Garbage Brave – Vol 3 Chapter 5 Part 2

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T/n: Changed Aust Ocean Kingdom -> Oath Oceanic Kingdom

Part 2


“I see, the old bastard has already lost his mind quite a bit, huh? Kukuku, that’s good, he can be more frustrated and fall into helpless anxiety.”

There were barriers that had been put up in the area where the old bastards were located, and I once went to look at those barriers. Then, I found that an “Earth Barrier” was set up in the area where the old bastard was.

Suppose one tries to break this “Earth Barrier”. In that case, an alarm will be activated, so I created a skill called [Barrier Penetration Technique] with [Equivalent Exchange] and gave it to Beeze and his subordinates, thinking that it would be enough to get in without breaking the barrier.

All I had to do was leave the rest to Beeze and the others, and while I was waiting for a moment, I received a report that the old bastard was getting quite impatient.

“Even if he creates a new Old breed, he seems to feel a great sense of danger that they won’t come back if he lets them out of the barriers.”

“It serves you right!”

I laughed while holding my stomach. It’s a very pleasant time to see the old bastard in trouble and anxiety.

“Beeze-san, how are things going with the thirteen countries?”

“We will declare that we are abandoning the principle of human supremacy as you have instructed.”

Allie put her hand to her chin as she heard Beeze’s report and thought about it.

“…Then declare the thirteen countries to renounce human supremacy at once, and please send a joint envoy to the beastmen, elves and dwarf countries.”

“What’s the point of sending the messenger?”

“Let them apologize for what they have done and make reparations, if necessary. And then we shall jointly attack the Rade-Crude Empire.”

“Attacking the Rade-Crude Empire…?”

“Yes. The Beastmen, the Elves, the Dwarves, and the Human countries will be united in attacking the Rade-Crude Empire.”

“…So we’re going to sacrifice the Rade-Crude Empire to solve the previous rut and make it all round?”

“Yes. I think Tsukuru-san’s goal is to harass and punish the old bastard-san, not to create a composition of these races bickering with each other.”

“…Certainly, yeah. Very well. Beeze, do as Allie says.”

I accepted Allie’s idea.

“Also, could you use Antia-san’s connections to reach out to other races through the elves?”

“So you are saying that to have the elves allow the humans to mediate a reconciliation with the beastmen and dwarves?”


“But when Temas is killed, a new Ancient breed will be born. There is a possibility that the Ancient breed will once again operate in secret, don’t you think?”

“Yes. Therefore, why don’t we do what the Humans and Giants did to the Demon race’s Ancient breed?”

“Does that mean we’re going to send Temas’s successor, the Ancient breed, to another world?”

“Yes, so that no human can be hostile to other races.”

I see. The Giants have ruled the Demons for thousands of years with it, so let’s do it with the Humans, too. Allie has an interesting idea.

The future harassment has been decided.

(1) Eliminate the Old breeds from around the old bastard and don’t give him any information. Or limit the information provided to him. (The same as before.)

(2) The thirteen nations of human supremacy renounced human supremacy and apologized to the Elves, Beastmen, and Dwarves.

(3) Encourage the Beastmen and Dwarves via Antia to accept the thirteen countries.

(4) Once the thirteen countries have made peace, attack the Rade-Crude Empire to strengthen the unity of the Humans and other races.

(5) Beat the shit out of the old bastard when we are attacking the Rade-Crude Empire.

(6) Collect and dispose of summoning-related facilities and materials.

(7) Banishing the successor Ancient breed of the old bastard to another world.

“Beeze, inform Israfel of these policies and have him implement it immediately.”


Beeze disappeared into the black vortex. I looked at the seven people in turn.

“We’re finally here. We’ll let the old bastard get his ass around as miserably as possible. This is the final stage. Everyone, I’m counting on you.”

“Of course, leave it all to this Kurogiri!”

Kurogiri tapped his chest.

“Canaan will do her best for her Master!”

