Garbage Brave – Vol 3 Chapter 5 Part 4

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Part 4


The Rade-Crude Empire, which had previously been a great power, has fallen. The emperor has been beheaded, and many of the nobles and officials of the Rade-Crude Empire are said to be imprisoned and put on trial.

Currently, the old bastard’s information blockade has been lifted, so he will be getting information about the imperial capital. It’s a pity that I can’t see the emotionally unstable old bastard’s face, but I’ve decided to save that for later.

Also, the Great Temple, where the old bastard is holed up, is surrounded by a double and triple siege by Beeze’s men, so although they can let the Old breed enter and leave, the moment the Old bastard comes out, they will contact me. Even if he doesn’t come out, the imperial capital has fallen, so I’m the one who will be coming to him. Now, let’s see if I can start putting the finishing touches on it too.

“So, it’s almost time, Tsukuru.”

Antia smiled, but her eyes are serious.

“Yeah, I’m going to end it once and for all. I’m not going to let the old bastard get away anymore.”

“We’ll assist you, Tsukuru-kun.”

Ichinose looked quite nervous.

“I’ll be counting on you, Ichinose, everyone.”

“Canaan will do her best for Master!”

Canaan is still the same, a soothing character.

“Yeah, I’ll be counting on you, too. Canaan.”

“Master can leave the outrider to this Hannah!”

I doubt there will ever be a more reliable outrider.

“Hannah, too, thank you.”

“Let’s take out that old man-san for Tsukuru-san.”

No, I’m the one who’s going to take out the old bastard. Allie.

“Anyone but the old bastard, please.”

“Let’s beat up the old man to the ground, onii-chan!”

It looks like Sanya is shadowboxing a virtual old bastard.

“Yeah, I’m going to beat him up!”

“Tsukuru, I’ll be sure to cut off the old bastard.”

“Sure, Kurogiri is the sword that could cut him into pieces, but don’t get too carried away about it, don’t expose yourself to the carelessness as you did with Shamanile before.”

“What do you mean? That was just a fluke!”

“Just a fluke, you said… well, that’s okay. I’ll just leave you alone for the second time.”

“I know!”

It’s not even cute to see a forty or so year old man pouting.

We entered the Rade-Crude Empire on a flying magic carpet. Sometimes I could see them skirmishing, but that didn’t matter. Canaan told me that we could use [Space-Time Magic] to teleport, but I decided to go on a flying magic carpet boldly to get my mind going.

After flying for a while, I saw a quite large battle instead of the skirmish I had seen before. It seems that the allied forces of other races are fighting the surviving nobles of the Rade-Crude Empire in order to get rid of their past resentment.

Well, it’s an unimportant battle for me.

After flying for a while more, I saw a large structure in the distance of my vision. That’s the Great Temple, the headquarters of the old bastard I’m aiming for. The building, which looks like a huge western-style church surrounded by six spires, is unified by a prominent red roof on pale blue walls.

The six spires have become a magic item to set up a barrier against the outside of that Great Temple, but if it’s only this barrier, Beeze can easily get through. The section that the old bastard is in has a different kind of barrier than that one, and it was something that even Beeze had trouble with, but now he can walk through regardless. Of course, I can walk through it too.

In front of the Great Temple grounds, the allied forces of the other races are attacking the barrier put up by the six spires.

“It’s useless. There is no way the barriers that are meant to protect Temas can be easily broken.”

Antia was right, that barrier is so solid that it doesn’t even falter under the Old breed’s attacks.

“Hey, what are the Beastman race and the Dwarf race’s Ancient breeds doing?”

“They’ve left everything about Temas to me. Even for them, fighting Temas could cost them their lives, so it was rather easy to convince them not to move.”

“I see, so we can just go straight in.”

“Yes, that’s true. However, as for the Demon race’s Ancient breed and Crafton, it’s indeed impossible to suppress them.”

“Fine, it’s good enough that you can reduce the hindrance by half.”

I pulled Antia into a hug and expressed my gratitude.

“Ahh, Canaan wants to be hugged, too~.”

“Yes, yes.”

Somehow, everyone was lined up behind Canaan. I hugged them in turn and thanked them for everything they’d done for me.

“Okay, everyone. You can go wild as you please.”

“Yes.” everyone shouted in unison.

We went inside the six spire barriers and started beating the old bastard’s men to a pulp. The six of them are not doing much work since the only ones that come out are just human soldiers and Old breeds, but they’ll have to put up with that.

Well, as long as they don’t charge forward, there will be no chance for the enemy to touch Antia, Allie, and Ichinose. It’s basically just the three of Canaan, Hannah, and Sanya who are cleansing the old bastard’s subordinates.

“Burn them out~.”

