Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 84

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Chapter 84


In the morning. I woke up before it was bright, and then I looked for Gon-san and the others to take over the guards… but they were both resting.

When I looked, I saw that the number of guards had decreased considerably. At the same time, I called out to the adventurer who was on guard.

“The number of guards is decreasing, has the situation changed?”

“Yeah. As a result of the investigation, they didn’t find any suspicious magic stones anymore. I’m sure the knights who went to the site also defeated the horned dragon. And that’s why the alert was lowered.

“…I see.”

That would give us some relief. Now if we could only find out how in the world that the labyrinth crystal was in such a place, it would all be solved.

Did it occur for some natural reason? Or did someone set it up intentionally? We’ll just have to find out what happened next.

“It seems like the knights here have gradually withdrawn.”

“Eh, really?”

“Yeah. It seems that the hero was ordered to return first. I heard they already went back a short while ago.”

“The hero? Eh, did such a person come here?”

“Yeah, that’s what I heard. I didn’t see her either. I heard she was cute.”


Suddenly, I pictured Benny in my head. That girl was a pretty girl, and her clothes were different from the other knights. Could it be that she was the hero? I didn’t talk to her in any depth, so I didn’t know the details of her situation.

…If she had been a hero, I might have been able to ask her about Lynn.

It was regrettable. Lynn seemed to be doing well in the letter, but I don’t know if she’s actually doing well. They’re the same heroes, and Benny might have known a lot of things about Lynn.

I took the place of the other guards and went on the watch for the monsters.




In the evening of that day. My work was also suspended for the time being, and there was nothing to do until the night. The next step was to do a little night time lookout, but even then it was only going to be for about three hours at most. I was still on guard, but I hadn’t seen any engagement with any monsters all day.

I was walking around the city. It was to meet up with Klua-san. She said she was in the town square, and I was heading there now.

“Ah, Klua-san.”

“Relius-san. Are the adventurers okay?”

I found Klua-san, who was just taking the goods in and out.

“Yes. There are no more monsters in sight, so things have calmed down now. Did you deliver the items that you brought with you on the first day?”

“Yes. I’ve already delivered them, but I also brought some other potions for the adventurers. That’s what I was selling.”

Sure, before we parted ways, I had a lot of stuff ready to go.

“Is there anything you’d like to add?”

“…Yes. It seems that the stock of potions is running low, may I ask you for it?”

“Sure. I’ll have it made in the back of a carriage.”


If there were this many adventurers, everyone would be buying potions. And if potions were running low, it would be harder for the public to reach them. It’s useful to have a few potions at home because it’s useful in case of an emergency.

Aside from cuts, potions can also be used against burns and other wounds. If those wounds are not treated promptly, they will be permanently scarred.

I made the potions that Klua-san told me to make, 300 in total, and put them all in a box. Then I got off the cart and went back to Klua-san.

“I’ve made the designated number of potions.”

“…It’s a really, really amazing ability.”

“I’ve realized that a lot lately.”

I’m aware that I have the universal ability to create anything.

“Come to think of it, Klua-san, where is the theater group working at the moment?”

”Well… I heard that the lord of this city had provided them with an inn, so I think they may be over there. During the day they put on shows in the square in front of the refugees, but at night they perform at the lord’s house.”

“…I see. Well then, as expected, I can’t go for that now.”

I was going to check on Ristina-san, but it seems unlikely for now.

“Are you going to see Ristina-san?”

“Well, she’s my junior, for one thing. I just wanted to see if things were going well.”

“In that case… how about you go and see how things are going when you deliver the goods to the lord’s residence?”

Klua-san brought a single box from the back of the cart. It contained a variety of accessories. Some of the things I created are in there too. When I’m about to ask what they were for, I remember her talking about something she was handing over to the lord.

“Are you sure it’s okay if I’m the one who carries it?”

“That’s fine. I’ll tell them that I had to send a caretaker. If you take it with you, it should be fine.”

Klua-san took out a sheet of paper. It was marked with the lord’s signature. Glancing at it, the paper looked like a large piece of paper cut in half.

“If you show this to the gatekeeper, just give him my name, and he’ll let you through inside.”

“…Okay, I understand. Thank you.”

“No, this is nothing. I’m the one who should thank you for delivering the goods.”

Klua-san quickly bowed her head.

I’ve just learnt that it’s the Arsus family who is the lord of this place, if it’s them, they might let me through if I tell them. Even so, it would still be better to do it the regular way. I lifted the box and then started walking towards the lord’s residence.




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