Canaan grabbed Red Sage’s staff. Come to think of it, this Red Sage’s staff is getting worn out a lot, and it’s becoming inferior to Canaan’s current level. This is a good time to review everyone’s equipment.

“It’s Hannah’s role to be the Master’s vanguard. Please tell me whatever you need!”

No, no, no, Hannah’s my wife! But I think it wouldn’t be as reassuring for Hannah if I denied her commitment now.

“Sanya will do her best for onii-chan!”

Oh, I’m expecting you to!

“It’s a long-cherished wish of Tsukuru, and I’ll be glad to help as your wife.”

Thanks, and I’m looking forward to it.

“Tsukuru-kun has always been very dedicated to his own decision, so I will help you with that.”

Really? Am I really that stubborn?

“I’m going to continue to work hard to make sure that Tsukuru-san needs me.”

Allie is my wife and my strategist, so I have high hopes for her.

“Alright, let’s get on with it, but I want to review everyone’s equipment first!”

I created everyone’s equipment based on a variety of materials. The first one is my equipment…


Demon King’s Leather Shirt: A black shirt that’s perfect for you who are spreading chaos around. It has temperature control, Physical Attack Resistance (Extreme), and STR increase (Extreme).

Demon King’s Leather Pants: This is the leather pants for you to wear when you’re mastering chaos. It has Magic Attack Resistance (Extreme), AGI increase (Extreme), and the ability to disable the effect of Weird Person, so you might have a lot of presence with it♪.

Demon King’s Leather Boots: you, the chaos maker, wear these leather boots! Everyone will prostrate themselves at your feet! It can make you fly, and it has an increased Stomping effect (Divine)! You’re not the queen♪. [T/n: I don’t know what the reference is for this.]

Demon King’s Leather Coat: I have nothing to say to you, the ruler of chaos! Increased Intimidation (Extreme), Camouflage (Extreme), and Dark Magic power (Divine).


Yeah, I don’t get it! Next time I see Hirume-san, I’ll make a complaint to her.

Next, Canaan’s equipment…


Enchanted Dress: It’s a mini-skirt one-piece with temperature control, increased Mana (Divine), and Magic Attack Resistance (Divine). It’s the equipment for you, pervert!

Enchanted Cloak: What is this short cloak that has the effects of Abnormal Status Resistance (Divine), Physical Attack Resistance (Extreme), and increased Magic Attack Power (Extreme)?

Enchanted Headband: It’s a pseudo-cat ear headband that can increase INT (Divine) and LUK (Divine). You like it, don’t you~♪?

Blazing Great Sage’s Staff: A Great Sage equipment that increases the power of flame-based magic (Divine) and absorbs flame-based magic (Divine). This makes you a Sage too!


I’m not complaining anymore; I’m going to punch her in the face…

Next, Hannah’s equipment…


Suggestive Maid Outfit: A risqué maid outfit with Physical Attack Resistance (Divine) and Magic Attack Resistance (Divine) effects. Hey master~♡

See-through Maid Glove: Erotic maid equipment with STR increase (Divine)! That see-through is so erotic.♪

Ero-Ero Knee-High Socks: Erotic maid equipment with AGI increase (Divine) effects! That transparent soft fair skin is so unbearable♡

Stinging Boots: These are shiny boots with increased kicking power (Divine) and the ability to make your opponents captive♪

High-King Knuckle: Nothing cannot be destroyed with this! Woahahaha!


Hey, that last one is not even an explanation!

Next is Sanya…


The Sea Dragon King’s Head Cover: It’s an equipment that protects the animal ears with the effect of Sense of Hearing Enhancement (Divine)♪

The Sea Dragon King’s Leather Armor: Leather armor with Physical Attack Resistance (Divine) and Magic Attack Resistance (Divine). This is the gem for you, the slim bomber!

The Sea Dragon King’s Gauntlet: It’s a gauntlet that increases throwing power (Divine).