The magic unleashed with what sounded like cheers was the exact opposite of it, a diabolical one. The entire field of vision flared up red, and all the body fluids of the old bastard’s men instantly evaporated and carbonized in a few seconds.

“You have to pay the sin you committed for standing against the Master with your life!”

There are three or four figures of Hannah that appear to be blurred. The speed is so fast that an after-image is created. And then the after-image Hannah hits them and explodes their heads, so we cannot judge who the corpse belongs to.

“Go! Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk!”

The Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk thrown by Sanya cut off the legs of about ten people at once. Although they aren’t dead, the old bastard’s subordinates who had both of their legs cut off are crying and screaming and unable to fight.

“Ufufufu, I know you are reluctant to die for Temas, but that is your destiny.”

When Antia, who was surrounded by the humans, activated [Windstorm Magic (7)], a small tornado was generated. As that tornado touched the humans, their arms and legs were instantly cut into pieces, and bright red blood splattered out. That couldn’t be any more painful-looking.

Antia and Sanya’s attacks don’t feel like killing the enemy, but wounding them and making them experience pain for longer. That means that you shouldn’t make them both angry.

“Um, I won’t chase anyone who runs away, so please run. Otherwise…”

The current Ichinose is able to summon multiple heroic spirits with [Holy Spirit Summoning Technique (3)], resulting in five heroic spirits protecting Ichinose’s surroundings.

As one of them smoothly held out its hand, several lightning bolts appeared from the palm of its hand and pierced the enemy. The enemy that was pierced by the lightning bolts fell to the spot with a smoking sound and began to convulse.

Since it was a lightning bolt, the speed of its movement was so fast that ordinary humans and Old breeds would not be able to avoid it. Moreover, the lightning bolt pierced the enemy with an erratic movement, and with a single shot, more than a dozen people were electrocuted and fell down.

“I have nothing against you. But I will not tolerate any of you as long as you are protecting the old bastard-san who has incurred the wrath of my husband, Tsukuru-san.”

It may sound like she’s talking normally, but because she has activated the [Sonic Voice (5)], the enemy in front of Allie was blown away and is bleeding from their eyes, ears, and nose. The enemies are horrified by the unseen attack.

“Well, shall I go too?”

“My body feels tense.”

“What are you nervous about? We’re just going to beat the old bastard. Take it easy.”

“I said I was tense; I didn’t say I was nervous! Don’t get it wrong, Tsukuru.”

“Is that so? That’s fine then. I’m expecting a lot from you, partner.”

“Just leave it to me!”

I can’t tell because he is in his sword form now, but if this were his human form, he would have slammed his chest.

“I’ll leave the small fry here to you all, and I’ll go along with Master.”

“Ah, onee-chan, that’s not fair!”

“Ufufufu, the one who says that first would be the winner, Sanya.”

There’s no rule that says you were the winner if you’re the first to say it, but if that makes everyone happy, then so be it.

I walked slowly as everyone got rid of those who got in my way.

“…Come to think of it, it all started when I passed through this transition gate.”

I looked up at the huge door and was overcome with emotion.


“What are you thinking about when you look up at this transition gate?”

“I was abandoned in the Great Borf Forest through this transition gate. So it’s very emotional.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to throw it away, no matter how worthless it is. Well, since that is how you met me, I think you could not be happier, Tsukuru.”

“What’s that? You’re praising yourself.”

Where does this confidence in Kurogiri come from?

“Who are you, you’re here to──.”

“You’re in the way.”

A guy who I believe to be an Old breed came out, but Hannah beat him up before he could say all his words. Well, unnamed mob, when you go to hell, regret that you were a subordinate of the old bastard, and burn in the hellfire.

The door is as big as a transition gate.

“I’ll open it right away.”

“No, it’s okay. There’s a certain courtesy in opening these things, so I’ll do it myself.”

Hannah tried to open the door, but I restrained her and decided to take over and open the door out of ancient courtesy. By that, I mean… kicking the door open. Bang.

When I kicked the door, the double doors were blown open with great force, engulfing the several people who were standing beyond it.

“It blocked my way~.”

I was polite, so I made sure to say the proper permission before I walked into the main shrine. There was a door down the aisle that was in the way, but I walked over the door and went to the back. As I did so, I thought I heard a strange voice coming from behind the door, but it was probably just my imagination.

Hannah, dressed in a maid’s outfit, followed me and cleaned up the small fry that came out. There was the barrier, as mentioned earlier, beyond some doors. Although invisible to the eye, the barrier is definitely there, as if it rejects us. Even when Hannah hit the barrier, it didn’t falter. That alone tells me that it’s a pretty powerful barrier.

“I’ll try to get serious next time.”

“No, it’s okay. Hannah, step back.”


