Garbage Brave – Vol 3 Chapter 2 Part 2

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Part 2


At Allie’s suggestion, I decided to move from the Great Borf Forest to the human supremacist country. She said it would be easier for us to deal with the situation in case of an emergency.

Along our way, we decided to stock up on fresh fish from a seaside town.

“Is that town Fitzburg?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

I asked Hannah about it, and she answered affirmatively. Since it is the last town in the Templeton Kingdom, which is Allie’s homeland, and is located near the border of the human supremacist country, soldiers were heavily guarding the gate.

“Oh, lovely ladies. What do you want to do in this town?”

When we came to the checkpoint at the gate, a raccoon beastman asked us.

“We’ve come because we want to eat fish!”

Canaan answered the gatekeeper with a gentle smile. Canaan is very positive when food is involved.

“Ooh, the fish in this Fitzburg is so good, you know! You should eat a lot of it!”

The raccoon beastman happily began to brag about their fish. He was so enthusiastic that I could tell that he liked the fish in this town as well.

”Oh~ Is it really that good?”

Canaan listens to the raccoon beastman with sparkling eyes. She really seems very happy when it comes to food. As soon as we entered the town, we took a tour of the market. I heard that the most popular fish caught in this town is horse mackerel.

Horse mackerel is delicious when you sun-dry it in the open sky, and it is also delicious fish for namero* or sashimi*. You can also use it for fish ball soup*. Other than that, there was also danger-tooth pike conger*. The fisherman said it was an unintended catch and was about to throw it away, so we bought it for a low price. It’s hard to cut the conger bones, but if you can cut the bones, it’s good if you parboil it and use it in clear broth soup. Just thinking about it makes me hungry.

It’s been a long time since I stayed at an inn. I’ve been camping a lot so far. I wanted to take a bath, but unfortunately, there was no bath. So, I cleaned my body with [Clean], which I used to use a lot in the past. The ladies are still worried about the dirt and smell. So they are very grateful for this [Clean].

“Alright, let’s make a whole lot of fish dishes!”


Canaan was the first to reply, but she is an expert at eating.


“Leave it to me, onii-chan!”

The sisters Hannah and Sanya are good at housework in general.

“Ufufu, if I help out, it would be a waste of all the ingredients we have, so I’ll just be quiet and wait for it.”

“I’m not very good at cooking, so…”

Antia and Ichinose are not good at cooking.

Ichinose’s cooking is even worse than my mother’s. My mother couldn’t even distinguish between salt and sugar, so you can imagine how bad Ichinose’s cooking is. However, she has no problem at all with household chores other than cooking.

“I’ve never cooked before, so please teach me if you don’t mind.”

“Allie is an ojou-sama, after all. It’s okay, hold the knife like this──.”

I stood behind Allie and began to teach her how to use the knife in a way that looked like I embraced her.


Somehow, it’s like there’s a dangerous atmosphere behind me…?

“Ufufu, I’ve decided to have Tsukuru teach me how to cook, too.”

“Ah, I want Tsukuru-kun to teach me how to cook, too!”

Antia and Ichinose jumped at me.

“H-hey, I’m holding a knife, it’s dangerous.”

A knife won’t hurt me, but Allie is different, so it’s dangerous when they cling on me when I’m holding a knife with Allie in front of me.

“Yes, yes, yeees! Please teach Canaan toooo!”

Canaan jumps in, and it’s already chaos.

“First, we’ll open the horse mackerel, but I’ll use my skills to make this one, and Hannah and Sanya, please fillet the horse mackerel for sashimi.”

I managed to calm Antia, Ichinose and Canaan down and continued cooking.



Hannah and Sanya began to fillet the large horse mackerel skillfully. While they were filleting the horse mackerel, I asked Allie to pound the horse mackerels for the namero.

With the three of them at my side, I began to bone the conger. It’s necessary to adjust the amount of strength so that the bones are firmly cut off yet not completely cut off. If the bones are still intact in the conger, the texture will be bad, so I need to be very delicate with the knife.

“Master, I’m done filleting it.”

“I have done this one too.”

“Oh. Okay, can you cut it to a suitable thickness and serve it neatly?”

“Leave it to me.”

“Me too.”

Hannah and Sanya prepare the horse mackerel sashimi skillfully. On the other hand, Allie is struggling with namero. This is her first time, so she is not very good at it. Since there’s a big difference between her, Hannah and Sanya, I stand next to her and help her out.

“Tsukuru-san, I’m very sorry for the trouble I have caused you.”

“Don’t worry about it; everyone is like this for their first time.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

And thus the cooking went on.

The result was dried mackerel, horse mackerel boat-wrap sushi (sashimi), horse mackerel namero, horse mackerel ball, fried horse mackerel and parboiled conger pike with plum sauce.

We have the conger pike soup for the horse mackerel ball, but we decided to save it for later and made the horse mackerel fried instead. I also made a proper sauce for it.

“Awesooome! It looks delicious!”

Canaan, please wipe the drool off your face.


Ichinose is even worse than Canaan. Her image is going downhill these days.

