Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 80

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Chapter 80


The magic sphere that was launched illuminated the surroundings like a miniature sun. It must be a skill that someone had unleashed in order to be able to fight in the dark.

Monsters’ and humans’ war cries clashed with each other. Along with that, a metallic sound resounded. Everywhere, monsters and humans were fighting. It’s a tremendous battle. It’s as if all adventurers are fighting the monsters one-on-one.

I didn’t expect the battle to be as intense as this. What happened to the high-ranking adventurers who were on the front line in this situation?

…No, I guess it’s no use thinking about it now. It was a worrisome thought, but right now, it was time to think about ourselves. And then the goblin that flicked off the adventurers glared at us. They jumped at us.

The monsters in this place are varied. There are goblins and slimes, some of which I’ve never seen before, and others whose names I can imagine to some extent, but I’ve never fought them. At any rate, it was lucky that the ones who came towards us were goblins.

“Anyway, let’s defeat the monsters from the group near us!”

Gon-san exclaimed. We also took our swords and plunged into the monsters. At this battlefield, it would be difficult to work as a party. Rather than working together, the only option is for individuals to push through the monsters with force.

I swing my sword out. I was able to cut through the goblins that rushed at me easily. As expected of a mithril sword. But there’s no time to relax. In the next moment, there was another monster. I defeated it as well and rolled and dodged the attack of a wolf that leapt at me from the back.

As I raised my body, Mear-san’s divine treasures erupted in fire. In an instant, it swallowed the wolf’s body and burned it away. I straightened up and fought the monsters as I raised my body and let Mear-san take charge of my back.

…The monsters also decided that we were a troublesome enemy, and more of them came in.

“There’s no end to this!”

At the same time as Mear-san swung her sword down, she said such a thing.

…That’s certainly true. However, where on earth were all these monsters coming from? Obviously, it was an unthinkable amount that they had been hiding their appearance in this vicinity.

“Mear-san, is there a circumstance where such a large number of monsters could appear?”

“Normally, that’s impossible… I have no idea at all!”

We don’t have time to discuss this. I’m going to use visual enhancement while I’m cutting down the monsters to find out about it.

The cause of this monster’s outbreak… I activated it in the hope of finding out what it was, but my eyes found a certain point. It’s a magic stone that emits mischievous magical power.

Although the appearance of the magical stone was ordinary and common, thanks to my skills, I could sense a strong magical power. Near that magic stone―monsters were rising up from the ground.

…If I can do something about it. That’s what I thought, but monsters surrounded it. I’ll need to do something about that first.

“…Mear-san! Could you follow me, please?”

“…Okay! I believe in you, Relius!”

As I started to run, Mear-san approached me from behind.

“Relius, Mear! Did you find out anything?”

Gon-san and Garberossa-san lined up next to us. I nodded and pointed to a certain spot.

“There’s some kind of magic stone that creates monsters embedded in the place where those monsters are stationed!”

“What? Is there such a thing? Then I guess we can crush those bastards!”


Gon-san and Garberossa-san looked at each other and then held up their respective divine treasures.

“We’ll clear the way, and I’ll leave the rest to you!”

At the same time that Gon-san shouted that, he threw the axe he was holding. The axe, spinning with the wind, tore through the group of monsters.


The goblins who were caught in the middle of it screamed, and the wolves and others beside them shouted and rushed towards us.

To that pack, Garberossa-san threw his spear. As the spear pierces the ground, lightning cuts through the surroundings. We passed by it, and when we were almost there, the magic stone emitted a mysterious light.

The one that appeared was an orc. It was holding an axe in its hand, and it swung it down with great force. I dodge it by jumping to the side. Mear-san glances at me and raises her chin as if to tell me to keep proceeding.

“Leave it to me. I’ll take this one down.”

As she said that, fire assembled on her sword. Mear-san raised it up, and once she swung it down, the fire went to the orc with great force.

The fire pierced through its body as it ate through it. The orc fell to its knees, collapsing. I cut down the goblins that jumped at me in an instant and moved closer to the magic stone.

“If I destroy this――!”

I swung my sword vigorously, but it didn’t break. What a sturdiness. It would be impossible to destroy it in normal circumstances.

I had no choice but to take out my hammer. There’s nothing that I couldn’t destroy with this thing until now. I swung the hammer down as hard as I could. For a moment, a magic barrier blocked me, but I was able to break it easily.

…Alright. Now I could stop the monsters from appearing endlessly. I turn my gaze to my surroundings while raising my body. I was able to destroy the magic stone, but the battle isn’t over yet.

As proof, the monsters were still surrounding us. I quickly turn my gaze towards them. The “Labyrinth Crystal” that I had just destroyed. I was curious about it, but I’ll think about that later.

“Mear-san! I’ve destroyed the thing we’re after!”

“…Is that so? Now, all we have to do is to finish off the monsters! As expected of you, Relius!”

Mear-san regains her sword and slashes at the surrounding monsters. I’m not going to let Mear-san beat me, either. I jumped at them with my sword.

My sword cuts through the monsters with ease. I take a look at the other adventurers.

…Everyone is using their divine treasures, but many of them are having more trouble fighting than me. They couldn’t break the monster’s skin and even wielded their swords a few times.

Is it because of the mithril sword? My sword seemed to be superior to those divine treasures in terms of sharpness alone.

“H-help me!”

As I was fighting the monsters while thinking about that, a scream reached my ears. As I looked, I saw that a monster had attacked an adventurer. I could see the traces of the fight, but I wonder if he was still too powerless to win.

I kicked the earth, and in an instant, I went around behind the monster―the goblin. The goblin immediately reacted to me. …As I was fighting, I thought that the monsters here are stronger than normal.

The goblin turned around and swung the club it was holding, but I crouched down and dodged it. I slashed at its leg and thrust my sword at its throat.

“Are you alright?”

“I-I’m saved!”

“If you’re tired, you should work with others to fight.”


Looking at him, it seems that some people are beginning to show signs of fatigue after a long battle… Anyway, I guess I’ll just have to stick to covering up for now.




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7 thoughts on “Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 80

  1. Honestly, Relius seems to be WAY more physically fit than most people.
    Maybe it has something to do with his Blacksmith lvl?
    I don’t think we know if the other “Jobs” level up as well, but if they don’t, then i can understand why somebody wanted to stop blacksmiths from popping up.


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