I have the [Barrier Penetration Technique] skill that I granted to Beeze and the others. By using this [Barrier Penetration Technique], I can pass through any barrier.

But that won’t be fun.

“Let’s do it, partner.”

“Hmph. In the hands of Tsukuru and me, such barriers will be cut to pieces like a piece of paper.”

“It’s your first match after your comeback, Kurogiri, don’t get distracted.”

“Who do you think you’re talking to?”

“That’s the spirit. Let’s go, partner.”


I pulled out Kurogiri and readied myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve had this feeling. I won’t say it out loud because Kurogiri will get carried away by it, but after all, Kurogiri is so comfortable in my hand.

It feels so different because when I was practicing with Kurogiri, I used an adamantine sword created with [Equivalent Exchange].

I stare at the invisible barrier in front of me, pull my left leg, raise Kurogiri high in the air, and take a thin breath. I don’t activate the skill. It’s because I want to see how far I can go with my bare strength.

Then I swing Kurogiri down naturally as I exhale. It’s a swing that doesn’t even involve a lot of effort.


I didn’t feel any response from Kurogiri. But I definitely cut the barrier. Even if I can’t see it, I know where and how to cut it. Things like magic that make up the barriers have a complex fiber structure like Japanese paper, but if I cut them as if I were cutting the joint, I can cut them without any difficulty.

Immediately after a single string formed in the barrier, countless cracks ran from it; the barrier crumbled with a light sound.

“As expected of an expert swordsman like you, Master.”

Hannah was hanging over to me. Her tail was wagging wildly. Am I a skilled swordsman, or have I reached the point where I’m considered an expert? If so, I’m a little glad.

“Not yet. It’s only natural to be able to do this.”

There’s an interruption to the good atmosphere between Hannah and me. Really this guy…

The alarm goes off as the barrier has been broken. Now, here’s the main event.

I activated the [Perfect Barrier Technique] that I had created with the [Equivalent Exchange]. With this [Perfect Barrier Technique], I created a space where the old bastard couldn’t escape, even if he tried as hard as he did.

“Let’s go and settle this matter.”

Hannah and I go deeper and deeper into the Great Temple. There doesn’t seem to be anyone in this area, and it’s very quiet except for the alarm. Though, that alarm is really noisy.

Then we arrived in front of a door that was slightly larger than average in size but decorated with a luxurious yet wasteful ornament.

“Master, I will do it.”

Hannah stepped forward to open the door. I kicked the door open earlier, so I’ll leave Hannah to handle this one here.

“Oh, I’ll leave it to you.”


Hannah squeezes her right fist. It’s a supple, clean stance.


The moment Hannah let loose her fist, the luxurious door was smashed to the ground in pieces, and the pieces scattered into the room. Perhaps but since she couldn’t break the barrier when she hit it before, it was such a good blow that I think she carried that feeling with her.


It looks like the shards hit the existence in the room.

That’s what happens when you’re standing in such a place; then I watch as Hannah wraps her mind around the flying debris and sends it flying. Hannah did quite an exhilarating thing  too. The fact that she turned a mere piece of wood into a weapon more vicious than a bullet is the real deal for sure.

I entered the room through the door that Hannah opened for me.

“W-who are you!?”

The old bastard was covered in blood with pieces of wood sticking in his body.

“Hahaha! What the hell happened to you?”

“Kuh? Y-you…”

The old bastard’s face, which had been twisted in pain, contorted further, and he was surprised by my appearance.

“You remember me?”


“What is it, you’re not talking? Well, okay, I’m here to beat you up. Do you understand?”

The old bastard’s eyes are avoiding me, and he’s probably trying to figure out how to escape.

“Come on, go ahead, and attack me. Entertain me.”

“W-wait! Let’s talk about it!”

“Last time I waited for you, you ran, didn’t you?”


I glared at him, and the old bastard backed away.

“Okay, here’s the deal! Make me laugh. Then I can consider it.”

“M-make, you laugh…”

“What, you can’t do it?”

“No, no, no, that isn’t it!”

What a desperate man. You’re supposed to be an Ancient Human, aren’t you? Don’t you have any pride?



Hannah and I have been watching the old bastard’s facial expressions and his one-person skits for a while, but it’s not funny at all.

“Oh, that’s enough.”


“You obviously have no sense of humor.”

Don’t look so disappointed like that.

“Hey, bring me everything you have regarding the summoning.”


“That’s right. The material you’re using to abduct people from other worlds. Give me everything in here and tell me everything about where else it is.”


“I’ll consider it, okay?”

The old bastard pulled out a lot of parchments and thick books from everywhere. I’m impressed that he has so many of them.

“Master~. The outside is cleared~.”

