Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 81

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Chapter 81


Then, we continued to fight for about thirty minutes. There was no increase in the number of monsters as a result of destroying the magic stones from which they were generated.

That’s why, as we defeated the monsters, their numbers steadily decreased―and when I had cut down the last monster, I put my sword back into its sheath.

“Oooh! We won!”

A roar echoed through the streets… It seems everyone still had enough energy to make such a sound. I, too, had become quite tired from the continuous battle. Then as I put my sword in its sheath, an adventurer jumped up to me.

“Hey! You! What’s your name?”

“Eh, um… My name is Relius, but…”

W-what is it? I’m surprised at the adventurer who suddenly jumps up on me. I mean, I’m a little sweaty because I’ve been moving all the time…

“That was awesome, man! You’ve helped everyone! You’re so damn strong!”

“Truly! You saved us too! Thank you!”

The adventurers are raising their voices.

…Indeed, I was moving to help the struggling adventurers around. It would be a problem if someone got injured.

“You, what’s your rank?”

“…I’m E-ranked.”

When I said that, all of the adventurers opened their eyes. Then they laughed out loud and clapped me on the back.

“You look so promising! I think you’ll be able to reach the C-rank with ease if you’re that good!”

“Yeah, yeah. Because even this guy is a C-ranked adventurer, you know!”

“Shut up!”

The adventurers are doing well. Still, some of them were injured in the battle. I turn to them and take out a potion.

“Have you taken care of your wounds?”

“N-no… um, I ran out of potions that I had brought with me.”

“In that case, use this one.”

“…Are you sure about this?”


…I don’t want him to fall down in front of me. When I handed him the potion, the adventurer happily lowered his head and then drank it in one gulp. The next moment, his eyes widened.

“A-amazing…! This potion immediately healed my wounds!”

“R-really? I-I’m sorry! Can I get one? My friend got injured!”

“Okay, I’ll get it right away.”

…Maybe it’s not a good idea to just give it away for free to everyone. But, well, it’s also said that if you do good things to people, it will eventually come back to you. And after a battle of this scale, it’s not like I can go around asking for money.

The adventurers cried as I handed them the potions, and they were happy.

“I’ll definitely repay you later!”

“Oh, yes! You can take this if you want!”

“I want to thank you for something! Eh, if there are any leftover monster materials, you said? Is that fine with you? Alright then!”

…Sometimes some adventurers would leave money behind, but some couldn’t afford it. At that time, when I asked if there was anything leftover from the monster materials, they began to leave various things behind.

I got some materials that I had never gotten before. It was lucky, in a way.

“…Could it be that many potions are in the item box?”

“Yes. It seems like a rare item. I just happened to find it when I entered a labyrinth.”

“I see. You must be very lucky.”

That’s how I deceived the adventurers. I pretended that acquaintances made all the potions that were so effective. They asked me to introduce them later, but well, let’s just fake it well.

Anyway, the wounds of all the adventurers were healed. When that was done, Gon-san and the others called me over.

“Hey, Relius. From now on, we are going to go check on the high-ranking adventurers with the most competent people possible. Can you come too?”

“Yes, I understand.”

In other words, I guess I was regarded as someone on the competent side as well. The others were D-ranked adventurers, so I thought I was out of place, but no one complained about me joining them.

“Let’s head out then.”

We still don’t know what’s going on with those high-ranking adventurers. I activated my visual enhancement and saw that people were moving.

“…It seems that everyone is still fine.”

“What? You can use detection, Relius?”

“It was something similar.”

The high-ranking adventurers are in a forest area. Because of that, the situation of the people was only sparsely understood, but they seemed to be fighting with monsters.

“…Does that mean, those are powerful monsters?”


“That’s a problem, you know. Well, could the six of us manage that?”

Gon-san glanced at me. I nodded at him as he looked at me expectantly.

After a short walk, we arrived at the forest… I can hear the sounds of battle all over the place.

“Relius, I suddenly wondered.”

Gon-san told me.

“What is it?”

“…Don’t you think there might be any magic stones over here too? If we don’t do something to them, won’t it be difficult to stop the monsters from appearing?”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s just that currently I can’t find it through my detection. The only thing we can do is to meet up with them and check out the situation.”

“…I see. In any case, let’s just find someone!”

That was when Gon-san said that.

A monster was approaching us—a quadrupedal scorpion-like creature with a straight spine.

It has bright red armor that is recognizable even in the darkness. Its sickle-like arms, which seemed to be both hands, were covered in blood. With the visual enhancement, I looked towards the one that the scorpion seemed to have passed and seen that people had fallen.

Adventurers. They were still alive, albeit at the verge of death.

“That’s the Magma Scorpion! C-ranked monster!”

“Don’t be afraid! If we all――!”

Gon-san held up his axe, and all the other adventurers jumped at it. The one who set it up first is Garberossa-san. I know enough about his abilities from the fight we just had.

Garberossa-san swings his spear through the air while making his cool expression grim. The Magma Scorpion received the blow easily. At the same time, it swung its scythe at Garberossa-san and bounced off his left arm.


…It was a terrible blow. Along with the fallen arm, Garberossa-san retreats backwards.

“Are you alright? Take this potion; let the bleeding stop and attach it back!”

A highly effective potion can attach a lost limb, as long as it’s a temporary amputation or something else. I immediately throw the potion over to Garberossa-san, and he treats it while sweating sluggishly――.

In the next moment, Gon-san―and the other adventurers who had challenged it, all screamed.

“R-run quickly…! We are no match for it…!”

It was just a momentary event. I looked at the Magma Scorpion in surprise. The moment the Magma Scorpion jumped at me, I swung my sword out of the air.




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    Thank you for the chapters. I’ll be back… sooner or later, as you may ascertain, I binge read.


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