lucia. Not only Ruri, but Ishmer had mentioned her name earlier, so she’s probably related to this man. Ugh. Maybe it was because Lusha and I had a thoughtful look on our faces, but Ruri explained it to me.

“Lucia-sama is Ishmer-sama’s sister. They’re from a duke family.”


As soon as she heard her status, Lusha straightened her posture. Speaking of a duke, they are the next highest rank after royalty. Since they are probably related to royalty, we shouldn’t be too worried about them. It can be seen from the fact that Ruri is called Takanashi.

“Ishmer-sama is a generous person, so don’t be so timid, Lusha.”


“Lucia-sama is also a very kind person. I’ve met her several times at tea parties, and we’ve become good friends.”

…That being said, the tension still seems to be stuck in the air from Lusha. She nodded repeatedly, and her expression was frozen.

“Well, it’s not often that we nobles and commoners exchange words with each other. But Miss Lusha is a friend of Miss Takanashi’s, isn’t she? You’re welcome to join us, so don’t get so stiff.”

“It would be my pleasure, sir.”

At Ishmer’s words, Lusha bowed her head with a smile. Ishmer then looked at us and walked to the carriage door and then asked us to get in.

“I was just on my way back to the mansion, too. You can ride in the carriage with me; I’m sure Lucia will be happy to see you.”

“Thank you, Ishmer-sama.”

Since we had the same destination, Ruri seemed to have decided that it was a good idea to go together. Lusha and I also looked at each other and thanked Ishmer for the opportunity.

I watched as Ruri, Lusha and Ishmer got in, in that order, and finally, I went into the carriage. The inside was covered with fluffy cushions and a luxurious interior.

If compared to the ride-on carriage I’ve been using; there’s a heavenly difference. It’s as expected of the duke carriage. When I got in, the driver closed the door, and the carriage began to move slowly.




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