“Tsukuru, Canaan is right, we’ve taken care of the people outside. Right now, Suzuno-san has set up a barrier to prevent anyone from entering this Great Temple.”

“Sanya is covering Suzuno-san, so things should be fine out there.”

Canaan, Antia, and Allie showed up.

“Oh, thanks for the good work. The timing was perfect. Canaan, can you burn this for me?”

I pointed to the pile of summoning-related materials.

“Yes-nanodesu~. Do you want me to burn that old bastard-san over there too~?”

The old bastard is in a panic when he hears those words. What the hell is that octopus-like movement? You should’ve done that earlier; it would’ve been fun.

“Let’s put aside that guy now. Just burn these documents.”

“I understand.”

With a single swing of the Blazing Great Sage’s staff, Canaan set the pile of materials on fire, and the fire instantly turned the materials to ashes in a blazing fire. The materials and facilities in the rest of the country had already been disposed of, as well as the materials stored in the castle in the imperial capital.

This was the only place left, so all we had to do was dispose of the facility, and Hirume-san’s request would be accomplished.

“Hey, Beeze!”


Beeze emerged from the darkness.

“Is this all the material available?”

“No, there’s another one over there.”

When I heard those words, I cut off the old bastard’s nose.


“That’s what you get for lying to me.”

“Beeze, bring me that material.”

“Right away.”

I kicked the old bastard who was squatting down and holding his nose and thrust Kurogiri at his throat.

“Make light of me again, and you’ll lose your life.”


A drop of blood dripped from his throat, but it was probably better than the blood that was running out of his nose.



I called out to the old bastard, and he replied with a big bounce of his shoulder. He looked so great to the Old breeds, but he was so freaked out and disgraceful to someone stronger than him.

“Lead me to the summoning magic circle.”

“I understand!”

It’s nice if you’re obedient. I threw a slice of grilled meat in his mouth to treat his nose as a reward.

“Eat up. And your nose will regrow back in no time.”


The old bastard looked at me with a suspicious look, but he swallowed the grilled meat. Of course, his nose grew back in an instant.

“Okay, that should do it.”

The old bastard led us to the place where the summoning magic circle was drawn. It’s the big stone room I saw when I was abducted to this world.

“Looks like it hasn’t changed a bit since then…”

I looked around the room, but there was nothing emotional about it.

“Hannah, I want you to destroy the magic circle.”

“Please leave it to me!”

Hannah stood in the center of the magic circle, then she bent down and slammed her fist into the magic circle. Then the stone floor where the magic circle was set up shattered into pieces as cracks appeared in all directions from where she had slammed her fist. It would be impossible to repair the magic circle if it was destroyed to this extent.

“Now, old bastard…”

“W-what is it…?”

“Do you understand my anger?”


Don’t look so anxious.

“You tricked me into dumping myself in the Great Borf Forest. Thanks to you, I almost died so many times.”


“But I’m also grateful to you. The only reason I’ve become so strong was that you dumped me in the Great Borf Forest.”

The old bastard’s expression brightened perkily.

“Don’t get it wrong. I haven’t forgiven you.”

He looked pale again. This guy can really do some face tricks, so why didn’t he do it earlier?

“There are two ways for you to live. The first is to fight me and defeat me. Of course, I won’t let Antia and the others interfere, and even if you defeat me, I won’t let them get to you.”

“A-and the second thing…?”

“Tell me where the being behind you is. Do that, and I’ll let you live.”


Each race, not just the humans, have their own god-like beings. This is information I’ve heard from Antia, so it’s reliable. That god-like being is the one who drove this old bastard to human supremacy, the real bastard who kidnapped all of us to this world.

So I have the right to kick his ass.

“Umm… I don’t know where the gentleman is…” [T/n: he called it Okata/お方.]

I knew that an Ancient breed that was created by a God would never rebel against Him. So, of course, I knew that the old fucker had no choice but to fight me.

“Then you’ll have to fight me. Everyone stay back.”

“Temas, you and I have known each other for a long time. Rest in peace.”


As Antia said her farewell, the old bastard’s mood changed. He looks like he’s determined, but is he really?

“I have led humanity for many years. I will not die in this place!”

This is your headquarters, isn’t it?

“That’s a pretty powerful caustic word. Alright, I’ll follow your spirit as well.”

I set up Kurogiri and looked at the old bastard.

We’re trying to measure each other’s movements. I can feel the old bastard’s breathing and quietly look at him, but the old bastard is breathing hard, and beads of sweat are dripping from his forehead.

The first person to move is not me, but the old bastard. He couldn’t stand being confronted by me anymore.


The old bastard waved his hand, and a stone spear flew out of the floor.

“You think you can take me down with this one pattern of attack?”

I approached the old bastard while dodging the stone spear and cut him with Kurogiri.


