Garbage Brave – Vol 3 Chapter 5 Part 3

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Part 3


As the months passed, the United Thirteen countries’ army invaded the Rade-Crude Empire. The allied forces of the other races have also deployed their forces along the Rade-Crude Empire’s borders and are keeping a quiet eye on the movements of the United Thirteen countries and the Rade-Crude Empire forces.

This is where Allie broke the information blockade on the old bastard. Then, Beeze reported that the old bastard was so enraged that he felt like he might have a stroke when he got the information.

Good, more, more, more angry, impatient, anxious!

“What did the old bastard order?”

“Yes, to destroy the United Thirteen countries and push back the other races’ armies.”

I found my own expression loosening as I stared at the expressionless Beeze.

“Beeze-san, please blockade the information for him again.”

Allie is going to cut off information for the old bastard again. So that way, the old bastard will be out of information and getting impatient again. I’m afraid of how thorough Allie is. But it’s an effective way to torment the old bastard, and I think it’s a good idea, so I give Beeze the approval.


I’ve told Beeze that he can act on Allie’s instructions, but when I’m around, he always makes sure I give my consent for it.




The Thirteen Countries United Forces and the allied forces of other races besiege the imperial capital of the Rade-Crude Empire. However, since it’s the imperial capital, it’s protected by solid walls, but they seem to be struggling in attacking.

The Rade-Crude Empire has a high power’s resolve, and they don’t seem to think that the imperial capital will fall at all. However, the difference in strength is obvious, and the Rade-Crude Empire will be gone from the map after this.

As for my former classmates, they all seemed to have trudged through a few dungeons, and all of them were now level 100. Now that they were all leveled up, they started attacking other towns again and took down three towns at once.

If they kept this up, the day might come when the Dell Kingdom would belong to my former classmates, but what did they think? They moved into the direction of the Rade-Crude Empire.

Some of them may have been forced into this world and forced to fight, so even if they looted, I didn’t do anything because I thought it was a punishment for the people of this world, but since they’ve messed with the Rade-Crude Empire, I can’t leave them alone.

“Tsukuru-kun, what do you want to do with Kujou-kun and the others?”

“I’m going to go and punish them a little.”

“Punishment… What kind of punishment is it?”


I hadn’t thought too much about it, but what kind of punishment would I give…? Many of them just don’t seem to understand why they’ve been beaten up…

Oh yeah, this is what I’m going to do!

“I think I’m going to───to them.”


Ichinose is a bit taken aback.

“I’m not their parent or guardian, you know. It’s the kindest thing I can do.”




The forces of the Dell Kingdom and the former classmates are clashing with each other. The former classmates are divided into the troops fighting the Dell Kingdom Army and the troops trying to take advantage of the chaos in the Rade-Crude Empire to expand their territory.

Right now, I’m looking at the troops fighting the Royal Army of Dell. In terms of numbers, the Dell Kingdom Army has slightly more troops, but in terms of the quality of troops, the former classmates’ army appears to be slightly better than theirs.

However, the Dell Kingdom Army contained three Old breeds, and the former classmates would not be able to compete with these Old breeds. I didn’t let Doppel-kun take over their existence, so I don’t think they’ll show any mercy, even if their opponents are heroes. Well, even Doppel-kun wouldn’t condone it.

I’m watching from the top of a flying magic carpet that’s covering up such a battle, and I think it’s more effective to beat my former classmates who survived the war than to beat them up under these circumstances whether the battle is won or lost by the former classmates.




In the battle between the heroes’ army led by ten level one hundred former classmates and the Dell Kingdom army led by three Old breeds with a level of more than 200, the heroes’ army had the upper hand in the battle, but the Old breeds in the back came out and pushed back the heroes’ army.

“Oh, it’s a clash between the former classmates and the Old breeds.”

The former classmates and the Old breeds stared at each other as they brought the ordinary soldiers down to the rear. The levels of the Old breeds were all about 250, and it was unlikely that the former classmates would be able to win even if they had ten of them.

That expectation was correct, and just three Old breeds had killed four of the former classmates without much trouble. However, something unexpected happened here. A madness had occurred in which Kujou had defeated one of the Old breeds.

