Garbage Brave – Vol 3 Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 5 – Conclusion

Part 1


“I’m not done yet!”

“I’m not gonna let you do anything!”

The dust from kicking the ground curls up and the high-pitched sounds of swords clashing each other can be felt in our hands. Kurogiri and I practice our swordsmanship every day. The two of us are evenly matched in terms of fighting power, and it seems that my ability is becoming Kurogiri’s fighting power.

Although Kurogiri has his own status, that somehow seems to be the case. That’s why I get the illusion that I’m fighting myself. And the training is so intense that if I relax even a little bit, one of my arms will be cut off.

“Master~ do your best~. Kurogiri-san, do your best too~.”

Canaan’s cheering comes flying in, but stops when it gets distracting. You are making me smile.

Oh, shit!?


His sword stabbed into my stomach. Don’t think it’s not painful; it’s so painful that I feel like I’m going to die. I can’t help but fall to my knees on the ground due to the pain.

“You’re smiling at Canaan, and that creates an opening!”

“That doesn’t mean you have to stab me in my stomach seriously…”

I pulled Kurogiri’s sword out of my stomach and swallowed two slices of grilled meat.

“On the battlefield, a moment of slackness can lead to death. Don’t let your guard down just because it’s training.”

Damn, it’s hard to argue with that. However…

“You idiot lump of meat. Ouch!”

He struck me with his fist.

“I’m deeply sorry about that, but that’s not what you have to say now, Tsukuru!”

This guy, he’s completely acting innocent about the lump of meat.

“Tsukuru-kuuun~, Kurogiri-saaan~. Food is ready~.”

“Ooh, food. Hey, Tsukuru. Let’s go!”

Perhaps it was because Kurogiri couldn’t eat food when he was a sword, but in his human form, he has a strong desire for food now.

“Suzuno, what’s the food for today?”

Kurogiri quickly walked towards Ichinose and headed towards the house with her. Canaan was already gone once she heard about the food. In other words… I’ve been left all alone, and somehow, it feels lonely.

When I went to the living room, everyone was already sitting on chairs waiting for me.

“Today’s menu is Osaka cuisine.”

Hannah began to explain.

“The Okonomiyaki has squid, pork and an egg in it. Next to that is Takoyaki. We bought the octopus from Akashi.” [T/n: Akashi is a city in Japan.]

There is also a bowl of rice next to the Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki. It’s true that in Osaka, they have Okonomiyaki set menus, but this time, we also have Takoyaki, so it’s a triple portion: carbohydrate, carbohydrate, and carbohydrate.

“I made the miso soup with a combination of misos.”

I like the combination of red miso and white miso. Miso has its own character, depending on the region.

“As for the pickles, I made it with cucumber and Chinese cabbage with salt kelp.”

Pickles with rice is a must!

“Hannah, what’s this pink stuff?”

“That’s red ginger. It’s also a kind of pickle.”

Kurogiri lifted the red ginger with his chopsticks dexterously and gazed at it intently.

“They all look delicious. Tsukuru, let’s eat quickly!”

“Ooh. Well then, itadakimasu.”

“Itadakimasu.” said everyone in unison.

After that, Kurogiri stabbed the Takoyaki with his chopsticks and threw it into his mouth.

“It’s hoott!”

The hot inside of the Takoyaki seems to have come out, and he’s holding his mouth with tears in his eyes. What a stupid guy, kukuku.

It’s important to check if the contents are not too hot.

“It’s hot-nodesu!”

There was another idiot. Moreover, this idiot had three pieces in her cheeks at once, which was worse than Kurogiri. Everyone relaxed when they saw Canaan and Kurogiri, who were both huffing with tears in their eyes.




Temas’ POV

“Someone! …Is there anyone here?”

Kuh, nobody responded.

“What’s going on here? Not only have we lost contact with each country, but the Old breeds also have not returned at all…”

What has happened to my subordinates? I unconsciously threw everything on the table.

“That boy… if I’m not mistaken, he’s called Tsukuru, right? As far as I’m concerned, nothing good has happened since I fought him.”

I was mistaken in thinking that the shut-in Antia had made an unusual move and went to see her. I should have left Antia and the others alone. I regret the choice I made back then…

Rather than that, the problem is that the people around me are disappearing more and more now.

Could it be that that guy, Crafton… no, that guy is the type that doesn’t do anything sluggish like this to attack me, so he probably had nothing to do with it this time. If so, is it the new Demon race’s Ancient breed? There were reports earlier that Crafton was struggling quite a bit…

Now that the Giants and Demons are fighting each other in my territory, are the Demons the ones who were eliminating the ones around me?

“…In any case, there’s no way to make any decision without any report. Damn it!”




Kujou’s POV

Lately, the slaves of other races, such as the beastmen we have captured, have been disappearing. I don’t understand why this is happening, and I wonder how the slaves escaped. Could it be that some kind of special forces organization in this Dell Kingdom is going around saving slaves without our knowledge?

No, the Dell Kingdom is a human supremacist country, and the people living there must have mistreated other races… But then, how can this happen…?

“Hey, Kujou. What’s that?”

While I was thinking, I saw Tanahashi-kun looking up at something. I decided not to think about the slaves as we were attacking a castle in the Dell Kingdom, and turned to look in the direction Tanahashi-kun pointed at… Hmm?

“What’s that?”

I saw something flying through the sky from the other side of the castle and approaching it. Right now, the black shadow seems to be flapping its wings, but it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

The shadow circled above the castle a few times and then swooped down into the castle’s interior, just when I thought the castle walls obscured it, it surged up. Moreover, it’s grabbing something with its feet.

“Ah, that’s a human, right…?”

“Definitely, it was a human…”

In other words, a flying monster that heard the commotion that was going on in the war preyed on the people inside the castle.

“Hey, could that be a Gryphon…?”

As someone said that, this monster, with the body of a lion, and an eagle’s head and wings, was indeed a Gryphon.

“Hey, isn’t this bad? Kujou, what are we going to do?”

Even if you ask me what to do, how can I make a decision when I don’t know if the Gryphon is stronger than us?

“I’ve heard of it before. The Gryphon is supposed to be a very dangerous monster that even a level 100 guy can’t beat.”

“That’s a big problem.”

“Kujou, let’s get out of here.”

“Yes, let’s get out of here, Kujou-kun!”

“If everyone says so, then we should leave.”

That’s when I made my decision. That Gryphon was coming towards us.

“Huh? It’s coming this way!”


We scattered and ran away. It wasn’t a very organized move, but it was a good thing because it only cost us one of our classmates being eaten.

We fled back to the town we controlled and didn’t leave the castle for a while. This world is still a terrible place. What should we do about the future? If we attacked the town like we did this time, we would be attacked by monsters, and if we lost another classmate, we, who were outnumbered, would be at a disadvantage.

“…We must become stronger.”

“Become stronger, you said? How can we become stronger? Besides, hasn’t Kujou already reached level 100?”

Tanahashi-kun reacted to my muttering. Lately, Tanahashi-kun has been by my side a lot.

“I don’t think there’s any future for us until we reach level 100 or higher…”

“But how do you get past level 100?”

I couldn’t answer Tanahashi-kun’s question. If I knew that, no one would have a hard time.



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  1. They were desperate.
    Other Isekai Manga’s when introducing desperate isekai’d individual, they are gone to ra*e the other classmates. In this series, they were still clinging to the hope of an amorous leader whom had a little courage to face off the other parties.

    But yeah, they are all idiots at the end.
    I can blame them though because as of now, their political thinking hasnt been develop so they cannot see their true future…

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