The Sea Dragon King’s Knee-Pad: A knee-pad that increases AGI (Divine) and can also be used to attack with its spiky effect.

The Sea Dragon King’s Boots: These boots have an effect of increasing Evasion (Divine)♪

The Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk: A small ax for throwing. It’s a set of four and has a self-regeneration function, and after throwing it, it automatically returns to its owner.


I guess she’s getting tired of writing the flavour text…

Next, Ichinose…


The Saint’s Monastic Uniform: I certify you as a saint! What are you going to do with a stylish monastic uniform with an increased recovery effect (Divine)?

The Saint’s Robe: It has Physical Attack Resistance (Divine), Magic Attack Absorption (Divine), because it’s a fluttery robe with saintly specifications♪

Divine Staff: The abilities of the Holy Spirit and the Heroic Spirit summoned by the [Holy Spirit Summoning Technique] increase greatly♪


Well, here’s the thing… It looks like Hirume-san’s flavour text writing is getting tedious, too.

And last is Allie…


Diva’s Mic +1: Singing effect increased (Divine), Sonic Voice effect increased (Divine), Listen to my song!

Diva’s Costume +1: Increased Magic Resistance (Divine), Increased Physical Resistance (Divine), an invisible idol costume.

Diva’s Headband +1: Increased Word Spirit effect (Divine), INT (Divine), and an option to make her fox ears look like dog or cat ears.


Hey, that’s a complete misappropriation of flavour text! And what’s a “+1”? I wasn’t modifying the original equipment or using the same materials!

I feel sorry for Allie, so I’ll redo it!

(Geez, it can’t be helped~.)

Let’s get some motivation! I mean, I just heard a voice!


Song Maiden’s Microphone: It’s a microphone with increased Singing effect (Divine) and increased Sonic Voice effect (Divine)♪

Song Maiden’s Costume: It’s a very sexy costume with the effects of increased Magic Attack Resistance (Divine) and increased Physical Attack Resistance (Divine). Hmm♪

Song Maiden’s Headphones: This headphone has the effect of increasing the Word Spirit effect (Divine), INT (Divine), but it also has the option of disguising the fox ears as dog or cat ears, and noise cutting effect as well.


“Hey, don’t you have any of my equipment?”

“You are a sword. You don’t need equipment!”

If Kurogiri wears any equipment, the equipment will probably be removed when he turns into a sword, right?

“It’s discrimination!”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Besides, neither Antia nor Beeze has any equipment, you’re not the only one, so it’s not discrimination.”

Antia doesn’t need my equipment because she uses her “MP” to create her clothes. Beeze can’t change clothes because his cloak itself is part of his body. That’s why I didn’t create any equipment for the two of them as well as Kurogiri.

Leaving Kurogiri alone, I turned my attention to the five girls who had changed clothes.

Canaan’s clothes, which are mini-skirts and wide open at the chest, make it difficult to look at her, as her breasts vibrate with a plumping motion every time she moves. Hannah’s in a mini-skirt too, so it’s nice that I can see… wait, that’s not it… well, yeah, I like her tail!

Sanya’s leather armor is designed to fit her body, so her body line is well emphasized, so it’s hard to look at her too. Ichinose’s monastic uniform is more form-fitting than the previous ones, and the slit also opens further up to reveal her underwear. Her thighs look delicious… wait, no, I mean… yeah, it’s hard to look at them!

Allie’s mini-skirts are even more powerful, and her back is wide open and sexy. The design of these pieces of equipment is really for one’s convenience. Maybe, but I think Hirume-san designed it.

“…E-everyone, they all look good on you.”

Everyone’s gaze is hurting me… It’s not my fault…

“I thought about it last time too, but what are you going to do with this kind of equipment on us, Tsukuru-kun?”

Ichinose came closer to me in her monastic uniform with a slit that made her thighs look wider when she moved. I would be happy if she came at me in a sexy way, but Ichinose’s gaze was an accusation against me.