The moment I slashed, the old bastard released a stone wall, so, unfortunately, I couldn’t cut the old bastard’s torso in half. A line entered the stone wall, and a few seconds later, the line slid off the stone. On the other side of it, the old bastard was cowering with blood flowing from his abdomen.

”You’ll suffer if you defend with such a half-hearted stone wall, you know?”

“S-shit… gahah…”

The old bastard spat out blood from his mouth. Apparently, the wound in his abdomen had reached his internal organs.

“You… I won’t… I won’t forgive you!”

“Those are my words.”

I’ve had enough of talking with the old bastard, so I set up Kurogiri. I know by the signs that the old bastard is trying to escape from earlier, but since my [Perfect Barrier Technique] is strung up in this Great Temple, the old bastard can’t escape.


“Oh, Ichinose. You already are done with the outside?”

“It’s all right, onii-chan.”

The other race allied forces seemed to have withdrawn, and Ichinose and Sanya had come to join us. As the two of them and I talked, the old bastard took something out of his pocket and threw it into his mouth.

“I don’t know what you swallowed, but don’t think you’ll survive with that.”

“Kukuku… hahahahaha! I never thought I’d have to use this drug…”

“You sound confident, don’t you? I suppose you’ll entertain me a little more, won’t you?”

“Say what you want, little bastard!”

I don’t know what kind of drug he ate, but the old bastard got extremely bullish.


When I think the old bastard has begun to suffer, the muscles in both hands and legs expand to an impossible degree, followed by his abdomen, chest, and neck. The wound in his abdomen is already sealed up and seems to have the same effect as my grilled meat, but my grilled meat doesn’t have the same effect of muscle expansion.

“This is…”

“What’s wrong, Ichinose?”

“Tsukuru-kun, do you remember the day you rescued me, there was that monster?”

“…Ah… that thing.”

I somehow remember that there was a deformed monster.

“When Kujou-kun gave Saruyama-kun and the others a drug, they turned into that form…”

“Hou, now that the old bastard has swallowed that drug…”

“That’s right! This is a secret medicine that will boost my power several times over! Gaahahaha!”

It’s so annoying to see his face with his nostrils wide open in triumph. I should cut it off again.


“Ah, I accidentally blew you up…”

The old bastard was punched by me and rolled a few meters on the ground.

“T-the effects of the drug haven’t even fully spread through my body yet…”

Don’t look so sad; you look like it’s my fault. I mean, your nose is smashed up, Kukuku.

“Tsukuru is so merciless, isn’t he?”

Antia, I’m a forgiving person, you know. If I didn’t, I’d be cutting him with Kurogiri.

“Master must have his own way~.”

Canaan is not wrong, so I have no objection to her.

“It’s onii-chan, after all…”

“Yeah, it’s Tsukuru-kun, after all…”

What do Sanya and Ichinose think of me?

“It’s the fault of the old bastard-san who makes that kind of face. If it were me, I would have punched him enough to destroy his face.”

That’s right! Yeah, Hannah really knows it.

“I was uncomfortable with that face too, so I can understand how Tsukuru-san feels.”

Allie is the same. She looked really pissed off!

“Shit! To think that I could be treated like this by such a young man!”

“Oh, come on, now? You’re going to be given your last rites by that young man, you know, so be thankful.”

“Don’t mess with me! This is not going to happen again! It’s your fault for pissing me off in my perfect body!”

It seemed that his transformation was completely over, and the old bastard stood up and put a lot of effort into his bulging muscles. Or rather, even though Saruyama and the others had turned their faces into monsters as well, the face of the old bastard didn’t change.

No, he looked a little bit like an end-of-the-century champion, but he wasn’t in the same state as Saruyama and the others, who had no trace of their former selves.

“You, you’ve made a difference between Saruyama and the others’ drugs and the one you took?”

“Hmph, they’re just experiments. Don’t think this finished medicine is the same medicine those fools consumed!”

I vaguely remember that Saruyama and the others turned into deformed monsters, but I don’t know how strong those guys were. So I don’t get the point of that statement, though?


I didn’t know how to answer him and was silent when the old bastard looked down at me with an even more triumphant look on his face. Not only has this guy’s muscles gotten more prominent, but he’s also gotten taller, and he’s about three meters tall.

“It’s too late to regret it now! Regret it in the afterlife!”

The old bastard kicked the floor and made a small crater. The momentum of his movement brought him in front of me, and he tried to hit me, so I shifted my body to avoid him.


The pressure of the old bastard’s fist was stronger than I had imagined, and my chest was lightly gouged out.

“Gahahaha! Have you seen my power?”


A small amount of blood ran down from the gouged wound.

“You’re making a fool of me! I’m not going to kill you easily. Prepare yourself!”