“As expected from Tsukuru. The food that you make is not only tasty but also very pleasing to the eye.”

Is Antia some kind of gourmet critic?

“Master, is this amount of rice enough for you?”

Hannah put just the right amount in a bowl for me, which is not too much and not too little. She knows me very well, doesn’t she?

“Yeah, that’s perfect. Thanks.”

After serving me, she served Canaan a pile of rice in a bowl and then served Antia, Ichinose, and Sanya, who had a smaller bowl than mine. After that, Hannah took a seat in a chair and prepared her own. As she was done with it, I then said, “Itadakimasu.”

”Itadakimasu.” Everyone followed me in unison and dipped their chopsticks into their food.

“Uh! Delicious!”

Canaan proceeded to eat with a big smile on her face, but her face became cloudy the moment she put the namero into her mouth.

“Ugh… it’s not good…”

Even though I taught her, it’s a namero made by Allie, who is a beginner, so the taste is inevitably diminished because of her poor technique. I’m not saying to eat it all, but don’t make her feel so down.

“I’m sorry…”

Allie frowned.

“You just have to get better at this. Don’t mind it.”

The namero actually didn’t taste very good.

“Ah, how about this, add some miso and then do this… How’s this now?”

“Huh? It’s delicious!”

I re-seasoned the namero and presented it in front of them, re-tapping it so that it blended in well with the condiments. When they ate it, both Canaan and Allie were surprised as their eyes widened.

“It would please even the ingredients if you said they were delicious. Besides, they’ll be happier if you eat a lot of it.”

“Yes.” Said the two of them.

These two are so obedient. I think I’ll eat some too. Let’s start with the boat-wrap that Hannah and Sanya made for us. Yep, it’s delicious.

The meat is tight and firm, it’s elastic and doesn’t have that much of a fish smell. The technique was so good that the heat of my hands didn’t burn it.

“Hannah, Sanya, this sashimi is delicious.”

“Thank you!”

The always cool and beautiful Hannah smiled at me. She has a cute smile.

“Un, thank you!”

Sanya also has a nice smile on her face. Next up is my fried horse mackerel. I put a little bit of sauce on it and dug in. It was delicious. The texture is crispy, and the meat is thick. It has a delicate taste.

“Master, this fried horse mackerel is just too good!”

Canaan, with a grain of rice on the outside of her mouth, praised my fried horse mackerel. She does that with a cute and charming face, but I can’t hate her because this wasn’t on purpose.

“The crunchy texture feels nice.”

Ichinose was also biting into the fried horse mackerel with her cute mouth. The fishball was also delicious; it has a clear taste with no odor. Its minced meat also had a nice chewy texture, which I liked. The dried mackerel was simple and delicious. And the parboiled conger pike with plum sauce had a nice crunchy texture and mellow aroma, and the plum sauce was refreshing.

All of them were delicious. Canaan ate four bowls of rice. As usual, her appetite was impressive.




Hideo Kujou’s POV

“Hey, Kujou. What’s next?”

The one who called out to me was Kijima-kun. He was wearing a luxurious outfit like a noble, with colourful rings on his fingers and jewels all over his body; he’s just like an upstart. Well, he’s actually an upstart though.

“Ah right, we’ll take over a nearby town next time.”

There are a total of twenty-eight of us now, and we all worked together to occupy a certain town in the Dell Kingdom. We were kidnapped for the convenience of the people of this world, so we didn’t think we had to follow the people of this world forever.

Fortunately, out of the twenty-eight people, nineteen of us are over ninety levels, so as long as we succeed in our surprise attack, we’ll be fine as a fighting force. I’ll then use that town as a base and bring the other towns under control.

“Who’s going to get the next town?”

“That would be the most active person. After all, shouldn’t that kind of thing be determined by how active you are?”

“Alright! Ruling a town, huh? Great, I’m totally motivated!”

This Kijima-kun is loyal to his desires and therefore, easy to control. I’ll take the town for twenty-eight people, and then I’ll reign as the representative or king!




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    1. More like planning to conquer kingdoms, but i guess they’re going ot fail. Either because of our MC, or because of the Ancient Human.

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  1. Boy, it’s a good thing Dell Kingdom and the other nations of this world have previously been talked about in enough detail that we know where the hell Kujou and co. are in relation to Tsukuru and co.

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    1. <Limit Break>

      In the first stage, if you defeat an opponent with a level difference of 100 or more, the level limit will be 200.

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  2. The difference between the mc eating with his girls and their classmates becoming thieves/raiders is so large that it made me feel like we jsut jump into a different story. Aiming to be a king is a huge mistake with all the mc’s doppelganger running around.

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  3. I stood behind Allie and began to teach her how to use the knife in a way that looked like I embraced her.


    Somehow, it’s like there’s a dangerous atmosphere behind me…?

    “Ufufu, I’ve decided to have Tsukuru teach me how to cook, too.”

    “Ah, I want Tsukuru-kun to teach me how to cook, too!”

    Antia and Ichinose jumped at me.


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