“No, it wasn’t me who designed them…”

I might make an excuse, but it’s a bit confusing. They wouldn’t believe me if I told them it was Hirume-san’s design…

“That’s fine. I’d even be naked if Tsukuru-san wanted me to, you know?”

“Hey! Geez, Allie-san, you are so soft on Tsukuru-kun already!”

The fuzzy fox tail coming out of Allie’s miniskirt is wagging and swaying. Allie’s tail is very fluffy and comfortable to touch. Oops, I have to quiet Ichinose down because she’s getting all pouty.

I managed to calm down Ichinose, and we used the transfer magic circle that Canaan had set up to transfer to the East Britannia Republic, a country of human supremacy.

This East Britannia Republic is a small country bordered by the large countries of the Rade-Crude Empire, Luk Sandale Kingdom, and the Oath Oceanic Kingdom. It is a country that has been completely dominated by Israfel’s doppelganger’s army, or the Doppel Army for short.

The Luk Sandale Kingdom is the second-largest country after the Rade-Crude Empire, and it is the country that Ichinose was bought by when she was first summoned. The Oath Oceanic Kingdom is also a country that is considered to be one of the three largest countries along with the Rade-Crude Empire and the Luk Sandale Kingdom.

The East Britannia Republic was a good place to set up a base of operations in terms of location, since it was on the west side of the Rade-Crude Empire, where the old bastard is located, on the east side of the Luk Sandale Kingdom, and on the north side of the Oath Oceanic Kingdom. It’s the only country that shares a border with these three great powers.

Therefore, it was the country that had a priority to establish the Doppel Army’s control.

“Please use this mansion.”

The dignitaries of the country whose existence had been taken over by Israfel’s subordinate doppelgangers led us to the mansion.


The mansion includes a building and grounds that made it look like a palace.

“It was an ex-royal family palace. Is this not to your liking?”

It’s a real palace, you know.

“It’s too big, you know. A smaller house, just a quiet and a little more spacious for eight people would do.”

“My apologies! We’ll have such a mansion ready for you at once!”

Doppel-kun bows his head with a grand impatience.

“Tsukuru-san, since Almas-dono didn’t prepare this palace out of malice, let’s just use it.”

“But, you see…”

“Tsukuru, Allie’s right. If you don’t like it big enough, just limit the parts you use, okay?”

“Even Antia… Alright, alright. Almas, this is fine. I’ll just make a few changes inside.”

“Yes! Thank you! You may modify it as you see fit, Milord!”

A man in his fifties named Almas, who wipes sweat off with a handkerchief, is a Doppel-kun, who is the chairman of the council of this country. Doppel-kun is sweating too, huh?

In East Britannia, the country’s politics are decided by the council, and the chairman of the council is commonly known as the head of state. Even the head of state is a subordinate of Israfel, so from my point of view, he’s like a subordinate of a subordinate, or in other words, he’s a subordinate of my subordinate, so I guess he’s trying very hard not to upset me.

Am I really that scary?

“The room is all gold!”

We were led into the palace and shown to the rooms, but as Canaan said, the rooms that were decorated with gold all over the place didn’t make my bottom feel any better.

“It’s a room that’s a waste of money…”

“This is also a necessary part of a king’s authority. A shabby room and palace will gain you a look of disdain.”

“But this is a small country even among the human supremacist countries, isn’t it? There’s no need to spend this much money on this, right?”

“Not really. A small country, in its own way, must not be underestimated by domestic and foreign dignitaries.”

“Is that how it works? I don’t think I’m going to be able to understand the way of thinking of a king and nobleman.”

“‘Ufufufu, I’ll take care of those things, so you can do what you want, Tsukuru-san.”

“I’m sorry, Allie.”

She’s the right person for it, so let’s leave the scheming and the handling of the royalty and nobles to Allie.

“All right, we’ll remodel the interior of the palace for our own use!”

“In that case, build a Japanese-style room. I’ll be more comfortable in a Japanese-style room.”