“…Is that all you have?”

“What did you say? Huh, you’re just trying to be tough.”

“You just gave me a scratch. You’d better attack quickly, or I’ll recover as well.”

“You think you can beat me now? You’re a fool!”

“I don’t want to hear your repetitious talk, just come quickly.”

The old bastard, who was furious at my words, stepped on the floor and swung his fist at me. I cut off his right arm, which the old bastard swung down, with Kurogiri.


“Hey, are those muscles just for show?”

He was undoubtedly more responsive than he was before taking the drug, but to me, it was within the margin of error.


The old bastard held his missing right arm and stared at me with tears and snot running down his face.

“No, it was because you’re too weak, wasn’t it? You couldn’t even look at it and be happy that you just grazed me a little.”

His power might indeed be more than me, but there are so many gaps, I can handle it.


Don’t bite your lip in such frustration. It’s not so cute when an old bastard does that, you know.

“I’m tired of it. I think it’s time for you to die.”


It was just as I was about to swing Kurogiri down on the old bastard when I felt two presences approaching this Great Temple.


“Yeah, I know.”

The presence quickly approached and destroyed the barrier Ichinose had put up, smashing the Great Temple walls in a grand fashion. By the way, the barrier I had put up is designed to prevent people from leaving, but allow people to enter, so it does not affect intruders. Otherwise, everyone would not be able to get in.

Everyone dodged or destroyed each of the debris, and no one was injured, but the old bastard was hit by a huge piece of debris and blown away. When the dust that had rolled up cleared, there was a guy I’d seen before and a guy I’d never seen before.

“What is it, you’re here to get beaten up by me as well, huh? Crafton?”

“Tsk, I didn’t expect to see you here…”

For some reason, Crafton, who was too big to fit in even the huge Great Temple, came over.

“You were friends with the old bastard, weren’t you? That was a flashy appearance.”

“Hmm, since that guy caused those demon bastards to revolt, that’s why I’m here to greet him.”

“Because of the old bastard, you said? If you hadn’t sent us to that world, Catoblepas wouldn’t have died, you know?”

“Muh? …I don’t care about those details!”

“You do not even feel any guilt, huh?”

That bastard Crafton flew us into that world in his own agony, and now he’s acting innocent and blaming it on the old bastard. I don’t like it when a muscle brain does things like this.

“You people had the balls to leave me alone!”

The other intruder had opened his mouth. Apparently, he doesn’t seem to be on good terms with Crafton.

…I see, this guy.

“Y-you bastard! How dare you attack my Great Temple?”

The old bastard crawled out of the rubble and started to complain to Crafton and the other one.


NyX Translation


“You’re Temas, right? You’re the one who conspired with that bastard, Crafton, to mock us demons, aren’t you? I’m here to repay you for that today.”

A thin macho bastard who wore glasses but didn’t look like an intellectual with his upper body naked and full of wildness was a demon race’s Ancient breed.

He has a clean platinum blonde head with goat curling horns and sickly pale skin. The man is about 180 centimeters tall and looks about twenty-five years old. Other than the horns on his head and the wings on his back, he looks almost the same as humans.

“Crafton! Why have you brought that demon here?”

“Don’t make a fuss. I didn’t bring him here. He came on his own.”

“I see. So you came to the Great Temple to escape from the demon’s Ancient breed, but you couldn’t escape, so you led him to this place.”

“W-who did you say ran away?”

“Don’t get so upset about it. That’s like telling me that you’re really running away.”


Crafton glared at me with a grimace.

“Oi, Temas! I know you and Crafton framed the demons! I’m going to make you pay for all the years of resentment!”

It seems that the demon race’s Ancient breed is named Chrysal, but this Chrysal appears to be aiming at my prey, the old bastard. That means he’s going to stand in my way.

I released a murderous intent at Chrysal, and he jumped off the spot.


Chrysal glared at me angrily.

“Hey, demon. The old bastard is my prey. If you try to take that away from me, I’ll beat you to death, you bastard.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“You can just sit there and watch the end of the old bastard!”

I activated the Dark Bind and restrained Chrysal and Crafton.

“What is this!”

“Little brat!”

“I will play with you guys later. If you interfere any further, I won’t show any mercy, so think twice before acting.”

I directed a more persuasive murderous intent than the one I had unleashed on Chrysal earlier.


Chrysal’s level is 520, and Crafton is the same as the last time I saw him at 490, so they won’t be able to get out of my Dark Bind easily with my level at 600.

“Hey, Canaan, Hannah, Sanya, if these bastards move even one step, you can beat them to death without mercy~.”



“Okay, onii-chan.”

The three of them replied in happy voices.

“Canaan will take on the demon person over there.”