That Old breed was apparently not used to fighting, and although he had the power to overwhelm the former classmate, he hadn’t been able to use it. In a battle between a lukewarm strong man and a weak man who was used to fighting, sometimes this kind of madness would happen.

“It looks like Kujou-kun has now broken through the second stage of limit-break by defeating that Old breed.”

Ichinose is firmly focused on the battlefield. The fact that what Kujou and the others were doing was terrible, even the usually sweet Ichinose didn’t defend Kujou and the others.

“Yes, Kujou is the only one who has risen to level 170 now. But the other Old breeds are both used to fighting, and their levels are in the 250s, so I doubt they can win first.”

Kujou and the others put up a good fight, but they still couldn’t beat the rest of the Old breeds and had to fall back. Even so, they still killed one of the Old breeds, so they must have done well.

“Since it only took four casualties, it must have been good for them to get away with less damage, right?”

Antia’s seen that four of the former classmates died, but she’s glad that they weren’t wiped out. If the Old breeds had wanted to, the damage would have been much more serious. The Old breeds could have tried to chase after them if they wanted to, but they didn’t do that. Maybe they couldn’t decide if they should annihilate the heroes. Or perhaps they were too wary of not being able to contact the old bastard and didn’t go after them deeply.

We have lifted the information blockade now, but we are holding the transition gate, so the Old breeds of the Dell Kingdom haven’t been able to get in touch with the old bastard.

Meanwhile, the heroes’ army is trying to take advantage of the chaos in the Rade-Crude Empire, and it seems that the ikemen Aikawa is in command. However, since they passed Doppel-kun on our side, Aikawa and the others were quickly repelled and returned to the Dell Kingdom territory.

That’s where Kujou and the rest of the group had returned, and the sixteen former classmates had gathered together.

“Alright, let’s go.”

I walked into the dark space and headed for a large room like the audience room where sixteen of my former classmates were gathered. I didn’t bring Canaan and the others with me this time. And, of course, Ichinose.

“Hey, Kujou. This is the only number of people in the room already. What do we do now?”

“The thing is, my level has risen to 170 in this fight.”

“What did you say?”

The former classmates couldn’t hide their surprise that Kujou had surpassed the level hundred barrier and leveled up to 170.

“So, if it’s Kujou, then he can defeat those monsters, right?!”

That monster that the unnamed former classmate in the Rade-Crude Empire’s unit said was Doppel-kun and the others.

“I don’t know. There were two people in the Dell Kingdom that even I can’t defeat now.”

The former classmates who were going in the direction of the Rade-Crude Empire hadn’t seen the Old breeds, so they couldn’t believe that there was someone that even a level 170 Kujou couldn’t defeat.

It’s a waste to spend too much time with them, so I decided to emerge from the dark space. As I suddenly appeared behind Kujou, my former classmates were surprised as their eyes peeled away. Kujou made a strange face when he saw those former classmates.

“Yo. You look like you’re having fun.”


Kujou jumped greatly.

“W-who are you?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am.”

When I said that, there were former classmates who pulled out their swords and tried to cut at me, so I used [Dark Magic]‘s Dark Bind to make all of my former classmates unable to move. Even if I didn’t have to Dark Bind, I would still be able to continue dodging these guys’ attacks.


“What’s this?”

“I can’t move my body!”

Some of the guys tried to chant magic because they couldn’t move their bodies, but when I shoved the Dark Bind in their mouths, their faces turned red and blue.

“Who are you!”

I’ve changed my appearance, so no one realizes that I’m their former classmate. Well, maybe I don’t need to change my appearance to be noticed.

“Listen to me. If you speak without my permission, I will beat you up mercilessly. Is that clear?”

I made sure that everyone could move their heads so they could nod.

“I’ll give you two choices. The first is to live in misery in this world, and the second is to go back to Japan to continue living.”

All of them had a surprised look on their faces. They really wondered if they would ever be able to go back to Japan.

“Can we really go back to Japan?”

The one who said that was a former classmate of mine, whom I didn’t know the name of. I moved in front of him in an instant and punched him in the face. The dark bindings hold him in place, so he won’t blow up, but he turned white and fainted.