Antia is a very beautiful western-looking woman, but she says she feels most at home in a Japanese room.

“Okay. Any other suggestions?”

“I guess I want a bath. I think I would prefer a hinoki bath if possible.” [T/n: hinoki bath = Japanese cypress bath.]

“Oh, I’m the same as Ichinose. I like the hinoki bath. What about the others?”

“Master, I want a kitchen that is easy to use. I’ve learned a lot in Japan, and I’m going to cook with all my skill.”

“Oh, let’s get a kitchen island that’s easy to use!”

Hannah is absolutely right that the kitchen should be easy to use. And since Hannah, Sanya, and I will be standing in the kitchen, a kitchen island will be easier to use than an ordinary system kitchen.

“Yes, yes, yes. Canaan would like a big table! That way, I can put a lot of food on the table!”

“Canaan is just being Canaan, huh. But with a palace this big, I’m sure there are plenty of big tables around.”

There should always be a table big enough to seat a long few dozen people for a dinner party or something. If there isn’t, I’ll just build it anyway.

“Tsukuru-san, please make sure Tsukuru-san’s bed is a big one. We’ll be sleeping with you, too.”

“O-oh… Ok. I’ll make the bed big enough for Allie and everyone else to sleep with me…”

What are we doing with such a big bed? It’s obvious, but…

I listened to everyone’s opinions and remodeled the interior of the palace. For the bath, I built a purely Japanese-style cypress bath and an outdoor stone bath. Both baths are large enough to accommodate a dozen people. There were also three kitchen islands, three large refrigerators, and two freezers.

Canaan, Hannah, Sanya, and Allie had a western-style room, while Antia and Ichinose had a Japanese-style room, and my room was a combination of a western-style room and a Japanese-style room. My room was not gilded splendor but rather a chic, calming one, while Canaan and Allie had a princess-like room with a canopy bed.

Most of the country’s leaders were either Old breeds or their subordinates, but Doppel-kun and the others had taken over their existence. The leaders of the Rade-Crude Empire and the Dell Kingdom seem to be quite impatient since the old bastards have been holed up and not coming out.

In the midst of all this, a report reached the two countries’ leaders that the thirteen human supremacist countries had renounced their human supremacy and jointly sent emissaries to the races of other countries.

Upon receiving this, the two countries’ leaders panicked and sent their messengers to the old bastard, all of which were abducted or killed by Beeze’s servants.

Beeze reported that the old bastard couldn’t get any information about the outside world at all, so he got impatient and tried to go out several times, but was discouraged by Beeze.

Kukuku, you should be more impatient. Be more anxious.


“Oh, Israfel. It’s been a while.”

“Yes, it’s been a while.”

Currently, Israfel has taken over the presence of the king of the Luk Sandale Kingdom, and he is an old man of about seventy years old.

I sat in front of Israfel, who was on his knees with his head hanging down and continued talking.

“So, what’s the matter today?”

“I thought it best to inform you that the messengers I sent to the other races’ countries have just returned, and I must inform you of their reply.”

“Oh. So, what’s the result?”

”Yes, Antia-sama has been laying the groundwork, so they have agreed on compensation and sent troops to destroy the Rade-Crude Empire.”

“Okay. So, when is the time to go?”

“Yes, in two months, we will attack the Rade-Crude Empire ahead of the allied armies of other races.”

I nodded in satisfaction and looked at Allie, who was sitting beside me.

“When the fight begins, let’s lift the information blockade on the old man-san.”

“Can the old bastard hold out until then?”

“If he can’t endure it, then you can defeat him at that point. Otherwise, he will only be destroyed by Tsukuru-san as he watches the Rade-Crude Empire fall.”

“I can see the frustration on the old man’s face. Kukuku, Israfel, control the human race as you have been doing. Don’t let your guard down, because you never know what the desperate old bastards will do to us.”

I chuckled and nodded in agreement and made sure Israfel was thorough with Allie’s instructions.




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