“There’s no choice then. I’ll just have to take on that big Crafton guy.”

“Eeh, let’s play rock-paper-scissors to decide.”


After the three of them played rock-paper-scissors, it was decided that Canaan would take on Chrysal, and Hannah would take on Crafton.

“Only Canaan-san and onee-chan are unfair! Sanya wants to beat them too~. Back then, onii-chan said that the demon race would be given to me~.”

“Sanya, things can change at any moment. That promise can’t be valid forever!”

“That’s right~. We already decided on rock-paper-scissors, right~.”


It looks like the three of them have settled it.

Even though it’s a bit of an overkill for Canaan and Hannah alone against Chrysal and Crafton, it can’t be called a fight anymore if Sanya also joins them.

Antia is uninterested in the fight between the Ancient breeds, to begin with, and Ichinose and Allie could be a good contestant, but I think those two would be better off if they didn’t have to fight, so I’m ruling them out. And if they’re going to do it, it has to be one-on-one, or it won’t be fun.

“I’ve silenced the bastards who interfere with my business. Now let’s settle this right away.”

“Kuh, useless bastards!”

“Look at you, are you that weak that you want to rely on others, huh?”

I thrust Kurogiri at the left shoulder of the old bastard.


I slowly pulled out Kurogiri and cut off the old bastard’s left leg.


“Let me tell you something, I’ve been through a lot worse, but I still survived, and this is how I got in front of you now, fucking old man. I think you should feel it much more, too.”


The old bastard sits on the floor with his left leg cut off and unable to get up, looking at me with snot and tears in his pathetic eyes.

“The pain and suffering I’ve suffered were far greater than what you’re going through right now.”

The old bastard’s left leg has already begun to regenerate. That medicine seems to accelerate the regeneration as well. Well, my grilled meat is more effective at restoring, though.

“You’ve never fought a stronger opponent before, have you? How can you be so weak?”

“Kuh… no greater race than us, the Ancient breeds…”

“You’re too weak for saying that, you know. It cost you your life for not fighting someone stronger.”

I sliced off his right arm and cut off his half regenerated left leg again.

“And you’re destroying your very own opportunity for an easy death because of your appearance.”

I cut off his left arm.


“Do you understand that cutting it off will only prolong your suffering as it regenerates?”

I cut off his right leg as well. Now both arms and legs are cut off, but as they are regenerating, flesh rises from the cuts.

“It looks like I’m torturing you, doesn’t it? Think about it for a minute.”

I cut off his regenerated left leg and left arm.


“Why don’t you stop screaming and do something instead?”

I cut off his regenerated right arm and right leg as well.

“Agaahh… Ugh…”

It really seems like I’m torturing him unintentionally, but it’s not my fault since he regenerates as soon as I cut him off. After cutting off both arms and legs repeatedly, I noticed that the old bastard was slowly getting smaller and smaller.

“You’re getting smaller, huh? Is the drug’s effect starting to wear off? Tsk, it shouldn’t be this broken!”

There was no more response from the old bastard, who was staring at the air with empty eyes. I poked the old bastard’s cheek with Kurogiri, but he didn’t respond at all.

”That’s just what you can do in this situation, huh!”

I threw a piece of grilled meat into the old bastard’s mouth and made him swallow it. Then the old bastard’s body bounced up and down a few times, and his body returned to its original size completely, and his arms and legs grew back to normal.

“Come on, get up!”

I kicked the old bastard to wake him up.


The old bastard woke up and struggled to get his body up.

“This place…”



Don’t be so scared!

“Tsukuru, it seems that Temas has been completely traumatized by you.”

I looked at the old bastard who was backing away, wetting his pants and shivering with fear, and he looked so stupid.

What did I expect from a guy like this? Could it get any more intense? No, I knew that I couldn’t hope for that last time. Then I guess I have to kill the old bastard for revenge? Maybe it was like that at first, but I’m not sure I’ll ever feel like it when I see him like this.

So what should I do then?



“Can you send the old bastard away to an empty world?”

“An empty world… I think I can probably do that.”

“Then send the old bastard out into that world.”

“Are you not going to kill him?”

“It was getting kinda ridiculous, so I’m done with it. Anyway, the plan was to banish the new Ancient breed after the old bastard died. I don’t care if we just banished this guy. You don’t mind, too, right? Antia?”

“Ufufufu, I have no intention of doing anything against Temas, so you can do what you want, Tsukuru.”

“Okay, Canaan, do it.”

“Yes-nanodesu! [Space-Time Magic]-chan, please!”

As Canaan waved the Blazing Great Sage’s Staff twice and three times, a magic circle appeared to surround the old bastard. The old bastard is looking at my face and the magic circle, in turn, looking for an opportunity to escape, but since I’ve set up a barrier with my [Perfect Barrier Technique] to this Great Temple, he can’t dive to the ground and escape.