“If you speak without my permission, I’m sure I’ll beat you to death. Next time you won’t be able to get away with something like this, so remember that.”

Remember that, I said, though the guy who just spoke is unconscious, so he can’t hear me. In the meantime, I kick the guy who’s passed out and wake him up.

“Well, I don’t want to bother checking each and every one of you. Anyone who wants to go back to Japan, swing your head up and down.”

Then thirteen of them shook their heads up and down greatly, and three of them shook their heads to the side. One of the three who shook their heads to the side was Kujou. Kujou thinks that he’s going to get more levels since he’s crossed the level hundred barrier.

“Alright, I get it. I’ll leave the three of you in this world. I’ll send the rest back to Japan.”

Canaan appeared beside me at that time. I don’t know how she knew this timing, but [Space-Time Magic] is so convenient.

The sixteen people who saw Canaan were surprised, but there seemed to be more favorable looks (erotic gazes) than when I appeared behind Kujou. I’m pissed off, so I’m going to punch them all in the face.

“Okay, I’ll send thirteen of you back to Japan now, but before I do, I’ll strip you of your jobs.”

“Huh?” they shouted in unison.

“Why would I send you back to Japan in a condition where you could use your skills?”

I activated the [Job Deprivation/Grant] that I had created with [Equivalent Exchange] and deprived everyone of their jobs. With this, the sixteen of them lost their jobs, and their skills were all gone due to the collateral effects.


The fact that fifteen were level 100 and Kujou was level 170 meant that their abilities were severely reduced, so I think they felt heavy inside their bodies. It is your natural ability, to begin with, so don’t worry about it.

“W-why even our jobs…?”

Kujou asked me in pain. I thought about punching him as he spoke, but oh well.

“You said you wouldn’t go back to Japan now that you’ve broken the limit, but there’s no way I’m going to leave you guys with your powers, right? Then the next time you speak without permission, I’ll beat you up. Now think about what would happen if you guys got beaten up by me.”


“Okay, Canaan, connect us to Japan over there.”

“I understand.”

I released the Dark Bind when I saw that disastrous vortex appear as Canaan took a swing of the Blazing Great Sage’s staff.

“Thirteen of you go into that vortex. Then you can go back to Japan.”


Someone raised his hand fearfully.


He held up his hand because he would get beaten up if he spoke without permission.

“A-are you sure it’s safe to go in there?”

“If you don’t go in, I’ll beat you here until you turn into a piece of meat. Which one do you want?”

“C-coming in! I’m coming in!”

With that, that guy jumped into the vortex.

“The rest of you, move your asses off!”

I kicked their confused asses and took an excellent shot at the vortex. I threw the thirteen into the vortex and asked Canaan to remove the vortex. What those thirteen men do in Japan is none of my business. I’ll contact Hirume-san, though.

I look at the three remaining people and grin.


“I know you guys are going to have a hard time without your jobs, so since I’m a nice guy, I’m going to give you a gift.”

The three of them looked a bit happy as they were dreading being stripped of their jobs. I activated [Job Deprivation/Grant] again and gave the three of them a new job.

“That’s it. Do whatever you want with the rest. Bye.”

I walked through the vortex I’d asked Canaan to connect us back to everyone.


Ichinose seemed to want to hear what happened, so I told her.

“So the three of them, Kujou-kun and the others who remained in this world, have had their jobs turned into villagers?”

“Yeah. Now they can’t do anything bad, can they?”

There may be some payback for their previous bad behavior, but it’s not my fault.

“Those three will surely suffer a terrible fate…”

Hannah muttered solemnly. If Hannah hadn’t come to me through Count Abbas’ scheme, I don’t know what kind of slave life she’d be living now…

At any rate, with this, my former classmates who did whatever they wanted in the Dell Kingdom have been brought to an end. There are other former classmates who are being held captive by the Demons and Giants, but I’ll leave them alone for now.



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  1. I keep skipping most of the chapter… All the food porn, and the idiotic times… So I finish reading a little bit, but I feel that I don’t lose anything of the story.

    Cliché character’s for a meh novel. But a meh read for when one is so bored of live.


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