“Goodbye. I don’t think I’ll ever see you again, but I’ll kill you if I do.”


I think it hurt him a little when the old bastard saw my smile and let out a pathetic voice.

“Well then, goodbye~♪.”

Canaan’s shout might have sounded cheerful, but her magic is the best in the world. The magic circle takes in the old bastard and disappears in a single dazzling flash of light. A silence envelops us, who remained in the Great Temple.

I don’t feel like I have done everything. That said, I have no regrets. It’s just that a little bit of emptiness remains.

“Well, let’s go home…”

I’m the one who broke the silence. Because it’s annoying to spend too much time in the repercussions of the old bastard, above all, thinking about that old bastard for so long makes me want to vomit.

“Master, what do we do with them?”

Hannah pointed to them, and I realized that Crafton and Chrysal were there.

“I had forgotten all about them.”

The bastard, Crafton, was completely upright and immobile enough that I thought he was a pillar of this Great Temple, and that’s the same for Chrysal.

“Oh, I forgot I was covering their mouths so they couldn’t talk.”

I removed the Dark Bind from them.

I built a foothold with [Perfect Barrier Technique] and slowly climbed up to Crafton’s face. He’s still the same big bastard.

“Crafton, do you still intend to oppose me?”


“If you’re up for it, I’ll let one of my wives take care of you. She’s a lot stronger than I was back then when I fought you. What do you think?”


“You’ve already died once so you can’t die again, can you? Bow your head and beg for forgiveness, and I’ll forgive you since I’m not a devil either.”

Crafton’s face looked nervous. He’s probably thinking about what to do.

“Well, fine. I’ll talk to the other Ancient breeds, so think it over.”

As I turned away, I felt Crafton move. It seemed this guy had chosen to turn against me. I didn’t even look at him, but I could tell that Crafton had swung his big arm at me.

He clenched his fist and swung it straight down at me, but… it never reached me.


Crafton’s fist was gone as it exploded.

”Death to the fools who refuse the Master’s mercy!”

My instructions were still in effect, and there was no way Hannah wouldn’t react to Crafton’s movements under that situation.

“Nuuooooo! I won’t be able to call myself a Giant Ancient breed anymore if I am treated lowly by a stunted human like you!”

Just because you have pride doesn’t mean you’re stronger than us now, you know? But then again, I don’t know what kind of pride that is, and after seeing that old bastard’s unsightly appearance, I have a good impression about it.

“Hannah, don’t kill him.”


The fight between Crafton and Hannah was not so attractive. Crafton managed to hit Hannah with his attacks, but he couldn’t keep up with Hannah’s movements at all. His power was also overwhelmingly outclassed by Hannah, so in the end, the fight was just about exposing Crafton’s hapless appearance.

“Canaan, send Crafton away into the empty world, as well.”

“Yes-nanodesu. Well then, [Space-Time Magic]-chan, please~♪.”

She still sounds as distracted as ever. A magic circle wraps around the giant Crafton.


Crafton called for Mjolnir again, but Mjolnir gave no response.

“Sorry. Mjolnir won’t go to you because I’ve isolated it with my barrier.”


“Well then, when you banished Catoblepas, he seemed to be having a lot of fun because he was with his men, but you’re banished to the other world all by yourself. Don’t cry over your loneliness.”

I waved my hand to Crafton and bid him farewell.

“You had such a big honor before, and now you’re an outcast. It’s called karma, Crafton.”

Antia gave Crafton a sweet smile and said a few words to him. Maybe it made her feel better after being provided a hard time by Crafton and the old bastard for so long. When the magic circle that surrounded Crafton glowed and disappeared, Crafton was gone too.

“So that eliminates two of Antia’s worries.”

“Ufufufu. Yeah, that’s all thanks to Tsukuru.”

I hugged Antia, who was leaning on me.

“Ah, Master~. Canaan has worked hard, too, you know~.”

“Yeah, Canaan, Hannah, and everyone else did a great job. I appreciate it.”

Everyone returned with a smile.

“Tsukuru-kun, that…”

Ichinose pointed to the corner of the room as if it was hard to say, and Chrysal was sitting cross-legged and folded arms.

“Ah, now that I think of it, he was there…”

“You forget it so quickly…”

I scratched my head and smiled bitterly at Ichinose.



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  1. A bad mix of Death March, Arifureta and I don’t know how many other novels more … That Cannan starts saying “nanodesu” and when she called the time and space skill with “-chan” it made me almost want to stop continue reading … but hey … I prefer to skip almost all the bad content of the novel and see very above what happens …

    Out of that; a great job from the translator and editor.


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